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PF is mourning; it will not respond to HH’s accusation over the stampede-Mwila

Headlines PF is mourning; it will not respond to HH's accusation...

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
The Patriotic Front (PF) has expressed sadness at the death of 8 people in Monday’s stampede at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka.

In a media briefing held today in Lusaka, the PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila said that the Party respects and values human life and wants a thorough investigation into the matter to establish what happened. The PF Secretary General thanked Government for offering assistance to the injured and bereaved families.

Mr. Mwila further said the Party was aware of the statement by United Party for National Development leader, Hakainde Hichilema where he has blamed the PF Government for the stampede.

Mr Mwila stressed that the PF will not stop mourning and start responding to Mr. Hichilema’s allegations.

Yesterday , a stampede over free food has left 8 people dead in Lusaka. The stampede was caused after hundreds of Lusaka residents trooped to the Olympic Youth Development Center (OYDC) where a US based faith organisation Church of Christ was due to start giving free food.

Chief Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga said details of the OYDC incident were that the Church of Christ which was holding a revival meeting at the OYDC informed the public to converge to receive food hampers for free.

Ms Mulenga said the hampers contained 10 Kg bags of mealie meal and small packets of beans.

She said the announcement prompted the masses to throng the OYDC making the place full to capacity as early as 06:30 Hours and that those who were outside were attempting to enter by force.

“It is at this point that a stampede ensued claiming eight people,comprising five women and two men and a child. Seven of them died on the spot while one passed away at Matero Hospital,” Ms. Mulenga said.

She confirmed that the accident also left 28 casualties who have been admitted to Chipata Compound Hospital, Ngwerere Clinic and United Teaching Hospital.


    • Mwila, HH spoke what the Zambian people are thinking- he is right as well.

      You claim PF is mourning, how about Zambians are mourning.

      Why do they have to respond every time HH says something? Are Mwila and Chanda employed to do so?



    • What’s a stampede?
      That aside we all know that OVAL HEAD always rejoices when there are deaths involved. That’s when he wants to be heard. When positive things are happening he is always mute. Reduced Loadshedding, exchange rate and drastic drop in inflation rate put this OVAL HEAD on silence only to resurrect after deaths are involved.

    • My heart bleeds for the families whose beloved relatives needlessly died in a stampede initiated by uncultured Lungu and his PF cadres. As genuine Zambians we mourn with you.

      Typical of PF. When caught with their pants down, they always find lame excuses.

      This food humper donations was initiated by Lungu via religious ministry to cement his claim for being born again after the Israeli trip. Lungu was scheduled to address the people later in the day after prayers to energise his christians for Lungu bishops and church leaders some of whom belong to the church of God.

      Because Lungu and his PF forced themselves in power and are stealing from the Zambian poor, God punishing them by scattering any thing they do.

      Lungu should take this as a strong warning, and do the right thing…

    • I warn Lungu to stop living a lie and do the right thing now before God punishes him and his family directly by switching off his life.

      Lungu should repent and step down if truly he is a christian. Leaders who mock God never live long, not my words but the bibles says so.

    • Suppose it was the UPND who went to give out free food there at OYDC and the same tragedy happened! Who could have been blamed? The same PF, not so? from @The Truth

      No wonder someone said you would still blame Edgar Lungu and the PF it if happened that your semi god Hyena Hyena was to be president (but of course not in this life time!)

      We have many hypocrites on this site and I know all of you are still bitter from the loss inflicted in August 2016 elections! Keep on mourning while I drink my beer you dung beetles!

    • @ 1.5 copy and paste.

      UPND would be giving jobs not free food.
      Teach a man to fish, don’t give him fish.

    • Always best not to respond to a Dunderhead so wise move Ba Mwila. This is why some of use have chosen not to respond to United Dunderheads such as chiyaya, bucketbrainshalungu, mental wanzelu, wanka like lilo, deride and f00l and the rest of these United Dunderhead hateful blood thirsty animals.

    • Mwila looks like a well fed cow. PF has brought untold sufferings to the people. While the drunk jets around to countries that treats him like a little boy (30 minutes), he keeps naming districts . Mwila is his little poodle dog. People died because they were hungry. What part of that escapes his alcohol addled brain?

    • It simply means “never argue with a fool because people may not know the difference” Mwila knows that HH is simply making a fool of himself and he (Mwila) will not sink low to the level of low thinking HH. It is really foolishness to accuse government of anything. Next time HH will be accusing government for making his hs+i+t to smelly.

