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UK nominee for WHO Director General happy with Zambia’s health system

Health UK nominee for WHO Director General happy with Zambia’s health system

United Kingdom Nominee for the position of Director General for World Health Organisation (WHO) is in the country to solicit for Zambia’s support for the position.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, David Nabarro who is in the country for a one day trip says Zambia is making strides in the improvement of primary health care services.

Mr. Nabarro praised government’s provision of quality health care is commendable because a healthy nation is a productive one.

Mr. Nabarro said he is also happy with the current nutrition levels of the country though more needs to be done to scale it up.

He said Zambia’s health system is one which is remarkable because of the attention it is receiving from the government.

Mr. Nabarro has since appealed to the Zambian government to increase the budget allocation to the health sector to ensure that the status quo is maintained.

He said once elected as Director General he will ensure that there is equal representation of all member states.

He said he is confident of winning the elections because of the reception that he has received in many countries that he has visited.

Mr. Nabarro said he has so far visited China and surrounding countries, Argentina, the Middle-East and Southern African countries.

He said some of the countries visited in Africa are Liberia, Senegal, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

The elections are scheduled for May 25 this is year and only three contenders are standing for the position of WHO Director-General.

Mr. Nabarro is contesting with Ms. Sania Nishtar a Pakistani Cardiologists and Mr. Tedros Ghebreyesus an Ethiopian who is a malaria specialists.

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  1. You’ve got our vote. You scratch our back, we scratch yours. Thanks for the complements, but please no NHS for Zambia. Ok. Give more more money for NHS and take care of our lovely doctors and nurses. Higher salaries please!

  2. Well said paradigm.. How many zambians believe that our health system is as good as he says. Show him the villages, the clinics short of medicine, hispitals without wheel chairs, the hungry kids in compounds eating jiggies for breakfasts. Is that good nutrition
    One day and he knows all. He would have seenand heard versions of how health really is.
    Another politician looking for a job using Africans

    • David Nabarro- A global health leader who puts people first
      I am a medical doctor with over 40 years experience who has successfully managed complex global challenges in more than 50 countries and led the world in responding to crises and disease outbreaks.

  3. Has this person visited the UTH and seen how bad things are? UTH several times in a day does not even have RUNNING water from its taps, instead, it has water from standing storage tanks which is against basic hygiene requirements.
    There are so many sick people sleeping on the floors in all wards. The situation in remote health facilities is no better! This person praising our health system is just seeking votes and does not mean well for Zambians.

  4. If the pathetic state of the Zambian health system is what in Mr. Nabarro’s mind what constitutes a quality health care worth praising, then he should definitely NOT be voted in as the next WHO boss. I mean, it’s like saying Lungu doesn’t have AIDS or that Kambwili’s kids are really his! Never!

  5. Truth can not come from PF government over the state of health systems in Zambia. Hope Nabarro visited UTH where the hospital goes without running water, beds, medicines and electricity load shedding that affect operations and other patient procedures.

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