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NUMSA’s attacks on Zambia are absurd-Emmanuel Mwamba

General News NUMSA's attacks on Zambia are absurd-Emmanuel Mwamba

Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has written to the National Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) to respond to the union’s regular media attacks of the Zambian government over media freedoms in Zambia.

NUMSA through its General Secretary Mr. Irvin Jim has issued a series of statements attacking the Zambian government over what it says is the shrinking democratic space in Zambia.

But Mr Mwamba said it is absurd to read NUMSA’s statements threatening a boycott of Zambian goods and threatening to stage picketing at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria.

He said NUMSA’s pledge to raise a campaign against trade between Zambia and South Africa because of the closure of the Post Newspaper that has wilfully failed to pay tax its obligations or broken the country’s laws is also absurd.

Below is Mr Mwamba’s protest letter to NUMSA

Tuesday, 7th March 2017

Mr. Irvin Jim,
General Secretary
National Metalworkers of South Africa(NUMSA)
NUMSA Head Office


We have noted with increasing alarm at your press statements issued exclusively to the Zambian media related to The Post Newspaper & The Mast, both newspaper publications in Zambia.

Although these statements do not appear on your official communications such as your website and other outlets, and might not support the official position of NUMSA, we are however compelled to respond because they purport to represent a view of the Union and because of the extent of your misdirection on the matters.

We have taken it upon ourselves to brief you.

The Post Newspapers

This publication was founded as an independent weekly newspaper in 1990 by Michael Hall, John Mukela and Masautso Phiri. Mr. Fred Mmembe joined as accountant and was later rose as Editor and was reported as one of the shareholders.

The publication later became a daily and also published a sister paper, The Sunday Post.

In 2009, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) issued a distress warrant to recover K53billion($5million) in tax arreas, obligation and penalties.

The paper disputed the debt and took the matter to the Courts of Law. The matter went up-to the Supreme Court.

In June 2016, almost seven years after the matter commenced, the Supreme Court of Zambia ruled in favour of the Zambia Revenue Authority(ZRA) and directed that the taxes owed be recovered for the benefit of the country and the assessment was accurate and it was incumbent upon ZRA to recover the debt as the process was done within the sanctity of the law.

The debt was now standing at K68m($6.1m).

The ZRA began a process to recover and recoup the taxes owed.

The Post was then closed to allow ZRA assess and audit properties and assets of the newspaper company, and its subsidiaries at Bwinjimfumu Road and light Industrial premises.

On 2nd November 2016, the newspaper was later placed under liquidation and the Lusaka High Court appointed a Provisional Liquidator, Messrs Lewis, Nathan & Company and Mr. Lewis Chisanga Mosho to recover monies owed and take into account financial interests of other creditors and debtors.

The debt to workers, commercial banks, statutory bodies and suppliers had now risen to over $21 million.


Shortly after The Post was closed, the spouse to Mr. Fred Mmembe, Mrs. Mutinta Bumba Mazoka Mmeembe and Mr. Frank Nchimunya Sibbuku opened The Mast under a company called, Oracle Media.

The Mast quickly found itself in conflict with the law suffering from strong allegations of infringing with the copyrights of The Post Newspapers in Liquidation. Oracle Media and The Mast were also being investigated for harbouring assets of The Post.


It is important to state that Zambia enjoys wide democratic media space and has numerous independent and private newspaper publications such as the Daily Nation, The Voice, New Vision and others.

The country also has over 10 private television stations and over 80 commercial and community radio stations.

It also has numerous independent blogs and online newspapers on social media.

Further Zambia has guaranteed media freedoms, and freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution.

The Rule of Law is so well developed and the Zambia Revenue Authority(ZRA) allowed  The Post to exhaust all legal avenues available to it before the law as this matter began in 2009.

Further the colossal amount due to ZRA and other entities now exceeding $21 million far outstrips the assets of The Post and this position reflects a clear case of poor management, failure of using best business practice and mal-administration of the newspaper, than a case of media oppression or suppression.

From the above stated facts, it is clear that the troubles that The Post and The Mast find themselves in cannot be a result of government interference or harassment and cannot therefore attract a justifiable media campaign against President Edgar Lungu or his government.

It is therefore absurd to read your statements threatening a boycott of Zambian goods, threatening to stage picketing at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria and pledging to raise a campaign against trade between Zambia and South Africa because of a company that has wilfully failed to pay tax its obligations or broken the country’s laws.

Historical, Political, Social, Cultural, Economic Relations between South Africa.

Zambia is one of South Africa’s biggest regional trading partners with an average annual volume of business amounting to $3.8 billion.

