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I will not give up on the petition, Keith Mukata is only serving his stomach-HH

Headlines I will not give up on the petition, Keith Mukata is only...

HH speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka on Sunday
HH speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka on Sunday

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says he will not give up on his presidential petition no matter how many times the courts adjourn the matter.

Mr. Hichilema says he is aware that the recent court adjournments on the right to be heard matter is aimed at frustrating him but that he will not give up.

And Mr Hichilema has attributed his not letting go of the presidential petition and court processes to setting a precedence that Zambia must begin holding free, fair and credible elections.

He however says there is unprecedented interference on the judiciary by the PF charging that even that will not stop him from continuing with the legal fight.

Meanwhile the UPND President has praised his Members of Parliament for boycotting the State of the Nation address by President Edgar Lungu on Friday last week.

Mr. Hichilema says there is no way the UPND MPs would have gone to parliament to listen to what he termed as an “empty” speech by President Lungu coupled with political songs.

And on the Chilanga UPND MP Keith Mukata, the UPND President said Mr Mukata’s actions did not represent the interest of the people who voted for him in Chilanga who are being detained by the PF.

He says Mr Mukata’s action clearly shows that he is only interested in himself and not the people, and the party adding that in due course the nation will be informed of what actions will be taken against him.

Speaking to Journalists in Lusaka this afternoon, Mr Hichilema said there is no way the UPND MPs would join in fostering illegalities by listening to someone whose election is being challenged in the courts of law.

And the UPND President has said that Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini must step aside for someone who is more professional.

Mr Hichilema said the Speaker has failed to show leadership in Parliament especially after allowing PF MPs to sing political songs immediately President Lungu stepped into Parliament.

The UPND President says Speaker Matibini must show cause as to why he should not step aside when he has been supporting PF’s failures both in parliament and across the country.

He added that the speaker of the National Assembly along with President Lungu must apologize for subjecting Zambians to such a lowly national address but also unparliamentarily language used by PF MPs.


    • For some people everything is about pf and upnd , don’t you get tired?
      Imagine your lives centred around pf or upnd.

      Life is too short

    • I see nothing but evil here. This man has risen in ranks to become wealthy not by hard work, but by the sacrifice of so many people’s lives. He may have even been behind the death of Mazoka. Who knows? He has no one else’s interests to serve but his own and if the government does not arrest and charge him with treason, he will burn Zambia and run away with his money. It is time all well meaning Zambians smelt the coffee. There have been many innocent Zambians incarcerated for treason on no evidence at all but here is a man who is flagrantly treasonous and walking scot free.

    • Me Too: honestly you can’t the nonsense in this message. You want the Speaker to resign when you did not attend parliament. When you boycott parliament don’t comment on parliamentary business because already it’s none of your business. This kind of thinking is making HH very unpopular and back wards. All he should have done was to justify why his MPs boycotted and never talk about what happened inside parliament. That’s the maturity I was expecting from him. It’s like you refuse to attend classes but you want to learn what your friends were taught. That’s very lame and hypocritical.

    • Terrible atmosphere, that Matibini allowed singing Dununa reverse in Parliament. Is Matibini also under house arrest by PF thugs like someone at Nkwazi house? Matibini is scared of being assaulted by thugs like KZlu. Man up Ba Matibini, fisanga against.

    • The gathering of those pf MPs reminded me of the documentaries have watched for mubuto sese seko, were every time he said something his MPs would go into dance and shouting mubuto oye, mubuto oye.

      That speaker is bull crap, how can he allow national assembly to be turned into a pf convention.

    • HI (Hard Hearted) for you. My friend told me that Senegal u20 boys camped at his house before the tournament, I think it could be true.

    • Give up HH, wont lead anywhere I am afraid

      It buys you time though staying at the helm of UPND, not saying that is a bad thing to start with






    • More lies from this cursed soul the Hungry Hyena (HH)!


      But they can’t, why because they like their leaders HH and GBV are the most selfish egocentric people in Zambian politics!

      You can’t force wisdom on a Dunderhead! Please continue with you court cases until 2026! Hopeless cretins!

    • Zambian is really a messed up country. It will take the not less than 30 years to put the country on the right path to meaningful development. Very sad.

    • A wise young man will emulate this dude. Keep fighting even if they rule against you and high chance is that they will rule against you. This fighting-on spirit has made this dude rich in a country ridden with laziness and begging. I say laziness & begging because every time I call my friends, all they ask for is money. Showing a totally lack of self discipline and seriousness. All they do is complain, yet we have vast opportunity to make money.


    • Wisdom is knowing what to do when end results are known. Even if this f00l HH does not give, there is NO Court under the Sun which will hear any petition. It is closed and dusted. So it is luck of wisdom or f00lishness to continue chasing a fruitless course or chasing the wind which you know you cant catch. Its closer to madness. LIERS will never enter the Kingdom of God. HH and his minions keep lying that he will be installed as President and that SADC summoned ECL for questioning and that the commonwealth grilled the Chief Justice and all sorts of satanic lies. No wonder he is viewed as a Satanist he enjoys lies and even bullying his own a.ss.
      For Mukata he knows that it is stu.pid to boycott the Presidential address and deal with matters which end up on the Presendents’ table. An…

    • If Nkombo deos not know, dealing with VP and Kampyongo is as good as dealing with ECL. If their heads are function properly they must boycott the entire life of parliament these baboons

    • Excellency HH, your DECLARATION touches a lot of souls not only in Zambia but also outside the borders of Zambia. Please, I also join a bandwagon of people who are encouraging you never to stop this petition in the courts. Bo HH, you are the only hope to liberate us, the BANTU BO TATWE MEANING THE NORTH-WESTERN, SOUTHERN AND WESTRRN PROVINCES. Mr Lungu must be told in no uncertain terms that instead of just dividing Southern Province as he is intending to do, he should consider DIVIDING THE SO-CALLED ZAMBIA into the PRE-INDEPENDENCE STATE THAT THIS COUNTRY WAS, meaning North-Western and North-eastern Zambia. The One Zambia, One Nation motto died and buried in 1991 when UNIP lost power and we reverted to Multi-partism. All this time, us the BANTU BO TATWE (NORTH-WESTERNERS,…

    • Notherwestern and Western provinces are not part of the Bantu Botatwe speaking people of Zambia, but the Tonga, Soli and Lenje speaking people. However, this tribal problem is baby of a Tonga H, who is trying lure other innocent tribes into this Tonga people frenzy. When HH was not on the political scene, we did not have this problem. HH started all by allowing to appointed as UPND President simply because he was Tonga. When he was confronted with this truth, he started the false of claiming that it is an attack on the Tongas. This was a false premise, unfortunately he seems to have succeeded in hiding the truth or genesis of all this tribal talk. Why do you think he has failed or is refusing to hold a UPND convention? It is continue making UPND a Tonga Party. Just follow the debates of…


    • In an effort to steal votes, HH accused Maureen Mwanawasa of finding his votes in a bin.

