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FAZ President Andrew Kamanga complains to CAF President about Kalushya Bwalya

General News FAZ President Andrew Kamanga complains to CAF President about Kalushya Bwalya

FAZ President Andrew kamanga at a media briefing at Football House
FAZ President Andrew kamanga at a media briefing at Football House
Kamanga cries out to CAF, wants Kalu bars from watching Under 20 AFCON

FAZ President, Andrew Kamanga has officially written to CAF over Kalusha Bwalya’s presence at the U20 tournament.

Kamanga says Bwalya’s presence at the tournament has led to non football behavior by his cadres whom he says have teamed up to impeach him on zero grounds.

In a letter to CAF President, Issa Hayatou, Kamanga says it must be noted that him and Bwalya have a frosty relationship which is detrimental to the running of football in Zambia.

He has however urged Bwalya to remind himself and his supporters that he is in charge FAZ and his mandate ends in 2020.

Prior to the official opening of the junior national football tournament, Kamanga warned Dr. Hayatou and CAF to remove Bwalya from his delegation.

Bwalya is an executive member of the African football governing body.

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    • But Andrew alitumpa, why bring up politics of cowards during tournament? This is embarrassing to the fullest.
      The only Kalu’s cadres we know are those who were campaigning on dununa reverse.

    • Kalu is childish and loves luxury without working for it. Look at how he stayed at Pamodzi on per day night arrangement for 2 yrs, making FAZ foot the bill, until Mwanawasa intervened. The ka 60 year old guy is useless and wasteful. He squandered his money. Let him go to hell

    • Why so much hate on this page? Is it because kalu campaigned for ecl or it is just a special upnd hate? You people are pathetic with your hate. No wonder your faces look like they were created with feaces. You are a wrong breed of fools.

    • Why so much hate on this page? Is it because kalu campaigned for ecl or it isjust a special upnd hate? You people are pathetic with your hate. No wonder your faces look like they were created with feacez. You are a wrong breed of f00lz.

    • @shooterz
      Great Galu made his own bed when he decided to campaign for PF or any party there was absolutely no need for him to do that.
      No its has nothing to do with that but the corruption he oversaw under his leadership.

  1. Kalu thinks FAZ is his personal business. Let him move on or else Kamanga should just ban him from all football activities

    • Life is now tough for the Galu no more weekly free flights to RSA and free accommodation plus allowances on FAZ…really laughable …just apply for full time work as a TV Football Pundit, its not our fault you were wasteful with your money.

    • We need two more associations so that everyone gets a job, Zambian professional footballers association ZPFA, Zambian coaches association ZCA.

  2. Kamanga and Kalu behave guys. Grow up. So Kamanga wrote to CAF Chief to remove Kalu from the delegation? Sounds a bit childish. Also you Galu, what is it with you? You lost elections and you are still bringing confusion. PLEASE you two must not spoil our mood – the boys are doing well. Take your pettiness to your bars or clubs. Zambian football is bigger than both of you.


  4. Kulusha still can not belive his ATM which was FAZ is no longer. he thought FAZ was his personal property.

    Instead of being supportive he is being disruptive….

    • If the Galu was still in charge he would have banned Kamanga for life…Galu can not get his brown envelopes and loans anymore life is getting tough…really laughable…the man has no business brain, all he knows is kicking a ball in front of PF cadres like a clown.

  5. The Galu is now feeling the pinch as the FAZ gravy train is no more …no more single sourced contracts to his muzungu wife’s company. no more ticket racketing!!
    I warned this Kamanga write here, when he took office to hand over all the evidence to ACC and Police on the shady deals of Galu and crooks to expose the rot but he didn’t listen now its come back to bite him…trying to be Mr. Nice guy now he is crying like a todder to the Chief thief of all thieves Issa Hayato…really laughable!!

  6. Lol this Man is weak. Cry baby. Be a leader. Kalusha is known and respected worldwide in football circles. He sits on CAF and FIFA boards. One day nobody will even talk about you.

  7. KALU has the right to watch any football match. HE is the member of CAF & FIFA. He is popularly known. Just mind your own business KAMANGA. You are yet to be popularly known. remember CAF president and KALU are friends.

    • Both Great Galu and Issa are corrupt filthy stinking crooks …birds of the same feather …and no he is not on FIFA board he tried to get on but his integrity was questioned and he lamentably failed to answer their questions. Only in Zambia don’t you see anything wrong with taking $80,000 bribes as loans…so how much has he paid back on this so called loan.
      Thank God he is no longer there, milking FAZ dry ….

  8. The letter sounds very childish with fear of the unknown. If Andrew is a seasoned administrator as he claims why would he even worry about Kalusha, let the truth be told there’s nothing Andrew will do to stop people from applauding Kalusha. ( As if ni stadium nanyoko ati don’t come). There’s a story why Ponga ganged up against Kalusha to team up with Andrew, it’s all for selfish reasons. The same reason they ganged up to manage Kitwe united with Charles Nshimbi after their attempt to coup Power dynamos failed. Let Andrew just prove himself people will applaude him. ***wishful thinking**

  9. Jay jay you are right, the Galu marries a white lady so that FAZ money can support his style, Apa naikosa ba Galu. To ma handouts you used to get from players, are no more, the players never liked you, the ones who liked you, Galu are the people out of the fields who don’t know what you used to do. Like I have warned you above “I may be forced to thrush you”.

  10. Kamanga wachepa sana kuli Kalu. who are you to tell off Great Kalu, not to attend football matches in his own country? And you call yourself an accomplished administrator where? Fulishi ka kamanga iwe you are one termer chapwa count your days mwana.

