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Cultivation of Cannabis for Medicinal purposes is Legal in Zambia-Home Affairs Minister


Home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo talks to Journalists after presentation of their quarterly report at State House on Wednesday, February 15,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Home affairs minister Steven Kampyongo has disclosed that the law provides for the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Mr. Kampyongo has told parliament in a ministerial statement that this is provided for under section 9 of the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act cap 96 of the law of Zambia.

He however, states that it is mandatory that one obtains requisite lawful authority to enable them cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes, failure to which one commits an offence even if it is for medicinal purposes.

Mr. Kampyongo says the minister of health is the licensing authority for purposes of issuing licenses to persons who intend to cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes.

He says any person who cultivates cannabis for medicinal purposes without obtaining the requisite license does so without lawful authority.
He adds that a license or authority granted by the minister will be subject to certain conditions including the payment of a fee in respect to the license as the minister deems fit.

Mr. Kampyongo points out that according to section 6 of the dangerous and drugs act cap 95 of the laws of Zambia, the minister may by regulation provide for controlling or restricting the production, possession, sell and distribution of drugs to which this part applies.

He adds that the minister may also provide for prohibiting and production, possession, sell or distribution of any drug to which this part applies except by any persons licensed or authorized by the minister.


  1. At long last. It will be a good source of forex for the country. Its big business and its good that Zambians can begin to cash in as well.

    • And I do hope plans are also underway to expand Chainama Hospital for Mental Health. In it’s current state it won’t be able accommodate more would be patients!

    • I submit my name for the position SG of GGAZ (Ganja Growers Association of Zambia), can’t challenge Peter Sinkamba the incumbent Chairman of GGAZ.

    • Power: I think it’s how do we justify massive commercial cultivation of Chamba as being for medicinal purposes? How do you control the work force? Serious analysis needs to be done for this to be a success. So Chishimba does not read as well.

  2. Warning!
    Warning! The Surgeon General warns
    Cigarette smoking is dangerous, dangerous
    Hazard to your health
    Does that mean anything to you?
    Then legalize marijuana, yeah
    Right here in Jamaica
    I’m say it cure glaucoma
    I man a de Bush Doctor

    So there’ll be
    No more smokin’ and feelin’ tense
    When I see them a come
    I don’t have to jump no fence

    Legalize marijuana
    Down here in Jamaica
    Only cure for asthma, yeah
    I man a de Minister (of the Herb)

    So there’ll be no more
    Police brutality
    No more disrespect
    For humanity

    Legalize marijuana
    Down here in Jamaica
    It can build up your failing economy
    Eliminate the slavish mentality

    There’ll be no more
    Illegal humiliation
    And no more police

    Legalize marijuana

  3. Hon. Mr. Steven Kampyongo from now on you are my friend!

    P.S. Quickly accept my Facebook friend request to officially kick-off our friendship.

  4. I like any move that gets away from criminalizing hemp.

    A little sceptical about having to get a government license. However it is a step in the right direction.

  5. Well done zambia.

    Just make personal consumption legal instead of waiting for the west to do it first…..

  6. Just legalise it and stop this nonsense…I want to get a license as well solely for export purposes only to Holland. I will register with ZRA…

  7. their president smokes dagga that is why he is always making silly decisions and then changing them again. Without effective legal systems and enforcment in place , this dull minister is inviting illegal cultivators to take the lead. The pf government has failed to manage the economy and now they think they can manage to regulate marijuana cultivation. Lungu needs to stop dobo. niwofunta lungu

  8. If the world smoked a joint for an hour, there will be world peace for an hour. Imagin alepo no fighting? We tired fi lik di herb INA bush. Jah jah see dema come…… Again a step further some grams for recreation in fact our soils produce high grade remember it’s jah given Genesis 1v 29 jah bless these words

  9. @at my zambia….how will it bring in forex when it is illegal to use in most of the world. The Honorable Minister says it is legal to GROW for medicinal purposes, but it is still illegal to use it..Am sure to use it you will have to have a prescription or be having treatment in an hospital….
    Be careful it doesnt attract a criminal element that comes here to smuggle into other countries.
    A lot of Western Countries have permitted medicinal marijuana.under strict supervision?
    Well done Minister on clarifying the Governments pozition6

  10. What do you think the Rastas have been smoking all these past years? what do you think that ganja party president has been smoking? and what do you think this Steven has been smoking when he oppresses the private media and the opposition?

