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Mwamba appeals to Zambian accused of killing girlfriend and son in South to surrender himself

General News Mwamba appeals to Zambian accused of killing girlfriend and son in...

The Zambian High Commission in South Africa has appealed to a Zambian national being sought by Pretoria Police in connection with a case of alleged murder of his girlfriend and son to surrender himself.


Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba disclosed that South African Police Service (SAPS) has sought the help of the Embassy to help locate Mr. Banda.


Mr. Mwamba has called on Abassy Banda to report himself to the police so that he could help with their investigations.


The South African Police Service (SAPS) from Sunnyside Police Station in Pretoria have opened a case against 28-year old Banda, holder of passport number ZN382769, who is a suspect in a murder case of two people and a case of arson.


Banda, whose whereabouts remain unknown, is on 27th February, 2017 alleged to have set ablaze the house of his girlfriend at Barclay Square Flats in Pretoria.


His daughter, aged three years, died in the house while the mother died later in hospital.

Mr. Mwamba said Zambians in South Africa were well known to be of good behavior and good reputation and it was in this spirit that he called on Banda to hand himself to the Police.

He said a matter like this needed to be handled well so that it does not tarnish the good image and reputation that Zambian nationals enjoyed in South Africa.

“Our nationals have been known to be law abiding residents. They have been known to be people of exemplary good behavior and good reputation. It is in this spirit that we urge Mr. Abassy Banda to surrender himself to the police so that he can give his account and his side of the story,” Mr. Mwamba said.


“Mr. Banda is assured of our support as he is deemed innocent before the law until proven guilty in the Courts of Law”.


The High Commissioner conveyed his condolences to the family of the deceased and wished for speedy investigations so that the bereaved could quickly find closure on the matter

The mother has been identified as Jacklyn Manganyi, and the three-year old as Nkaceko Masauso Manganyi.

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  1. What were the circumstances that led to the tragic deaths? Please LT don’t tell half the story …

    • I have checked Abassy name on google and people coming up are from West Africa. Please dear Zambians let us not give our registration cards and passports to people who are foreigners. This dude is not Zambian but a foreigner with Zambian documents.

    • Well there are several possibilities on the identity of the suspected murderer! It is more likely that he IS Zambian. Guys like him could have been born of a Zambian mother from a Senesene, Malian or other and raised by the woman in Zambia. Also a Banda man, randy as you know they are, slept with a Sene woman and had that child.

      More is possible and Abassy fits in well with the intrusion of West Africans into the Copper belt during late 1970/80s …

    • If setting a girlfriend’s house ablaze makes Zambians enjoy a good reputation in South Africa, it must be a horrible place to live in.


  2. I agree with ‘fly’ house, this guy Banda is NOT Zambian. He must have come from Malawi with invitation from his uncle; ‘Ala B’…

  3. There you go. All of a sudden he is not a Zambian, but if the same guy was known to have made history of designing a space rocket engine while in RSA, all rosy messages would have poured in, praising left, right & center. Suggesting that the guy is not Zambian, as seen from some bloggers here, even paints a very bad picture, because the authorities investigating the case will start questioning the morality of individuals managing crucial institutions such as ministry of home affairs responsible for issuing national identity documents and passports. If foreigners can easily have access to your national documents, what kind of country are you??

    • Mr Ambassador since you have a lot of time please issue a statement, A Zambian friend of mine in Cape Town owes me R1,000 from our outing last weekend. Please look into it anivuta muntu uja.

  4. The name Abassy originates from North and west Africa also called Al-Abassy mostly associated with Islamic Faith.

  5. This is not an issue for the ambassador. We want to read about trade and economics. Whether he is Zambian or not, I don’t care.The ambassador must start focussing on serious issues and a job profile with clear key performance indicators(KPIs) must be sent to him urgently so that he is guided and helped.

  6. Why is the chlld’s last name (surname) of the mother not Banda? May their souls rest in peace.

  7. Include his picture if you can maybe black(Zambia) he is known by a different name. There is someone I have in mind.

  8. Include his picture if you can maybe black(Zambia) he is known by a different name. There is someone I have in mind.

  9. These are PF thugs going on rampage abroad. And you complain when south african unions issue statements about zambias situation. This country has gone to dogs.

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