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UPND stops its cadres from attending petition hearing tomorrow

Headlines UPND stops its cadres from attending petition hearing tomorrow

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katunka(c) having an interview with the Journalists immediately after the briefing of Aspiring Presidential Candidates,Running mates and their Agents at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka(c) having an interview with
the Journalists

The opposition UPND has advised its members not to attend tomorrow’s highly anticipated court hearing on its protracted presidential petition.

The Lusaka High Court is tomorrow set to rule over the UPND’s petition to have its main petition challenging President Edgar Lungu’s 2016 election victory.

The Lusaka High Court has become a battleground in recent times with UPND cadres in running battles with riot police.

But a notice from UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka said the cadres should stay away because the matter will not be heard in open court.

“I wish to notify all members and our esteemed supporters that the Presidential Petition scheduled tomorrow, 15th March 2017 at High Court will be held in Chambers. As a result of this, no one will be allowed in court and outside the premises,” Mr Katuka said.

He added, Therefore you are all advised not to go to court but to attend the Press briefing that will be held at the Party Secretariat tommorow at 10hrs.”


  1. Thumbs up to the leadership of UPND and president H.H. This shows that this party respect the independence of judiciary and if given an opportunity to rule this country H.H. will observe rule of law therefore I have respect for H.H. unlike the current useless head of state who abuse the court for self fish gains shame on you because days are numbered for you drunkard president Lungu.

    • PF will not sleep tonight, they be having overnight prayers, if not sleeping at grave yards.
      By-elections on the horizon.

    • Look in the mirror as you speak or write your unpalatable. You don’t even sound like you believe in what you have written.

    • Thugs, Thieves, destitute, murderers, unemployed,violent persons, criminals are all termed Youths.

      Youths is a state in life when you are young. WHy on earth do we term all these people under that acronym. Te momory, youths are between 16-24 but the Zambian youths are anything but

      Call these people what they really are.



    • Copy and paste paragraph 2 of the main article….”The Lusaka High Court is tomorrow set to rule over the UPND’s petition to have its main petition challenging President Edgar Lungu’s 2016 election victory.”….. So has the high court been sitting to hear arguments?

      What does “to rule over” insinuate?

    • Kikiki @Mushota I couldn’t agree with you more. Why we call all loonies of any hue & colour youth I can’t understand. 39yr old (according to court papers I saw) Lusambo in his blue overalls is youth, Kennedy Kamba is youth. Kaizer Zulu when drunk is youth. Dora Siliya when husband grabbing is youth. Mwebantu what is being a YOUTH kanshi?

  2. youths 16-24 years??? Anyway UPND should move on just as we moved on after mines were privatized. see you in the chambers.

  3. What do you expect from a lower court? The leader of this Dundumwezi play delaying tactic so that he clings to top leadership. Cu in 2021 and meet ECL

  4. Presidential petition? The petition collapsed a long time ago. Tomorrow’s is just an academic exercise. You can just stop your members from belonging to the party all together. That violent backyard verandah party is long dead. Kaponya (HH) is a lost soul. I can bet you a million kwacha those stone throwing apes won’t heed to Katuka’s message. Useless UPND. United Ponyio Nyio Dogs

    • Comrade Kudos well said! Everyone even the United Dunderheads themselves know that they have no case- they are just attention seekers!
      Hungry Hyena should just get ready for his 2021 defeat!
      Zambia deserves a better opposition than these blood thirsty animals!

    • The resident PF blogger theives on LT should welcome this case to prove their fraud convict lungu did not steal the votes.

      Instead they seem paranoid and hysterical.

  5. Nshatala mona umuntu uwakwatisha umupampamina kwati HH OVAL HEAD…ichalo kale chasela chena chilefye mufya kale chika bwalala chamigodi ichi…swine!

  6. WE shall see if the useless cadres will Katuka’s call. I wish Kamfinsa boys were on hand to give them a few slaps if they dare pitch up!

