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Govt suspends Church over food stampede tragedy

General News Govt suspends Church over food stampede tragedy

Government has with immediate effect suspended the operations of the Church of God over Monday’s stampede over freed food.

And Government says President Edgar Lungu is greatly saddened by the death of eight people in a scramble for food at Lusaka’s OYDC.

During a joint news briefing in Lusaka, Minister for Religious and National Guidance Reverend Godfridah Sumaili said the operations of the Church of God have been suspended until further notice.

Reverend Sumaili said preliminary investigations have shown that Church leaders failed to comply with directives to produce all necessary legal documentation governing operations of the Churches.

“The President sends his personal and Government’s sympathies to the families of the deceased and wishes them God’s supreme mercies to help them recover from this tragedy,” she said.

During the same briefing, Chief Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga said details of the OYDC incident are that the Church of Christ which was holding a revival meeting at the OYDC informed the public to converge to receive food hampers for free.

Ms Mulenga said the hampers contained 10 Kg bags of mealie meal and small packets of beans.

She said the announcement prompted the masses to throng the OYDC making the place full to capacity as early as 06:30 hours and that those who were outside were attempting to enter by force.


  1. 10kg sure, people had to leave their spouses in bed to go and brave the cold, rain at 03 hours just for a 10kg bag of bunga, the Israel trip was not worth it, while they were busy learning how to grow tomatoes and r ape, back home people are failing to buy mealie meal, and have resorted to get handouts of food like refugees, pf has turned Zambia into one big refugee camp.

    • Any minister in charge of food in Zambia should be fired, and possible arrest for directly putting people in danger. Dying over food deserves a criminal court hearing. It is same as having a doctor a district hospital who never attend to patients.

    • So so…it has gotten this bad in a country where they call a useless church BREAD OF LIFE.
      Zambians should free themselves from mental slavery by stop believing in the useless book of lies called the bible. Most of the people who flocked to the event went back home on rumbling stomach’s and are still waiting for a miracle to credit their accounts.

      F a k e prophets are just like MTN.. Everywhere you go!

    • If you want money all you need is a Bible and PA system. dress up in an oversize suit, speak with a fake american accent or a Nigerian accent and claim that you were anointed (by whom?). Next organise some desperate illiterate guy with no G12 certificate to be your assistant paaaasterrr. Get anothe failure in life to be the praise team leader. He will lead the systematic abuse of the female praise team wh0res. Have your wife dress in a duku so large that it can cover a queen size bed and have her lead the “womens ministery”. Get a few “elders” who are as old as heroes stadium and you are in business. This a phucking scam and all you do is run a few motivational sermons and women will have mass 0rgasms and throw their knickers at you.

  2. Useless minister! You are just too old. Even if you have suspended activities there, people have already died. Imbecile!

  3. Upnd elections are very far off don’t finish your steam on this unfortunate incident. Let’s just mourn, otherwise I suspect you’re very happy this happened.

  4. If that can happen in fact in what I will call urban area now am wondering in shan’t compounds how people are surviving, where are we heading to? Lord have supreme mercy on Zambia

  5. Why doesn’t pfgovernment suspend themselves because how can a working government allow its citizens to be this hungry and desperate while lungu travels carelessly

    • I am so shocked to hear about the suspension of a Church though a bad thing happened. They are suppose to suspend its leadership. I though the Minister of religious affairs understood what it means to be a Church member, may be I don’t know the intentions of that same Church, but from the general understanding its straight forward.
      People are dying, causing a lot of accidents on the roads, Stealing & robbing after consuming alcohol why don’t we suspend the breweries? We are failing to suspend the criminal Bishops who are plundering Churches and we want to treat innocent church members like culprits, please lets reason together.
      Enjoy wisely

    • A whole new Ministry and this is what happens! Taxpayers money being squandered on jobs for cardres that DO NOTHING TO EARN IT!

      “Minister for Religious and National Guidance Reverend Godfridah Sumaili said the operations of the Church of God have been suspended until further notice….”

      Under which LAW? Does this “Minister ” have the authority to do this?

      Or has PF really KILLED the RULE OF LAW in Zambia and is just dictating anything from useless people with no regard for the law?

      How can Zambia develop like this?

    • NEZ, your ability to suspend all logic and sensibility is amazing. You expect GRZ to quit working because someone is too lazy or lack initiative to innovate relocate to the village to work.
      How many villagers have you heard of in Zambia that are starving today? From Livingstone through to Turn-pike. How many in the rural areas are emaciated and falling over with starvation? None! That’s because they work. These “town mice” that want to live near bars and electricity are starving because they don’t want to take available options of farming and living off the land.
      Tell me where you see a rural person dying of hunger, please!