    • PF is mourning the 8 deaths of the people who had gone to receive free food! I have reason to believe that the multitude that gathered at the OYDC were mostly supporters from opposition parties as PF takes care of theirs who don’t feel the biting economy to go queue for free food hampers and are still in the ‘Dununa Reverse’ dance mode! For Mwila to insinuate PF is mourning it’s ironic!

  1. pf party ares starving their cadres.the only thing pf cadres can afford to buy is junta beer.no money in their pockets…

    • You giving us empty talk here, what are you trying to say? Who cheated you that all PF members are poor? I have more money than you. I would have had more if HH had not stolen from me during privatisation>

  2. It is a national disaster. In a civilized all these f0ols would be compelled to step down. Yes they will not reply to HH’s concerns because they are overwhelmed by their own s.tupity. How do you allow a situation where your own children die of hunger in your own home and you call yourself a leader. PF f0ols indeed.

    • HH should have been the first one to resign for sponsoring the victimisation of Zambian who are non-Tonga in Namwala and other parts of Southern Province. The sadist did not even apologise nor offer to help those affected. You want to tell us that he is now changed? He is still the masonist we know. He may even be involved in the sacrifice rituals in this tragedy

      PF is showing leadership by stepping up and handling the situation in the most dignified manner possible. The problem with HH and most UPND supporters is that they lack proper upbringing in normal human society. They are more at ease when dealing with animals. In the normal human world they seem lost of how to properly behave. They are the only odd one out in tribes of Zambia in terms of behaviour.

    • @ Asigai

      For you the “normal society” is the one where head of government and his seven ministers go on “Christian” pilgrimage to Holly Land using Tax-payers money whilst Citizens of that country are forced to beg for small parcel of free food to avoid starvation?

      As to “dignified manner”, please reserve that “dignity” for the millions which live below starvation line. I am sure that they will appreciate yours “dignified plundering” or “dignified non-existing jobs” or “dignified incompetence”……….

      What a “dignified” hypocrite you are. You almost qualify for the “real dignified job” within Plunderers Federation.

      By the way, did the “dignified thieves” paid back tax-payers moneys as directed by Court?

  3. When you dont have answers you act like youre cultured. Did they obtain a permit? Who gave them keys to the OYDC without permit?

  4. If pf values life wouldn’t have mini refugee camps for dishing free food in a Christian nation, that has been at war and has been independent for fifty-two years.

    Your Christianity is fake ba pf, that’s why God is exposing you. Palasti mukashalafye nama bombasa.

    • Who told you that only UPND members are true Christians. How can this be when your leaders HH is a Masonist. The devils advocates like yourselves will always want to fight the disciples of Christ. Christianity is a true religion, attempts by other ungodly people to fight it always fail and the Name of Jesus still shows many that He is truly God!! Fight the name of Jesus at your own peril. You can never win fighting against God or abusing His Name. So mind your language.

  5. Look at this Chimpanzee called Davis Mwila! PF is not mourning and has no solution to the hunger problem in Zambia! Yes, the blame is on this mindless PF Govt headed by the Drunkard. PF can waste money going all the way to Israel for a 35 minute visit to learn how to grow vegetables instead of feeding its starving people!!
    PF should not have stolen the election from people who had a genuine plan to end the suffering of Zambians!

    • HH sold the mines and pocketed the money. many people died due to depression when HH did this. He even brags that when other died and suffered terribly, he came out smiling. PF has nothing to do with the deaths. UPND and HH and something to do with the people who died, were made homeless, property destroyed, chased out of Southern province, etc, simple because they were not Tonga. We have not forgotten. Do not try to think you are saints. You sadists of the worst kind. You never even apologised. Not even your chiefs. We have not forgotten.

      No we have not forgotten how HH and UPND turned non Tongas in southern province into refugees. HH and UPND never apologised nor sensor their cadres. We have not forgotten!!!!! Tell HH we have not forgotten!!!!

    • Kikiki, typical indoshi /mfwiti style, you kill then you go and mourn, and help out in all burial arrangements.

  6. Statements & counter-statements won’t repair the embarrassment of our country by BBC, CNN, AL-Jazeera, Reuters, VOA, DW etc.

    The BEST RESPONSE PF-regime & Mwila can provide is food for the people, 500,000 real jobs (not street-vending). The people are hungry. They can’t eat roads.

    Any rhetoric response is just poppy-cock & won’t comfort the victims, survivors or those going through hardship caused by PF failed policies.