  7. These zealots have lied to their retards that the court will hear the presidential petition. Truly lol. Elections disputes can only be dealt by concourt. Since concourt has thrown out this case and it’s decisions are final, no court can entertain the hearing of the petition. High court is tomorrow hearing hearing the claim by OVAL HEAD that he was not heard according to the bill of rights period.

    • Imagine you fail to answer the exam within the stipulated time and you ask the examiner to give you more time because you need to research further. That can’t be called an examination but something else.

  8. hh and the crew are fighting a loosing battle.Let upnd concentrate on mobilising its party for 2021 general elections

  9. When you are a cursed soul like Hungry Hyena everything you touch will fail! Ba United Dunderheads don’t tell me that HH’s is a great business man and what not- those are sa.tan.ic lies! Hungry Hyena as a Freemason is merely using his ties in the Masonic world which is why he is always travelling to South Africa the capital Freemasonry in Africa- Hungry Hyena’s money is in SA not Zambia- that’s where he has invested the millions he stole from privitisation and the money Kafupi’s gave him from Zamtrop! The great Mazoka renounced Freemasonry but his evil offspring HH is a pretender! May he be judged accordingly!

    • 14.1 Spaka like lilo
      Yes I can deny that. Lungu has never been convicted of any crime!
      When was he convicted and how long did he serve? Stop trying to lie and exposing your ignorance!
      The consitution is very clear, anyone who has a criminal conviction (unless politcal) is not eligible to file nomination as MP (which Lungu did in 2001 and 2006), let alone president. Which we saw he successfully in 2015 and 2016

  10. Petition case, my foot. Petition case closed 14 days after that petition was filed in. Why do people like cheating themselves? Find a credible and date for 2021 otherwise you shall get the same results, wining in 3.5 provinces and loosing everywhere else.

  11. This will be the shortest court case coz the Court will simply say ‘Yes the rights were violated’ Then what ? Nothing mwe n’gombe mwe coz the constitution doesnt not provide for protracted nonsical court action

  12. Tumoro’s Petition Hearing is crucial. The Judge has to Rule whether or no Concourt heard the Petition?If the Petition was not heard are the Petitioners entitled to be heard under the Bill of Rights administered by the High Court? If the Petitioners have Constitutional Rights to be heard in Court then the Petition shall be heard by an Independent Court within reasonable time. That has to be discussed and agreed. The World over People have Constitutional Rights to be heard in Court so we will see if Petitioners will be denied their Right to be heard in Court. The Petition Hearing tumoro and Thursday will decide whether or not Zambia will remain a Constitutional Democracy. The significance of this Hearing cannot be ignored. The Court will also spell out the interpretation of 14 days used…

  13. Currently Zambia has a Bill of Rights administered by the High Court. That Bill of Rights enshrines our Constitutional Rights. Those Rights include the Right to marry a woman of yr choice, a Right to go to church of yr choice,a Right to be heard in Court, a Right to go to school of yr choice etc. We will learn tumoro and Thursday whether these universal human rights apply Zambians or not. Hearing of a Petition is listen to the evidence provided by the Petitioners and the Respondents so that is clear . This week we learn more about law than Cadreism. God bless Zambia!

  14. PF and UPND, the most useless parties to have arrived on the Zambian political landscape. Both lack capacity….

  15. We shall see if the High Court will give UPND’s chance to be heard because the said petition collapsed after 14 days.UPND has been telling his bantustan supporters in 3.5 provinces that president Edgar Lungu will lose the presidency to Kainde on 15/03/2017,so we shall see if that will happen tomorrow.TAKE NOTE HERE,UPND HAS SAID THAT IT WILL HAVE A PRESS BRIEFING AT ITS SECRETARIAT AROUND 10HRS.SO YOU MEAN BEFORE 10HRS THIS PETITION CASE WITH BE HEARD IN HIGH COURT AND CONCLUDED FOR UPND TO HAVE A PRESS BRIEFING AT 10HRS?UPND is a dreamers party!!see you in 2021 badaala!!

