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Minister Lusambo Donates 2,000 Afcon Match Tickets For Copperbelt Based Fans

General News Minister Lusambo Donates 2,000 Afcon Match Tickets For Copperbelt Based Fans

The newly appointed Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo was spotted in Levy stadium VVIP box with FAZ President Andrew Kamanga
The newly appointed Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo was spotted in Levy stadium VVIP box with FAZ President Andrew Kamanga

Copperbelt Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo has announced the purchase of 2,000 match tickets for Under 20 matches to be played at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

The open wing tickets at a total value of K20,000 will be distributed to all the four constituencies in Ndola to allow football fans to watch the prestigious tournament.

Hon. Lusambo said the gesture to donate the tickets is in line with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s vision to use sport as a unifying factor in Zambia.

“His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has already set the tone by donating thousands of tickets to football lovers on numerous occasions and we feel this tournament is very important for the City of Ndola and fans should be accorded a chance to witness the occasion,” Hon. Lusambo commented.

The Minister who is also Kabushi Member of Parliament has since urged other Copperbelt based Members of Parliament to emulate the gesture and purchase some tickets for their constituents.

He said for tomorrow’s round of matches, the target is to have at least between 10,000-15,000 football fans benefit from the gesture hence the need for other MPs to purchase and donate the tickets.

“As leaders, I feel we have to own this tournament and buy some tickets in order to give chance to those football lovers in their areas we are coming from to enjoy the AFCON euphoria. By doing so, we will also be boosting the match attendance which is key for prospects of future hosting of even bigger tournaments.”

He said hosting the AFCON Under 20 tournament is a huge opportunity for the country to showcase its tremendous tourism offering and expose the country’s immense footballing talent.

“As Copperbelt Minister, it is my expectation that this tournament would be a springboard for some of our exciting young talents because I know there are a lot of football scouts who have descended on the country scouting for fresh talent.”

Hon. Lusambo also urged nationals of country’s participating in the tournaments resident in Zambia to come out and watch the matches and offer support to their respective national teams.

“We have a huge presence of South Africans living and working on the Copperbelt, we also have a lot of Sudanese, people from Cameroun and Senegal living here and it is important that they come out in large numbers to add colour to the matches,” he said.

The Copperbelt Minister further prodded the business community from participating countries who have set up investments in Zambia to seize the moment and offer support to their respective national sides as part of Corporate Social Responsibility by purchasing match tickets.

“A number of companies with origin from South Africa are present in Zambia and particularly on the Copperbelt, they should buy these tickets and let us fill up the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for the remainder of the matches,” Hon. Lusambo stated.

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    • Yaba! Lusambo naeve, we failed to show the first games, now he is begging from South Africans to buy tickets to fill up levy, awe mwandi, bazationelamo ati Zambian are failing to buy $1 dollar tickets, for sure 90% are living on less than a dollar per day. Kula mumano iwe lusambo uletusebanya. Caf won’t accept us bidding for the main Africa cup if people can’t even manage 1 dollar tickets.

    • We need to stop this habit of showering money everywhere especially by politicians!
      Where is he getting the money?
      Isn’t he just employed by our government which is a poor country?
      The idea of giving gifts is a distraction from addressing the real pressing problems being faced by people.
      Poverty is a huge business in Africa because poor people can easily be manipulated.
      Do you think if most of those people in chipulukusu, Kantolomba and kwa sinia would rush for free chibuku at rallies or scramble for K10 and vote for these politicians if they had jobs?

  1. Its not much money just 20,000 kwacha thus only US$2000 SO PLEASE STOP BRAGGING GBM would buy the whole stadium at 350,000kwachaand more

  2. When we tell you that these MPs are overpaid ..you think it a joke ..we overpaid them then they donate gifts from our own money plus stolen funds.

    • At least they are sharing the loot unlike some idyot who is VERY stingy and can’t even afford a decent hair cut!

  3. This confirms the fact that some politicians have become rich overnight.Can some one explain how some people especially politicians, who less than a year elapsing, have become millionaires when the majority of Zambians are struggling to make both ends meet. An explanation to tell the nation of the excess money to give anyhow would be sufficient perhaps to prove Kenya Musings and Kambwili Chishimba wrong.Otherwise there is an invisible hand behind this rare gesture or should we speculate 2021 is already near. We expect the same gesture to be extended to the Ndola based vulnerable groups .

    • Remember one Sampa when he was Deputy Minister and offered $5000 to name the ZWD editor…today the man can think twice to squeeze out $10.

  4. He has done better than people with too much negative energy enough to bring the entire Zambia in to darkness. Congrates to junior chipolopolo for a positive 6-1 over mali. Zambia needs some positive energy.

    • its your own money you numpty …he is stealing from your daughter and sons and you are congratulating him…shame on you!!

  5. Get those tickets please! It’s my tax bane. It would have gone to improving one of the schools in Kabushi

  6. This is your tax payers money. The dull ones are praising him. It is like someone giving you money you worked for and acting like it’s a gift. This is a sign that Zambians are poor when people can’t afford ticket for a mere football game. Poverty is a curse under pf. Lungu agwe

  7. These are more stolen free hand-outs to PF cadres.
    Such donations should be made to schools and sports clubs not only PF cadre thugs.
    better still lusambo If you had the brains you should have organised a clean Ndola day and given the tickets to participants.

  8. Tax payers money which he has worked for, if he want he cannot give it to any one and you can do nothing, let him be God loves a giving hand some of you are very rich but you cannot help even your own family. The more you give the more you receive try it and you will see.

  9. This is what greedy HH has failed to do since he took over from his fellow tonga Mazoka in 2006!!HH cant give anybody even k5 and his fellow tongas want us to vote for this greedy man-my foot!!!HH forgets that its these small small things which make one to win elections!!all HH knows is making noise in the media and hope that voters will love him by so doing-never!!!late Michael Sata used to help a lot of people financially openly just like ECL and his team do every week!!!WELL DONE HON.LUSAMBO AND GO PF GO!!!let other PF senior officials do the same to push HH further away from state house in 2021!!!

  10. Hon Lusambo, good you donated the tickets, Do you have to announce it? It now confirms my suspicion that Lusambo is an attention seeker. Always in the news.Sometimes the people are the best judges. Grow up leave the attitude of MMD die hards. Even PF have their sopeperson. Spare us please.

    • Mkwasu, nkoyani kumunzi mukalime chimanga, tonje olo nshaba…ikunyokoleni njala mu town umu mumwa limbikila! ALusambo na minister okwanisa kupasa!

  11. Well spoken and am pleased you are leading by good example. How I wished the stadium would fill up for the sake of this tournament as we market mother Zambia.

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