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MMD wrangles mushroom as members call for Mutati’s exit as president

Headlines MMD wrangles mushroom as members call for Mutati's exit as...

Wrangles in the former ruling party the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) have taken a new twist as a new faction propagating for a new President of the party away from the two faction leaders.

The faction which is led by outspoken former PF Matero law maker Faustina Sinyangwe wants a new President to take over from Felix Mutati whom they are saying has gone to the PF.

Ms Sinyangwe who claims to be the MMD National Chairperson has contacted a number of provincial committee chairpersons and senior members from the two factions to call for an extra-ordinary convention to choose a new President of the Party because the MMD Constitution doesn’t allow for the President of the party to serve in a different Government.

The call comes in the wake of serious calls by provincial officials on the Copperbelt to remove Felix Mutati from presidency citing the fact that he has sold the party to the PF.

Ms Sinyangwe said the MMD  president Mutai has defied the party constitution by accepting a position in the Patriotic Front government, hence as “Chairperson” she will announce his replacement who will be acting or else hold an extraordinary convention to fill up the vacancy.

This means another Secretariat will be opened as the official MMD Secretariat making the total number of MMD Secretariats three with one in midway belonging to embattled president Dr Nevers Mumba.

The former ruling MMD since losing power in 2011 through it’s President Rupiah Banda has not seen the light of day without tensions, divisions, and massive infighting because of the large membership it commands across the country.

It has become a target of many opportunistic politicians who wish to revive their political careers because of the MMD’s existent strong party structures throughout the country.

The late PF president Michael Sata contested to deregister the MMD shortly after winning the general elections because of fears that it may bounce back to power owing  to its strong structures.


  1. Total confusion. Why can’t the three factions sit and resolve their differences. Mumba’s time is up and they are planning a convention. Mutate doesn’t have the ability to hold that party together, so sit and talk.

    • It is not easy to manage a political party in Zambia, UPND senior leadership i salute.

      I can’t wait to see chagwa run pf as a opposition party. I want to see his managerial skills without state machinery helping him.

    • Only a useful i.d.i.o.t can call the RB/ECL sponsored ‘ convention as legal.Nothing that is built on deceipt,immorality,corruption etc.can stand.Just wait for the Courts to conclude the illegal convention issue.Many will be left in limbo.The likes of naive traitor Nakachinda.

    • @Bo Sipopa.I agree with you.Only useful ……..can indeed support that bogus ‘convention’.I can not be surprised of these happenings now in the so-called Mutati fuction.It was expected.Lies or wrong things don’t last

    • Now this Mutati/Rupiah faction,they are behaving like headless chickens.Who appointed/elected Faustina Sinyangwe as MMD Chairperson?.This is indeed political circus.Wina azalila

  2. Nerves Mumba did advise you people and see how you treated him…..I do give credit to Mutati its unfortunate that national duties has affected the running of the party as a head…but the country does need him…his doing great work for mother Zambia…..consolidate by uniting all factions within the party and let Mumba lead for now until MMD re-organizes itself

  3. Agony is when your president is serving another president. the president your president is serving becomes your boss too.

  4. This is beautiful. You will never see this anywhere else except in a democracy. Its funny as hell but it highlights the extent of freedom people have in a democracy.

  5. Just wondering why it has taken all this time to know that Mutati is actually PF!!! Did it make sense for an opposition MMD (Mutati) serve in the government he’s opposing???? Does that make any sense to you out there??

  6. Nemwe do not compare UPND a family thing to national parties like PF and MMD. UPND and UNIP are family parties

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