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I asked a fair question in Parliament but Mr Sikazwe told me I was asking a stupid question-Kambwili

General News I asked a fair question in Parliament but Mr Sikazwe told me...

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili
CHISHIMBA Kambwili has gone ballistic and confirmed that he branded State House Minister Freedom Sikazwe ‘‘brainless and childish’’ in Parliament on Friday, while accusing some Daily Nation editors of being hired to destroy his political career.

‘‘I asked a fair question in Parliament but Mr Sikazwe told me I was asking a stupid question. So I told Mr Sikazwe that ‘tawakwata amano’ (you are brainless). I told Sikazwe that the PF did not belong to him and that I was going to sort him out because he was being childish. I told Mr Sikazwe that I do not tolerate nonsense,” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kambwili claimed that Mr Sikazwe had threatened to destroy his businesses in the presence of Vice-President Inonge Wina, Defence Minister Davies Chama and Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata.

“No contract has been cancelled anywhere either for me as an individual or for my companies. What Mr Sikazwe is saying is trash. Mr Sikazwe told me that my businesses would be squeezed and my children would suffer.

“After about four months, I wrote a text message to Mr Sikazwe to thank him for squeezing my businesses. I have always been my own man and no one will ever destroy me,” Mr Kambwili said.

“Mr Sikazwe should not think he is going to be minister forever. I was once a minister and I was fired. You do not apply to be minister but you are appointed at the prerogative of the President. I was like Mr Sikazwe and he be will like be me.

He insisted that he was not going to allow himself to be dictated to on how to debate in Parliament and that he had been provoked beyond what he said he could bear by the PF Government and was only restraining himself.

Mr Kambwili, the Patriotic Front (PF) Roan Member of Parliament, claimed that Mr Sikazwe had threatened that Government was going to squeeze his businesses.

Reacting to a story published in the Sunday Nation on Sunday, Mr Kambwili claimed he was not a bitter man for having been fired from Government but would always speak his mind if he believed that things were going wrong.

He said none of the contracts undertaken by his companies had been cancelled as claimed by Mr Sikazwe and that it was therefore not true that his animosity against the State House minister was as a result of the alleged cancelled deals.

He also accused the Daily Nation of having been ordered by some editors to launch a propaganda campaign against him because, according to him, he was being perceived as positioning himself for the 2021 general elections.

Mr Kambwili wondered why people were talking about him over the 2021 general elections but declared that he was not going to do anything that was going to destroy the PF.


  1. PF on the dance floor!!!
    Corrupt Pathetic Criminals from Edgar Lungu to Kankubiti are all corrupt Pathetic Fools.
    One day you will be jailed! who thought M’embe will never be in trouble or Mutembo Nchito was untouchable? We all know your corrupt practices from Jean Kapata to Kaizer Zulu via RB Banda, we are watching and quietly watching.

    Days are numbered!

  2. This house has always been on fire. Its just pretence from all angles that seems to be holding them together. This party is the late. It has failed to transform the lives of Zambians, unfortunately even the opposition cant rescue us. The price of essentials is beyond our reach contrary to what was promised

    • I like Kambwili, he reminds me of Saata, explaining word by word. Even repeating “…tawakwata amano”. I believe him, Ba Sikazwe is bootlicking too much.

    • PF in~fighting is here to stay. Its only that PF bandit Kambwili is on the other side of mwamoneni. Chikunkubiti Kambwili is even lucky that the ACC are still mute & waiting for orders from state house about those over 500 houses. ACC is all talk,tick tock tick tock & to date they have not issued the statement over Kambwilis corruption after yapping 3 months ago.
      PF drama of violence is free to watch.
      The Skeleton Key

    • PF is showing how party democracy is. UPND is a dictotrial party with fear and blind loyalty among its members. Democracy is about rights of expression and debate. OF is strong in this area. UPND is strong with insult, lies, vulgar language, immaturity, illogicality, etc.

      Let PF enjoy its internal democracy. worry about the failures of IPND and HH to win the confidence of majority provincial support.


