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Government is playing on the minds of Zambians – Kabimba

General News Government is playing on the minds of Zambians – Kabimba

Rainbow Party Presidential Candidate Wynter Kabimba
Rainbow Party Presidenti Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has described as a joke government’s reassurance that it still attaches great importance to the review of the Public Order Act.

Mr Kabimba says he believes government is merely playing on the minds of the Zambian people.

He says if the PF government was truly committed to reviewing the Public Order Act it would have done so by now because it is already knows what is wrong with this legislation.

In an interview with Qfm News, Mr. Kabimba says this because while in opposition, the ruling PF faced the same restrictions the opposition political parties are facing under the Act.

Mr. Kabimba states that as far as the Rainbow Party is concerned Zambia will go into the 2021 general election with the same Act because the PF does not have the political-will to amend it.

He says it is actually a waste of time for government to call for the submission of recommendations on the review of the Public Order Act.


  1. You are right. It would appear opposition parties that get into government never learn from the experiences they go through whilst in opposition. They all maintain this Act and use it to oppress others. Come 2021, the same Act will prevail.

  2. You’re in government as Justice Minister, you mean to tell us that you didn’t know that this law is oppressive?

    • He has come to his senses, you are also in darkness, once we are out of power you will also see the light just like kabimba.

    • Didn’t Winter June Kabimba hold the post of Minister of Justice? What is he now talking about?

  3. Zambia should worry in the light of Winter Kabimba’s commentary concerning the Public Order Act. Zambia going through another election under the same Act will mean thuggery and deception under the current regime will continue over elections. This is how dictatorship is entrenched in a nation. Numerous examples exist in Africa and lessons are never learnt. Some hard core Zambians are supporting Lungu regardless of clear constitution abrogations committed by him. This is how Robert Mugabe, Yeweri Museni and disgraced Yaya Jamey behave.
    Lungu pretends to be humble but care less with repression of opposition, aids corruption, ignores and influences the judiciary in Zambia. Characteristics of a dictator fit him.

  4. Look who is talking! Former Secretary General of PF when it was most violent and former Justice Minister and acting President when the police abused the POA. Mr Kabimba, please wash your mouth with Colgate mouthwash!

  5. This red lipped man who is an council lawyer and having never won a case in his life was justice minister. H u-turned on the public order act saying it was a necessary instrument for governance. He sent his cadres to attack GBM’s cadres they butchered each other. He hired a body guard apart from his state detail so really who can listen to this man and his side kick silly vya maroads who is equally clapped after the election battering….just join another party even ours but be prepared to get to the end of the queue.

  6. Trying by all means to still be relevant to Zambia and yet he is the one that had orchestrated the mess we find ourselves in.

  7. He should feel ashamed as he was last man to be fired by a person who was about to die.Niminyama izo!!! Uli ne chiwa pamubili Winter. No you are just Hallucinating any how. Your memory has failed you, oppressor. You were a small dictator in the party as SG

  8. Not you Winter, give us a break. Your lack of ethics and decorum is nauseating. Get out of here!

  9. Ati leader of Rainbow Party? He is no longer General Secretary? So it is true that the Presidency of Rainbow party had been reserved for Mmembe? But Mmembe has bailed out because the party failed to tick, and despite all the pages of the former Post writing about Rainbow….kikikikikiki….
    By the way how is hh and his running mate and his UPNDonkeys tonight?

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