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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Minister of Information rubbishes claims that President Lungu is sick

General News Minister of Information rubbishes claims that President Lungu is sick

Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga
Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga
IT IS inhuman and shocking for detractors to insinuate that President Edgar Lungu is unwell in Israel when the truth is that he is enjoying good health and wooing investors for the benefit of the country, says Chief Government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga.

In an interview yesterday, Ms Mulenga said it was unchristian as well as against the Zambian culture to wish anyone ill health and described the allegations as alarming, malicious and fabricated which she said were meant to put the country in a panic mode and reiterated that President Lungu was experiencing good health.

She said that it was mind-boggling and uncalled for that people would stoop so low as to spread falsehoods instead of wishing the Head of State well.

The minister challenged online reports, saying that even the pictures which they had displayed showed a healthy looking Head of State and questioned their motive to wish President Lungu sick.

“I want to reassure the nation that the Head of State is not sick, he went on a State visit and I am sure that even the same social media will show you pictures where the President is looking healthy, as of yesterday (Wednesday) we saw the President visit Jesus’ tomb, so how can he be sick?

“Those are malicious and alarming statements trying to bring the country into panic and those that are wishing him ill it’s very sad. Honestly how can you wish your President ill health? What are they insinuating and trying to put forward to the nation?

Ms Mulenga, who is Patriotic Front Member of Parliament for Kalulushi, said that citizens were alive to the fact that the reason President Lung had travelled to Israel and was accompanied by ministers in relevant areas of interest for certain key investment in various sectors of the economy was aimed at boosting the country’s economy.

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  1. “we saw the President visit Jesus’ tomb, so how can he be sick? Come on! You see why we insisted that you politicians should have atleast grade 12 certificates!

    • Sometimes its better to just shut up Kampampa. Edgar’s health is not at the optimum, just like anyone of us. Dont brag about health. Brag about winning or stealing an election.

    • @Nsimbi:
      Don’t you know that she is Lesbian or what is called she/he? There is full equality in PF which is good thing. Mwanakatwe is Bi and Luo is fully fledged Lesbo or Lesbian. So please stop commenting on the Bonifaces.

  2. Leave the rabid dogs backing as long as we know our presdo ECL is wel, they feel like they can start campaign again. Shame to opposition leaders and cadres.

    • Thanks to Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ARVs have served millions of lives, including your ECL, and even yourself. The only unwanted side effects are swelling body parts like the neck, or amatobo in the case of Rungu…ukufimba!!

  3. Those are upnd cadres for you!!for them only HH cant fall sick.when Zambians say that the type of politics being practiced by upnd is evil,this is what they mean.how can a normal politician wish the president death?upnd is an evil party.we shall see if HH wont fall sick one day!!May God bless ECL and Zambians!!

    • And which God wastes energy blessing a people full of evil minds, illegality and hatred. In the days of Moses, Zambians like Rungu, Ala Be, and some of you would have been enlaved or simply reduced to a carbon fossil by lightening

    • The God we know who is a merciful one. It’s just that he is so merciful that imbeciles like can live in our midst Rainman!

  4. I am non partisan but you can see that this government is not busy working. Some body just jokes that the President is sick, then they have to spend valuable man hours responding. This does not look like a minister who is sorting out freedom of information bill, putting up vernacular newspapers in rural areas, looking at ways of revamping dead daily public newspapers, sorting out staff morale issues in her ministry, and the list goes on. Any small issue, she has to respond

  5. I do not ascribe to the notion that the President is sick! But truth be told: he never has any serious business to do in Israel and it is deceitful to suggest he was went to woe investors! What investors did he meet at the following: Jerusalem Forest, The Tomb of Jesus, Kind David’s Tomb, Garden of Genthsemani, Israel Museum, Holocaust Museum etc?

  6. With a cadre of 8 Ministers? I think we need to be true to ourselves. Truly speaking, the Business they had in Israel could have been done in a day or two at the most! We are a poor country to be this wasteful! God does not answer deceitful prayers! He is not Man to be mocked! It’s better to come out clean and state that we are going for tourism cause that is much of what we saw!

  7. What Tomb? Tomb of a fictitious character …really laughable….tomb were their no bones as white Jesus had ascending to the sky like a UFO…sillly brainwashed Afrikans; embrace your own culture and study about self.
    Wake up!!

    • @jayjay you can say that to your tribal leader hh because he also claims to be a follower of Jesus.

  8. They denied in the same way about Sata until the stinking tribally bigoted scatterfool came back from London. In his supine position classified as cargo.

  9. In modern grammar sick means crazy
    In strict grammar sick doesn’t mean Ill. To be Ill is to suffer from a disease.
    Sick means throwing up. Which one Is kampamba refuting?

  10. @HH OVAL HEAD has HH ever bragged publicly at every opportunity that he’s a Christian? Matters of Christianity or faith are between yourself and God!!

  11. Lungu has been sick for sometime now. All Zambians know that Lungu collapsed at one time during the 2016 election campaigns and on other occasions as well. What minister Kampamba is alleging that Lungu should not be sick or referred as sick when in fact is sick. PF always ride on taboos, they told Zambians once that late Michael Sata was not sick (MHSRIP) but Sata was sick. Toady PF says Lungu is not sick. There is nothing wrong being sick, even heads of state get sick. Robert Mugabe is sick on medical check ups in Malaysia and Nigerian president Buhari is not well and is on medical treatment in UK. Why not Lungu if he is sick?

  12. There is always a source where either a lie or a truth emanates and the best way for proofing is to let it play itself out than speak too soon!

  13. Bitterness eats away the bearer. So, do not harbour bitterness in your hearts or you waste away. Be glad and you live a more fulfilled life bloggers. Lungu & HH are personal friends if you don’t know. They are just playing a game called politics.

  14. This prostitute minister of of information don’t speak sense. Instead of urging the people to pray for the president she is covering. Useless! Satanic. Denonic!

  15. Actually most of them ministers in PF are sick. I mean, look at Nkandu Luo, where have you seen a healthy person with arms like a “chinyau” or Dora with a butt like a bus! Kambwili has the temperament and stamina of an alpha gorilla ? while Lungu’s praying mantis posture is a symptom of masalamusi or mashabe!

  16. Am waiting to see who is immortal pa zed. we wishes Sata dead he is gone but that did not give us kingship we wished for. Lungu will go I still doubt if that will be a straight away jackpot to state house.

  17. We need to have confirmation hearings like in the USA. The president nominates names to cabinet positions, then the nominees are grilled to prove themselves. I don’t know how many would be cabinet ministers now.

  18. HH came to power in the UPND after the death of arguably the best opposition leader this country has had. Ever since then, his fanatical supporters are obsessed are with the sickness of whoever is Republican President. Just a reminder that there would be no presidential elections if death strikes the incumbent.

  19. When human beings become sick it is a large surprise to UPNDonkeys. Not that they don’t fall sick themselves but because as donkeys they don’t seek medical attention but just die off. So donkeys please be assured that as humans we will always fall sick once in a while and see the doctor, we have done that since God created us.


  21. The Min. was just doing her job as a spokes person for the Govt. If she did not do that you minions were going to complain that she has not informed the national or responded about the said sickness of the President, so please let her do her job, whether it is true or not it her job to let the people know.

  22. They denied Sata was dying, they even forced him to deliver a speech in parliament and go to New York just to prove he was ok.

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