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Youths to bury their political differences and face their challenges as a united force


Gerald Chiluba meeting MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda at the party Secretariat in Lusaka
Gerald Chiluba meeting MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda at the party Secretariat in Lusaka
New MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Gerald Chiluba has called on Youths across the country to bury their political differences and build a consensus among themselves on key challenges facing them.

Mr Chiluba noted that belonging to different political parties should not be a basis for divisions among the youths as the challenges of a youth in the country are similar regardless of ones political affiliation.

He said it is an undeniable fact that youths in MMD, PF or UPND are all faced with similar challenges including unemployment and hunger.

“We know that only a few youths are doing fine regardless of their political affiliation.

‘Let us embrace that which unites us because we have a huge duty and responsibility to pass on a great Zambia to the next generation,” he said.

he urged youths to develop a sense of shared success across all areas if challenges are to be adequately resolve.

He said youths risk making history of a generation of youths who failed to unite for a noble cause to resolve challenges that were affecting the well being of youths and the country at large.

He advised the youths to cease to be dormant citizens but instead reclaim their active role in both political parties and the societies at large.

Mr Chiluba further urged government to tap into the imagination of young people by equipping them with relevant skills that will counter the difficulties the country is facing yesterday.


  1. If we bury our political differences then they will be no mmd, upnd or pf, just accept that we are different, unless you are calling for a one party state. Is this why your” president”is pf minister? Because he can’t tell the difference between pf and mmd?

  2. Kudos chiluba that is the spirit even if you hate each other there is nothing you are solving. Thats why some of us few youths who are doing fine dont mind about these politicians.

  3. If only the youths can say no to be used by politicians and or move away from politics they can achieve a lot in life. Youths are suffering today because they accepted to be corrupted and received donations in form of chibuku yesterday to make noise in public during campaigns. Today no politician is offering free chibuku and reality has dawn on them. Leave politics to politicians and you will make it in life.

  4. You must be living in utopia if you think you can change pf youths thuggish behaviour. If their senior officials can act like kaiser does what you expect from the pf thugs at the bottom. They look up to the chief dictator himself lungu

  5. Even open air dununa disco parties are no more, the telela tuchitenjes have been sun burned and white t-shirts turned brown due to lack of money for buying simple boom detergent paste, the vehicles they were jumping on having been parked by the owners to used later on during other campaigns. It survival of the fittest, alionse naka njili kakwao, each one for himself, God for us all on the 18th of October when we meet as Christians for lung u as we marvel and worship the sun. Adios amigos.

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