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Having foreign investors in Zambia is not a yardstick to uplift the economy-Wynter Kabimba


Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party (RP) leader Wynter Kabimba has reiterated his prior statement alleging that having many foreign investors in Zambia is not a yardstick to uplift the economy, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka recently, Kabimba insisted that the Zambian economy will only be revamped when citizens themselves begin to vigorously participate in all economic activities and take full control of the economy.

Kabimba who believes much in socialism political ideology said the international corporations are merely interested in making huge profits at the expense of the majority poor Zambians.

He urged the Zambian Government to emulate the US President Donald Trump who has prioritize Americans in all fronts, affirming that local investment is the panacea to the country economic recovery.

“only Zambian investors will develop Zambia economically” Kabimba said

And the opposition leader Wynter Kabimba said contemplating on bringing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) into Zambia who recently stated that the Zambian economy may only grow by three percent will only take the country backwards economically.

He said the if IMF failed to address issues of abject poverty for Zambia when the economy was growing by 6.5 percent per annum, involving them again will be a sheer waste of time and a hurdle to Zambia’s economic recovery.

“IMF already failed in Zambia, why bringing it again” he said

And Kabimba said the status quo is that Zambia is on high speed moving backwards in all fronts because of her economy which is exclusively in foreign hands.

“Zambia is moving backwards because the economy is exclusively in the hands of foreigners” Kabimba said


  1. HH should have been speaking out on these matters. Zambians do not live in courts where he has fixated himself into. Sad for Mazoka’s party.

    • KK’s party, Chiluba’s party, Sata’s party, Mazoka’s party, Miyanda’s party, … when the fvck will we quit following cults of people and start establishing and following a belief?

      Anyway, you are a b1tch or sl@ve.

  2. True but in the meantime what are you gonna do? We don’t have the skills ,the capital and the right cultural environment to fully take charge of the economy that’s why you see Shoprite,Kenya Airways,MTN, salaula ,the Chinese and kantemba dominate several sectors.

    You don’t walk before you learn to crawl Bwana Kabimba.

    • The frikkin role of GRZ is to make sure that there is some frikkin form of plan to “walk” someday. Instead we have GRZ cheering on the plunder and looting of Zambia. If we have no frikkin plan, then that doesnt mean that there is nobody planning. One either has a plan or has been placed in someone elses plan. In this world there’s always a plan. We are famous for being b1tches and sl@ves. We welcome malls, we welcome having a universitty that churns out paper engineers and practical jokers. Everytime I see a Zambian engineer I see a waste of potential. Just a drunken sot. No skills apart from in a bar.

  3. Here is a synical take: how many of you out there would measure the success or failure of your household by the number of men you prostitute your daughter at home to and how much much money you earn from having your daughter and wife fvcked in your house? How about how many of you would proudly measure your parental success by the number of venereal diseases your son comes home with and which you have to pay for to be treated? How many of you would love to have your house known and treated as a brothel and garbage dump? Well that’s what Zambia is akin to at the moment. We produce, slaves, prostitutes, a market for foreign trash and degenerates. AND are proud of it!!!!!

  4. HON. Kabimba sajd IMF failed. No we failed because we didnt use wisely.C Mwila stop foreign iinvestment. Where will progress come from. We live on and beg for grants from foreignersstop their money. Then where are we.
    Why arent zambisns investing in their, maybe we have become dependent on handouts.
    With your outburst am sure you have a solution. What is it

  5. Iwe you think pf can forget about foreign assistance when they rely on kaloba for everything. They have mismanagement this economy so much tbat at this point they are at the mercy of foreigners. If the rep of imf asked lungu to bend over he would gladly accept

  6. True Hon, this business of selling the country to foreign investors must stop. Copper mines are under the hands of foreign investors and Zambia is still as poor.

  7. Nkrumah called it neo-colonialism and he died trying to find a way out of its impending labyrinths interweaving African history and destiny. mr kabimba must know well the many inevitabilities of both the past and future challenges of this continent

  8. its the attitude of many zambians. Quick and easy money. It doesnt matter who is in charge.. be it PF, be it UPND be it RP.. As long as we zambians dont take control of our lives and be proud of it.. we will fail over and voer again. A ban on foreign vegetables is of no use as we cant organize ourselves to deliver the same quality consistently. We even dont trust our family members…. and there are reasons for it.. as soon as you improve urselves.. the relatives will come and start eating.. isntead of improving themselves too

  9. Hanongo you have identified the problem and the solution to Zambia’s future. Strive to get better, trust each other and dont bring people backwards onces they progress. Use them as role models for your own progression

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