    • Why are you saying his a one termer and not giving time to deliver….do you want the days of no transparency and no accountability? You want a FA President who residents in RSA and runs it from his phone and all his dealings are all RSA connections? Do you want your Great Galu to come back and r*pe you again?

  11. Kamanga has tried all he can to accommodate the sore loser kulusha.

    Kulusha thinks he owns FAZ. He the most corrupt admin known. The man used to pocket ticket and kit sales.

    Typical kaponya thief he is.

    • This Kamanga only has himself to blame for not exposing the Great Galu as some dull people still think he was very honest guy. Kamanga should simply let his work do the talking not try to have a popularity contest with the Great Galu as he will lose.

  12. zambianeye.com/kalusha-fails-fifa-integrity-test-thrown-out-of-race-but-quickly-announces-withdrawal/

  13. Mr Kamanga be reminded that you troubled Kalusha Bwalya for no reasons when he was. FAZ president. You single handedly spearheaded a campaign of ridicule and even formed a parallel soccer league. Our memories are still fresh. GREAT K has a done a lot and deserves respect. Why write such an embarrassment level?

  14. But I fail to understand this. Did kalusha incite his supporters? If Kalu was among the delegation then his movements were restricted so at what point did he incite supporters?

  15. people it is a well known fact that you will reap what you saw. kalu had sawed a fruiful seed while playing for zambia then and now he is reaping . who works to come and suffer anyway. he worked very hard to enjoy what he is enjoying know. keep quiet for a moment and see what u r doing and expect to come and suffer later, no.people hate great kalu bcoze they r lazy.he love luxually bcoz thats the life he has known ever since u and i can remember and all bcoze of being what he is for zed.if u hate kalu hen u hate good things. other people r proud of their heros but us we hate unless we r the ones whering that shoe. Kamanga is a fool for what he is. leave great kalu alone. just remember the good glory he has brought for mother zambia or maybe u need the late Denis Liwewe to remind u…

  16. Kamanga stop bringing petty issues. Let me warn you, if the under 20 fails to perform to expectations, you will be to blame. No excuses will be entertained.

  17. Lets just face it. Kalusha is one of those people highly favored by the most high. Say what you want about the guy but the guy is a winner. The guy at one point was playing ahead of Romario. Anything this guy places his hands on and the Lord blesses. True he has his weakness but he is the greatest Zambian footballer period.

  18. Kamanga, you are foolish what right do you have to bar Kalusha from watching under 20 AFCON matches. Kalusha is a Zambian and deserves to watch all the matches. When you were used to fight Kalusha by the former President RB in their quest to run football and later steal from it, you think Zambians have forgotten big *****. Kalusha will remain popular and you are not the right person to stop him from his popularity. Kamanga should know that, it is Kalu who solicited for this same tornament where you want to bar him from. There are several countries that wanted to stage this competition but Hayatou settled for Zambia because of Great Kalu influence. No wonder the CAF President ignored your request in the first place. Please stop these your rantings and leave Kalusha the Great alone. We know…

  19. Kamanga is a coward and an i.d.o.t who does not befit to be FAZ president.Great Kalu’s presence raises the teams’ spirit which is needed for the boys to perform better.Its not Kalu’s faulty that your not popular amongest football fans.By the way what has kamanga done for Zambia in relation to football.The Chap even made our team fail to go to Africa Cup,2017 hosted by Gabon.

    • He is FAZ President and at least ticket money is being accounted for not being stolen like years before under your Galu.

  20. And what is wrong for our foot ball icon Kalu to come and watch the young ones, whether Kamanga likes it or not Kalu will always be recognized, Kalu earned it so my advise to Kamanga is he should work hard and earn it like Kalu. And you UPNDondeys Kalu is free man who should exercise his rights, he should chose which person to support just because he supported ECL then he should not come to watch football. Kamanga supported HH that is his right. Kalu ni Kalu whether you like it or not he will remain the Great Kalu.

  21. It reminds me of how FTJ and Lpm used to panic whenever KK appeared in newspapers. They would go into tantrums with threats to “crush ” him.

  22. Interesting,is it wrong for a person who spearheaded the hosting of a tournament to watch it?What is wrong with Kalu watching soccer as a delegate or as a citizen?Hope the letter thing is just an allegation

  23. kamanga is a stupid fool..leave Kalu alone.wat has Kalu done..can u seek police protection if u are harrased

  24. Mr kamanga chigala,kalu is a zambian,what is wrong with u?just do ur work i agree he is ur threat,you have just started make as happy by taking the national team to the world cup tournament and winning another africa cup as kalu did in 2012.Don`t waste ur tym by talking rubbish it`s tym to work.

  25. Very insecure man for someone heading such an institution as FAZ.What has gone wrong with my beloved country?Is it wrong for Kalu to watch football reasons being that he is a football fan as as I can remember?

  26. Kamanga’s fears are understandable. As long as kalu is at CAF ‘informaldom’ will always attribute Zambia’s gains at this level to him. In short kamanga is suffering from the paranoia of living under kalu’s shadow. Unfortunately for kamanga but favourable to Zambia, kalu’s influence in world football is already entrenched and the best for football is for the two to strike a rapport

  27. Kalu’s administration bid for the U20 tournament and won the bid , it’s very unfair to chase him away like this. Kamanga painted his friend red in all tabloids during the campaigns that he was corrupt bla bla bla. We are still waiting for the promises he pledged to the councilors.

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