      The idea was to claim that the said votes allegedly found in a bin by Maureen Mwanawasa were stolen by ECL.

      Now, please note that Maureen Mwanawasa denied the allegations made by HH, of finding his votes in a bin.

      Maureen Mwanawasa went further and warned HH not to involve her in falsehood.

      So who was the real thief, the one who wanted to steal and failed because Maureen Mwanawasa did not want to be part of his fraud, or the one they wanted to steal votes from but failed?

      Maureen Mwanawasa is there, she can testify to that vote fraud HH wanted to commit.

      Again HH wanted to use judiciary to steal votes by requesting the court to transfer electoral materials from ECZ to the courts,…

    • Again HH wanted to use judiciary to steal votes by requesting the court to transfer electoral materials from ECZ to the courts, but the court stopped him.

      His idea was to use sick elements and his sympathetics in the judicial system to tamper with the material and create fake evidence in pursuit of his falsehood.

      Ni wonder he has failed 6 times. What a failure!!!!!

    • You have the right to pursue this matter until 5056 I don’t care you lost soul! Pathetic loser without a strategy! Damn ugly OVAL HEAD HH!

    • So when Upnd use raw insults in Parliament it’s ok as far as HH is concerned? Both parties must be condemned for using insulting language in Parliament.

  1. HH weather you don’t give up nothing is going to change and for the UPND MP, please stick to what you believe in. Show him that with or without money HH won’t control you. He wants everyone to dance to his dry tune. Nokusumena bwaume

    • Bemba Man: I am wondering what will happen if these petitions reach August 11, 2021. Is HH and UPND going to participate in the elections?

    • @Miya
      True – Yes of course; your grandmother with her smelly unwashed puss.ey will participate in the 2021 Elections!! Ar.sewhore!!

    • HI (Hard Hearted) for you. My friend told me that Senegal u20 boys camped at his house before the tournament, I think it could be true.

  2. Well done HH. more than 1 million zambians who voted for you are behind you.

    We understand that hearing the petition will set the stage for free and fair elections in our country.

  3. Ikainde you are still delaying your own petition by asking judges to recuse themselves.
    You are a time waster Kaponya (HH). You and GBV are illegal president and running mates of United Ponyio Nyio Dogs.
    You are trying to extend your dictatorial stay at the helm of UPND by using monkey tricks in court.
    Even if we gave you the full Concourt Petition hearing today, you wouldn’t be ready with evidence.
    You are such dirty, filthy liars. FCuk you Kaponya and your retarded Fat Albert.

  4. My president for me. So wise and honest. You are a true fighter who stands for the truth and we in upnd support you all the way. Keith has his own personal reasons for defying our cause for a better Zambia. Many people in times of fighting give into the wrong side out of lack of perseverance and discipline. You are a good man and I will continue to volunteer my skills to the party. You are looking very healthy and ready to fight for the truth. We thank you Mr legal president of Zambia

    Chief strategist of the upnd

    • @analyser these UPND FO0LS all suffer from a false sense of entitlement. Elitist, proud minions with nothing more than cow SHlT to their name.
      These are the children of Kaponya (HH) teachings. All UPND clowns end up like NEZ

    • Analyser all my titles are well earned through free and fair means. Unlike your president I earned the most votes here but as usual on the pf fashion Lusaka times withdrew those results as they cannot stand an opposing person. Why do pf dogs want everyone to side with them. Do you dunder heads know what democracy is? Please wake up my brother.

    • As for kudos. Just read your comment and have a think about it. You don’t seem to add any value to this forum. All you know is being tribal and attacking people from the south for god knows what reason. Look if you are so confident pf won the presidency then why not bring an end to this and have the petition heard in free and fair surroundings. You seem to be so ignorant that you cannot understand the importance of setting a good precedence for our future generations. Please grow up and if you not mature enough to contribute to this forum I suggest that you take leave and rethink your life. You seem so up your own backside that you cannot even realise that more than half the country voted upnd

    • kikikikiki. This chap NEZI amazes me.I don’t think he’s upnd.See how they danced when Mukata joined them.
      Didn’t you I.diots shout that you wanted Matibini to take over during petitions?
      You sit in Parliament when madam Wina is there don’t you think Lungu’s votes made Wina VP?They were running mates.Koma Muli mbuzi!!

    • HH is Zambia’s only hope for justice, democracy, economic empowerment, equality and prosperity. Every dog indeed has it’s own day … what goes up must come come down! The PF day of reckoning will come for sure and very soon. Innocent Zambians cannot continue to suffer at the expense of a few. By the way, the PF government should also stop dreaming about IMF money … not with all this bad governance and oppression. Alute continua!

    • MaryGoRound, I feel sorry for and UPND for turning yourselves in a cult, a system of political veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure called HH. HH has turned UPND into a political group with socially deviant behaviour from the Zambian political norm, an unorthodox sect whose members distort the original political truth in Zambia. You want us to believe that Zambia is HH and HH is Zambia? Well, the other 7 provinces do not care about this guy called HH. You can preach this falsehood to your fellow Southerners and do not generalise his fame when it is neither here nor there.

      HH and UPND lost the elections and this was certified by all observers locally and internationally. The petitions are just, but a futile attempt political diarrhoea which is afflicting HH and…

    • HH is is a fighter, yes.

      But he is a fighter who always loses.

      6 times in a roll, he has been losing.

      HH will go in history as the only fighter who retired losing.

      The only fighter who never won a single game.

      The only bitter perpetually losing fighter.

  5. This guy will spend his entire political life in the courts because he is a seasoned loser. You cannot have an individual who is at war with everyone who does not agree with him. HH should understand that hi cannot impose his leadership on the majority 7 provinces that rejected him. He must understand that he does not call the shots for him to tell the Speaker to step aside. The Speaker has a duty to deal with the unruly behaviour of UPND MPs and HH shoulder shoulder the responsibility for whatever punishment the Speaker mets on UPND MPs.

    If it ok for him to punish and rebuke Mukata, why can’t the Speaker also do the same to those under him who are breaking the rules. there something seriously wrong in the reasoning of HH. He so self-centered that he thinks that Zambia revolves…

    • Artleast he stand for what a lot of Zambian want. A country which respects the rule of law. Thats why Africa is where it is today. You still want to live like in the stone age. Great nations have been built because they respect laws. This is not a village. You may not like HH but he will go down in history as a man despite his privilage who stood up to a drunk who pretends to be a lawyer

    • You are wrong, HH is speaking for UPND and Southern Province. Alot of Zambian from 7 Provinces reject his behaviour and way of doing politics. He is speaking for himself and the minority. The rest of the country is at peace with the government.

