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Speaker concerned about the rise in use of abusive language and threats of physical violence by MPs

General News Speaker concerned about the rise in use of abusive language and threats...

Speaker of the National Assembly

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has noted with concern a disturbing trend by some Members of Parliament to resort to use of abusive language and threats of physical violence in the house.

He said this kind of conduct not only offends the rules of the house, but also, unfortunately undermines the decorum and dignity of the entire house.

Dr Matibini said this when he delivered ruling on a point of order raised by Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili on 16th December, 2016 who wanted to know whether Government Chief Whip Richard Musukwa was in order not to cite the Daily Nation newspaper for contempt of the house for misrepresenting facts when the paper reported that he had threatened to beat up Copperbelt province Minister Bowman Lusambo but was only restrained.

He said Dr Kambwili was himself out of order for making a personal attack against Mr Lusambo, did not correctly the Copperbelt Minister when he referred to him as a boy and also used offensive and un-parliamentary language against him.

Dr Matibini further said that while to some extent the Daily Nation newspaper reflected what Dr Kambwili said on the floor of the house on 15th December, 2016, the article in question was embellished with opinion and expression that were not part of what transpired in the house.

He said at no time did Dr Kambwili go vile in attacking Mr Lusambo as stated by the newspaper in its article, adding that the records show that at the time the Roan MP was debating, Mr Lusambo was already in the house and did not walk in during his debate contrary to what was reported.

The Speaker established that the Daily Nation newspaper was out of order for misrepresenting facts.

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    • Why does Patrick matibini put on that junk from UK? I mean that lobe and wig. He looks like a villager from the 16 hundreds.

    • Its you, Patrick Matibini, those MPs have no respect for. Even Chagwa holds you in contempt. I saw how, with disdain, he shook your begging hand at Heroes stadium on sunday. You, like gogo Inonge, were once such respected voices. But now you sound as stupid as those colonial wigs & chinese waistcoats you are fond of.
      Wake up & redeem your character before the house you preside over swallows you up. You may not have an army but the constitution places you, together with Mambilima (another disappointment) at par with Chagwa.

  1. What the speaker ought to be concerned about is his lack of leadership and honour. It is because he has handled business in parliament with such lack of impartiality that MP’s now want to take matters into them own hands ( literally).

    The speaker should know that attitudes reflect leadership. The blame in this instance should be laid squarely at his feet.

  2. Speaker Matibini should use his grey matter to understand that its frustrating lackadaisical leadership which leads to violence like his! Parliament has had no nonsense leadership as that of Robinson Nabulyato and Mwanamwambwa to mention my outstanding two who kept MP’s in check and accountable for the integrity of the house! Thus Matibini must pluck some courage to lead the house in a non partisan cadre mentality manner!

  3. The speaker has failed to show leadership in the house as he is a known PF cadre a let down to the Zambian people.

  4. The Arm Chair Analyst and Fumanchu
    I could not have said it any better.Matibini has proven to be a big disappointment if not a disgrace to the intelligentsia.All he has to show for himself are titles.His term definetly wont go beyond Lungu s presidency.Let him go back to the streets where he belongs.Am sure he will soon find himself scrumbling for a living as lecturer at some nondescript institution.

  5. Useless speaker in the earily days Multi Party democracy we had the likes of Fwanyanga Matale Mulikita and
    Robinson Mwaakwe Nabulyato who did not tolerate such nonsense…nowadays schools can not take their pupils to National Assembly as the only they will learn are insults.

  6. This imbecile for a Speaker is nonsense. He is so blindly partial that a Monday would be voted into a Thursday under his watch without him questioning the lunacy of PF proposer! Scares me to think that he was expected to be president following the petition by UPND! God have mercy on the sinful Zambia for the country still remains misguided and lost with looters and bystanders watching their country being abused by all types of thugs and crooks all under the protection of the the captured laws and the enforcers!

  7. The delinquency is right from state house down to the members of parliament.
    When the president has the uncouth Kaiser Zulu for senior adviser, brutal Davies Mwila as party Secretary General and he sees nothing wrong in their unworthy conduct, then not much should be expected from his leadership.

  8. MPs has no respect for you because they way you have become a cadre so why should they respect the cadre in the name of a speaker?
    Reflect on your party as this has never happened in the history of our country.
    What a useless and unrespected speaker of the national assembly in the history of Zambian parliament.

  9. Just why can’t the national assembly establish rules which simply say that “once someone uses abusive language in the house or threatens violence they are banned for at least 10 days??”Just because in other countries MPs engage in physical fights does not mean we should be copy cats. Mature people should discuss matters rather than use abusive language and physical fights.

  10. If there is any one to blame for the rot in the August house, it is the person who currently holds a position as speaker for his partisan way of presiding. If I had my way, I would have Namugala elevated as Speaker, she seems to have fitted in well as if she did not come from any political party, you need people like her who are non partisan presiding officers.

  11. He should be ashamed of himself because he is like Mbete in South Africa losing control of the house. He must resign.

  12. In 1989 I wrote an essay on Juvenile Delinquency in Malawi. In 2005 I wrote an essay about Juvenile Delinquency in Zambia. Now I need to write about Parliamentary Delinquency in Zambia to be followed by Adult Delinquency the case of Kaiser Zulu a Presidential Political Advisor in Zambia. I need some references

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