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Friday, January 24, 2020

DEC arrests a Medical Doctor for having counterfeit dollars

General News DEC arrests a Medical Doctor for having counterfeit dollars

The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested a 54 year-old Medical Doctor of Lusaka for being in possession of more than $84, 000 United States Dollar counterfeit notes.

In a Press statement to Lusaka DEC Public Relations officer Theresa Katongo said Daniel Konga Maswahu, 54, a Medical Doctor of Kabwata Township was arrested for being in possession of $84, 100 United States Dollar counterfeit notes in $100 Dollar bills. The suspect was arrested at a named Shopping Mall in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, the Commission has in various parts of the country arrested six (06) people for unlawful cultivation and trafficking in narcotic and psychotropic substances contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Ms Katongo said those arrested and jointly charged include Pascali Simfukwe, 26, a Lorry Boy of Chiyanga village in Nakonde District and Jack Mumbi, 23, also a Lorry Boy of the same abode for trafficking in 12 sachets of heroin.

She said the two suspects were arrested during a raid in Chiyanga village.

Also arrested is Noel Mambwe, 44, a Small Scale Farmer of Chanda village in Serenje District for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 489kg and Moffat Mparabzi, 45, a Small Scale Farmer of Shamuzinga village in Mumbwa District for trafficking in 15.2kg of loose cannabis.

In Luapula Province the Commission has arrested Bwalya Kasanda, 72, a Small Scale Farmer of Mwansankana village in Chipili District for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 503.674kg and Chrispin Chola, 45, a Small Scale Farmer of Bolobolyo village in Samfya District for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 128.32kg, and for trafficking in 5.831kg of loose cannabis.

And the Commission through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit on the Copperbelt has arrested a 48 year-old business woman for receiving stolen property and aiding and abetting contrary to the laws of Zambia.                                                 

Particulars of the offence are that Mavis Kapekanshiku a business woman of 24 Kerk Street Kempton Park in Johannesburg South Africa on dates unknown but between 1st February, 2017 and 3rd March, 2017 jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown in the Republic of South Africa did hack into the Zambia Postal Services (ZAMPOST) Swift Cash Business System and generated transactions amounting to K19, 620. 00.

Whilst in South Africa, Kapekanshiku instructed her niece to collect K9, 950.00 from ZAMPOST Kitwe office where K2, 270 was sent to the said suspect in South Africa via Western Union while K6, 876.00 was sent to a Priscilla Asomani in Accra Ghana. The remaining K9, 670. 00 was fortunately blocked by ZAMPOST before it could be withdrawn.

All suspects will appear in court soon.


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    • Zampost is finished!
      Since they brought in Simfukwe and now this Chanda boy the company has been going down.
      Salaries are delayed and morale is at its lowest!

  1. Things are tough under the illegal lungu regime such that respectable people in society are so desperate to engage in illegal activity just to make ends meet. Meanwhile lungu is globetrotting. Lungu is an evil rat

  2. NEZ, Losing is good. As man try and forge ahead. You can not be this negative about the Zambian president all the time. Word of advise try to orgasm as much as you can, it will relieve your anger

  3. The is has almost approached the retirement age, am sure he has heard stories from his former workmates, how difficult it is under pf to get your retirement package.

    One thing people should also take note of is that noble professions like those in the medical field, education field, and other civil service professions, the probability of you becoming a millionaire or billionaire is noto/zero, you don’t wait to get into business when you approaching or get retired, the best is start your business in your late teens to 45,fifty years and above try something just survival not necessarily to become a billionaire or millionaire you will just risk become a old prisoner, because you will be rushing to catch up on lost years.

    Am a proud business man, a kachema by the way.

  4. This is the same dude who was in jail for peddling MDA. He seems to be a hardened criminal. Selling drugs now caught with fake dollars. This guy has dumped his career as a pathologist and now has a new career as a criminal.

  5. Ba Zambia I warned you the last time that if you allow transactions at border towns like Kasumba Lesa to be conducted in dollars, you would see an increase in fake dollars. I’m sure this is just a tip of the iceberg.


  7. Just comment on the story, leave the dimwit Mushota out of this but again if I had a daughter as dull as Mushota I would blow her….

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