    • @Asigai:
      Speaking bull.sh.it as you always do! Surely the rest of the country is NOT at peace with a PF government of THIEVES….Except you, your Grandmother and your AR.SEWHORE Mother!

    • Chilyata, I do not mind how much you insult me. It only confirms what I know about you being uncultured, unsociolised and so on. Most of you guys have never been properly tutored on how to live in main stream Zambian society because you parents concentrated on raising animal than you, their children. This has been going on for generations, hence a DNA has evolved where you no longer seem to fit in the main stream Zambian way of behaviour, reasoning and national/world outlook. This is so sad because you are so lost and do not know it.

      Having said that, I want you to challenge me point by point from what I early said. Insulting only show that I have hit the nail on your head and you have no answers. The truth is HH is lost in the political woods and has no other way or idea of coming out…

    • @Asigai:
      Look at you Apeman speaking loads of sh,it as usual!! You mean you monkeys changing us “to fit in the main stream PF way of behaviour/reasoning”…of stealing, laziness, poverty and hunger?? God forbid, that will and should never ever happen!! How can you have lazy thieves complaining of hunger because they are too lazy to grow their food,etc….please put that sh.it right in your back side!!
      If HH lost an election, why is it that the Drunkard does not allow a simple petition which was rightfully made in accordance with the Laws of the Drunkard to be heard?? Even the counting of “days” was hushed up to prevent the case being heard. Also, why didn’t the drunkard step aside when the case was being heard as required by the law? Your thieving is within your DNA and there is…

  6. The current speaker performance in the last 6 years of PF is left much to be desired. In the history of this country this behaviour of MP’s singing political songs has never happened. I cry my beloved country. We have least/poorest levels of leadership in the entire SADC. It is Mungulu leadership!

    • HH and UPND are only now trying to find a way out of their childish behaviour by their MPs. The letter written by UPND leadership gav clear reasons why they ordered these silly MPs to stay away. They said it was because they do not recognise the Presidency of Lungu and that the petition is Court. Never was any aspect of the singing by PF MPs given as reason for their action. The choice to stay was done before the day the President was to address Parliament.

      This turn around only show how how HH thinks, that we have already forgotten what was written in that letter. He thinks the rest of Zambians who are not UPND supporters are dull. This is a guy who will go at length to create lies after lies to shed off his embarrassing lose in the last elections.

      HH is only hiding in plain sight…

  7. The PF kaponyas want to bring kaiser zulu politics to our electrol process.

    Keep up the pressure HH don’t pay them no mind. Without people like you, kaiser zulu politics would take over zambia.

    We salute you sir and your fight for right.

  8. @Spaka like lilo:which pressure is HH putting on PF?upnd is putting pressure on itself because PF won 2016 elections and PF is firmly in control!!!whether HH continues with his nonsense( petition) in courts or not,PF or Zambians wont lose anything!!OUT OF THIS NONSENSE(PETITION) HH’S UPND ARE THE GREAT LOSERS!!MOREOVER,THERE IS NO PRECEDENCE BEING SET IN OUR COURTS BECAUSE THE ONLY RECORD ABOUT THIS ISSUE IN CONCOURT IS THAT THE PETITION DIED AFTER UPND LAWYERS WASTED THE STATED 14 DAYS!!!until 2021,no petition will be heard-mark my words!!!SO HH IS SIMPLY MAKING NOISE WHICH WONT RESULT INTO ANYTHING GOOD!!HH IS A LOSER SINCE 2006 AND HE WILL REMAIN SO UNTIL OUR NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS IN 2021 WHICH HE WILL AGAIN LOSE 100%!!!

    • If lungu won , why all this fear about letting the nation see what evidence UPND have ?

      Will 14 days change the evidence ??

      If lungu does not let the petition be be heard he is proving to more than 1.7 million zambia voters he is a theif.

      Either he let’s the petition be heard or he is a theif and an illigal president in the eyes of many.

  9. Chilyata what’s wrong with saying the truth . Do you think you make sense with insults or hate speech. Nothing will change and this story will go on and on till 2021. Let’s be realistic

  10. If lungu would rather be called a theif and an illigal president then let the petition be heard, it is up to him.

  11. Dictators often listen to no one except their own reason and conscious. 2021 Zambia forward under new UPND Leadership at that time there will be no petition to be heard

  12. HH must prove if he is man enough by rejecting ECL’s presidency using strong terms unlike simply saying because we have cases in court.if HH dares to go beyond the limit-A TREASON CHARGE WILL BE SLAPED ON HIM AND THAT WILL BE THE END OF HIS POLITICAL CAREER!!HENCE,HH IS PLAYING WITH FIRE OVER THIS PETITION ISSUE.ONCE HE GOES BEHIND BARS LIKE OBVIOUS MWALITETA,MUKOBELA,ETC HE WILL REGRET TAKING THE ROUTE HE HAS TAKEN AFTER 11/08/2016.HH needs to ask Trevor Mwiinde how hell life in Chimbokaila is.today Trevor Mwiinde (a once die hard HH supporter) has distanced himself from HH’s politics of provocation against the sitting Govnt because he was taught a big lesson in jail.WHENEVER LATE MICHAEL SATA LOST ELECTIONS,HE JUST MOVED ON UNTIL HE WON PEACEFULLY IN 2011.WHY CANT HH DO THE SAME IF…

    • If lungu would rather be called a theif and an illigal president then let the petition be heard, it is up to him.

    • Why do you support dictatorial tendencies of imprisoning opposition supporters? Young people like you should be champions of democracy and freedom to hold one’s own opinion which may differ from another person’s opinion. Human being are made that way. You can’t agree all the time with another person’s opinion even with your wife, mother or father. It is just natural.

    • Rubbish! HH knows law more than your drunkard. He knows where to touch so that it hates. I can assure you one drunkard supported by empty tins cannot match HH.

    • Well, the reality laughs at you. Lungu has beaten HH in all major legal battles. It is very embarrasing to see how HH made silly mistakes at law during petition filings and continues to do so. HH is a political and legal disaster!!!!

  13. HH is Right.He is looking at the bigger picture.HH is demonstrating to Lungu that u cannot steal an Election with impunity and expect to get away with it. Violence begets violence. ZPS killed Mapenzi Chibalo in cold blood last year and ZPS has now killed a ZAF Officer in a Police Station. If we allow Election Riggers to get away with stealing Elections in 2016 we might as well consider the 2021 Election rigged. The time to clean house is now. The ECZ, Concourt,ZPS and other Electoral Institutions must be reformed and personnel changed. Those who stole the 2016 Elections must be held accountable. The Chulus,Isaacs, KZ,RB etc must pay the price for rigging the 2016 Elections.HH is Right .We must create a precedent in managing elections properly in future. Officials managing elections must…

    • There was no rigging. It is not possible that all election obver both local and international could be wrong to state that the election were credible. HH and UPND with their lawyers have failed to prove this fact. All we hear is verbatim after another. The fact is that you and your HH know very well that you lost the elections clean. No amount of crying foul will change anything and no will be made to pay for doing no wrong. The country is quite apart from HH. You think when HH speak, the people in the 7 provinces that rejected him care? No. It is only in Southern Province. In he 7 provinces it is business as usual. HH will be taught another lesson if attempts to stand in 2021. The 7 provinces will use the Southern province voting pattern and give zero votes this time. It will even be…

    • Assigi
      Only 100, 000 fake voters is lungu ahead ati ” people in 7 provinces. ”
      That 100, 000 is same as 3 townships in lusaka….