    • ‘…Our country…’. You have impressed me, you really do care. Never again should I hear you talk about banana republic or failed state like the other pillocks. Welcome aboard, PATRIOT MALOZA…

  7. Statements & counter-statements won’t repair the embarrassment of our country by BBC, CNN, AL-Jazeera, Reuters, VOA, DW etc.

    The BEST RESPONSE PF-regime & Mwila can provide is food for the people, 500,000 real jobs (not street-vending). The people are hungry. They can’t eat roads.

    Any rhetoric response is just P0PPY-C0CK & won’t comfort the victims, survivors or those going through hardship caused by PF failed policies.

  8. PF should admit that it is tough to run a country and Mwila should confess the same about running a party. You discover even the walls have ears. When putting out a fire in one area, several others have sprung up elsewhere so you are constantly on your defence, which is difficult when you want to micro manage from State House.

  9. Who uttered these infamous words in kabwe at hindu hall “teku church tuli kuno aya ma politics”

    Church for pf is just for getting votes from, nothing else.

    If you know the answer and have a video, Holla @ me.

  10. This is the thug that advised PF kaponyas and youth to take over public places from councils and to steal plots.

    Those are the jobs they think they are providing to the loafing masses.

    Just provide real jobs. You theives.

  11. PF cadres are now saying dununa regret. Good for them because they were blinded by bribes which has not lasted them long. Ba Mwila which mourning? You are ashamed,your party is cursed full of inconsiderate people.

  12. Embarrassing to our country. Have we reached this level honestly. Are things these bad? Are we in a war zone start to getting free food. This is no sense.

  13. I think those who are defending pf government are more dull than unvisionary lungu,amos chanda and mwila among the worst idol and careless leaders including undecided RB we have ever seen in the history of zambia. that stampede was caracterised by the same careless government. imagine if there was reasonable mealie meal prices in the country, can we loose our beloved ones for a 10kg of ubunga and beans?

  14. For 35,000 people to get up at 1 am to go queue for a packet of food, it means the hunger situation has reached desperate proportions. What has happened to days of bumper harvests, low meali meal prices, vast foreign reserves? Suddenly the situation has changed in the blink of the eye soon as the thugs took charge. Now people are scrambling and dying to get hold of some bread crumbs. Very shameful. Ati PF is mourning! After creating an environment where death from hunger is going to be unavoidable how the hell is he going to avoid mourning (shedding crocodile tears)

  15. To me it seems like most PF kaponyas have had licences to grow weed for a long time now and have been harvesting….

    How can normal people not see the connection between massive unemployment , hunger and the reckless borrowing , corruption and mismanagement of our finances and economy by PF ???

  16. By saying that PF will not respond to HH Davis Chimpazi has already responded, Davis Chimpazi has no answer to what HH said so the only way to avoid the question is to say he will not be able to respond. It looks like HH gives Chimpazi hard time because he is always ahead of him.

  17. What is this lawless lunatic saying? Mourning for who? He is as shameless as oval head, trying to earn political mileage out of a tragedy. F.o.o.l.s!!

  18. What we are witnessing is misplacement of priorities. the people gathered were not starving at all. Tabafwele ifigamba, some were already drank at 04:00 meaning they had money to buy beer but not food. They had filled the stadium the day before. What starvation are you talking about?

    • So you don’t see the connection between 35, 000 people going to look for free food at 3 am and the massive unemployment ?

      Kwena sometimes being a PF suppoter is nice. You don’t connect mismanagement and the state of the nation. It’s all sontapo.

    • But zoona ulichikopo. What is happening in PF, too much junta and smoking weed. Their s.tupidty has reached alarming levels where they fail to differentiate starving masses and drunks.

  19. ati we are mourning! does this son of a beech realise that pf government remains answerable to the zambian people? HH is only a small part of the zambian population! Zambians needs answers as to what is going on in this country. we have never experienced deaths caused by such sad situations of hunger. You guys have failed and in any sane country the government would have been dissolved. Please do not take us for mugs


    • You are a retarded monkey. Even where people are dying because of useless leadership you still see it fit to disrespect the dead by supporting useless failures. People have lost loved ones. Just because you age your ugly family are enjoying benefits of pf at expense of majority of Zambians does not make you immortal. You will die a very painful death compared to those poor souls. You have cursed your family you silly bigot

    • I thought to be a “monkey” was enough, but a “retarded monkey”? That blew me off.
      Enjoy the debate.