    • Since you are a SDA member and you attend the Sabbath school and sessions every Saturday, kindly tell universe what God said about work and eating and and these corrrelate in the Bible.
      Does the Holy book say anything about political leaders feeding the nation. To draw a parallel, Assuming that you have little NEZ’s (children). Do you chew and swallow for your kids? do you attend their classes for them? Do you do their home work? What would you call a parent that does all that for an able bodied child with a functioning mind. GRZ is there to arrange the environment, not to subsidise citizens lives. That is as good as cursing your people. What you have not worked for, you do not respect. Even your wifes services when she provides horizontal biological entertainment for that gadget…

  6. It is of no use to suspend the activities of the church. They could have simply be summoned and cautioned. People have already died. That church also, that is not how you give out free food to such a huge crowd.They were supposed to do it in an orderly and systematic manner. You don’t just announce that on such and such a day the church will be giving out free food.

    With this the Church was going to receive millions if not billions of dollars to support their cause. They deliberately caused this fracas because of greed and acting in the name of the church, I WISH GOD PUNISHES THESE PRETENDERS.

    • Thank you. That is exactly what will happen. These hypocritical evangelicals will show these photos around the world to continue the stereotype that Africans are dying and starving and then they will request more charity money. That is how these Westerners want to see Africa while they rape our countries.

    • Lets be straight here, I recommend that for one to open a church in Zambia a few rules be instituted
      1. They must be sterilized (remove his balls or her womb) 2. They must never be allowed to have a passport or any travel document 3. They must wear sack cloth 4. They must live in the poorest church members house hold at all times 5. They should be mercilessly whipped by street children and widows at least once a week until they bleed.
      Only then should they be allowed to open a church in Zambia. Busted balls and all, no turning back!

  8. The ring leaders must be brought to book. How else can families and friends experience justice? In the name of organized religion multitudes of people flocked to seek redemption. And what did they find? They met painful death, their own death for the dozen deceased or seeing and smelling dead for the survivors. The leader who called people to gathering and worship must be brought to book. Suspending an unlawful group is not the answer. The answer is disbanding all unlawful organizations and due court process. There is no need to politicize a court case. Allow the law to take its course.

    • Ba Doc, with due respect, this organization had been advertising for the past two weeks, police was provided to see to it that there was order, how can they be blamed by trying to feed, even just for a few days, the hunger stricken people. The police where provided and I wonder why these dull ministers cannot even question he police commander for not having provided inadequate manpower. The blame in my view goes to the police command for failing to provide the barest of minimum security to this noble cause people and the pf government for entrenching poverty in our beautiful country. I cant imagine the heavy police presence that would have been there if it was a political gathering or even a political concert with beer on the side!

  9. I wonder whether these so called ministers think before they talk. Yes we sadly lost eight people but have they asked themselves why apart from the deceased eight who wanted the “pamela” there were other over 34,992 people who wanted the same. These pf people are seriously incapable of managing this country. As I have said and will say it again, this is just a tip of the iceberg. The massive icebergs are just below the surface and this country will implode! These people woke up at 03am to go and queue for a ka pamela because of poverty. We cant demonise these people and say they are lazy, No! By them waking up at 03am it clearly tells us that something is seriously wrong. People are hungry, very hungry that they have thrown away there dignity and pride so that they can have a basic meal…


    • For full employment GRZ should use the Zambian people for free labour. They should simply provide free food, free uniforms and footwear. Oh yah, lets call them the Free National Service. We have roads, damns, rail roads and tunnels to be built in Zambia. Put these hungry nigga’s to work. Anyone found loitering around should be conscripted till they fnd a job or die.
      The second choice should be sending them to the village to work the land. 720 million hectares and people saying that they are hungry. WTF are nigga’s thinking about.

    • PS, if a human rights lawyer starts something, then make them join the chain gang too. This sh1t of human rights gives people too much freedom. Some freedoms need to be taken away.
      Politicians should stop receiving salaries for public service too.
      I’m tired of a$$ wipes crying for white collar jobs sitting in front of computers to do nothing. Even all those service jobs like that hog wash of working in a mall selling sh1t that neither they nor their family members produced. DT says “America First” lets do Zambia first and quit this bull [email protected]!!! put nigga’s to work or put niggas to death.