There are over 100 South African active companies based in Zambia, participating in all sectors of our economy.

South African Airways (SAA) undertakes over 35 flights a week between Zambia and South Africa.

This is before we count other carriers such as Proflight, Air Rwanda, Namibian Airways and private charter.

This also excludes the daily bus services between the two countries.

And in recent history, it’s important to remember that Zambia hosted the people of South Africa during the liberation struggle to free South Africa from its apartheid shackles of South Africa.

The African National Congress (ANC) had its headquarters in Lusaka and President Oliver Reginald Tambo was based in Lusaka.

Zambia has since declared Oliver Tambo’s former house as a national monument.

Further Zambia suffered collateral damage in lives and properties during the regular raids conducted by the apartheid South African Defense Forces then.

By the few facts stated above it is clear that the two states and its people enjoy warm and cordial relations born out of blood, sweat and love and that bond cannot be broken by support for a company closed due to its tax default or by careless and inflammatory media statements such as those attributed to you recently.

As a workers’ union, we expect to you to stand in solidarity with any government or agencies keen to collect due taxes and revenue to help foster national development, a government keen to uplift the welfare of workers and determined to combat poverty that afflict the majority of our people.

It is in this spirit that we invite you for a meeting to help resolve some of your perceived concerns regarding The Post Newspapers (now in liquidation) or your concerns regarding media freedoms in Zambia.

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa.

With Extra Accreditation to Lesotho and Madagascar.



  1. Emmanuel Mwamba should have added a paragraph to his letter saying, unfortunately out of the many companies that owe ZRA tax obligations, it is only the post which has been closed.

    • Can you mention which other companies owe ZRA tax obligations and how much they owe compared to what the Post owes?

    • Sounds absurd for Mwamba to take on NUMSA himself. When will Mwamba understand his job?
      What was that writing about ANC? Becareful Mwamba, any xenophobia bricks will be on your hands.
      This is why South Africa didn’t want Emmanuel as ambassador, he is a mess.

    • This is the problem you have when you appoint cadres to do govt jobs. Emmanuel should have been given a party position.

    • What Mwamba has done is correct and within the confines of his duty. In South Africa he represents all Government ministries from Zambia. In short the embassy is an extension of the Zambian Government in RSA.
      THIS NUMSA SECRETARY GENERAL IRVIN JIM IS VERY USELESS – The same Irvin Jim was the spokesperson for NUMSA when it was expelled from the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in November 2014.

    • It’s not the Post which swept the PF into power, it’s millions of PF supporters, most of whom don’t even read the Post.

    • Post took Zra to court and Lost the case big time. so naturally the next stage is…..to pay.

  2. Well written mwaichewandi, way to go. Let’s now wait and see what those Xenophobic lost souls will say. Indeed if at the time of apartheid and if the afflicted and affected were the Zambian Pipo, do you really think south Africa could have done what we did as a country to house and support them the way we did? I doubt it very much.

  3. For how long are we going to continue to refer to how we hosted south Africans during apartheid, how clothed, bathed them, fed them, we the so called Christian nation, i thought the Bible says what you right hand does, the left one should not know about it.

    We already have benefited a lot from from south Africa through trade.

  4. Mwamba just shut up,thats why SATA retired you in nantional interest,you think you are so intelligent.For now continue enjoying you bunch of hypocrites and corrupt elements.Time will come

  5. Though the instruction is do not judge, it is very difficult not to judge this man. The man is dull, the only consolation is that it is not an offence to be dull. Just because of a job he has to lie, how much does Times of Zambia and Daily Mail owe? The post issues has got completely nothing got to do with taxes, we all know please

    • Ka Godfrey…it’s u who is dull. So what did u expect after the Supreme Court ruling….at least Fred knows how a 1.000kgs of bricks falling on him feels like…..

  6. It has to take NUMSA to assist and try to help these violations of rights of the Post to exist. Our own unions are letting dishonesty people like Mwamba fo0l the world. There is even a lazy misguided blogger who wants to be spoon Fed of which other entities owe ZRA, come on, you research man. World over you don’t liquidate a company for lagging behind in paying taxes

  7. UPNDonkeys, they cannot see anything good in anything. That’s why you will forever stay in opposition, because you cannot read or intepret polotics or political moods. Meanwhile potential voters are watching and reading your gibberish and making adverse judgements on the UPNDonkey party and its leader. Come 2021, 2026, 2031 or even 2036 UPNDonkeys will be crying rigging and petition when the answer is simple – their amazing perpetual immaturity and downright ST.upidity!

