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Fred M’membe should stop hiding wherever he is and come back to Zambia


Fred M’membe
Fred M’membe
ZAMBIAN security wings should immediately start the process of extraditing Fred M’membe from wherever he is so that he can come and answer to criminal charges he is facing, the National Revolution Party (NRP) has charged.

NRP president Cozmo Mumba told the Daily Nation that he expected Mr. M’membe to avail himself to security wings just as he had promised so that he could face charges laid against him rather than seeking asylum in other countries.

Dr. Mumba said there was no need for Mr. M’membe to run away from Zambia owing to the charges he was facing because he remained a Zambian despite his predicament and that running away was not a solution.

He wondered why Mr. M’membe had decided to run away when he had always claimed that he was innocent and even promised Zambians that he was coming back to Zambia since the warrant of arrest was made against him.

“Our security wings should immediately start the process of extraditing Mr. M’membe from wherever he is hiding so that he can come back home and face the charges levelled against him. As far as we are concerned, any person is innocent until proved guilty and we believe running away from a warrant of arrest is not the best thing to do.

“If Mr. M’membe cannot come home on his own, let the system facilitate his coming back so that he can be tried. No one is saying that he is guilty and there is no need for anyone to seek asylum in another country when no one has condemned him. He has told us time without number that he is innocent and so, we expect him to come home and prove it,” Dr. Mumba said.

Mr M’membe sneaked out of the country mid-last month after a tip off about his impending arrest for disobeying lawful court orders to surrender all the assets of the Post Newspaper now in liquidation contrary to section 127 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

According to the warrant of arrest from the court, Mr M’membe is said to have concealed or was privy to the concealing of the property of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to sections 353 (I)(b) of the Companies’ Act Cap 388 of the laws of Zambia.

Mr M’membe is also said to have prevented the production of books or papers affecting or relating to the property or affairs of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to section 353 (I) (f) of the Companies’ Act Cap 388 of the laws of Zambia.

After his wife was arrested for tearing the warrant of arrest for her husband, Mr. M’membe, who was believed to have travelled to USA or Jamaica at that time, issued a statement saying he was coming back home to answer to charges levelled against him but he has been conspicuously missing since then with no trace of his whereabouts.


    • Just give Dr Mmembe his Post as he worked tirelessly for over 25 years & employed over 2000 Zambians to have food on their tables with families.
      Now over 2000 post workers with each 5 children equates to 10,000 people are destitute. Shame on PF for persecuting Post & Mmembe for selfish political expedience. Yet DeadNBC,Times of Zambia, Daily mail & nation individually own ZRA more than what post owes. ZRA disowned the Tribunal & court to give back the confiscated properties to the post.
      Time of reckoning is coming round to all those involved in the fraudulent liquidation of the paper that digs deeper~The Post.
      Mmembe has every human right to seek asylum~he’ll back~busy with work.
      How much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • “Fred M’membe should stop hiding wherever he is and come back to Zambia”……

      No no no no! The one that should stop hiding and come back TO DO THE JOB HE IS BEING PAID FOR is the absentee LUNGU!

      Zambia cannot afford to have an “inhabitant” of State House that spends FOUR YEARS on holiday traveling the world and only re-appears to steal elections.

      He has completely forgotten who pays his salary and travel allowances!

    • Vultures, he worked to build the post. They destroy within a month, bad people. Freedom of information is the pillar to democracy.

  1. Cozmo Mumba still does exist? The same guy who made a descision to fake the fainting at Sata’s funeral. Anyway comedy should be part of our lives otherwise in this Zambian environment, you just get stressed

    • Thanks “Keleni tasa atushe” – I did not know that “Cosmo Mumba” is Gay, a princess!!
      I think you are right, the bas.tard is homosexual after all.

    • He destroyed it himself. You can not build a lasting business through crookedNess. How many people lost their jobs and even lives because of his hatred? No sympathy for him. As it was said, every dog has its day.

  2. Why are PF and UPND using these you ma one party member Presidents as spokespeople. Yesterday? it was EEP used by UPND to say Post liquidation was a fraup. Today PF is speaking through Cosmo Mumba about Member.

  3. @HH OVAL HEAD. You and this punka Cozmo Mumba should be aware of how to extradite anyone! First and foremost, the crime must be against the state eg robbery where life has been lost, murder not treason as this is a human rights issue. Secondly, the harbouring country needs to have an extradition treaty or agreement. Thirdly if Freddie has asked for asylum, they will not send him back re Snowdon, Assange et al. Lastly and most important what is there to come back to?

    • Sometimes it is better to retreat than to surrender. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day or as the chinese Art of War suggests: “Be so subtle that you are invisible. Be so mysterious that you are intangible. Then you will control your rivals’ fate.”

  4. Cosmo Mumba or is it (Clown Mumbo) is back from sleep. He left Fred Mmembe issues and thinks still matters. OH! no Casmo, Zambians died while fighting for free food is the real news for you. To be relevant to Zambia comment on this matter.


  6. Who is Cosmo Mumba by the way? Is it the same boot licker we know?
    Even if Mr M’membe came back here, who will afford him fair justice?
    My dear Cosmo we know you as a paid poverty stricken stooge. Just keep quiet.

  7. Time will tell.. CRIMINALS LIKE KZ, MAX CHONGU, left free looking for someone who employed many while speaking for the voiceless.. Yes Indeed only time will tell. Yes Fred may have hurt many but he is INNOCENT ON THIS ONE.