  10. Plz we all know dat u as upnd group u r happy 2 c pipo die in a such a massive amount may God bless dis country.

    • UPND are just a waste of genetic material. They are a good argument for sterilization and c0ndoms. Those a$$ wippes just sit and complain like and a grown chap crying for someone else to wipe their a$$. If they such freakin geniuses then why don’t they set up industries in the NWP, Lozi Land and Southern province. They have the “brains” after all. Let them borrow from Venture capitalists and angel investors and Make Mazabuka and Monze like Michigan and Manchester. If they cannot do sh1t outside office, what the phuck will they do when elected to office. Just a bunch of pretty boy [email protected] They want office to assault the nation with revenge for nothing. Does the East have a rail line? Does the North have Zam sugar. WTF do them muverforkers want? So freaking tired of them [email protected]$$es…

  11. Zambians please you should open your spiritual eyes. A genuine Church which fears God does not operate in this manner. The true church of God preaches salvation from sin and Satan and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as first priority. If any gift such as food, it should come later. That’s what Jesus was doing when he fed the multitudes on 5 fishes and 2 loaves. The salvation of souls is first priority in the sight of God. The leaders of this fake church must have known that a stampede could occur anywhere with such careless announcement. Go and announce the same in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe etc., it will be the same stampede.

    • Just the other day panic broke out in Kitwe after locals spotted a kite in human like figure above Mukuba mall. Some people started praying while some started to run around in fear as they thought it was a manifestation of God
      Yep! (g o o g l e – ghost man kite) – you can even see the strings

      ‘One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been … Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”.

      – Carl Sagan

    • The is another so called prophet who calls himself sear 1 who needs to be watched closely. He goes about in the streets and makes what he calls as miracle money for the street kids. He needs to refrain from such otherwise lives will be lost.

    • My solution to these frikkin church guys is simple. The GRZ won’t do sh!t because they are deep in bed with these charlatans that give people false hope. They even have a full cabinet position for these monkeys and have another Dr/paster/ reverend amonst themselves with his fikkin fake accent.
      The best is to force this chap to adopt 10,000 street kids and ensure that they are fed, clothed and scooled from his resources. If he refuses or fails then he should have his nuts removed using a burdizzo twezzer with no anesthetic or parachute the focker into north korea with a Bible super glued to his a$$ and let them blast him with an anti-aircraft gun.

    • Pull your head out of your arse dude. You are one of those weak minded souls that believes that twaddle that Nigerians have convinced you of. You think all those Nollywood movies were for focko? They brainwashed 1diot Zambians into believing about sacrifice and magic and [email protected] like that. You became fertile ground for all those Winners Chappel, SCOAN and other b^llshi1tters when they came and did illusions for you. All of the “miracles” that are made are slight of hand acts off youtube. You have shi1t for brains if you believe in their crud. You deserve to be conned and put to slave labour by Nigerian pastors if you believe basic illusions and motivational talks masked in the Bible. The Holy Spirit was left with us when Jesus Christ Ascended. They make you think that God is sim card to…

    • They make you reduce God to a SIM card that has to be placed in a phone (the frikkin Pastor) and that you need to buy their network airtime to communicate with your creator. By believing their sh!t you take Jesus and re-whip him and re-nail him to the cross and re-jab his side and sew up the curtain to the Holy of Holies that was ripped from bottom to top.
      Jesus came to set you free and not to reinforce bondage to pharisees (Winners, SCOAN and others like them). How many people did Jesus take money from? how many people are your frikkin pastors and seers taking money from? Open you fockin eyes you useless piece of sh!t.

    • It is actually pforce which is very useless and careless, how come the are quick to enforce POA on UPND even when they are gathered at their secretariat some pf snitch will inform about the gathering of maybe 10 people, but for a gathering of 35,000 people kanganja failed to get intel on time because the gathering was not UPND, if POA is applied equally this incident would not have occurred, kanganja only came to hear of the gathering after, the sad incident. Let’s apply justice equally ba Zambia, least we fall prey to lousy decision making and incompetence.

  12. These are just freemasonry satanic churches.Alot of churches give out food and non of them has died like this one please. The gorvenment must look into this matter carefully without fail, otherwise we will lose people’s lives.zambia is know to be a very peaceful country and these guys the freemasonry people are taking an advantage of the poor Zambians.
    The people of Zambia please let’s week up please

    • You are GRZ and GRZ is you. Dumy. You want GRZ to come and look into what? You want to abdicate you mind. Are you frikking insane or were you dropped on your head as an infant? “BOMA iyanganepo” is the chorus of numb skull chaps that should have no right to breath. You should read the Bible and laws and know what the frik is right and what is frikkin wrong. Tell people that GRZ makes policies, that they should read and use to their advantage. Then bone heads start complaining when they see people that use their skopo and make money. Use your skopo too and be a reader of documents. Look at you, chi video and audio library full of music and movies and not even one academic or professional book. Bl00dy 1diots

    • @Chizuphi:
      Tell us more about your sacrifices – you sounded possessed about them!! So you fuc.king sacrificed your ugly grandmother – did you?

