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I am ashamed we campaigned and associated with ” weak” Lungu, says Nason Msoni

General News I am ashamed we campaigned and associated with " weak" Lungu, says...

Opposition All People’s Congress Party President Nason Msoni says he is ashamed to have associated with a weak President who is failing to decisively act on the corruption of Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya.

And Mr Msoni says the failure by President Lungu to act on the dodgy exportation of maize to Malawi has the potential to damage the country’s international relations at regional and global level.

But Information Minister Mulenga Kampambahas reiterated that the Zambian Government was clean in the maize deal which has taken Malawi by storm as it was not directly involved in the exportation of the commodity.

Speaking in an interview Mr Msoni said President Lungu had demonstrated his weakness and failure to run government as he has failed to decisively deal with the maize exportation saga.

He said the President has opted to run behind the Government Spokesperson and that his actions are disapointing to people who campaigned for him in the hope of giving him a second chance to run government effectively.

“We can not have a President who can’t act, he has completely failed to address it in other words even the fact that he has failed to address the matter effectively and has opted to go behind the Government Spokesperson demonstrates his weakness and failure to run Government and I must say that we are very disappointed with him.

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

“The idea that we campaigned for him was not that we agreed with him hundred percent but we felt that he needed a second chance to show and prove he can do a better job as a President but he has failed us, he has failed Zambians and that is a tragedy that we are confronted with and we are ashamed that we associated with a weak President who can’t act,” he said.

And Mr Msoni said President Lungu was risking the country’s international relations by remaining mute as the country may be isolated by her friends in the region.

“Malawi is anxiously waiting to see how President Lungu will respond. Although he appears not to take keen interest himself personally but I think that the damage ultimately will be far too great for President Lungu regionally and internationally. We fear for him that he risks being a bearer in the region because obviously Malawi is whispering to other regional leaders over the failure by the Zambian President later on even to comment to address the short comings by his Minister.

“It will be unfortunate if as a result of his failure to act Zambia becomes isolated because these are some of the consequences that can befall this country that regionally Zambia may become isolated because of the failure to act by an incompetent President,” he noted.

Mr Msoni advised President Lungu to heed to advise by people who care and are telling him to get rid of corrupt individuals whom he described as greedy politicians who betrayed the MMD and led to its humiliating defeat 2011.

“I think what he stands to lose out is far greater than protecting wrong doers. I think he is taking a big risk because this group of people or person he is protecting has the capacity to bury the Patriotic Front alive in a similar manner they had buried the MMD. It this same group of people who came to MMD and betrayed what MMD stood for, these were the most greed group of politicians who ceased the party for their own selfish interests and drove the party to humiliating defeat and later they abandoned the party to come and fuse themselves in the Patriotic Front.

“These are not true friends of President Lungu, he must be aware that by the time they are finished with him, he will have no political legacy to talk about, everywhere Zambians will pour scorn on him whenver they see him. He has a unique opportunity now to redeem himself or sink with the Patriotic Front. The true friends of Mr Lungu are those who are telling him can you take action and can you act now because it is in your own interest you need to be seen acting even in the region,” he said

He further said the country cannot have the luxury of having a “titular President” who was unable to do anything.

“People are holding for you to act and show them that you are in charge of this country otherwise you are rendering yourself into a titular Head of State, a Dr do little who can’t do anything, Zambia can not afford to have a luxury to have a President who can do nothing or who does nothing. You owe it to Zambians, you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, what in essence you are doing is betraying your oath of office,” he said.

He advised the President to stop being too close to his subordinates as that is what is making it difficult to act against those found wanting.

“I think there is a danger when a leader over fraternizes with his subordinates, when matters of this nature arises he is held hostage, he can’t act cleanly because he has over fraternised. It is always important for leaders to keep a distance from subordinates it is important when you assume the office of President and appoint cabinet you take a distance from your colleagues because that arms length distance enables you to take action but when you bring everyone close to a point were you even fail to act that in itself effectively renders you a completely importent President who can’t act,” he said.

But Government Spokesperson Mulenga Kampamba on Wednesday told Parliament that the Zambian Government did not engage in any inappropriate as it only facilitated the export of the maize by waiving the ban of the exportation of the commodity.

On the names mentioned in the report by the committee in Malawi Ms Kampamba said she would not comment on the findings in Malawi because she had no jurisdictions.

While the Zambian Government continue to deny its involvement the investigations in Malawi revealed that the Malawian Minister of Agriculture was aided by his counterpart from Zambia in the questionable maize deal.

It makes one wonder if the Malawian committee was wrongfully accusing “Smart Dora” of being involved in the maize deal which has led to the firing of her counterpart whom “she aided in the importation of maize from Zambia.”

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    • Oh, thats strange…Or he just didnt offer you a job yeah!?…Anyway great you have come back to your senses. Lungu is a swindle…To this day, he still cant believe he is “president” a great swindle in central africa after uncle bob who pees in his diapers

    • So very true, he’s a swindle. The whole PF circus is a mafia scam.
      Zambians deserve better than these scum bags.

    • Lets admit it that despite her glaring short comings she still exerts some clout on powers that be! She is corrupt to the core and has been made to believe she’s so smart to escape any criticism! Well she and those that think the world of her are in many ways eroding the integrity of Zambian governance and rather than think with hearts let she and those she is in cahoots with for once think and do what is right for the country. Love of country should not be blinded by selfishness as repercussions may not be the most desirable whenever national leadership changes hands! As for Nason Msoni regrets for water that has already passed under the bridge don’t help much but the experience can help chart a new course for action!

    • Musoni, you should be smarter than that! The Maize deal fed into the campaigns. What do you expect?

