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PF cadres occupy LAZ Headquarters

Headlines PF cadres occupy LAZ Headquarters

PF cadres protesting outside LAZ offices
PF cadres protesting outside LAZ offices

A horde of rowdy cadres from the ruling PF this afternoon protested at the Law Association of Zambia Secretariat.

The cadres carrying placards denouncing LAZ President Linda Kasonde for her alleged pro opposition stance demanded that she leaves the Secretariat.

It was not immediately clear of Ms. Kasonde was in the building at the time of the protest.

Police had to move in quickly to disperse the cadres and security the premises.

By the time of publishing, armed police were still manning the building.

A notice via SMS from LAZ advised its members and the public from entering the premises.

“Good afternoon all. Cadres have attacked secretariat. Please do not go there until further notice. I have spoken to Commissioner of Police Lusaka who says he is sending officers. I am also trying to get hold of the AG. Please do not go to the Secretariat,” the text read.

Some of the cadres were carrying weapons such as pangas and advanced directly to Ms. Kasonde’s office but she could not be found.

The cadres said they have been angered by LAZ’s decision to represent Post lawyer Nchima Nchito over the arrest warrant of instituted by former Post workers.

Cadres are demanding the dismantling of LAZ accusing it to be pro-UPND and champion the agenda of Fred M’membe.

In an interview later, Ms. Kasonde confirmed that she is safe and that the cadres have all dispersed.

PF cadres protesting at LAZ Secretariate
PF cadres protesting at LAZ Secretariate

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  1. Well done ZP for your quick action. We don’t need this. Linda will judged by history and not harrassment.

    • Zambia had peace last 4 days the PF & Dora were away. They even won 6-1 in soccer.
      The boss is back, cadres what to show their loyalty.

    • Let us pay particular attention to the word Mumbi used in an earlier article – ‘disingeneous’.

      You see HH and his supporters are supposed to accommodate basic logic in the way they approach matters.

      For 15 days, which is the allowable time, HH refused to talk about his case. He chose to talk about preliminaries to spend time.

      After the 15 years was over and the case expired, he asks two questions:

      1. Have I been heard or not?
      2. Have might rights not been violated.

      Did HH want ECL to speak for him so that his case could be heard?

      This is why Mumbi used the term ‘disingeneous’.

    • @Nostradamus
      Is this what zambians get after Edgar gets born again at the tomb of Jesus christ??? ?,,, lungu never ceases to surprise many

    • Who remembers the firebrands Inonge Wina of NGOCC & Emily Sikazwe of WfC matching on parley in miniskirts to speak for women who were being harassed by MMD cadres on Lsk streets. Now the old hags are scrappy shadows of themselves.
      I’m left to ask myself the question, would Lucy Banda Sichone have ended up in a similar way if she had lived long? I’ll never know, I miss her.

    • That poster speaks volumes about the one way thinking of brainless cadres, who are even present on this website who think if you criticise the Ruling Party you are a member of the opposition or should form your own party.

    • @Mbanje: I always tell you to stop taking the hard stuff!
      So to you…”Well done” to ZP for what? Can’t you see that this is total security failure by the police. I expect the police to have good intelligence to have stopped this from happening in the first place. Preventative measures are always better and cheaper.
      The question is why were the police not able to pick such a simple criminal act by politically sponsored uneducated PF cadres? The fact is ZP is so compromised and docile to stop even minor security incidents like this one. With Lungu and other monkeys at the helm, Zambia is far from being a democracy and ZP are only policing UPND instead protecting the country!!

    • The best you get of a developing democracy in a nation where illiterates and half baked party cadres outnumber by huge margins the informed!

    • Why is that thug in a black jacket with sunglasses doing with a hammer? I never new some “men” can be penis-less how do you go against a woman with a hammer.

      If any pf thugs wants fight linda why not set up a boxing ring, i can assure you, i will bring someone to beat the pfool out you.

    • This thuggish behavior by PF cadres is rearing it’s ugly head again. Carrying Pangas and other weapons when you go to protest is primitive, and shows that you’re nothing but thugs, hooligans. While these low information ruffians have a right to protest, they should be arrested by the police just for carrying weapons with them. When you carry weapons to a protest the message is clear — that you’re ready to use it to harm someone. And on those grounds you should be arrested and caged, so civilized citizens can be protected.

  2. I have personally not trusted these lawyers esp when that madam chibomba judge rules against my favour coz i never called her lord in the chambers…..so they will keep screwing theseselves depending on who is on the better side….We had the sangwa feild day.now its the tutwa,s and Kabwe,s field day.

    • Misguided souls. God forgive them for they know not what they are doing with their so called PRESIDENT Edward.