  16. If HH was not heard which is the objective of the any petition, then the exam analogy being drawn by some on this site is not logical. It means that the hearing is equivalent to the exam and the exam did not take place. The hearing did not take place. Not that the exam time was squandered by an ill prepared candidate. No, the whole exam did not take place. The invigilator mismanaged the exam to an extent the time and date allocated for the exam Centre was lost in useless preliminaries until the examination board could not permit the exam the be held, perhaps for fear of leaks from other well organized Centres which held theirs. The useless invigilators are the Concourty judges. The candidates can not be blamed it’s the invigilators. HH must be heard.

    • No my friend…who wasted time on preliminaries? Please check your facts. Instead of coming with evidence to the court it was the candidate’s lawyers who wasted time on preliminaries and in the end time was up. UPND lawyers wasted their precious time on trivial matters …Google this case you will get cross with your lawyers!

  17. The ruling will be from the heart! “Zambia is a peaceful blah….blah……blah!” Thus anything that is bound to create chaos should be avoided at all costs. The high courts’ hands are tied in that the one the petition targets is already functioning as president……..as a nation we should have been interested in knowing through submissions and proof advanced how we got where we are than overturning anything, Zambians are already a suffering lot, misery is all around and everyone as at now dreads what “tomorrow” will bring! Cry the once beloved country that seemed to hold promise!

  18. This is what you call a party for the people. Upnd is the rightful ruling party and is leading by example. This is good so that when fighting begins tomorrow people will realise that it’s pf that wear Upnd regalia to make Upnd look bad.

  19. What is to be heard in court tommorow is whether the petitioners were denied the right to be heard.individuals have rights but the at hand is different as it is a governance issue that is why it has a time frame just like at parliamentary and councilor ship .the presidential petition is not an ordinary rights issue .the drafters of the constitution known that a nation can not stay without leadership in place, lastly the decisions of the constitutional court can not be over ruled by a lower court.it is over.

  20. At the rate UPND is going, I see them appealing to the Senegalese Under-20 team after tomorrows appeal is thrown out

  21. Checkmate time Lungu and his foolish act has gone on for too long courtesy of the grand master mafia Don Rb who gift wrapped the presidency to ECL through his nephew Chulu.The court should be bold enough to declare that 2016 election was rigged by the puppet and his master and declare that HH won hands down the gen 12 certificates for the rest of the country except Lusaka prove this.How can the results of the remotest places be in via gen12 but Lusaka ones not there?Lungu deliberately made sure the Lusaka ones are not available because Lusaka had constituencies to wipe out the lead HH had accumulated because of the population in Lusaka. he could not manipulate other places because numbers are smaller.He also created chitulika a non existent constituency and in lundazi the number of…

  22. PF the truth shall set you free.

    Lungu allegedly won by 13,000 votes. This is a man that spent 10 billion on development, used all GRZ to campain for him and in the process bankrupted the treasury.

    He stole more that 100,000 votes to make up the numbers.



  24. Which ever way this goes. A true winner should have allowed an independent verification. Lungu did not. HH will in many people’s heart at least those that are geninue and honest be Zambia’s undeclared president. Lungu deep down knows the truth and it will follow him even after he leaves office soon or later

  25. The ruling will be, Up and Down party had 14 days to be heard and the Con Court was available in those 14 days. The up and down party only presented useless preliminaries as evidence and time provided elapsed. It was going to unconstitutional to continue hearing beyond the 14 days. and by the was 14 days now mean all days from the date of starting the hearing including weekends. (This is a precedence set by the Con Court ruling) SO the High Court will just remind the hyena that you have been accorded time and you submitted cow dung. SO UPND SHOULD SOBBER UP AND MOVE ON INSTEAD OF INSISTING ON A ROUTE WITHOUT WATER.

  26. The ruling will be, Up and Down party had 14 days to be heard and the Con Court was available in those 14 days. The up and down party only presented useless preliminaries as evidence and time provided elapsed. It was going to unconstitutional to continue hearing beyond the 14 days. and by the was 14 days now mean all days from the date of starting the hearing including weekends. (This is a precedence set by the Con Court ruling) SO the High Court will just remind the hyena that you have been accorded time and you submitted cow dung. SO UPND SHOULD SOBBER UP AND MOVE ON INSTEAD OF INSISTING ON A ROUTE WITHOUT WATER.