    • This dude is my least favoured form of 1diot. These are dumb bells that believe what they have head and never read sh1t. Some goon tells you about the occult based on his mal intent to you. (s)he then makes you believe that everything bad that happens is linked to the occult and demons. They then tell you that they have the “cure” or a “direct link” to God but you have to pay for it and viola, the numb skull is hooked. Invariably, such m0r0ns have rarely read anything but what their “pastor” recommends. Brain washed like a frikkin North Korean zealot. Try this for a change, go and read then question what you have read. That is called education, dont just read what you are told. read widely and learn, remove your 1diocy and become wise.

  13. Church of God and Church of Christ are not the same and the two ministers are confused. Secondly, the Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance needs guidance. She’s is overstepping her authority. Just because you are carrying authority doesn t mean you have authority over churches. She’s not the GENERAL OVERSEER OF CHURCHES AND PASTORS IN ZAMBIA

  14. This is ridiculous. The church is being used as a scapegoat and the minister of religious affairs is just scratching the top instead of looking at the whole issue objectively and sensibly. Just trying to appease Lungu. Total rubbish. People are suffering. The whole incident is a disgrace and tells a lot about the mismanagement of the country.

    • SLOWLY BUT SURE Zambian Christians are converting to Islam because of hunger. They are given little food and taught how to kill. Very soon all hell will break loose in the poverty stricken christian nation of Zambia.

    • Observer, I wish to contradict your assertion. Zambian are not converting. Zambians are just weak minded and desperate. Zambians are conditioned to respond to what they are told without asking or questioning the status. Everyone has been terrified of the BOMA and what it will do if they ask. In a hopeless situation like that “churches” come in and offer the Zambian a release and a place to complain. The pastor, like a psychiatrist charges per session and ensures that three to five seesions are held every week. Thus securing pastors cash flow. F00lish Zambians are told that nothing is their faul and that it is the work of “dark forces”, which is exactly what pastors want people to believe. To keep the dark forces at bay people need to come to the “disco” 4 times a week but not to…

    • not to forget their cover charge for entry and drinks.
      Their MC is a pastor
      Their DJ is is the praise team
      Their h0es are the people around them that keep each otehr in euphoric state.
      They share joined illusions / psychotic delusions (which seem real in their heads) in the oxygen starved environment and believe that they are talking to God as they scream their lungs out and babble (talking in tougues) incoherrently. They pay for this experience every time they attend a screaming church.

  15. The same Pf Govt has been calling the church to come on board.This is completely double standards.Just some few greedy people caused those deaths.I.e street vendors,and marketeers.On the fateful day,some of them did not even go for normal orders.

  16. I remember very well Godfridah Sumali, the religious minister is the leading pastor at this church. Let her deny this and stop pretending. This church belongs to her. I have dealt with them before.

  17. It is very unfortunate when you see the TIMES OF ZAMBIA picture of the masses IG Kanganja is addressing: It is even more than some political rallies done by the Head of State. What does this mean in our Country? Let us all Pray hard the devil is at work in our Nation. How can we pretend and say things are okay in Zambia. Lusaka alone with such a Multitude of hungry people. All these are Biblical evidence of what is yet to come. Each one of us should kneel down and ask for forgiveness instead of condemning Government and the leadership. My Brothers and Sisters you will never change what has been prophesied unless you have spiritual eyes and ears (May the Souls of our departed brothers and sisters Rest In Peace).

  18. The problem we have in Zambia is that people do not want to work hard and a earn a living… They want hand-outs…

    If that 10kg of mealie meal was said to be worked for, no one could have gone there, I bet… That is the consequence of getting free things….
    Lazy chaps.. And most of those were able bodied women and men… That food was supposed to distributed to the aged,,, those who can not afford to work, like our grand mothers who are 70years and above… not young men and very health and looking women..