  11. I was smoking a joint on to of the roof just in case DEC dog’s are near they wherent able to get me .
    Dagga is better than alcohol and this is true ,
    You can mix daggga with antibiotics, antimalarial tabs no problem .other than taking antimalarial with booze

  12. In the fourth paragraph the Minister is quoted as saying that by REGULATION he may…….. My question before everybody applies for a licence is , IS THERE A REGULATION in place permitting him to do so.

    Apparently medicinal marijuana in the western world does not contain enough THC to get you HIGHER AND HIGHER.

  13. Please just give a contract to mpezeni, he will supply ‘A’ grade Malawi gold from his Kingdom… No magwalala.

  14. At last Mr Peter sinkamba’s idea has been adopted….pliz give us the address we want to apply,the farm is waiting,by the end of this rain season my plants ll move on a certain stage.

  15. How come Linda(LAZ) didn’t know that this law exists? Poor reading culture is costing us a lot. Maybe Kampyongo smokes the stuff and that is how he developed interest to look for Section 9.

  16. This is VICTORY for Sinkamba and Tafeni, these gentlemen at least read and understand things while impyongo na mafutu yanabo are kicking the ball in all the wrong directions.

  17. Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo’s pronouncement that there is in fact a legal provision for cultivating cannabis in Zambia is a welcome clarification for those who have unsuccessfully sought approval for such cultivation in the past.

    As scientific studies continue to provide volumes of evidence, the benefits of cannabis are becoming clearer to more and more people, both here in Zambia and worldwide. So too should our understanding and acceptance of the plant grow with the evidence.

    However, there are some concerns shared by thousands of Zambians who call for the reform of our country’s colonial anti-cannabis laws. As much as Honorable Kampyongo’s clarification of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act is appreciated, perhaps we should also look at the draconian…

  18. … provisions within that law which are directly responsible for the terrible prison overcrowding in this country. Under the said law, cannabis offenses such as “trafficking” are non-bailable. This means that cannabis offenders are held in remand without bail, whereas those arrested for corruption or even defilement or violent assault can apply for and receive bail.
    Under this provision, the Drug Enforcement Commission has caged as many as 15,000 non-violent drug offenders in the last three years alone, including elderly widows, family breadwinners, unemployed youths, and children as young as 11 years old. Clearly this has massively contributed to the shameful epidemic of prison overcrowding in Zambia.
    As confirmed by the Zambian Correctional Service late last year, Zambia currently…

  19. … has a record number of well over 20,000 prisoners against a capacity of just over 8000. This makes Zambia one of the worst nations on Earth for prison overcrowding.
    DEC’s own statistics suggest that a major source of these prisoners is Zambia’s colonial-minded drug policy of caging poor and vulnerable citizens for non-violent drug offenses. This is unjust and unsustainable, not to mention unChristian.

  20. … Like our President Edgar Lungu, Minister Kampyongo has a reputation of being a man of the people. With that in mind—and on behalf of the countless thousands of cannabis growers, user, and supporters, and the tens of thousands of victims of DEC’s unjust “war on cannabis”—NORML Zambia calls on the Honorable Minister to clarify whether or not the government will reform the law and allow non-violent cannabis offenders to receive bail and be home with their families rather than rotting in remand for growing or consuming a plant that has been grown and consumed in this country for hundreds of years.
    NORML Zambia

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