      I suppose it is more reassuring to the kaponyas to say 7 provinces instead of less than half of the voters.

    • Spaka, it does not matter the numbers, its the definite outcome, the rejection of HH in 7 Provinces out of 10 that speak the loudest. The votes were declared clean by all observers internally and internationally. Spaka, show one observer who support you claims? it is zero my friend. All these people and organisation cannot be wrong and only HH right. It only shows you that HH is a king of lies. All this is a fake way by HH to cheat you that there is something to salvage from the devastating lose, but alas, HH and UPND are only cheating themselves, there is nothing to salvage. You can insult, vulgarise, but it all in the clear, you lost and will never win the Presidency under HH.

    • Assigi if you are so sure lungu won, why aren’t you supporting the move to have the petition heard ? Or would you rather have lungu be called a theif ??

    • I do not support anything for the sake of it. The elections were declared free and fair by local and international observers. It not for anyone else to prove these observer wrong, but HH. That is the hardest thing for HH to achieve and he will never succeed because he has no proof. HH is only using this petition thing as platform to speak and do his politicking. He has lost all direction how else to lead UPND. There is nothing we are hearing from HH apart from the petition. Are you going to be talking about this only until 2021?

      HH is now spent and does not know what to do. This his sorry state of affairs. He is done, spent, defeated and frustrated.

    • Well lungu is a theif then…..this is not about HH but the future of free and fair elections in zambia.

    • @Asigai

      It is really simple. If lungu, you, local and international observers are convinced the election were free and fair, don’t you think the only sure way to put the pettion to rest is to allow it to be heard? You are all so sure that Lungu didn’t steal, although I have reason to believe Lungu stole that election. He is a thief as historical evidence indicates. I don’t know how you people can be so comfortable with such a shady dishonest character as Lungu as your president. Do you see why it’s important to have the petition heard?

    • @ 15.2 Spaka like lilo,

      If you lose, there is no need of laughing at the person who has beaten you with a small margin.

      That fact is that, after all, you are worse than the winner.

      If I were you I would be laughing at the loser for being beaten by someone who did not win with a large margin.

    • @Gutinyu

      HH is a proven professional economic manager while your Lungu is also a proven bandit with a criminal record. Do you think it’s wise to vote as president, a thief? Are you not up to now not aware that Lungu is a convicted criminal? Is that alright for you to have such a punk determining your future?

  14. I feel sorry for this man. How can anyone handle that much hate & negativity in their heart when life is so short. If he had God on his side the Lord would take off this weight from him. If this man understood that the President was addressing House & Nation on national principles & values he wouldnt have called it empty. The President raised a lot of important issues to strengthen national unity. How can this be empty?So much hate & bitterness is not good for him & people who look upto him.

  15. WHY CANT HH MOVE ON LIKE MICHAEL SATA USED TO DO IF INDEED HE IS POPULAR ACROSS ZAMBIA?he cant because he knows that against a well known ECL,his defeat in 2021 will be huge!!besides,in 2021 there will be no load shedding,kwacha will be strong or stable,PF will deliver more projects across Zambia,a lot of famous Zambians will avoid standing on upnd ticket in PF strongholds (6.5 provinces) as they know it will be wasting money and time,ECL’s image will be splendid in the eyes of millions of Zambia as he is ever in churches worshiping God,many of those prominent politicians (Mulenga Sata,Miles Sampa) who supported him in 2016 have learnt a lesson that indeed upnd is a regional party,so they wont support him in 2021,etc.so HH will lose badly in 2021-mark my words!!

  16. Edga and his PF have turned this country into a banana republic. All the institutions have been destroyed. Let those supporting PF continue until we hit rock bottom. As long as we allow such mediocre leadership to continue ruling Zambia then we are in for a very big surprise. Edga has no agenda for Zambia and all he says are lies. He is desparately looking for support from anybody but he will have to earn it. He is a lame duck president. His time will come! God is great!

    • ”mediocre leadership” simply because your ka semi god is NOT president ayi? Damn lost cretins! Anyway let me remind AGAIN that ECL is in charge for now whether you like or not!

  17. I am PF and I would like to thank HH for going to court. That is the right way and the most civilised way of doing things. Most of these people condemning you are blank, you are just pursuing your rights. I am opposed to your party but I have no issue with the route you have taken. No offence

  18. Zambians are lucky to have a brave son in HH. In spite of HH’s Status he is putting a good fight against Injustice,dictatorship and tranny for the good of Zambia. This culture of violence and stealing elections must be eradicated. HH is creating a worthwhile legacy and will go down as a brave son of Zambia. We are behind u HH pse dont give up the fight until the Petition is heard. The International Community can see what Dictator and Illegitimate Lungu is doing and will standby the Will of the People. HH is the man of the Season.Bravo to HH & GBM. Lungu Ayopa Chani? #Let the Petition be heard without fail.

  19. ECL has the support of people in 7 provinces and he earned it the elctions. It is only you in UPND who have it in your head wrongly. No amount of propaganda internally and internationally is working for HH and UPND. HH claims remain rejected by those who witnessed the last elections.

    He is now commenting about the same Parliament he does not recognise. If he thinks the elections were not credible he should remove all his MPs from Parliament forever in protest because sitting there, they still debate issues brought out by the President (ECL). In another way, they still recognise him. Even if they do not want to physically listen to his address, they debate his address, so what are they achieving? Zero my friend. HH is only misleading you because he knows there no way he can run away…

    • Assigi
      Only 100, 000 fake voters is lungu ahead ati ” people in 7 provinces. ”
      That 100, 000 is same as 3 townships in lusaka….

      I suppose it is more reassuring to the kaponyas to say 7 provinces instead of less than half of the voters.

  20. Mwaiche leka tukwebe,u ar just a die hard 4 nothing and don’t think we’re bind wit yo nonsense! U ar a Problem nd a fool at da same time. Kafyile ukutali na kalubemba uwaluba.

