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ZNFU calls for a ban of importation of edible oils

Economy ZNFU calls for a ban of importation of edible oils

Cooking oil stand

Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has called for a ban on importation of edible oils which has led to huge unsold quantities of locally processed edible oils, a situation which will also adversely affect the soya beans subsector.

According to the ZNFU Weekly Brief issued to QFM News, the farmers union has also assured farmers that it will continue its core business of lobbying and providing quality services to the agricultural sector.

Addressing farmers in Kabwe during the 2017 Annual General Meeting, ZNFU President Jervis Zimba has urged the farmers to remain focused and continue supporting the union.

Mr. Zimba says that a lot of things have slowed down in the sector because the union was in the past year busy doing non-agricultural things.

He has also bemoaned the continued ban on exportation of excess maize in the country and has indicated that if the ban was not lifted, this would result in having a few private players to participate in maize marketing which will consequently result in a slump of maize prices.

Mr. Zimba has further urged government to be proactive in addressing challenges facing the agriculture sector and stop the importation syndrome of things like powdered milk, Irish potatoes, vegetable.


  1. The last time GRZ banned imported oils the Indians who own the oil factories took advantage and started charging 3 to 4 times the cost. Parasites.

  2. Let them ask given lubinda what happened when he tried to impose a ban on imported edible oils.

    Maybe Jervis zimba has memory of a chicken.

  3. Mr. Zimba, can you clarify level of Olive Oil or Sesame Seed Oil produced locally before asking for “blanket” ban of importation of “edible oils””???

  4. Mr Zimba you have forgotten what happened last time Government banned importation of edible oil??? Reduce the price of local oil no one will import oil from neighboring countries.

  5. Hear hear, its all about charging “competitive prices!”

    It won’t do us any good to force local consumers to be exploited by local producers, manage your processes & costs so that your price & quality can become competitive, look at how much we are made to pay for sugar locally when compared to regional prices of sugar!

    Exploitation is wrong, no matter who the perpetrator is…

  6. Iwe Zimba? Just a few moons down the line when Zayellow banned this importation and your local oils shot through the roof in pricing and you wish to do a rerun? Lanadako fimbi iwee!!!!

  7. There goes clueless Zimba! 90% of edible oils on the Zambia market are imported. ban the importation and witness the skyrocketing prices. Niwebo ngwele iwee taukwete ifya kubosa…

  8. The greediness of Zambian suppliers is what is killing them Zimba. You are not patriotic a single bit. How do you explain your high prices every time there is a ban on importation of products? You are not doing both yourself and this country any good and the earlier you learn the better. Stop being greedy and consider the plight of your own country men and women. Sometimes I wonder if you guys have families in this country for you to behave in this manner. Do you know how many of your family members are affected by your greediness.

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