    I am not happy that they died, but the circumstance that lead to their death is not worth it!!!
    I am furious… They are tarnishing the image of Zambia…

    • In a civilised society, such mutherphucker would be charged with culpable homicide. It is just the same as supllying faulty bunjee jumping equipment, certifying a vehicle fit that has no breaks or leaving your 30 tonne truck rolling down a hill into a childrens pre-school.
      The church phuckers should go TO REAL JAIL. All the church leaders registered with the registrar of societies should be inside the chooks. 5-10 years. Let them sit and wait for presidential pardon or the rapture.

  19. The church is to blame for this… We also have a program in our church where we distribute food stuffs to aged and the orphans below the age of 15 and not young people… That is not Christianity…it is promoting laziness among the people.

  20. Even if the church wants to woo membership to its congregation or denomination, the strategy is risky and bad…

  21. The absolute truth is that churches and religious organisations are fronts for pyramid schemes. The only real beneficiaries are the “holy” [email protected] at the helm. The law needs to be changed to regulate these mutherf2ckers completely.
    These fellows should be subject to an AG audit every year and submission of annual returns of the church and all its leadership. All Churches must have accounts with the Revenue authority and Registrar of societies. At Year end they should report on their activities and request tax relief on an annual basis. Otherwise these guys can be classified as money launderers.

  22. The church should’t be blamed. The church was there to help and the government should have done their part to at least manage order. if there were no injuries or death, the government would take credits, but since there are, somebody from the government will definitely blame somebody instead of taking responsibility- washing hands mode.

  23. All Zambian churches (bar none) and church leaders should have limitations on transfers of currency out of the country and they shoul provide reports on their activities in a structured manner. This [email protected] of setting up a “church” and having your “paaaaaasteeerrrr” owning property in London, Paris and Texas that was bought using members money is [email protected] You know it. All these [email protected] and b1tches that call themselves “holy” should account for their activities or shut down. They use desperate people as cases of “vulnerable”. Able bodied 1diots are there like wildlife to be photographed for purposes of fund raising from “donors”. Religious p0rn0graphy in these cash and carry, wh0re houses we call churches MUST stop. Not for one, buy for ALL of them

  24. I still stick to my point… The church is to blame… They should have found a better way of distributing food,, not an open ground… it is risky… 35,000 people and free food? my God!!! you cannot manage the crowd even you brought the entire police force in Zambia… By the way, what is the work force of Zambia Police service, I guess less that 35,000 men and women!!!!!!

  25. Hunger and diseases (especially HIV/AIDS) causes us Africans to seek solace in “their God”. God seems to exist only in Africa. I’m a former catholic father. Please for those of you Zambians who have traveled the world, you need to tell the masses the truth that is that, that white man WHO we have long been told to worship, why aren’t his fellow peoples in Europe in particular don’t even go to Church (only ma mbuayazi attend church). Don’t dispute IWE mabala, google it.
    IF Jesu was ISRAEL, why are the Israelis not CHRISTIANS…?? Why then should you and I… a Kaonde, Nyanja, Tonga or Bemba even dream of been taken a “heaven “?? Why should a white man care if at all about a Black/man/woman.
    Think Bamabala IWE!!

  26. I am not disputing the fact that church is there to help, but it should also be responsible the way they discharge their help.. You can not just call people to come to an open ground and say receive free food.. It is risky to both the organizers and the recipients… Anything can happen.. There were thugs there, thieves with bad intensions… Others wanted to take advantage and get and then start selling those items… Did you not see very fatty women, business women and men in the crowd? I think you agree with what I am saying… The intension was good, but the strategy was bad…

  27. I am not disputing the fact that church is there to help, but it should also be responsible the way they discharge their help.. You can not just call people to come to an open ground and say receive free food.. It is risky to both the organizers and the recipients… Anything can happen.. There were thugs there, thieves with bad intensions… Others wanted to take advantage and get and then start selling those items… Did you not see very fatty women, business women and men in the crowd? I think you agree with what I am saying… The intention was good, but the strategy was bad…

  28. Get your facts straight, it wasn’t the Church of God it was the Church of Christ a.k.a Iglesia Ni Cristo which is a Philippine based church. This is so sad, and I’m ashamed to be part of this church.

  29. That is what happens when blind men lead themselves and create jobs that do not exist, surely is that the reason they made that ministry? One does not have to guess that the poor so called minister wants to justify her useless ministerial position at the expense of the dying masses who actually are tax payers who feeds all the dogs that claim to be leaders. The poor Zambians pay VAT on every home use product they buy be it a tablet of soap, cooking oil, name it.