  21. Late Levy Mwanawasa was 100% right when he said “upnd supporters and their leaders are like battocks who will never be in front of a person!!”surely if upnd do not recognize ECL as Zambian President then what are his 58 bantustan mps doing in parliament debating nationals issues being implemented by Edgar Lungu’s led Govnt?why cant hh order all his councillors,mayors,mps in 3.5 provinces to stay home until icc hand over power to him?if all those who won on upnd are men enough,let them stay home until 2021 and see if majority Zambians will care about them as they add or subtract nothing to our daily lives!!HH IS A BAD LOSER ZAMBIA HAS EVER HAD!!GIVEN ANY CHANCE,HH WOULD BE HAPPY SEEING OUR COUNTRY AT WAR-GOD FORBID!WE SHALL CONTINUE ENJOYING PEACE UNDER PF AND MANY OTHER FUTURE GOVNTS!!

    • Kaiser zulu politics PF is trying to cement in our electrol process is rejected.

      Until the petition is heard lungu is a theif.

  22. Very arrogant, passively self egocentric rude. Hashinde has never been an MP, Concillor nor a Ward Chairman he has no respect for the Head of State nor the House of Parliament. The wealth he dubiously acquired through Privatisation and selling our mines has made him so big Headed.
    Disgustingly Pathetic

  23. HH the Supreme Leader of the UPND is a bitter soul and has misled most of his supporters that he’s their saviour and yet not true…HH will continue suffering from self inflicted bitterness while most Zambians will be enjoying the inner peace and long life and grace from God…HH will continue lacking wisdom until he repents from what he dubiously acquired during the privatisation period and I can tell you that he will never have a peace of mind unless he just does that…

    • Just let the petition be heard….the truth shall set you free…..

      why would any honest person rather be called a theif than let a petition he knows contains falsehoods be heard ????

    • It is not Lungu who has prevented the hearing, but HH and the way he insults and abuses the judges and the judicial system and expect the same Judges and system to hear him. Thus guy HH is not in his right frame of mind and all of you blindly following will have all sorts of political rocks falling on you until you are buried in political grave.

    • If lungu was an honest person he would be dragging HH with his petition to court rather then be called a theif…..

  24. I think what you all bloggers on this forum are missing is the fact that HH’s petition has not been heard, we do not know who the legit president of Zambia is.

    • The truth is the ECL is the legal President, properly declared and sworn-in. The onus is on HH to approve otherwise. There is no Presidential vacuum in Zambia as you attempt to portray. This a lie UPND is peddling to those who are ignorant about how governance is conducted.

      The hardest thing for HH is to prove that he won, because he has no support of all those who witnessed these election, locally and internationally. It is a very difficult thing for HH in not a futile exercise to save face. So, my friend, we know there is a President in Zambia. Do you live in Zambia or Mars? Who has the instruments of power in Zambia, is it HH or ECL. It is ECL and therefore the President. I know is difficult to swallow this truth, but it the truth and reality. No amount of you burying your head in…

    • Lungu was sworn in by a Clark.

      It seems he and his suppoters would rather lungu be called a theif then let the petition be heard…..

  25. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that United Ponio Nio Dogs have formed an alliance with General Miyanda’s Personal to holder Party. There’s similarities in persistence, perspiration and self egocentric attitude.

  26. Well spoken HH. Please do not relent, soldier on. For our democracy to take root, the rule of law MUST be persistently followed and justice obtained thru the courts of law. This will indeed set a precedence and show maturity, will give our young up-coming future a good raw model to look up to w.r.t. following the right procedure thru courts of law, and not street fighting and pangas, It will send a good message that in Zambia the rule of law is persistently followed. Good for attracting future credible investments and job creation. Good for foundation for future leaders to build on. Soldier on.

  27. @Asigai. If Lungu won fairly and openly it is puzzling to see why he has failed to give this evidence in Court? If u were accused to be a thief and u are not a thief, the obvious and normal thing to do is to show and convince the Accuser that indeed u are not a Thief by producing the Evidence. Why has Lungu failed to do this and clear his name in Court? The guilty are very ..very afraid. KZ says if it was not for his bravery and ingenuity Lungu would not be President today. KZ says Lungu is the King and he is the Kingmaker and without the Kingmaker, Lungu would not be President today. KZ is the brains behind the Election Rigging Scheme and that is why Hearing the Petition is suicidal to Lungu, KZ, RB, Chulu,Isaacs etc.The truth will set u free Achimwene! Lungu Ayopa Chani? # Let the…

    • The onus is on HH to prove his claims. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. HH and UPND have not done this. It the fault of HH and his lawyers in mishandling the Court procedures that have let to this case to drag. If you have been following, the lawless for HH have made big blunders maybe because they know HH’s allegations are unprovable.

      GBM came into the electoral game with some huge plans to outplay PF, but they were outplayed by PF and this is what is paining them. You may not be given all the details by HH, but UPND had played a very dirty game during voters registration, but were caught pants down. So do not be cheated by HH and GMB, they know why and how they lost. They are only trying maintain your support by going to courts and you have fallen to their scheme of lies…

    • Chando my friend, do you understand what you have just posted?? How does President Lungu give evidence in for which crime?? Zambians went to the polls and the majority voted for him. HH felt there were irregularities and petitioned the election after the constitutionally mandated ECZ declared President Lungu the winner. The ConCourt suspended the inauguration so that the could hear the the petition but the petitioners (HH & GBM) and theri legal team failed to present a single shred of evidence within the 14 day stipulated time frame. By the 6th day the petitioners’ lawyers had not even served papers on the other party!! is that President Lungu’s fault or the money hungry lawyers your people hired??

    • As Asigai has repeatedly told spaka, 7 provinces voted for President Lungu and there is no thief here just a legally elected president. If you prefer to call President Lungu a thief it is only in your sick and deluded mind but the country is moving forward without you tribalistic failures who will end up with no representation in the governance of this country. Besides who even cares what your opinion is if you have thrown away your sense of reasoning just to see your tribal god in State house?? Even Maureen Mwanawasa abandoned your stupid petition when she realised that it wasn’t going anywhere!! (remember the ballots in a bin story?….) SHAME ON HH!!!

  28. HH, so you think that Hon Keith Mukata is “only serving his stomach”? Then you HH must have a much bigger stomach!
    I will not comment on the rest of the gibberish by HH and his fellow donkeys. Except to note that instead of using the press conference to tell his fellow donkeys to wait for actions to be taken against Hon Mukata, if HH had balls he would have announced the “actions” there and then. But playing on the brains of his donkey followers he says something he believes people will forget soon. THERE WILL BE NO ACTION AGAINST HON MUKATA BY HH OR HIS FELLOW DONKEYS IN UPNDONKEY PARTY, unless poor HH wants to embarrass himself.

    • Terrible nio:
      That’s rich of you to say “poor HH”….is he poor really? Look at yourself, your mother, your grandmother etc and tell us who is “POORER” in any way you may want to interpret that word!! You miserable pieces of rat eating sh.it, I pity you together with your Drunkard thieving PF President.

