Zambian Hip hop heavy weight , Slapdee , will be releasing his sixth studio album called “Black Na White 2 on Friday 3 March, 2017. 

He had this to say on his official Facebook page:

” I Will be very brief and precise. The best Zambian album ever BLACK NA WHITE 2 drops tomorrow!!!! We will announce stores before day end which means by tomorrow this time, you will be able to buy a copy of BLACK NA WHITE 2 from selected stores. It will be on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal and all other online music stores 3 days from it’s release.

My team and I have spent over 2years crafting & perfecting this album and it would be very uncouth for ANYONE to go out and duplicate our work unlawfully. Feel free to report ANYONE pirating, sharing or uploading our music without our permission to us or the nearest police station. As you may all know, it is a crime to pirate music.

Our target is to sell atleast 5,000 copies across Zambia in the first week and we realise it is impossible without everyone’s sincere support therefore I(on behalf of my entire team) ask you to go out and purchase an original copy with the hologram on it. I have personally signed the first thousand copies by way of making your buy as realistic as possible ( also, it was my way of saying Thank you in a special way). The first thousand will cost K100 each. I have no idea what the next batch will cost.

The music on this album represents life as I know it. It is a blend of my old, current and next level music styles.

I Will not ask if you are ready coz I know you ve’ been for a while now.

Let’s do this!!!!!!! “


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  1. The best Zambian album ever ? Don’t cheat us. We have been waiting for the best Zambian album ever since Paul Ngozi died



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