The Zambia National Rugby team has been drawn against Rwanda and Mauritius in Pool C for the 2017 Africa Rugby Cup, Group 1C, which is scheduled to start on March 24 and run through April 2 in Lusaka.

According to the latest World Rugby Rankings, Zambia is ranked 83rd and Mauritius are 89th, while Rwanda is far below in the 96th place globally.

“It’s a tough group for us because both Zambia and Mauritius are ahead of Rwanda in World Rugby ranking but we look forward to the challenge, hoping to do a good job,” said Rwanda Rugby Federation (RRF) secretary general, Tharcisse Kamanda.

Kamanda added that, “The national league will continue in order to give the national team coach the opportunity to select the best possible team. The final squad will be released on March 20.”

The Africa Cup 1C is the third competition of the Africa Cup 1st division. Only the winner is promoted in Group B. In the other groups, Nigeria, Cameroon and Algeria are placed in Group North.

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  1. Rugby in Zed needs to start attracting the right ‘size’ of people to the game. You have no chance of winning anything significant if your forwards weigh an average of 85kg and your backs a paltry average of 70kg. Yes, size matters in Rugby that’s why in our time, we deliberately attracted the likes of the Mwila brothers at Diggers & Kampanta Banda from basket ball for their size and ball skills – but this doesn’t happen anymore.


  2. You don’t attract the right size. You build your players into the right size by feeding them properly and training them for size. Kalusha was a frail looking thin player when he left Mighty. The Belgians turned him into a tough torsoed muscled guy. Benny MacCarthy was tiny when he went to Europe but he developed into a muscular striker. Zambians should start training players wholly not partially



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