  29. Zambian must not sell their freedom and rights to folly and being docile! I look beyond being partisan in mode of thought versus depth of actions by the different players on our political scene. The sustained push by HH for the right to be heard goes beyond the expected result of the petition! This is all about Zambians not appreciating what the supreme law of the land The Constitution entails! Therefore Zambians are prone to political suppression and easily give in to everything that disadvantages them and the country at large! The most affected resource poor at the tail end of the poverty index spectrum have no voice whatsoever to air their plight! In Zambia you have to be a somebody to be heard! This somebody is found in categories of NGO’s, traditional leadership, party associate,…

    • HH has already been heard by 10 provinces. He was rejected in 7. His Court cases will not force any change. If you court a lady and she says no, do you go courts? That is what HH is doing.

  30. contd….., rubble rousing state protected cadres, clergy, the rich having own resource sources or simply ‘Apamwamba’, big time embezzler, ‘official’ thug, attachment to some big Zambian historical name etcetera, but not in being one brainy self made toiler or amongst the media personnel as media is labelled “enemy of the people” especially by the politician in government! That the most affected poor of the Zambian society can not either be accorded, find a voice or given platform to be heard leaves it to some in the afore mentioned categories to try and fill in for them with no positive gains! Most in the afore mentioned categories have nothing to lose thus can voice out their concerns! The average Zambian has to whet his frustrations among friends and at watering holes where such…

  31. contd….., frustrations and sorrows can supposedly be drowned! Three arms of government that are supposed to act independently in upholding the constitution are misguided in that the Executive wing lords over the Judiciary and Legislative! In between I see HH in his efforts and those supporting his pursuit trying to open eyes and minds that Zambia has a supreme law which gives protection to every citizen and though it if applied as it is meant to be will yield better for each and every person within the confines of the state called Zambia!

  32. Zambians have short memories and don’t read! Our constitutional provision is not proportional representation but majority win by 50%+1. You wonder why people still talk of 7 provinces just because it suits them to justify illegalities committed. Having tried hard to put myself in HH’s shoes, I think HH is doing Zambians a favor here. He has nothing to lose. Bottom line is PF committed a lot of crimes and unconstitutional acts in the run up, during and after the elections! We should all get worried when you get someone elected fraudulently with help from African dictators like Mugabe and Museveni! Lungu never won these elections bane! We were supposed to go for a rerun! We know that even the swearing in ceremony itself was unconstitutional. This is the first time in the history of Zambia…

  33. This is the first time in the history of Zambia where the president is not sworn in by the Chief Justice. Legal minds, what is going on in Zambia under Lungu? Are we going to continue on this path of injustice and self destruction? Natural justice demands that someone be heard. If Lungu chachine won clean, let the petition be heard! Refusing to have it heard only confirms suspicions of wrong doing on the part of PF and makes Lungu’s presidency illegitimate!

  34. He insults the judges the same ones to hear his whatever. @34 Were you in Zambia and you don’t know the Chief Justice? How many CJs do we have? No wonder your party doesn’t know that the petition is over.

    • Naomi, I advise you to review the proceeds of the swearing-in ceremony at Heroes Stadium and you will see that it was the CJ who conducted the ceremony for both the President and his Vice. Kindly check out stories and photo to this effect on this page: https://www.lusakatimes.com/2016/09/14/president-lungu-and-inonge-wina-inauguration-in-pictures/

      The swearing was legal and there is no debate about it, Lungu is and will remain legally elected and sworn-in. Whatever HH and UPND are doing is self-defeating and fighting an already lost battle. The presence of all those diplomats from strong democracies shows that they all agree that the elections were credible. The best thing for UPND is accept this fact that they lost and move on. Do not live on a lie, it will not help.

    • @ Asigai, if I were you I wouldn’t waste my precious time answering to a rubb!sh comment from a disgruntled woman in the name Naomi!

  35. Mr HH, you will not give up on the petition you say? Which petition? You mean the one which gave up on you in september 2016?
    I am not aware that you raised another one, all I know is that after the petition gave up on you, you are in courts making noise, wasting everybody’s time, abusing the civil liberties of citizens who deserve judicial attention, and insulting judges and yet at the same time expecting them to entertain you. More importantly, since the petition gave up on you, your main preoccupation has been to mislead your fellow donkeys that there is a petition.

  36. I am not an HH supporter but this is a matter of principle. Lungu should not be allowed to get away with the truth. He might manage to dribble HH through the corrupt system but a day will come for him to answer. Zambians must be respected and the Zambian constitution must even be respected more. In all honesty, there is a lot of questions about Lungu’s legitimacy and he needs the court to settle this through an impartial hearing.

  37. Our Amended Constitution is very clear. Once a Presidential Petition is filed in Concourt there cannot be inauguration of the President Elect becoz ECZ’s declaration of a Winner is Nullified. For inauguration to take place a New Declaration of the Winner by Concourt is REQUIRED. Lungu went aheard and illegally inaugurated himself in power and used Clerk of Court for swearing in process instead of the Chief Justice or his Deputy as per Law.Lungu blocked the Petition Hearing, refused to handover power to the Speaker of Parliament as per Law. How can Right Thinking Zambians Condone all these ILLEGALITIES? This kind of Impunity and Lawlessness must be stopped. HH we support your stance on this one. Lungu Ayopa Chani? Let the Petition be Heard no matter how long it takes. Illegitimate Lungu…

  38. @ Zulu. U are 100% right. Supporting impunity and lawlessness has turned Zambia into a violent and failed State. ZPS gunned down Mapenzi Chibulo last year and it has just killed a ZAF Officer in Police Custody. Kaiser Zulu has become Law an to himself simply becoz he rigged the Elections and made Lungu President. KZ says if it was not for him Lungu would not be President today. Lungu and RB have failed to discipline KZ becoz he is a Kingmaker and without him Lungu is Nothing. The Hearing of the Petition is supposed to stop this Rampant Lawlessness in Zambia. The Petition is more about the survival of our Constitutional Democracy than it is for the Petitioners. We want Rule of Law and not mob Rule like KZ is doing with impunity. Zambia is now a Police and Failed State. We must support HH…

    • @Mwansa just like HH you are an expert at distorting facts! Your Party was denied a permit to go ahead with the gathering yet your top leadership ignored this, sadly a poor young lady was caught up in the Police effort to control the situation which couldve even been worse. The ones to blame are your leaders for Mapenzi’s death! HH and the rest of the United Dunderhead leadership are taking you numbskulls for a ride! Thank God the majority of Zambians denied them for the 5th time! Come 2021 it will be the 6th time!

  39. Part of HH’s own statement attributed to Mr Hichilema: He said – “the Speaker has failed to show leadership in Parliament especially after allowing PF MPs to sing political songs immediately President Lungu stepped into Parliament”. A clear admission of HH responding to his own conscience.

