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PF MP Sebastian Kopulande says Poverty in Zambia has reached Emergency proportions

Headlines PF MP Sebastian Kopulande says Poverty in Zambia has reached Emergency proportions

Chembe Member of Parliament Sebastian Kopulande
Chembe Member of Parliament Sebastian Kopulande

Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Chembe Member of Parliament Sebastian Kopulande has said Poverty in Zambia has reached emergency proportions and the situation cannot be dealt with using orthodox formulas and approaches, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Speaking during the Lusaka District 413 Charter night for lions club of kapila at Cresta Gold View Hotel on 17th March, 2017, Kopulande expressed regret on high levels of poverty in the country.

He cited the recent Presidential address to parliament where President Edgar Lungu admitted that Poverty levels in Zambia remain unacceptably high, with 54.4% of the people living below the poverty line, nationally.

Kopulande further cited the head of state where he said the situation in rural areas is even worse at 76.6 %, affirming that the gap between the rich and the poor remains extremely high in Zambia.

The Chembe law maker has since stressed the need for the immediate intervention to fight poverty and deprivation in the communities which has become endemic in the country as opposed to merely talking about it as the President stated in parliament.

Kopulande implored the church, politicians, business persons and every well-meaning Zambian to take action because the current situation calls for unity and combined efforts with a new creativity in addressing the issue at hand especially that the President in parliament was honest and candid enough to admit that the current situation concerning poverty in Zambia need concerted efforts.

“The poverty situation in our country has reached emergency proportions and cannot be dealt with using conventional formulas and approaches”

“Yes, we can talk about it, but more importantly, as the President stressed, let us do something about it”

“More than ever before, the situation calls for unity and combined effort with a new creativity in addressing the issue” Kopulande said


  1. OK this has come from your own mp. I am really intrigued as best blogger to see the pf supporter’s responses to this. Because when I have raised this issue of poverty I have been insulted and called a liar

    • He should also not be making statements from Lusaka. He should visit his constituency regularly. Most PF MPs are absentee landlords in their constituencies. Voters are disappointed.

    • Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason. ~José Maria de Eça de Queiroz, translated from Portuguese

    • Kopalande is alive, and is PF..khikikiki..Anyway, poverty became an emergence as soon as Sata passed on (MHSRIP) and that guy from Chawama was forced to stand and hijacked by greedy PF members. Unfortunately, the same people suffering from poverty are so poor that they dont even know what you are talking about. They will be so shocked to hear someone is telling them that ..So Kopalande, you are probably just wasting your time. Unfortunately, you have said exactly what the rest of PF supporters don’t want anyone to say, as most of them benefit from tenderpreneurship contracts they give each other.

    • @Nez ati best blogger????? You mean best baby blogger! Everybody knows the Senior blogger Mushota won the vote! But even that election according to you was rigged???? Dunderhead!
      Now Hon Kopulande is speaking the truth and this is why PF will continue to win votes because we tell it as it is! PF is not a dictatorship like the United Dunderheads (UPND) managed by a lunatic perpertual kaponya Human Hyena (HH)! What the man is saying is what us pro PF commentators have been saying- I’m on record of calling for radical measures such as removing Luxury SUVs, allowances and other perks being enjoyed by all top Govt officials including United Dunderhead MPs!Let’s get cracking! It will be UPND’s nightmare if govt started to cut on this expenditure and channel it to the poorest by focusing on…

    • CTN..by focusing on schools, hospitals, entrepreneurship and small scale farming. Let’s show these Dunderheads thay PF is for the ordinary people! Let’s not disappoint out people! Get rid of MMD in PF, get rid of corrupt govt officials who have been abusing their offices- they know themselves!

      Zambia first!

    • This is the language of a failed administration. Sebastian is trying to walk a fine line between telling the truth that poverty has a tight grip on the country’s throat now, and not to appear to be blaming it on Lungu and his minions. But we know better. Lungu has been in office now for a little over 2 years,… and From 2015 to 2016, Zambia was declared the third hungriest nation in the world. A country that’s blessed with plenty of water, plenty arable land and manpower — but because of lack of leadership, can’t feed itself. What a tragedy. Part of the government’s duties is to foster a plan of action on poverty reduction, economic growth, job creation, etc. Instead of doing this, Lungu has been busy flying around all over the place, doing absolutely nothing, while the country…

    • (Continued)… wallows in abject poverty. The recent deaths that occurred as people fought over food is an indication of how much hunger is in the country. So if you still think that ECL and his minions are competent, and are bent on developing this country — there’s absolutely no evidence for that. And besides, this PF insider (Sebastian) is giving you a clue concerning what’s going on in his administration. And for sure he expects you to get it, unless you’re thick headed or just biased.

