FILE: Then Vice President Guy Scott , Commerce Minister
Emmanuel Chenda (left) and then Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo (right)
drinking some tea while admiring the Victoria Falls at
Livingstone Island
ZAMBIA and Zimbabwe have re-launched the Kavango Zambezi Trans-frontier Conservation Area (KAZA) UNIVISA at the opening of ITB Tourism fair in the German capital, Berlin.

Zambia Tourism Agency communications manager Caristo Chitamfya said in a statement yesterday that the re-launch, which took place on March 4, 2017, was also used to promote Zambia as a yellow fever-free country following the recent endorsement by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the subsequent removal of the yellow fever vaccination requirement by South Africa.

“Zambia’s Tourism Minister Jean Kapata and Zimbabwean Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi officiated at the media launch which was held at the Zambian stand,” Mr Chitamfya said.
He said KAZA UNIVISA pilot project was first launched on November 28 last year at the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Mr Chitamfya said the KAZA UNIVISA enabled tourists to Zambia and Zimbabwe to use only one visa to transverse the two countries.

“The second launch of the KAZA UNIVISA at ITB-Berlin allows Zambia and Zimbabwe to tap into the world’s largest tourism trade fair and thus reach millions of would-be travellers with the message,” he said.

Mr Chitamfya said the Zambia Tourism Agency considered ITB as an important marketing platform not only for the opportunities it provides to lure the high-spending German travellers but also for the networking opportunities to reach other important source markets through parallel meetings, conferences and access to international media.

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  1. That picture is funny!

    But we also need a free travel for our Malawian brothers and sisters!

    Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi must for a free movement and customs union like the East African community!

    Sadc and Comesa are not real free customs unions!

    These 3 countries (Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe) are the closest in Southern Africa so it only makes sense we form a union!


    • Yeah but then the Nigerians will come in with their drugs and exploit the free movements.


  2. Ba LT sure! Don’t lie your readers. I Sylvia Masebo can confess that We weren’t drinking tea on the day. PLEASE CORRECT YOUR PICTURE “CAPTION”


    • Lol, it was hot canned tea. I was just wondering about her sitting position though, why even get into the water dressed like that, why was she not in a bikini?


  3. LETS JUST REJOIN OUR COUNTRIES TO ONE UNIT. Make us one country, I’m sure Uncle Bob can see sense in this!


    • Zambia and Zimbabwe, (like Benz cars), ‘ zinopindinara’ ( pardon my Zimbabwean spelling)!



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