  30. Sumaili,Hypocrite Mwila, PF is cerebrating at the death of innocent Zambians. PF is aware there is hunger and suffering in Zambia and sell maize to Malawi corruptly, the unemployed youths have been left dry and Lungu is busy touring the whole world as if every thing in the country is functioning well while majority Zambians are suffering. Cause of the stampede was lack of food in the nation. To boast of enough maize meal in Zambia is really insulting Zambians. With this in mind PF is cerebrating at the death of Zambians ‘Sontha apo wapaile bakayele’.

  31. The government’s reaction is predictable and unworthy. They should exercise leadership and reflect on the reality of ordinary citizens willing to die for food stamps. This incident summarizes the state of the Republic of Zambia under E.C. Lungu

  32. This is how God send His punishment to the leadership of this church. Because God saw their hypocrisy, they want to help other people while they ban food and water to their relatives and to the brethren.

  33. This is Church of Christ/Iglesia ni Cristo(in filipino). Their central is located in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. They did that thing here in the Philippines that caused lots of traffic delays.

  34. Please get your facts straight: It is the Church of Christ (commonly known as iglesia ni Cristo) that was responsible and not the Church of God. Thanks.

  35. The church responsible for that stampede is NOT CALLED THE CHURCH OF GOD.
    They are called church of christ popularly know in the Philippines as iglesia ni cristo.

  36. Correction: The correct name of the church you are referring to is “Church of Christ” or “Iglesia ni Cristo” in Filipino, not “Church of God”.

    There are other churches named “Church of God”; this may put wrong blame to them if this article will not be corrected. Thank you!

  37. Admin,

    Please note that it’s not the Church of God, rather, Church of Christ. In the Philippines where they started they are called Iglesia ni Cristo.

  38. Please correct your news. Thats is not Church of God. That is church of christ of manalo here in philippines.

  39. Please correct your article– it is CHURCH OF CHRIST which did the medical mission and NOT the CHURCH OF GOD

  40. Check your Facts, It’s NOT Church of GOD, it’s CHURCH OF CHRIST or IGLESIA NI CRISTO from the Philippines.

  41. the writer of this article try mislead his readers or my he/she is lack of impormation…it is CHURCH OF CHRIST or IGLESIA NI CRISTO in the PHILIPPINES NOT Church of GOd

  42. the writer of this article is trying to mislead his readers or maybe he/she is lack of inpormation…it is CHURCH OF CHRIST or IGLESIA NI CRISTO in the PHILIPPINES NOT Church of God

  43. The Head of this Cult, excommunicated his own mother, imagine? His own mother! Siblings deprived of water and electric, their houses demolished. The proof that this is only hypocrisy and not approved by the Almighty, 9 died while doing what should have been good deeds?? I believe what the word of God says more than this false Church and false prophet–
    ” Whoever robs their father and drives out their mother
    is a child who brings shame and disgrace.” Proverbs 19:26.

  44. Kindly correct the misinformation in this article, which ERRONEOUSLY named Church of God as the culprit. A little research and investigation would help you get the name of the religious denomination that is responsible for the deaths and injuries of indigents there. The name of the religious group responsible is IGLESIA NI CRISTO or CHURCH OF CHRIST.

  45. Hello Lusaka Times! Your previous article indicated that the church was named Church of Christ. Here, it is Church of God. Please correct the news. I’ve read from another site that it is Church of Christ. Please be consistent with your facts.

    I would like to stress the fact that this Church of Christ that organized this food distribution, as well as medical missions in the Philippines, have also turned out bad. They’ve caused traffic in major roads. Their church is also in a complicated rout. If you wish to know more about the activities of this church and how they’ve caused inconvenience, just search for the keyword “Iglesia ni cristo.”

  46. The name of the church is “church of christ” NOT “Church of God.” The church of christ or “Iglesia ni cristo” is currently headed by Eduardo Manalo.

    Kindly correct what’s written in this article. Others may be misled. Thanks!

  47. Please make a correction. That is not suppose to be Church of God.This should be Church of Christ. Please always double check your info before writing and posting such. Thanks.


    This article was mistakenly named the real name of this religion on the first paragraph and on the third paragraph. It was written there Church of God which is wrong, but they got perfectly correct at the 6th paragraph written as “Church of Christ” known as “Iglesia ni Kristo” in the Philippines.

  49. Check your Facts, It’s NOT Church of GOD, it’s CHURCH OF CHRIST or IGLESIA NI CRISTO from the Philippines.

  50. Correction please.. Its not Church of God… Please correct your write-up, that must be Church of Christ headed by Manalo.. They are the one who organized the event there in Zambia…

  51. Dear Admin,

    Please know that Church of God is different from Church of Christ. We are just concerned that this news might lead into misinformation. Kindly check your resources before posting your article specialy on the web. Millions might see your news and be confused.

