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50+1% and Grade 12 certificate clauses should be removed from the constitution-COTUZ

General News50+1% and Grade 12 certificate clauses should be removed from the constitution-COTUZ
Joe Kamutumwa
Joe Kamutumwa

The Confederation Of Trade Unions in Zambia (COTUZ) has called for the removal of clauses such as the 50% plus 1 vote and the grade 12 certificate requirement for people seeking elective office from the constitution.

COTUZ president Joe Kamutumwa says these and other articles in the amended constitution are proving to be a hindrance in the governance system of the nation.

Mr. Kamutumwa says the 50 percent plus one clause has cost implications for a poor country like Zambia.

He adds that the grade 12 certificate requirement clause should be removed from the constitution as it is discriminatory.

Mr. Kamutumwa further tells QTV news that article 232 which is the emoluments commission needs to be relooked at as it is not in line with the international labour organization (ILO) conventions that Zambia has domesticated.

He explains that the article is not in conformity with free bargaining methodologies, thus the need to ensure it is relooked at in order to perfect it.


  1. I believe the Grade 12 certificate requirement is one way to encourage people to stay in School. I think we should actually elevate the requirement for Parliamentarians to Degree holders. Zambians are intelligent but they are not encouraged to pursue tertiary education because priority is not placed on it. If people begin to see that there is a benefit in getting a degree, more would get it. Illiteracy levels in this country are too high.

    • Why are people like Kamutumwa & Cosmas Mukuka allowed to use the names of institutions they represent to voice personal opinions?
      Where are the members of these institutions?


  2. Stop yapping and encourage your family and friends to go to school and obtain that certificate. We tried the uneducated and it did not work. This is time to try the educated and so dont frustrate the current situation because your relative lost out. For the 50+1, that is true democracy.

  3. Where was this guy when submissions where being made on new constitution? Learn to be alert all the time, do not let issues pass you by and then later claim ignorance. These two clauses have been debated and have been accepted across the nation. Just shut up!

  4. The 50% +1 vote is more democratic and representative than a simple majority or first past the post system. As it is Lungu thought as Incumbent President he would steal the vote and quickly get himself inaugurated and that would have been the end of story. The 50%, the Petition and the handover of the Presidency to the Speaker of Parliament Clauses has complicated Lungu’s vote theft enterprise. He has to prove in Court how he won the Election. He knows that a fair and open Petition Hearing will prove fatal to his fake Presidency. The Petition will haunt Lungu to his grave. He regrets very much signing the Amended Constitution with his eyes closed.

  5. PF is just using him because they are the ones who want those things removed. Don’t take us backwards please. Let’s live with the new norm. Talk about the public order act in the freedom of information bill first. Let’s look at those clauses after 3 elections.

  6. The current trend in Zambia is that the more educated you are, the more you get sidelined in some private companies. Some people who have benefited from the issue of sidelining educated people so that salaries are reduced, now are even advising their colleagues to do away with further schooling. Its such a shame.

  7. In some countries just to be a nurse’s aid, they require grade 12 certificate. And you want to run the affairs of a country with no qualification at all, Unbelievable. Go to school lazy you. I agree with Mushota a minimum should be a degree.

  8. Running the affairs of modern Zambia require skill and expertise which are do not come with birth, but through education. It is hoped that a holder of a grade 12 certificate would have a mind developed enough to understand basic things. Unfortunately, there is no other way to presume that a person has that capacity apart from a grade 12 certificate. So discrimination must be there in this regard. Ancient Zambia is so much different from modern Zambia, and ancient Zambia will be stuck and excluded from the modern world.

  9. MUSHOTA with your degree I can see the headlines MUSHOTA for PRESIDENT. I think you are positioning for 2021. Kikikiki

  10. This Kamutumwa has nothing to say. Times have changed you, can’t be living in the past and present at the same time. Grade 7 certificate or no certificate, once upon a time made alot of sense not now. Its like saying lets do away with modern life of living in homes built in brick and go back to live in caves like our ancesters did. This is a computer age boss. Forget ifyama nokwata degree. There are no scientific terms in all our 72 tribes. Forget becoming a president of zed. Atleast send your children to school. The world cant reverse the clock.

  11. When are we going to start talking about real issues affecting our country and how best we can handle them? Eg should every Zambian enjoy free education and free medical services? Is devolution really good for us or it is just another way of making some pipo rich and dump it later on?

  12. Does Zambia need to think development with misfits as Joe Kamutumwa? I can only urge the COTUZ membership to rid themselves of his leadership for while every other nation prioritizes education as basis for knowledge power the likes of Joe wants the country to keep taking steps backwards! I totally align myself with those advocating for even higher qualifications for leadership positions a degree or equivalent professional level qualification (i.e. ACCA, CIMA etc) for MP’s and minimum grade 12 plus at least 3 years post high school training for next level positions below MP! However the position of Mayor should attract similar qualifications as that of MP with a professional addition! The country must stop pandering to the belief that leadership is given by God in the sense it has been…

  13. contd…. interpreted by most Zambians for God did not choose those without substance! He chose those whose skills and intelligence He easily enhanced! All in all He chose the hard working faithfuls who delivered according to His wishes! Lets not run away from the fact of the adage “God helps those who help themselves!”

  14. Attention seeking in Zambia is simple. Just open your mouth and say a few nonsensicals and you’ll be headline.

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