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Stop using mosquito nets to catch fish, warns an Environmental officer

Health Stop using mosquito nets to catch fish, warns an Environmental officer

SENIOR Environmental Health Officer (SEHO)
at Lunga District Medical Office has warned of stern  action against any
person  who will be found using Government donated mosquito
nets to catch fish.

Mr Nchimunya Haninga said any one who would be found using insect
treated mosquito nets for fishing would face the wrath of the law.

He said in an interview that health authorities in the
district were aware that some people were using the insect treated
mosquito nets to donated to them by Government for fishing.

“I wish to issue a friendly warning that any persons who will be found
using Government donated  mosquito nets will be arrested and taken to
court for possible verdict,” Mr Haninga said.

Mr Haninga said Government was spending huge sums of money to procure
mosquito nets so the recipients should endevour to use them for the
intended purposes than using them for fishing.

“Our people should be aware that Government wants to mitigate the
impact of mosquitoes and subsequently reduce malaria incidences in all
communities of Lunga. Therefore they should not take these donations for
granted,” he said.

And Mr Haninga disclosed that Lunga district has so far received 1,500
mosquito nets to be distributed among pregnant mothers and under five

He said the district was again due to receive a consignment of about
30 000 insectcide treated mosquito nets to be distributed to other
people in that swampy district as a way of mitigating malaria

“For now we have received 1 500 insectcide treated mosquito nets in
Lunga to be distributed to pregnant mothers and those under five
children to be distributed through our four health centres.

“We are yet to receive about 30 000 mosquito nets which will cater for
ordinary people through out the district,” he said.


    • That Haninga, being Tonga, better take it slow approaching those Abaunga people, speak through chief Nsamba, not LT. They are probably the 2nd fiercest tribe in Zambia. I don’t know the first. People from Lunga can even bewitch a white man. David Livingston balimulowa. Ask Catholic priests, if they wanted to prove power of Satan, Lunga was destination.

    • Don’t forget that it is under the self imposed PF bandits at which point,people can’t afford to buy fishnets. Its too expensive~hence people have resorted to desperately use free mosquito nets to catch fish.
      Meanwhile the district is yet to receive more than 30,000 mosquito nets which will be used to catch fish under the PF bandits failed regime.
      How much is a fishing net, an egg & mealie meal today?
      Where are those 500,000 jobs visionless Lungu pledged to the people?
      When is load shedding tears ending?
      Is the economy booming or plummeted?

      Those using mosquito nets to catch fish should be educated at the importance of resource conservation. By giving them 30,000 more mosquito nets to fish instead of utilising their initial purpose of shield against mosquitoes, won’t help, only…

    • ….education can help to curb this impropriety of using mosquito nets to catch fish.
      The Skeleton Key

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