    Please amend your report and conduct thourough research about Churches. Thanks!

  52. Kindly correct the report written, it is not Church of God.. it should be Church of Christ.. Please do thorough research before posting something or making a report.. this can mislead people..

    this report should be corrected..

  53. IGLESIA NI CRISTO or CHURCH OF CHRIST headed by Manalo is the name of Church and not Church of God!

  54. Admin,

    Please amend your report. Church of God is different from Chuch of Christ. It might lead into misinformation.


  55. It is not CHURCH OF GOD, the cult’s name is CHURCH OF CHRIST (Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines) is currently headed by Eduardo Manalo.

  56. Correction.. it’s not Church of God.. it’s Church of Christ (Manalo’s Church) the one who organized the event there in Zambia.. Please double check it first.. Thanks!

    I was offended, as member of the Church of God.

    Know that they are called “Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo” or “Church of Christ of Manalo” and not the Church of God

    The Church of God is not the “church of christ of Manalo”

    is that clear admin?


  58. its not CHURCH of GOD,,,it’s Church of Christ(Iglesia ni Cristo 1914 in the Philippines)according to thier doctrines Jesus Christ is only Man not GOD.

  59. its not CHURCH of GOD,,,it’s Church of Christ(Iglesia ni Cristo 1914 in the Philippines)according to thier doctrines Jesus Christ is only Man and not GOD.

  60. Hello Lusaka News,pls make corrections on your article. It is necessary that factual infos should be delivered as this will be read by people throughout the world. Its chuch of christ (leaded by MR.Manalo in the phils) not Church of God.
    Thank you

  61. Good day lusakatimes.com,

    The name of the CHURCH you mentioned is not the CHURCH OF GOD, instead, it is the CHURCH OF CHRIST. Please, we would appreciate to correct this bit of error in your news. Thanks be to God.

  62. Please correct your article it’s church of CHRIST (Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines headed by the Manalo’s) not church of GOD.

  63. Good day, I am a member of Church of God. I would like to appeal to please clarify that the Church of Christ is the one being mentioned in the begenning of your article. It is an insult that our Church be mention for their unfortunate event, as if the Church of God is the one being suspended.

    We are totally different from the Church of Christ. We are not of them.

  64. it is Church of Christ and not Church of God…please check your detailed information up there because it is not fair that it is not reliable.

  65. Church of christ called in the Philippines iglesia ni cristo which is the founder is felix manalo and today the leader is eduardo manalo not Church of God that is wrong information

  66. Hello there,

    Nice article. But as others have pointed out, for the sake of fairness and accuracy, the name of the church you are reporting is Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ.

    Thank you

  67. Please rectify this article in naming the religious organization that did this works that caused stampede . It’s not the “Church of God ” but it’s the “Church of Christ of Manalo ” base in the Philippines.

  68. The name of this cult is Church of Christ or Iglesia ni Cristo and not Church of God. Please correct article.

  69. Dear Author,

    I would like to thank you for this good article, though it needs some correction on the first and third paragraph, as part of fair and accurate journalism practice.

    Please be informed that the right name of the church you’re reporting is Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo, of Manalo), as indicated on the sixth paragraph.

    We hope to see the correction, soon.

    Thank you,
    Tech Khnivex

  70. As a writer you have a responsibility to make sure that the information you are telling people is accurate and true. It would be better if you edit your article and try to tell your readers the truth. The church responsible for this accident is the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo in Filipino language) and not the Church of God.

  71. Please try to be sure of the name of the Church you mentioned. It’s Church of Christ a Philippine based church not Church of God!

  72. Correction pls the name church of God,is not the same as church of Christ or iglesia ni Cristi in Tagalog,,pls review your news article,,,,,

  73. A correction on your report, the church involved in this incident is the CHURCH OF CHRIST not the Church of God.

  74. We don’t know if you intentionally wrote Church of God in this article. The church involved in the incident is Church of Christ and not Church of God. Please review this article and never try to twist the truth. The Church of God has nothing to do with the incident.

  75. This is not Church Of God, it’s Church of Christ of Eduardo V. Manalo.
    If you can, and I know it’s possible, please have this article corrected.

  76. Comment: It is the CHURCH OF CHRIST and not CHURCH OF GOD.
    Please correct this article. People might be mislead and blame the members of the latter.