    • Those voters who claim to be kingmakers, how the fvxk do make a king out a elected president? Do you know that in some Zambian communities people even prostrate on the dirt ground when a politician goes to open a simple borehole drilled using tax payers money?

    • None of the above: It’s every Zambian who had and has the capacity to do the right thing for zambia but decided to be corrupt and deprive the expectant poor the required resources and inputs to do business. There is a serious need for rethinking the approach to both implementing projects, working and doing business in this country. The Rich should start thinking about the poor and those with capacity to do business let them expand their businesses and not rush to do politics and fight for political positions. Let’s all stop talking and start acting. I am very positive that this country has all the resources needed to change the current situation. The president should also stop traveling around and provide the much needed political WILL. Let’s all be seen to be working towards this…

    • “I feel totally liberated. I feel free. I feel I am in charge. I am in control. From here on, whatever happens is because I allowed it to happen. Whether you agree with me or not is immaterial. The only important point is that we must stop the blame game and accept responsibility for the present state of Zambia….My answer is no one has caused these alarming levels of poverty in Zambia other than Zambians themselves.

  2. The chap supposed to uplift people from their poverty stricken condition has the IQ of a single celled organism and seems proud of it. He told would voters that he is brainless and doesn’t know what a vision is, like people who wanted Barabas released instead of Jesus, they voted for this clown for president. What does he do in state house, dancing to idyotic music like dununa reverse, travelling non-stop, drinking sprees and womanising. Not a single word has he ever uttered on how the economy could be resuscitated. Instead he threatens to come down like ton of cement on his perceived enemies. Very soon soon Zambia will emptied of its people as they south for food like Mugabe controlled the population of Zimbabwe by destroying the economy. People were advised to please vote for an…

  3. Cont’d.

    …….economic manager who knows what needs to be done but they opted for a drunkard without a single clue what to do. Now they are reaping what they sowed. So sad.

  4. The mind is indeed the stature of man. President Lungu is tall physically, but is unquestionably brief upstairs.

  5. So what is he doing to alleviate the situation in his own Constituency? What measures has he undertaken to end the poverty in his constituency? Why should everything fall on the shoulders of government? This is why we have MPs, Mayors, Councillors to help come up with poverty alleviation programmes specifically targeted to their areas.

    • #MyZambia – Good questions and what are you doing to alleviate poverty levels in your area of residence? And if all Zambians ask themselves this question – this animal called poverty will be completely decimated and never to resurrect for as long as there is Zambia. Remember we are still importing vegetables in Zambia…

  6. Poverty is real and it seems like the no vision boat has lost direction to fathom strategies that can remedy the situation. We seemed fine, until this lot of misguided misfits took power in 2011 and went on rampage to destroy the economy with their wanton hunger for riches. Today, we are paying the price of being reckless with our votes. The grave effects of poverty is its ability to promote prostitution, thuggery, crime and their negative effects on the economy. No one is safe any more as the next people to be attacked will be the very politicians who have lied to people time and again. That is why it is indispensable to have proper economic managers if we are to avoid all these negative vices like bonanza, junta, and thugs like cadres taking law into their own hands.

  7. Elsewhere in Africa, we are beginning to see the power of the brain. Take for instance the case of Ethiopia, a country virtually devoid of natural resources, and now East Africa’s largest economy, way ahead of corruption-riddled Kenya. Zambia is bereft of thinkers in leadership. What we have are drinkers, instead.

  8. This is why Lungu should hold his cabinet meetings in Misisi ,Kalingalinga or Matero to be really self aware of the poverty induced by hi PF party.Holding his meetings in nice posh surroundings in state house gives his a false sense of complacence.

  9. The poor are getting poorer yet PF ministers are getting richier by the day even taking holidays with their boyfriends to Vegas and posing in front of their new Range Rovers. Some former ministers have alll the GRZ contracts and are now big time Property Developers.

  10. speaking reality or just trying to cover up for they blunders, Zambia can never improve as long as it has no limit to useless things like business supporting items intoxicating the nation: alcohol,lodges,bars etc. How much does one in zed spend on alcohol but next day asking for something to feed the family. Zambia is a rich country but the people never seem to use they funds or knowledge wisely, for me i think its just a cry from the Government on poverty so they can consume the funds for themselves. The president is more worried about soccer then what the nation is going through just shows he has no time for other more important activities going around the country.