  3. The stoopidity of it all! They even think, as lowlife are prone to, that LAZ President is a day job where she turns up to work every day.

    • So Kaponyas used their own money to go and print those posters…this must be the work of the dull Davis Chama SG. They will remember LAZ when they are no longer in power…this is why I want someone needs to investigate Lazy’s academic credentials, he is now scared of his own shadows and only worried about 2021.
      If these tins have too much time why dont they go to KKIA to wait for their lazy leader.

  4. Panga Family at there best. Ba LT please show a picture of these cadres carrying pangas and whatever weapons. Could you also get a better picture coz what u re presenting does not show whether these are PF or not. I do not see Max Chongo.

  5. They want to mute everyone who is providing checks and balances these empty tins…meanwhile the whole cabinet is partying in Israel leaving their Grandma in charge…really laughable…not even under MMD did cadres ever take such action.
    We know Lazy does not like LAZ because it banned him and stopping him from stealing clients money!!

  6. Lawlessness is taking over in the country. Did they have a permit? If not, then hasn’t any one of them been arrested? This stone age type of leadership will only lead to chaos. Why this intolerance of divergent views?

  7. She is Bemba representing a Tonga and hell breaks loose on the poor girl. Unintelligent PF cadres truly are a danger to the one Zambian one nation motto of this nation, they are full cycle *****s. Maybe Lungu should have taken them all to The Sea of Galilee in Israel so that they could have their stu.pidity washed in the waers where Christ cleansed the dirty and the sick.

    • This thing of going trbal on every matter and blaming everything on Lungu is being silly. Very soon fulls like you will be blaming the U20 national team being tribal for having only easterners and northerners in the team.

  8. @At my Zambia
    It is not lawlessness but some times it is necessary for certain useless officers to be told off or just to be chased .PS National planning be-careful of the boy called mubaanga in choma.As H.O.D’s we want to protest and evict him soon from the office because of his bad language.He is rude to us and has grown wings because linda siwale who failed to write reports brought him from youth and sport.

    • Iwe Jefferson, what are you talking about here? Is it the invasion of the LAZ offices by unruly cadres or the PS National Planning and Mubanga?

  9. Carrying pangas to confront someone is not democratic. The guys have gone too far! The leadership of PF should distance itself, and discipline those guys. Plural democracy demands accepting and respecting the diverse beliefs of all Zambians; not assaulting others.

  10. The result of having that dull SG D.avi Mwila! Those Kaponyas cant come up with all that on their own. I mean what do they know about court proceedings?? PF SG at work!

    • More like Kapyongo. He is the youth chairman in PF and if you remember his antics in his constituency, helicopters failing to land….

  11. This is total disregard of the law. For PF it is okey, but for the opposition it is lawlessness. Shame on
    you thugs.

  12. Under president Lungu it’s all mess . That’s lawlessness. You can’t have a country where cadres have over public offices. Rubbish!

  13. Happy that the raucous guys were dispersed before anyone got hurt. This is a barbaric act which deserves condemnation fro al weel meaning Zambians! Demonstrations (peaceful!) are normal from time to time but going with pangas, if true, is way overboard!

  14. Happy that the raucous guys were dispersed before anyone got hurt. This is a barbaric act which deserves condemnation from all well meaning Zambians! Demonstrations (peaceful!) are normal from time to time but going with pangas, if true, is way overboard!

  15. Lawlessness under PF government is the order of the day, this is what meant when we said PF is a panga family. They want to control people through intimidation.

    • So what, does being in the diaspora take away their rights to speak on matters affecting their country?

    • So what if one is abroad? Its ironic that an individual with a name like that can come up with a silly comment like this…is it not abroad that your lazy president is begging from foreigners to come and make slaves out of you. How can you attract or “woo” investors when you have such headlines…provide good leadership and good governance; investors will come on their own.

    • Because they are the only ones who can afford to read the news on the internet. The locals are too poor to spend bundles on news

  16. This spirit of anarchy and extremism is prevalent in both UPND and PF. It is there in most political parties in Africa, but it must not be tolerated or condoned by the leaders. My observation is that the jobless political cadres, with little or no dependable source of income, are the ones to react in extreme! They are easily hired…

  17. Let us pay particular attention to the word Mumbi used in an earlier article – ‘disingeneous’.

    You see, HH and his supporters are supposed to accommodate basic logic in the way they approach matters.

    For 15 days, which is the allowable time, HH refused to talk about his case. He chose to talk about preliminaries just to spend time.

    After the 15 days was over and the case expired, he asks two questions:

    1. Have I been heard or not?
    2. Have might rights not been violated.

    Did HH want ECL to speak for him so that his case could be heard?