  8. He should have also said he helped the illegal PF govt rig the last polls in Zambia and that he is a certified murderer having poisoned Chiluba. I mean, he was the last person to see Chiluba alive and brought him the nmtototo laced with Polonium 210.

  9. This Mwamba has been blinded because he is now eating well. The South Africans appreciate Zambia and that is why they’re concerned by what is happening in our country. GRZ under PF is also owing contractors and many institutions. The PF vuvuzela ZNBC (now sold for more Chinese shares), Times and Daily Mail owe too much money, why have you not treated them the same way? Leave the South Africans to speak for us since Zambian unions have become useless

  10. The post was a viable business which generated close to $500,000 per month.

    They were prepared to reach a payment method, but your lungu shut them down to keep the country in the dark as to his corruption.

    • Why not contribute and rescue your membe. The only solution is to pay…..no new agreements after losing a supreme Court case……

  11. You are an absurd failed government who have led to Zambians seeking asylum visa in South Africa. You yourself reported on this. South Africans are fed up of immigrants taking advantage of their resources. They now have every right to ensure chaps in government are doing right thing after all they are doing more for Zambians there than you will ever do

  12. Call people donkeys, insult as much as you can, closing the Post will never be a solution to a company which has delayed tax payments. We will not be primitive and insult back but we salute NUMSA for choosing to stand on the side of justice when such unions in Zambia are in very deep sleep

    • My dog called Edgar poppy lungu is more senior than that fat retard mwaamba

  13. Neither the party in government nor the opposition have the capacity to transform this country. You are just wasting time out doing each other on social media. We don’t have confidence in either of you, so stop wasting our time shaa. # bring back the white man

  14. Why do we keep such crooks on govt payroll pretending to be civil servants…now Lazy has sent some more journalists in foreign service to appease him with articles and books like that silly boy Anthony.

  15. @Facts -Bata was owing at one time and I dont know if it has been paid but was not closed and pursued like Post

  16. You started very well in your earlier statements, but you have lost it when you begin to slot in ANC history, Oliver Tambo’s residence in Lusaka. This shows lack of diplomacy. The message is for Irvin Jim and NUMSA, not any state organ or party structure of the government. You dont need to remind South Africans about their ties with Zambia. It is known, be it politically ( ANC freedom fighters), economically (the 100 companies), traditionally, (the Lozi-Sotho) origins and (the Ngoni/Nguni-Tswati links)- migration. All these are factors known to South Africans- Not even you. To show you that RSA knows Zambia very well, Mandela honoured King Lewanika, by naming his first son after him, Zuma honoured Lewanika by naming a high school after him, in Eastern Cape, which you and your people…

    • @”To show you that RSA knows Zambia very well”.

      Meanwhile they call you Makwerekwere.
      It seems you Lozis have such an inferiority complex, you only see relevance in your selves through South Africa. You want to be identified with South Africa. You are so embarrassing.
      It is not surprising that you never mention that you are originally Luyi from Congo DR.
      By the way the the Sikololo were very few in number.
      You should learn from Sothos, Swazis, Namibia and even Tswanas of Botswana,they are patriotic to their respective countries- they don’t reference South Africa to see relevance in themselves.
      Its only you Lozi of Western Province-Zambia who have such inferiority complex.
      By the way there is no Tribe called Lozi in South Africa- It will never happen.

    • Indeed, this Njoko Sitoto has a very pronounced inferiority complex. He seems to insinuate that having South African roots is better than Zambian roots! What a loser!

  17. Maybe now NUMSAare acknowledging their appreciation and want to show SOLIDARITY for their friends who need support. Friends in need are friends in deed (action)

  18. which you and your people failed to do, but chose lies, filled with propaganda and hatred. You remind the Irvin about the importance of collecting tax, but failing to counter the statement with a statement of humor for having placed many employees on the streets due to the closure. This shows that you are only interested in what you intend to achieve and not the negative impact the closure has had on the stuff and their respective families. As a high commissioner, you represent all instruments of power for the sate in RSA and the mere fact that you decided to communicate to a union stuff, shows a lack of diplomatic substance in you. Where are the political, economic and other attache’s in the embassy?? Disgrace

  19. Look who is talking. He fails to respect the civil service rules of non involvement in partisan politics. He is only tolerated by indisciplined bosses who used to swindle widows of their monies. he actively participated in rigging elections. ICC is waiting for you. Mwamba grow up indalama shikakubipa mu ndoti. Dont say i didnt warn you!

  20. Iron sharpens iron. We welcome this kind of politics in our region; southern region.

    NUMSA you are good neighbor and ally.