    • This cheap guy is taking his dumb followers for a ride. The OVAL HEAD knows that there is a President!

  40. Interesting developments in Southern Province. God has His Own way of teaching the UPHD SINNERS. The good people of Maamba have been cut off from the rest of the country . Yet Tongas are failing to appeal to their so-called “PRESIDENT HICHILEMA” to send his “Government” Engineers to construct a bridge over the eroded road to Maamba. Very interesting indeed!

  41. The so called UPND President, HH is egocentric “having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things: an egocentric philosophy that ignores social causes. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one’s own; self-centered: an egocentric person; egocentric demands upon the time and patience of others.” Due to this he is forgetting that the poor people of voted his MPs will continue to suffer as they will not have representation in parliament.
    Why do these same MPs ask questions to mama Inonge Wina who happened to become Vice President after Edgar Lungu achieved 50 plus 1 which they are contesting in courts of law. Unlike in the past the Vice President wouldn’t have been there had it been that ECL did not win, so let them even…

  42. The Chilanga MP is a chancer,nimuselela kwakaba.A few months before the elections last year he foresaw that the PF was definitely going to lose in his constituency, so he quickly shifted camp to the other side where he was easily adopted and he scooped the seat again. So now, his decision not to boycott the President’s address to Parliament contrary to ‘his party’s’ expectation simply shows he’s crawling back into the ruling party. Both HH and Edgar should be careful with such people.


  44. HH is the most useless and brainless politician in this country. Whatever he says stinks and not good for Zambians.

  45. To borrow from Zulu above ….

    ” Our Amended Constitution is very clear. Once a Presidential Petition is filed in Concourt there cannot be inauguration of the President Elect becoz ECZ’s declaration of a Winner is Nullified. For inauguration to take place a New Declaration of the Winner by Concourt is REQUIRED. Lungu went aheard and illegally inaugurated himself in power and used Clerk of Court for swearing in process instead of the Chief Justice or his Deputy as per Law.Lungu blocked the Petition Hearing, refused to handover power to the Speaker of Parliament as per Law…”.

    • Not nuliffied, SUSPENDED !! Until the same court is satisfied by the evidence presented by the petitioners. But as we were shown, the petitioners and their lawyers FAILED to convince the court. Not a single shred of evidence was presented only technicalities like having the court take hold of the disputed ballots and so on and so forth…Problem is you wanted the Law according to you not the Constitution. Those greedy lawyers knew the petition is going nowhere without hard evidence. HH has been losing elections since 2006 mind you!!

    • President Lungu as president-elect had no power to block the hearing. Then power is only handed to the speaker if there is a vacuum. If Concourt is not convinced with the petitioners’ evidence, they uphold what the constitutionally mandated ECZ declared. Hence President Lungu being inaugurated.

    • That is if you have a serious petition,

      Note child’s play where the owner runs away from his petition with the view to expire it.

      And indeed he expired it?

      So to answer your question – food once bought needs to be eaten but when it expires they don’t eat it anymore. It is as good as not having bought it.

      In short when your food expires you are as good as one who never bought any. It is thrown away.

      You don’t stick to expired good saying come what may, I will never give up. That is how you can judge someone’s level of thinking.

  46. PF cadres don’t know their rights, that’s they keep on trampling on other people’s rights.

    When someone calls you thief, or let me put it this way when UPND calls vote thieves, don’t think you think it is within your rights to seek court intervention, to put that to rest?

    Why is PF so scared to seek court intervention to put to rest these UPND allegations.

  47. Can someone please explain to “Spaka like lilo” why the petition did not take place starting from the filling in of the petition on Friday when the following days were Saturday and Sunday.

    • Spaka has hardline tribal dictatorial characteristics like his god HH. The majority have to move aside while they the minority are given their supposedly inherited “birthright” which was stolen from them! I have said it before, HH’s political naivety cost him the presidency. If he had respected his elders and worked with Late President Sata and signed that pact the rest would be history. WHAT A LOSER.

  48. I find it strange that the UPND MPs can wine and dine with the Vice president Inonge Wina and ask questions about government (ECL government) activities in Parliament and then refuse the one who made Inonge VP!!! Does that make sense? It is better that they completely stay away from parliament… It will make sense rather that being selective… Is it the adage that say, you know where your loaf is battered!!! Because they know that by completely staying away,,, no money in their pockets…LOL hypocrites!!!

    In fact it is the MPS who stayed away from Parliament that work for the stomachs and not Keith!!!

  49. HH is misleading the people of Zambia. He knows very well what the Constitution says about a petition in terms of timing. To ask the President to reopen the case is hypocrisy. he can sue for his right to be heard but may not get the petition active again.

  50. The roads in Kitwe are now terrible. Not good for one nursing circumcision wounds, twapapata! All those that are accused of stealing votes and all those that have petitioned, misula yenu.

  51. All UPND supporters have declared their brains redundant. They all rely on Hungry Hyena’s (HH’s) brain. According to them, HH is always right. What a shame!

  52. Bandi badela mavoti bandi badela mavoti meebo bandi badela mavoti eeh eeeeeehi eeehi what a terrible cry So loooooong. Can’t we move on? We have rolled in dust and cut ourselves with spears whilst running into and out of the bushes. As sad as all this is, it is now becoming boring. And some one will be surprised if they lose again. Hmmm????

  53. Keith Mukata is a man and half to challenge the Almighty, infallible Superman and unerring leaders called Hakainde AK Chitombwa Hichilema.

    • A man and half cannot be hopping from one party to another.MMD->PF->UPND->PF Can that be a man? This fellow stands for nothing

  54. NEZ should be crowned the most stupid blogger of the century and the most blind follower of a party (upnd) in the history of party following.
    i used to support upnd but after 2015 i saw HH for who he really is, a sadist greedy self-centered person and he has turned not just me but alot off people off, without HH, i personally would help campaign for upnd freely and i believe we would stand a great chance of winning but people like NEZ encourage this greedy man to stay on as upnd president when he is actually now an illegal president for upnd.


    • The illegal president is the one who was sworn-in without satisfying the following provision of the constitution The Constitutional Court may, after hearing an election
      (a) declare the election of the President-elect valid; or
      (b) nullify the election of the President-elect and VicePresident-elect.

    • How is HH greedy when he has legitimate questions.HH just want to find out why Lungu allowed his ministers to preach hatred with impunity on national Television prior to elections.He also want to know why Judge Chulu announced fake results of Lundazi supposedly from authentic G12 result sheet.

    • He also want to find out what was Chavula doing in the server room?why was G12 forms missing in Lusaka?why was the results not posted on polling station as per tradition?how did his results end up in the bin in Kanyama?why did the PF cardes overrun some of the polling stations in Lusaka?why was senior party official and aides receiving results from the copperbelt when there were not part of the ECZ?All these question need answers to guarantee free and fair elections in the future.Without answer on what transpired in august 2016,we can just forget about free and fair election in 2021.