    This is why Mumbi used the term ‘disingeneous’.


    • Iwe, I am not even an HH supporter because I have issues with him with regards to Privatization of Zambian Companies, but HH was being harrassed left and right,period. The ConCourts people were all PF secrete Paid cadres, so all that they(conCourt) were mambling in the news was to f00l people like into believing that they were following the law. Whatever HH was going to do was in vain as corrupt thief Lungu and his fake lawyers had everything in the bag to have corrupt visionless Lungu to be an iligimate President of Zambia.

    • @ 21.2 Nsimanadelele,

      So was it because ConCourt was PF that HH started generating a multiplicity of preliminaries, and avoided discussing his petition, that even when the defendant lawyers kept begging him to starting discussing the case HH had to refused?

  18. Without condoning the berberic behavior, I would urge (though too late) Linda to act as a parent in the execution of her duties. She failed to condemn the riots by Upnd cadres at the high court. In her position she an “all political party “. Her conduct can either destroy or build peace.

  19. Edger Lungu and his cadres are all useless, his own will come after he is out of State House, granted he knows he is going to die of AIDS soon. F00lish corrupt, clueless buckteeth maron.

  20. Hold your ground Ms. Linda, DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by LUNGU WHO BOUGHT HIS DEGREE from UNZA, you earned yours and that is why you have respect for a free and fair law excution. You are good at what you do and we are behind you.

  21. In despicable to say the least.disgusting. Bad guys are taking advantage of the poor unemployed citizens. Sad!

  22. These cadres are picking up Pangas because Lungu has failed to give them jobs, the sad part of all is that these useless cadres have no little intelligency to actually see that Lungu and his minions are using them. He used them during the campaigns and promised them jobs, yet he has failed miserably and has continued to use these useless f00ls who can’t see that they are being used. If there were jobs, then we would not have these useless cadres, but Lungu who had failed to create any jobs pays penuts to these useless cadres to do and cause unrest to a law abiding citizen like Ms.Linda Kasonde. Lungu and his bunch of thieves needs to be arrested and put away for a long time. They have continued to harrass everyone that does not agree with their dictatorial way of governing. Lungu can not…

  23. The Fruits of PF is either fighting or Insults : You shall know them by their Fruits: Judgment is coming soon: Linda God has blessed her with intelligence.

    • Yes I love her so much, I think she is what Zambia needs interms of respect for the Law. She is awesome, I wish I could meet her. Just someone we all need to lookup to with regards to the law of the land.

  24. President Lungu has to fire Davis Chama. 6-1 goals tells me, he thinks he has to please president Lungu. Even loud mouth Mumbi Phiri is a better replacement.

  25. The two parties you should not trust in Zambia are PF and UPND, period. These two parties must be thrown in the dustbin of history. They are very violent, intolerant, destructive, rude, disrespectful, insolent, arrogant, tribal, and remember we have a Zambia Police which is dead and biased towards PF. Terrible to live in this place.

    • You are absolutely spot on…sadly we are stuck with these useless parties for the next 5 – 10 years

    • Don’t you FU.C.KI.N bring the UPND in this me.ss!! You mother Fu.c.king sh.it.ting Ars.sew.hore!! What have they done?

  26. Zambia under Lungu is finished. It is becoming toilet paper. Where on earth can you attack someone trying to work professionally? He wants to control everything by breaking the law. Look at mama Mambilima she can’t do nothing due the fear that Lungu will make her lose her job. Chabulanda sana.

  27. A leopard/Chimbwi dose not change its spots even well tamed ones, one day will attack your children if not you its master. PF is an established violent party in Zambia. Lungu sent those cadres to act with impunity and show how lawlessness is approved by their master.

  28. And from the LAZ secretariat the thugs were ferried to KKIA to meet their god by no other than Davis Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Kennedy kamba, thereafter back to their Secretariat to receive packs of shake shake and K50, This is the P.I.G for you…

  29. Let us all fight for our rights. We can not be used tossed from one direction to another by the PF cadres. Let us all stand and demonstrate by giving up with the PF NO CONFIDENCE in all these criminology.

  30. The PF cadres are just as thuggish and violent like their Boss. He ascended to the PF Leadership thru violence and is State President thru Election Rigging and violence. It tells u that Lungu is in power thru Hook and Crook. Lungu is already casting his eyes on 2021 Election which he is going to steal and rig as he has done in 2016. Our only hope is to stop Lungu by supporting HH & GBM as they fight Lungu’s Dictatorship thru the Petition. This Petition must be Heard,Determined and the Winner declared by the Court otherwise the 2021 Election is as good as rigged. Zambians need to stand up to Lungu’s rising Dictatorship. Cry the beloved Zambia.