    • Mr Nothing iNsoni: stoopidity has no cure. When a grown up man like you cannot unmask a thief playing humble, don’t complain to the public. You have been conned.

    • Ba msoni chiwelewele saana. You failed to squeeze any benefits out of the p.f so now you are crying foul? Have some integrity and keep quiet.

  1. He’s waited. for that job for far too long so now kusabaila fye. If the president was to act on media rumors he would end up firing everyone.


    • It’s not about firing ministers on rumoures it’s about lungu addressing the nation when the reputation of GRZ including his is tarnished in public or there are issues alarming the nation.

      Have you ever heard lungu give a press conference ???

    • It appalling for any sane Zambian to refer to as ‘a simple mistake’ a scandalous maize export involving a cabinet minister. This tells a lot why Zambia is in such a mess.

    • It’s overpricing a maize deal by $13m worthy of being a simple complaint? This was a massive fraud of unprecedented magnitude. For PF to participate in such a fraud against Malawians is unforgivable.

  3. This pull him or her down sydrome by Zambians must come to and end.in Zambia today people only support things benefiting them.surely if the president acted on every rumour,which Govnt worker can have a job?please people stop it.let those in Govnt do their jobs in peace.ECL is on top of things.moreover,who needed Msoni’s single vote?let Msoni from today join upnd and see how many votes he will add to HH in 2021!!ECL was voted by us majority poor Zambians and we dont care about what you Msoni talks about him.GO PF GO!!

    • I personally didn’t see any majority votes from you. Gives us those majority votes results.

    • I hope you know why HH OVAL HEAD is not the president, becasue he did not get the majority votes which Lungu got! Is that too hard to discern, idyot!

  4. We warned you. Now live with the dull drunk joker as your leader. My president is hh not a joker

    • Ba NEZ, do you really wipe yourself after emptying your bowels? Please from now onwards start cleaning yourself as you are polluting innocent Zambians with your smell or do you think we don’t know who you are!

  5. All Zambians have been cooked up in ECL’s Voodoo that they can not stand up and oppose him by showing up in demonstrations. Lungu was cooked by Mu7 of Uganda and Mugabe in Zimbabwe. .

    Surely did you expect by siding with & supporting a Man that embezzled a widows Cash, this Guy was all of the sudden going to turn into an Angel??
    You only sided with Chagwa because you are a corrupt betting man, who believed Chagwa would give you a Job, so you can join in the plunder Khoswe’ iwe’!!
    This is what is inherently wrong with Black African politics!

  7. PF and UPND totally useless parties. No capacity whatsoever. They both want to rule but both zero capacity. # bring back the whites

  8. Nason, shame on you. Why and did you arrive at endorsing EL when he has the word incompetent tattooed on him? It’s people like you, blind followers that stalls Zambia’s progress. Wondering why he is suddenly good friends with the Saudis and Israelis (Nikuv)….Lungu is fraud!

  9. Therefore, you cannot be trusted in what you have just said.

    You misjudged then and you have done the same now too.

  10. The canary in the coal mine is always the first to go, whether in reality or in metaphor.

    It’s a signal that something terrible is happening, whether it’s financial disaster, medical breakdown, or political scandal.

    It’s also a historical fact – miners did take canaries to work with them. If the canary died, they knew that they were soon to follow if they didn’t run.

  11. Its stupidity in real terms. Stick to your moral cause principals as a leader.That’s all. with this behavior, i would call what is biblical as you have no principals, always chasing the wind.

  12. Give us the evidence Donkey Msoni. Zambia is a governmwnt of laws. We are no longer ruled by Mmembe where whatever he wrote in the Post to destroy his personal enemies (, those who did not agree to facilitate his own grand corruption and theft of public funds) had to be taken as law and guilt. Donkey Msoni go to Malawi and bring us written evidence. Gone are the days when the Mast would be taken as prosecutor, witness and jury all in one.
    Remember that some years back the same Mmembe indicted Dora fofr that Radar story when later we discoveted that it was because Dora and RB had refused to write off Mmembes huge debt to National Airports over Zambian Airways. Forget Mmembe he will never rise again, hh has made that costly mistake of licking Mmembe palms.

  13. Msoni is paying the price of endorsing thieves who he hoped would change once in govt.Once a thief always a thief.Furthermore,birds of the same feathers flock together. Both Lungu and Siliya have impeccable thieving and corrupt records. Besides their love relationship is not a secret. Both Lungu and Siliya made a nice cut on the Malawi Maizegate deal, so how realistic is it to expect Lungu to dismiss her? Dununa Regret at work.

  14. This man is not clean clean himself (YES LUNGU):
    He is a thief: As a practising lawyer he stole a clients money,
    A thug: He rose to presidency using pangas something that as a country has never seen before
    He is a thief: stole August 16 election
    He is corrupt: He has bought all institutions: ECZ, Police, Airforce, Speaker and the parliament, Judiciary
    and has together with the Chief Justice Urinated on the constitution.
    *For Lungu to fight corruption he needs to be clean himself.

  15. Campaign is still there? I thought we are waiting for 2021 now.upnd wait for that time no 100 words u will say no time to vote again until yamene ndawu yake

  16. Please learn to put your facts right, the government does not operate on ear say but facts. President Lungu needs facts and not black market talks. Remember Winter Kabimba and GBM corruption cases. Who ever has facts he/ she report Hon. Siliya to ACC or police

  17. Kabili muli fipuba, just like those dogs who were claiming that your man was anointed, where on earth is democracy associated with inheritance?

  18. Ba Muson if you become a president you be firing anyhow ,Dora Dora ni mwana wa nyoko leave Edgar lungu na vaupuwa vonse at lungu brary hh.

  19. How possible is it that the maize deal that involved an engagement between two countries can only have corruption on one side of the country.

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