  21. Is this Mwamba too dull to realise that NUMSA is raising all these issues due to the brotherhood that South Africa has with Zambia. The same bond between SA and Zambia that he is highlighting is the reason NUMSA is raising these issues. No wonder Sata saw through this guy which the other guy is lamentably failing. But its also too shallow to say Oliver Tambo was resident in Zambia so Numsa should shut up. Thinking is free of charge, so why are people facing challenges to think

  22. Njoko Sitoto mwana Numwa Imakeni ye bopoloha, naku lekula mozuhela ni sikopo sahao inoosha! U yoyange wino wino.

  23. I do not remember when a Zambian union ,company or politician openly criticized a South African political party, SARS, an event , closure of a company ,newspaper.
    except Perhaps Xenophobia .

  24. Mwamba should actually be careful issuing such silly statements in South Africa. Actually, Pretoria has the right to declared this “table cut” chongololo a “persona non grata” and expel him from South Africa for verbalising stinking oral diarrhoea in full breach of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relation. I mean, for such renal and oral behaviour wholly incompatible with his diplomatic status, Zuma shouls send a troope of Xenophobic Zulu warriors armed with Assegais to Mwamba’s house to teach him one hell of a defecane lesson, the Kasai is too much of a nuisance.

  25. If NUMSA SECRETARY GENERAL IRVIN JIM is sympathetic enough he can just help the Post Newspaper open its offices in South Africa and start operating from there then we shall see if tax payment will NOT apply in that country.

  26. Mwamba. You were the key person in rigging both the 2015 and 2016 elections. Don’t you ever fool yourself that people don’t know. Your time will come. You think you are so clever when actually you are a fool.

  27. Mr. Fred Mmembe joined as accountant and was later rose as Editor and was reported as one of the shareholders.
    Extremely poor wording there

  28. sad indeed vengeance and hatred Ba Mwamba will not take u any where we all know the hatred that u have for meembe but u are forgeting that u are hating innocent souls God will surely come to rescue his people there is always time for everything God will surely punish u for all the misdeeds its not good Ba mwamba learn to for give and and be honest with all the happenings in our Country u have miserably failed to manage this Country with your pf for how long are u going to be Ba kandile Ba mwamba why can’t u stand firm and defend this Country shame on you

  29. Shut up Emmanuel Mwamba! You should be the last to speak! You sacrificed the life of FTJ so that you should be given a job! Devil! Satan! Imbecile!

  30. @Cyberbully,
    Kachi,kaler ubunangwa uleka ai! I’m a proud moRotse, in the same way you should be proud of your Katangese Pygmy roots. Ba Kasai imwe nobusakala bwenu mwalitumpa saana.

  31. @ Cyberbully, the real fool is yourself who is suffering from inferior complex. We are achievers and our history tells it all. Is honouring Lewanika and having Mandela recognizing the Lozi King equivalent to inferior complexity?? What did your grand father do politically that should elevate your relevance SADC?? They will never be Lozi in South Africa?? ***** loser. Among the African languages broadcast at Auckland Park studios in RSA, is your Language there?? Zero. Lozi is there. Chanel Africa and Namibia broadcasting services. The word Lozi is a sotho word for a person who lives in the plains and Sotho is a version of Lozi?? What is the version of your language?? Imbecile. A likwerrekwere or migrant bird is you with no historical connection to RSA. Go back to kasai

  32. @ Cyberbully. You monkeys are just thieves, that is why wherever, you go is just records of stealing. Ok. Njoko Sitoto should feel inferior in front of a serial thief in the name of Cyberbully. Is that equation better? You must learn to appreciate the achievement of other people. This Cyberbullyfool is typical of Zambian character of hypocrisy and thinking certain tribes are more relevant than others. Why should Lozi fail to associate wit South Africa, when their history clearly states so. Why do you want them to be from Congo like you?? Its you cyber fool who has issues here. Sitoto has just mentioned the truth and it pains you because you share the same hypocrisy. Shameless thieves. Baka bwalala.

  33. To begin with Emmanuel Mwamba is technically a PI in South Africa because of his fraudulent life caught at Olive Tambo airport with cash he could not account for, with late Chiluba. Mwamba was sentenced with a prohibited immigrant never to enter in South Africa. His appointment was rejected initially and it took fraudulent Lungu had to plead with Jacob Zuma. Mwamba is incapable to push his luck very far with NUMSA who can agitate for his replacement at a stroke of prompting the South African government. S.A. have freedom of expression Mwamba is the wrong person to attack S.A. over it. The post newspaper was known in RSA than any other news paper in Zambia.

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