  27. Another HEART ACHE in the offing for upnd supporters! Wina aza kunyuka ku CHIKONKO.Elections are won through the ballot.

  28. PF Bloggers amaze me. They seem not to distinguish between Law and blind faith in Cadreism. The issue is whether or not the Petitioners are properly b4 the High Court. The answer is that the Petitioners are b4 the HC becoz this Court has jurisdiction over the Bill of Rights. So Petitioners have a Right to be heard in Court. Were they heard by Concourt? They were not heard and instead of Hearing the Petition Concourt “dismissed” the Petition on the basis that 14 days had lapsed. Can Concourt dismiss a Presidential Petition without hearing it? No this is not only illegal but there is no law enabling Concourt to dismiss the Petition. Had 14 working days lapsed when the Petition was dismissed ? No. U cannot dismiss a case based on a technicality. Justice delivery is more important than Time…

  29. @Mundia. U have summarized the issues very well. The HC is not going to Hear the merits of the Petition perse. The Court is there to consider whether the Petitioners are in the Right Court in terms of their Rights to be heard. They are becoz currently the Bill of Rights falls under the Jurisdiction of the HC. The Petitioners have a Right to be heard hence the Petition filed at Concourt. Concourt’s role was to Hear and Determine the Petition and after consideration announce their decision and then declare the Winner of the 2016 Election. Concourt failed to do its job. Instead Concourt dismissed the Petition without Hearing it becoz 14 days had expired allegedly. From there onwards the handling of the Petition became a dog’s breakfast. Concourt committed numerous illegalities. Now the…

  30. …IS GONG NOWHERE! Even if HH was heard, there was no concrete evidence to convince the ConCourt to nullify the election-it was all rumours.

  31. Ndi ifyo Lesa Alanda ukuti efyo Naba.Nasumina no kwendela mu lubuto lwa Cebo ca kwa Lesa icikumine ipusukilo lyandi, ubulungami, ubumi bwa buLesa, ubunonshi, kabili no bucingo.Nalicimfya isonde, pa mulandu Umukalamba umo ekala muli ine, kabili Alampanga ukusefya ukucimfya konse eko ndi, kabili no kubalula muli fyonse ncita.Ubukata kuli Lesa!

  32. I thought that Mwinelubemba eloquently explained the 14 days, among his reliable sources that he consulted and who concurred on the 14 days was no other than Professor Hansungule.
    The only thing I like about this UPNDonkey court appearance today is the chance to see running mate GBM post-Mwinelubemba article, the fat donkey has been in hiding since then. I can predict a crumbling of the alliance between hh donkey and running mate donkey following Mwinelubemba’s article. It was very damaging to hh, and hey, coming from the respected and bemba uncle of the running mate. Note the word bemba uncle and relate to the birth of hh as a politician and the sole objective of a regional president by UPNDonkeys.

  33. the question i ask and i beg to be educated in these matters are.
    1. was the president supposed to step down in accordance with the consitution when the petition was filed in court. if the answer is yes why didnt he step down.
    2. when the court decided to extend the hearing period for four day, on a friday, did they judges seat on the weekend and decided that they should subject that decision they made earlier on to a vote?
    3. why were the pf lawyers absent on that monday?

  34. Ndelolesha fye! The real and actual frustration that UPND has subjected it’s members to is unheard of in Zambian politics. it is a sheer waste of resources and time to ask the high court to rule that HH and the UPND were not heard when they were given their days in court, but they choose to squander the 14 constitutional days on preliminaries when they should have gone into evidence submission by day 3 of the hearing to allow the other party also respond to the evidence submitted and then outside the 14 days the judges would have tendered the judgement by day 14.
    It is really sad to waste so much time and resources for both the party and the court. It is a costly venture for the ergo of this once great party.
    No need to get excited as this is an exercise in futility, but to HH, it has…

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