  55. The UPND and their lawyers are extremely incompetent.

    UPND and their lawyers lack understanding of basic law.

    The constitution in article 279 states as follows:

    (b)if the last day of the period is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday (“excluded day”), the period shall include the next day;

    (c) where an act or a proceeding is directed or allowed to be done or taken on a specified day and that day is an excluded day, the act or proceeding shall be considered as done or taken in due time if it is done or taken the
    next day; and

    (d) where an act or a proceeding is directed or allowed to be done or taken within a time not exceeding six days, an excluded day shall not be counted in the computation of
    the time.

    • Now, anyone who does not understand this basic article cannot defend a case.

      The commencement of the case was on Friday when the petition was filed because the filing-in day was not an excluded day.

      Where the timeframe does not exceed 6 days, the excluded days are not counted in the computation of time.

      Otherwise the excluded day form part of the count – and in the case of the expired petition 14 days is clearly more than 6 days – thus all the excluded days ( weekends and holidays) were countable.

  56. This man HH thinks he is the only person with a brain in Zambia. Let us the brainless continue with our PF since you think you are the only intelligent person in Zambia.

  57. HH is avoiding challenge from “his” party members by clinging to the so called court cases. Lets now see how dictatorial he can be when he dares the only man “enough” who attended the PRESIDENTIAL briefing. We are watching you and you shall reap what you are sawing.

    • HH has legitimate questions which need to be answered.HH just want to find out why Lungu allowed his ministers to preach hatred with impunity on national Television prior to elections.He also want to know why Judge Chulu announced fake results of Lundazi supposedly from authentic G12 result sheet.

  58. He also want to find out what was Chavula doing in the server room?why was G12 forms missing in Lusaka?why was the results not posted on polling station as per tradition?how did his results end up in the bin in Kanyama?why did the PF cardes overrun some of the polling stations in Lusaka?why was senior party official and aides receiving results from the copperbelt when there were not part of the ECZ?All these question need answers to guarantee free and fair elections in the future.Without answer on what transpired in august 2016,we can just forget about free and fair election in 2021.

  59. @chipasha, What you have said above is all hearsay.

    let’s have concrete evidence that shows a table of results showing columns for both HH and ECL like the following

    Constituency, ECZ Figures, Actual Figures, Discrepancy

    and then totals at the bottom which shows that HH won the election.

    This does not need court hearings and if he can show this even on this forum, a lot of people, including me, will believe and follow him. Otherwise let him forever shut up and stop wasting our time!

    • Are you telling me that the Lundazi issue was hearsay when there is video evidence?Are you telling me that the issue of Chavula is hearsay when everyone saw how he was fished out of the server room.Are you telling me that the issue of G12 is hearsay when the ECZ has admitted that.I think you do not stay in zambia

  60. HH should wake up from his deep sleep and know that in an election in this case presidential they can only be one winner.Time is run out,already this is 2017 just start organizing your party by working on the weakness.I know defeat especially from a novice like ELC is painful and bitter to swallow.Anyway good luck in your fight for “RIGHT TO BE HEAD”

    • He wants to find out what was Chavula doing in the server room?why was G12 forms missing in Lusaka?why was the results not posted on polling station as per tradition?how did his results end up in the bin in Kanyama?why did the PF cardes overrun some of the polling stations in Lusaka?why was senior party official and aides receiving results from the copperbelt when there were not part of the ECZ?All these question need answers to guarantee free and fair elections in the future.Without answer on what transpired in august 2016,we can just forget about free and fair election in 2021.

    • Let us imagine we put HH as president now, then ECL becomes opposition leader, will HH ever address parliament because he will have very few MPs attending his address. ECL will also behave the same by not allowing his MPs from the strongholds of PF not to attend. Put it simply, HH has not enough numbers in parliament and that can be very easy for him to be impeached. Please UPND and other HH sympathizers please look at that on a broader picture and remember we need to develop this Country Zambia than to be known as a country that always spends colossal sums of money on by-elections.

  61. @chipasha,

    The Lundazi issue did happen that at the announcement the numbers where truly transposed.
    However, the Totals where correct despite that. So it doesn’t change anything. You can replay the videos and check the totals which I did several times.

    The Chavula guy issue is also a mystery, you need to show proof that he changed the results in favour of ECL. Even the courts will need that kind of proof that indeed the activities of Chavula, Lundazi issue, Gen12 forms DID HELP ALTER the elsection results in favour of ECL. In the absence of that proof, I am afraid ECL will be president until 2021. It seem that evidence is not there!

    So both items did not alter r influence the results of the elections. Period. And you cant prove who sent Chavula there. It…

  62. What is wrong with this young boy hyena hazaluza?what he is doing its like arguing with a doctor while he signed he is dead.dreaming its free everywhere u can dream u are sleeping with President’s wife no one will arrest you,let him continue dreaming Noah come and flash him with flaud.when he thinks about 2021 its far,let him keep on backing like a rabid dog to make noise in town

  63. HH you accuse Mukata of serving his stomach … mmm whar about you? You’re claiming to be representing Zambians … which ones; definitely not me and the many I know of. I’m sure you must be very bitter that the Commonwealth which you wanted to declare the last election not free and fair did the exact opposite! Just hoping you won’t accuse them of having been paid!

  64. @chipasha,

    And The folly of this PETITION is that HH claims the stolen votes where mainly in Lusaka urban.
    This cant be true because Lusaka is a PF strongholdwhere UPND doesn’t have even 1 parliamentary seat. It would have been easy to believe if he won most parliamentary seats but lost the presidential poll there. But that was not the case. Think about is!

  65. This petition is for the bigger belly of HH, followed by smaller bellies of his MPs. The level of desperation on the part of HH is unbelievable. However, the ONLY way HH will remain relevant in Zambian politics is to continue petitioning the elections and continue to confuse the people’s MPs. If this man (HH) knew that he was petitioning the election why did he allow his MPs to be sworn in by the “illegitimate president”? This is the kind of opposition leader we have whose standards are this low.

  66. HH just accept defeat. Even if we put you there, you will not manage because you have fewer MPS. In fact you are just embarrassing yourself by exposing to the whole world that you have very few MPs as seen from TV when your MPs boycotted.

  67. one fact is that all UPND MPs. President, running mate, Cadres and Indeed sympathisers were grewed on tv listening to ECL’s address. If it were not for Zambians across the country, I would have advised ZESCO to switch off power in selected areas and am sure they would all run back to parliament. There are more comments about the speech from UPND than from PF.

  68. From the afore going comments one can not help noticing that there are those painfully trying to help others reason through arguments based on constitution provisions and those arguing baselessly with pivoting distraction from the subject at hand! