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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Zambia is promoting lasting peace between warring nations-Kalaba

General News Zambia is promoting lasting peace between warring nations-Kalaba

President Lungu speaks with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba
President Lungu speaks with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba
PARLIAMENT heard yesterday that Zambia is promoting lasting peace between warring nations such as Israel and Palestine.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba said Zambia has taken a neutral position and wants to promote peace between countries that have differences.

He was responding to a question by Sesheke member of Parliament Frank Kufakwandi (UPND) who wanted to know how Zambia would relate with Palestine now that it has deepened its relations with Israel.

This was after Mr Kalaba gave a ministerial statement on President Lungu’s international trips and their benefits to Zambia and the world as a whole.

“We want to bridge the political divide between Israel and Palestine. We will find common ground because we want these two nations to be at peace with each other,” Mr Kalaba said.

Mr Kalaba said the world has become competitive and that there was need for Zambia to invest in international relations to reap benefits.

He said Zambia is, however, treading carefully pushing its own agenda on the international scene.

“Zambia is in the international arena for its own interests. We will ensure that we safeguard our interests as a nation as we forge these relations,” Mr Kalaba said.

He said President Lungu’s international trips have attracted huge investments in trade and development cooperation which will culminate into the creation of jobs for Zambians and improve their lives.

“Zambia will therefore continue to reach out to the international community in order to realise maximum benefits for the country towards sustainable development,” Mr Kalaba said.

President Lungu visited Israel from February 27 to March 3, 2017 at the invitation of Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the State of Israel.

Meanwhile, opposition Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) has urged President Lungu not to be distracted by his critics from using international trips to woo foreign investors to come and invest in various sectors of Zambia’s economy.

ZED spokesperson Wesley Miyanda said in an interview yesterday, the President’s foreign trips are aimed at cementing Zambia’s international relations and attract investments.

Mr Miyanda said foreign trips are also important in alleviating poverty among citizens through various international deals clinched during such visits across the globe.

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    • Zambians first !!!!
      The Israel-Palestine has been here for ages. Leave it on Trump. Zambian Government will do better to focus on Zambia, we have many problems as a country, which we need to fix.
      World politics is changing with Trump in power, this means countries are already preparing on new era strategies, and yet it seem our government is still sleeping and following the old world order.
      By the time we as a country come to the realization, we find ourselves at the tail of everything, as usual.

  1. – UPND women didn’t want to risk being striped naked during women’s day. NO Peace.
    – Barotseland is even worse, they even get arrested.
    – is Mwaliteta & other political activists still suffering in prison?
    PRACTICE peacekeeping at home, before you PF continue enjoying holidays abroad.

  2. That is the job for Americans, do you know why Netanyahu only gave you 35 minutes? who is Zambia to promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians, that is one big, very big cookie you can’t chew on ba kalaba, you are failing to sweep your own yard, but you want your neighbor’s to be cleaned, nikufunta uko.

  3. pluck the straw in your eye before plucking one from your friends. you cant be a good father when your family is hungry and yet you spend money on luxury with other peoples families. your own country is divided ethnically because of your greedy and tribal actions. God is for us all and he has control over the world. Your day will come

  4. This is the joke of the century. Zambia to promote peace between Israel and Palestine? Do you even understand what is involved here. Zambia has got completely no capacity to undertake such a task. Why are we overeating ourselves kanshi,this is ignorance which under normal circumstances can’t be forgiven. For clarity, I am PF but our minister needs to be advised to stop joking

  5. I agree with you guys. PF is a joke and an insult to Israel. What peace can they promote? Changwa can’t meet HH and PF cadres are always against those with different views, even with a professional Linda Kasonde and soon they might even attack CCZ. For this fellow Frank Kufakwandi, he should know that Zambia has no obligation to only have relationship with the Palestinians whose ideology is to kill those they regard as infidels.

  6. So while your citizens are killing each other over mere food this empty tin is proud that Zambia is helping other countries. I hope the people that voted pf are now opening they’d shallow minds to reality that pf does not care about you or me. We warned you about populist parties. Lungu and gang are robbing you as quick as possible while your brothers and sisters stampede for food. Take a moment to reflect on that. Hh was and will always be the best man to lead us

  7. what peace is kalaba talking about he him self is a thief aske him what has he done to his nephew father on their instruants he is fooling people wait till this case goes to UN v r taking it to the U N than people will kno what these thives can do with out the presdient knowing about it

  8. Zambia even talking like this is embarrassing….even loyal followers can see it is propraganda justifying the trip. United Nations, USA Uk Europe can’t achieve and our nation believes or says it can. Lets not talk rubbish, the rest of the world will or are laughing at us. SELF RESPECT builds a NATION.
    Fixing ISRAELI/PALESTINIAN problem by Zambia is like filling Lake Kariba by urinating in it

    Politicians please just tell the truth be you PF UPND UNIP or whoever Truth is good

  9. That’s just delusional – nobody cares what Zambia thinks of the Israel-Palestine situation. Best advice should be to keep our nose out or get it chopped off. Wasn’t Lungu also claiming he was going to fix all the problems in Sudan? How far are we on that one? Not enough prayers meetings yet?

  10. harry kalaba, are you not shamed to make such a statement, explanation for your useless touring of the world whilst people jostle for food and lives are lost. shame on you and the government. how dare you think that you are addressing uneducated people. how do you go and sweep your neighbours yard and leave your own dirty? make peace here in Zambia, give us freedom of expression, give us time for court cases and peace will come to us. in fact all the government should step down and declare that they have failed to rule Zambia. nonsense utter nonsense

  11. Hahahaha! What do they really smoke in PF?? Zambia promoting peace between Israel and Palestine?? Lungu was given only 30 min by Netanyahu, what is that? And Kalaba says Zambia is promoting peace, but is neutral. That’s laughable, it’s talking like Trump who will be happy with any decision: 1 or 2 state solution.

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