    • Ba chisenga na imwe stop being naive we all know what happned to the votes. In case you have no idea, why are people who helped this drunk to go back to state house running away from ECZ. Or are you so dull you don’t read. Your hatrade for HH will choke you i.mbecile.

  21. Chisenga, your man stole the elections right in front of a huge delegation of international observers which mostly comprised of white people, as a result you can see that no one trusts us that much. You too can attest that borrowing has suddenly come to a stop, even IMF is reluctant to borrow you money, they come up with these tough conditions because they know they are working with a crook. Stealing the elections comes with bad karma, just after the elections everything went sour for the people of Zambia.

    • China, do you live on planet Mars? The same international observers certified that the elections were free and fair. It is not a must that we should get loans from IMF and WB. It is even better to do away with them. Zambia is on the right track. It is only your HH is cheating and brain washing you that he won the elections. How can he be president by winning in only 3 provinces? He is the most unpopular candidate nationally. The majority of provinces rejected him and you want to force on the 7 provinces? It cannot work. The karma is on you, HH and UPND for what you did to non-Tongas whom you turned into refugees in Kalomo and other districts of Southern Province. Now you want HH to be accepted to their people he victimised and chased from his provinces? You think the 7 provinces are…

  22. True people have died in a stampede whilst trying to obtain free food! Okay is this the same as people died because they were hungry? An invitation was made by this church to people to collect free food. Let us all be honest here: everyone would be happy to collect free food. Secondly I smell a very rotten rat here. The church invited 35 000 but said entry is free. Now that’s a serious oversight. OYDC is massive and if you say free entry you are attracting chaos. Granted the government needs to provide job opportunities so as to reduce poverty levels. However inviting everyone to a free lunch is a recipe for disaster every where in the world. It’s unfortunate death is recorded and our international media enjoys such reports. It’s a wake up call to PF to get their act in order. There is…

  23. There is too many trips of late. These guys need to seat around the country and work towards reduction of poverty. PF should not leave room to evil schemes but be seen to be provided workable solution towards employment creation and poverty reduction strategies. These events in my opinion are somehow sponsored and a source of joy for wicked people. I pray the government will investigate in detail

  24. Does hh know that the next elections are many moons away in 2021 and only five months have passed since last ballot? Is he going to give us this dose of gibberish for those many months? I mean talking gibberish with no results expected.

  25. By the way has hh read the article by HRH Chitimukulu? He wanted to issue a statement condemning this “bemba monkeys chief” but quickly realised that GBM is still his running mate. So instead he had find something to say about the stampede, some donkey gibberish, typical of UPNDonkeys.

    • @ Terrible PF mule

      Reading article is easy. Understanding?
      Well, that is something you will never accomplish.
      Newer mind, sooner or later they will find cure for genetically induced 1mbecility which may benefit your descendants.

  26. Hypocrite Mwila, PF is cerebrating at the death of innocent Zambians. PF is aware there is hunger and suffering in Zambia and sell maize to Malawi corruptly, the unemployed youths have been left dry and Lungu is busy touring the whole world as if every thing in the country is functioning well while majority Zambians are suffering. Cause of the stampede was lack of food in the nation. To boast of enough maize meal in Zambia is really insulting Zambians. With this in mind PF is cerebrating at the death of Zambians ‘Sontha apo wapaile bakayele’.

  27. Disgraced hyena will use any unfortunate circumstance to blame his opponent. This has nothing to do with Lungu. Until this man shows some form of maturity he will remain in opposition to the grave.

  28. Davies Mwila what a douche, get the messsge and tell your boss not to mock the living God!And while at it, itemise anything tangible and worthy since you dim wits came into power. Scandal after scandal. Enough of this Lungu rubbish at the expense of the poor majority. Having you Mwila as Minister of something is difficult enough to comprehend. Sh.t up!

  29. Though the instruction is do not judge, it is very difficult not to judge this man. The man is dull, the only consolation is that it is not an offence to be dull

  30. people of zambia lets not put the blem on PF, instead lets blem ourselves,during campain we all saw that PF has been swallowed by crooks from MMD but we went ahead and gave them a vote now this is what we voted for. ihope in 2021 we will not make the same mistake twacula ku mbushi ishi.

  31. Do not blame to anybody, instead to the church administration or leaders who initiated the event of giving food as bribe by attending the allege evangelization of church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo). This is one of the gimmick of the church administration to attract people to attend the event.

  32. Do not blame to anybody, instead to the church administration or leaders who initiated the event of giving food as bribe by attending the allege evangelization of church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo). This is one of the gimmick of the church administration to attract people to attend the event.

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