  3. Don’t even think about 2021 Kambwili. Very few people would vote for you, as PF presidential candidate, or even as UPND candidate, or even as a presidential candidate of any other political party. You don’t possess the necessary charisma nor God’s calling.

  4. Yaba pa zed yalikaba. Without Government support just know that your business won’t go far. Just look around and tell me any Zambian businessman doing fine without govt support? The boers, indians are doing fine because they support each other but us Zambians is always PHD at work.No wonder juju is very rempant

    • They only come together during elections in their quest not to allow southwestern Zambians to lead this country by conniving with ECZ, after elections the country is turned into a noisy chicken coop. It’s kwe, kwe, kwe, kwe, kwe, no work to fix the economy.

  5. So basically in Kambwili’s words: I asked a fair question but he said it was stupid so I called him another worse name back.

    Eish, children and their tantrums! And to think, this is how “honourable” people behave!

    • Well, @SPUDS, its not surprising to hear “Honorable” MPs exchange un- parliamentary words in parliament. it wud have been wise for such Hon. Kambwili to hold his fire and later approach Hopeless Sikazwe in a brotherly manner so that he can learn to be wise. Do gud to your opponents to teach them to be gud. As of late parliament has been turned into an in-shadow boxing ring for corrupt elements whose interest is to enrich themselves at an expense of poor Zambians. Anyway, its their time to steal.

  6. its all childish and boot licking. act like Honorable and stop embarrassing PF members. tired of your childish talk both of you.Proud PF member

  7. Mr.Sikazwe Slavery is indeed childish and brainless.If you remember the last address to the National assembly, Mr.Sata advised PF MPs to be asking questions which are progress, but strong even if there were PF backbenchers.He told them how he and his fellow UNIP MPs used to do though it was one party state.Slavery Sikazwe must know that simply keeping quiet does not mean you are an effective and obedient PF MP.Let us be mature in our thinking.This is one way of even winning voter confidence for the party, PF.This is would be intraparty democracy in practice.I may not be shocked if Mr. CK’s accusation against the daily nation is true!!
    Saying that CK is unpopular at the grassroots level, especially Copperbelt is an illusion or hallucination bane.When the confusions commennced, we saw PF…

  8. The SG said stop the nonsense of doing wro g things in public. Meanwhile I like pf because it’s only a democatic where people are free to talk. Dictatorial parties on the other hand only exhorts one person who is worshipped like a god. Continue checking each other pf you are fulfilling and exhibiting true democracy but avoid going to public.

  9. These are people we call leaders what a disgrace…only time you see Zambian adults arguing like this is when there is looting involved.
    Look at MMD all quiet now because there is nothing to fight for but the donors started giving £50k to each to promote multipartyism they fighting would begin.

    • *These are people we call leaders what a disgrace…only time you see Zambian adults arguing like this is when there is looting involved.
      Look at MMD today, all quiet now because there is nothing to fight for but the minute donors start giving out £50k sponsorship to each party to promote democracy… they fighting would begin!!

  10. The writer and some bloggers here need to consider some English writing classes. Even high school level English will make a big difference. Night school for a start!

  11. He’s not a medical doctor, he’s is an honorary degree, it was not earned the conventional way, it was conferred. He’s degree is on paper only ( pakamwa chabe).

  12. This incident really gives you insight into what’s going on within the PF government. There’s a scramble for contracts, they are in it for themselves. They take a cue from the globe trotting President. The party secretary general is a maniac and only the cadres have respect of him.
    The poor will have to keep praying for now.

  13. Shut up Kambwili! You are not a principled politician! You dog! You are going through what you are going through because because you are a coward. Useless! Who is president Lungu that he can defeat you?

  14. Kikiki look at these thugs fighting. How can they rule us if they cannot even take care of their own house. I would literally take a dump in their mouths and watch then drown to death from my feaceal matter

  15. Glad that Kambwili now realizes no one can be minister forever. I however, wonder whether he knew that before he was fired.

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