  77. FIRST: Please separate the name Church of God to Church of Christ. the name Church of God is official, and named 8 times in the english bible. We are not better than the Father that named his Church. So please be careful on your report. 2ND: The Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ in english, headed by Eduardo Manalo, has a history in the Philippines (my dear country!) of making events which disrupts the main thoroughfares causing traffic jams in Metro Manila. They would close roads whenever they have marathons, medical missions, rallies, etc, while they have their own Venues (the Philippine Arena, and Central Compound) which I believed that if events would be placed there, It will not displease people. But they chose to do their events in the crowded streets and places, WHY? Because…

  78. they would take pictures of a BIG CROWD EFFECT, to show that they are many in numbers, so that the voting public and the corrupt Philippine officials would believed that they are MILLIONS, so that they can place their own officials inside the Phil government. That is a “BULOK” (rotten) style as we call in our country. So why did they chose to organized free food giving in Zambia for a big crowd of 35,000 people? Now you know why!!! By the way, just so you know, the Head of this Cult, Eduardo Manalo, excommunicates his own MOTHER, and deprived his own family of basic Human Rights.. and then make good works somewhere else like Africa?? Tsk tsk, that is Hypocricy at its best! Remember the words of God in the Bible- “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his…

  79. household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1 Tim. 5:8. AND “Whoever robs their father and drives out their mother is a child who brings shame and disgrace” Proverbs 19:26.
    3RD: your Govt is correct to suspend this Church. No proper documentation, No Planning-Anticiaption, No consideration to your fellow counrtymen. I’am a missionary in West Africa, and our Church – MEMBERS CHURCH OF GOD INTL. have been operating in Africa for almost 10 years, with public services as well but we do not do this kind of carelessness to African People. We know the saying “THIS IS AFRICA!” and we respect that. One of our Primary doctrine is not to discrimnate because God values people, specially Africans. Unfortunately you have seen the Hipocrisy of this Philippine Founded Church, I…

  80. am a Filipino. But it does not stop us from saying that, be careful of this false Church INC- Iglesia ni Cristo- they are known to be powerfully notorious in our Country, dont be fooled!! LASTLY: our deepest condolence to the families affected by this this tragedy. God Bless all of us!

  81. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT ! the church involved was the ” THE CHURCH OF CHRIST ” and not “THE CHURCH OF GOD” those are two DIFFERENT churches. Kindly rectify! thanks.

  82. correction please not church of God..it is church of christ or Iglesia ni cristo ni manalo..kindly check your article thank you

  83. correction please not church of God..
    it is church of christ or Iglesia ni cristo ni manalo..
    kindly check your article thank you

  84. i think its not the Church of God that you mention in the article,it is Church of Christ of Felix Manalo in the Philippines.please make a correctiin so it would not be confusing to the reader thank you..

  85. It should be church of christ of manalo which headquarters locate here in the Philippines, and not church of God they are so much different from one another . Please rectify it as soon as possible to avoid mislead people further

  86. The information is misleading, that Church is named as Church of Christ or Iglesia ni Cristo and it is not the Church of God ..

  87. Your reporting will be mark as “not reliable”. You should correct the wrong information swiftly. It is Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo in Philippines) and NOT Church of God.

  88. I agree with the comments above that the author of this article to correct the name of the culprit…it is not ‘Church of God’ but the organization “Church of Christ’ from the Philippines who cost the lives of poor Zambian of their act of hypocrisy spreading in the African continent.

  89. 🙂
    This is not Church Of God, it’s Church of Christ of Eduardo V. Manalo.
    If you can, and I know it’s possible, please have this article corrected….

  90. This is not Church Of God, it’s Church of Christ of Eduardo V. Manalo.
    If you can, and I know it’s possible, please have this article corrected.
    This is not Church Of God, it’s Church of Christ of Eduardo V. Manalo.
    If you can, and I know it’s possible, please have this article corrected.
    from…. q.c.

  91. Correction please! It is not CHURCH OF GOD, it is church of christ that caused the stampede, using free food as their way to attract poor people to gather in their so-called event.



  94. the name of the group that conducted that activity under the mask of free food distribution is church of christ (iglesia ni cristo) which originated from the Philippines.. NOT CHURCH OF GOD.
    Please do the necessary correction.
    Don’t be an instrument of misinformation. I hope you people in the news agency were not bribed by the CHURCH OF CHRIST (IGLESIA NI CRISTO) TO INTENTIONALLY (write your report to) dishonor the CHURCH OF GOD.

  95. It is not CHURCH OF GOD its CHURCH OF CRIST or Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo here in the Philipines. Pls correct your article!

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