  8. The post is needed by everyone including those who helped in closing it. The press is the form arm of government its meant for checks and balances. Without the powerful press, corruption will reach alarming levels and we have already seen this.

  9. do you read the bible? just to remind you when Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus, his parented founded asylum in another land to prevent Jesus from being killed,until a time when Herold died that’s when he went back. mmembe is timely doing what happened in the above. he will return to the country when the evil man who wants to jail him dies.

  10. The trouble with Zambia is that every Jim and Jack thinks is an authority on every subject. Who is this fella to talk about law enforcement measures as if we don’t have competent people in that domain? Do our law enforcement officers need guidance from this guy for them to do their work?

  11. Some Zambians are so dull and blind that they cannot seperate such clear colours as black and white. Fred has no criminal record at all, the only criminal record that exist on the anus of his persecutors and their supporters is the exposure of their filth dealings and theft, this is the guy who employed more than 2000 Zambians and some of those fatting here were educated or benefited in a way by one of their relatives who worked for the Post. But remember Henry Banda, the thief just like his father? Why did you not call for his return, when all evidence pointed to him as as a thief? Ifimashinsha fye fyeka fyeka!

    • If you know that tax evasion is a crime you would know that you just calling the group you belong to – dull!

      Agony (extreme dullness) is publicly telling yourself that you are dull, without knowing you are doing so.

  12. There is no legal basis to extradite fred m’eembe. Shushu know where he is…. only people like cosmo mumba do not know…. where is their locus standi in this case…..
    Even Richard sakala is aware of of fred m’eembe. In any case why these some politicians are related with fred m’eembe . Ask Inonge wina,richard sakala, RB, Emmanuel mwamba, sakwiba sikota, chikwanda, etc …..
    Please Zambians don’t join the Fred fight with his relatives……. these pipo are related….. some of you are being used for …… Don’t take these issues seriously and personally…….

    • Did you know that tax evasion is a crime?

      If you knew that tax evasion is a crime you would know that M’membe has committed crime.

      Agony is publicly telling people they don’t understand, while exhibiting ignorance yourself.

  13. In fact a dog like Cozmo should just be busy licking both his master’s anus and Jombo. Zambia can be a better country if the likes of Cozmo, Pule and their likeness were Zimbabweans.

    • Those of us who know what most of you don’t know, we are just observing as you post and call people dull, and we are busy ticking who the dullest is – based on your postings.

    • It is amazing to know that you are ignorant that tax evasion is a crime!!

      What is more sad about it is that you are even proud of that lack of knowledge, to the extent of boasting publicly on this forum.

      Yowa case is unique

  14. ECL warned him that alefwaya ukwakufwila and with RB’s son in exile because of the Post they will end at nothing but to eliminate him. Please stay away cos the Kaizer and Mosho mafyas will end at nothing but drink blood. But there time is coming and very soon it will come.

  15. fred mmembe wanted to become the president and loot the country. the circle has completed. let him rot wherever he is. he is paying the price of thinking that he was the cleverest to loot from the zambian banks.

  16. Why was the post not closed before the death of president Sata?Because PF found the debt that the post owed ZRA when they won elections in 2011,so its cristal clear that the current regime under Edgar lungu wants to silence the private media in order for them to conceal any mess in government.We can also look at what happened to MUVI TV.

    • Ignorance. At that time ZRA and M’membe agreed to a debt repayment plan which your man just ignored. Even if Sata was around this crook was still going to dance to his own music. It was just a matter of time.

  17. Cosmo Mumba,talk something constructive other than personal issues.Niwe president shani ukulabosabosafye yet we expect you to contribute to checks and balances and good governance system of PF govt in which we see injustices day in day out.I think ulicipuba iciwelewele discussing Fred M’meembe ninshi limbi balekubomfyafye?

    • In your hate for Lungu you have even forgotten that M’membe contributed greatly to turnishibg the name of UPND and HH.

  18. Mmembe told Lungu to give him few weeks now its months soon will be years. He must be ab asylum seeker somewhere.
    Sorry to the wife but worry not our president HH is rich can look after your wif for 50 yrs should you choose to remain in exile sir.

  19. Mmembe must remain where he is because the regime in Zambia does not respect our human rights. It only respects PF’s rights to abuse and kill anyone. ZP and other entities in security have become protectors of abusers, corrupt leaders, leading party thugs and crooks. Judges have become carpets for injustice, and the whole legal process has been infiltrated by PF cadres and supporters led by money thrown into their accounts by Edward Corrupt Lungu. Brother, stay where you are. Your wife was only saved by a few outspoken citizens – Guy Scott, HH, Zukas, and a few women who braved the hostile groups of misguided security agents occupying your house. Your wife was locked up regardless of the fact that she had nothing to do with your baby, The Post! Meaning that Zambians can jail a relative…

  20. What’s he running from? Unless he’s gone to arrange for an insurrection with the aid of NUMSA. For how else can one run away just like that. Or he’s gone to “unlock ” the millions that he’s stacked away.

  21. All Zambians know is to contribute on such as this column; if these comments, insults and irresponsible accusations were development we could have been the most developed country in the whole world – its a pity that most people are obsessed with tribal, intellectual & political comments as well as unsubstantiated attacks on certain targeted individual especially ECL & HH. We have a president in Zambia whether or votes were stolen so living in denial will neither help nor sort out thing at all. Hope rational and sensible people can learn something out of this advice!

  22. when the petition is heard he will surely come back. this chap can as well plead with his president to let petition be heard. petition is more serious and important than mr mmembe

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