  11. Zambia layed a wrong foundation at birth. Our cultural values also play the poverty trick. Our culture only exholts poverty wealth is not created by a clan but an individual. This idea of believing that my brother or sisters wealth promotes poverty like it or not.

    • Mzee: I agree with you. Their is no legacy in this country in terms of household based wealth creation. We have a very wrong notion of looking into the politics to create wealth. We are hitting a brick wall. We should remember that those holding political offices have families that are not wealthy and their first preoccupation would be to create wealth for their households before looking at the rest of the country. We need a cultural thinking shift indeed. Worse the population is increasing by day but the culture is static.

  12. I feel like I’m having a dream, & will wake up to a prosperous Zambia under P.F, coz whenever someone, H.H, says that Poverty levels in Zambia are unacceptable, Stone age P.F Cadres go into Maximum Overdrive, hurling abuse / all kinds of insults, telling us Lungu is busy developing Zambia.
    Unfortunately Zambians are stuck with this Visionless drinking leader, with his Thuggish Political advisor Kaizer in tow.
    Good Luck Zambians, you will find out in 5 years time the Value Chagwa had on Zambia, & your personal lives. ENJOY!!

  13. Clarification must also be made here, as I see a lot of people saying Sata was good, this berakdown of sanity wouldn’t have happened.
    It was Sata who had “The Vision” to leave Visionless Chagwa in control, when Sata began using State House as a hospice, while he became a medical tourist @ taxpayers expense.
    Zambias Curse was P.F coming to Power, as they were always Vocal, violent visionless St0rm troopers, who were only interested in power, & amassing Illegal Wealth!

  14. Did you know Zambia, China and Mozambique are the three countries surveyed to have the highest expenditure in Infrastructure Development? 40% of these countries budgets went into Infrastructure Development. The basic analysis of this parameter is that these countries have realised that Infrastructure is one of the means to ending poverty. Now these new statistics are scary. We are still recording high levels of poverty even after such an investment. We need a serious evaluation of what is happening in this country.

  15. “Kopulande implored the church, politicians, business persons and every well-meaning Zambian to take action”.This is where the hypocrisy lies with our politicians.When the afore mentioned criticize govt.for implementing wrong policies,or indeed have different opinion on issues affecting the country,they are poured with scorn,ridiculed or indeed condemned strongly,just for thinking differently.Church leaders are even challenged to leave the pulpit and join politics instead.

  16. The countree is now owned by foreigners. That is driving up povertee. Friedom fighters like KK are quiet about this

  17. Its Funny to hear this statement coming from the PF MP! Honorable Kopulande, Zambians already knew that they were living in abject poverty and decided to put you in government so you can help them change the situation. They did not vote for you to start lamenting but to engage them in finding solutions.

  18. The solution to poverty in zambia in not giving hand outs to able bodied people but to give to each one what they deserve, in GRZ Mines Parastatals Private etc. A situation where 10% population live on 90% of resources and 90% population live on 10% resources can not help the economy.
    The interest rates in Zambia are very high and not one has the power to do anything about it. Time for INTREST RATES MUST FALL.

  19. We already know Ethipian-like poverty levels. We need SOLUTIONS not being told what we already know. Some pipo still have their big STYOPET heads buried in the sand.

    We witnessed the deadly stampede in Lusaka over a plate of food, which made embarrassing headlines on BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera etc.

  20. Why should we even sympathise with the masses who are wallowing in poverty when the same masses are the choir masters and best dancers when it comes to singing and dancing dununa reverse which has ushered in useless leaders who are causing the poverty because they have no clue on leadership.

  21. Kaili we want to get loans to start businesses but you charge insane interest rates which even BOZ knows are unbelievable

  22. My fellow country men and women. Is it not that the source of poverty is the laziness that Zambia is indulged with? There is a bad attitude towards work in Zambia. Look at how many hours an ordinary Zambian watches TV and also the number of hours they sleep. “Slumber a little and poverty will creep in your kitchen”.

  23. Poverty in Zambia is not just down to gov’t. the people are stubborn. The rain season has just ended. we had good rains but look in that picture, lots of green TREES and GRASS is growing not small veggy patches. The people must also help their selves. Immediate hunger should not be a problem in a country where people get small land/plots for free. Poverty should be down to lack of mobility through education and equal distribution of wealth. But a country that is relatively free of violence (no thanks to HH), should be able to provide the basics in terms of food.

  24. Ulufumo ababene abaletweba pali povati. Isn’t it because of selfish ones like him that there’s poverty?

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