  31. This is joke of a Govt. Wooing investors like this???. Now, which credible investors in their normal minds would want to bring and risk their resources into a lawless place like this in and create jobs??.

    This proves the wise old adage “If you think education and exposure is expensive, try ignorance in a cocoon.”

  32. linda kasonde must leave the office because she is there for membe,HH, nchito and their minions she is a UPND cader.

    This behaviour is common place Kwa Jack -Chawama, where this chancer comes from.
    The majority of the Cabinet is full of thuggish Komboni dwellers, who believe in the power of the Panga, not transparent democracy.
    You Voted Zambians, so enjoy Thug life!!

  34. this is a very foolish action by th pf poor cadres, they think they cn do the role of th pipo incharge, if u are paid to do this, let us know, leave linda alone, these uneducated cadres, have nothin to do…

  35. Well done PF cadres because that ule Linda Kasonde has gone too far.LAZ must fire that id10t who is hiding behind LAZ when she is a known pro upnd cadre!!all good lawyers must rise up against Linda Kasonde as she is the worst LAZ president ever!!!but let her continue playing with fire(boma ni boma).soon she will know what time it is though by then it will be too late as many Zambians love PF and we will see if Fred M’membe or HH will help her.KEEP UP PF LOVERS.PLEASE LETS DEFEND AND PROTECT OUR BELOVED PF AND LINDA KASONDE MUST OPENLY JOIN POLITICS RATHER THAN HIDING BEHIND LAZ

  36. I cannot begin to imagine the destruction and mayhem that we would have seen today if it was a sea of red cadres, I mean UPNDonkeys.

  37. And you have to be an absolute UPNDonkey to condemn exactly what you do and in a destructive manner! Weren’t you the ones at the High court?

  38. This is what stolen elections does. With the 6 months deadline approaching the Petitioners can now take their Petition to ICJ. PF cadres are in a panic mood. They fear the dreaded Petition will be heard and if that happens the PF Cadres fear the inevitable might happen leading to loss of power. Legally PF Cadres know that in an Independent and Professional Court, Lungu will lose the State Presidency to HH and UPND. They know ICJ will find that Lungu was Not Democratically,Legally and Constitutionally elected and inaugurated. Even though Lungu lost the 2016 Election he wants to illegally cling to power. The Electoral theft and the Petition is haunting Lungu and PF. Legally Lungu and PF stand on very shakey grounds over the Election Petition.

  39. No guns, no arrests for the so called unlawful assembly, no police permits issued or requested…….says a f…. lot!!

  40. Can someone update me of the case of Martha Mushipe’s misconduct which was lodged by some citizens to LAZ during and after the just ended general election? What has the LAZ ( our learned lawyers) done to instil professionalism in the field of law. This could be some of the reasons why these pipo are annoyed because LAZ has not taken no action on its member. Mind u, even foreign observers who came to monitor the elections were very upset of what really happened of that fateful day. Lets call a spade a spade. LAZ under the leadership of our learned lawyer madam Linda Kasonde has become a vuvuzela of a certain political party instead of being non partisan.

  41. Zambians are full of hatred for one another and are ready to kill one another for “political reasons.”Only that these aren’t political reasons – these are orders that are issued by the executive and its various arms to commit HOMICIDE upon any citizen who gets in their way, and there are plenty mercenaries in the name of political cadres who are paid to do this by the ruling party. That is why police do not arrest or disarm- and -arrest these killers who are well known. They let them go back to their homes to kill again some other time the politicians-read PRESIDENT because the buck stops at him as the chief executive officer of both the ruling party and the government

  42. Zambians politics is politics.remain one and united.politicians are people you can never trust…I repeat never trust.no matter who becomes what.. They all behave in the same manner.let’s be one Zambia one nation for the sake of this our brothers and sisters.united we stand but divided we won’t achieve anything.

  43. @Choma mano no it does not take away their rights but because they don’t know what is happening on the ground and they are speaking on people’s behalf when they did not even vote. The people who voted knew what they wanted because they stay with these people (ECL & HH) so the know better who is the right person for them. Our friends in the diaspora talk about things on hear say let them come back home and help to solve problems affecting their country.

  44. #Jay Jay: very true. Everyone one critizes PF or Lungu here, PF cadres here think one is a member of UPND. You see Lungu has wasted money on useless commission on source violence before and after the election yet he can’t acknowledge that his cadres are his leaders are the source of the violence. Here you have another proof on the source of violence in Zambia.

  45. Amaano ayanunka.well done ba Police. We need peace in the country.infact at a time like this,when we are HOSTING U20 AFCON let us not make our vistors panic. Let’s celebrate FOOTBALL,,,LET IT UNITE US.

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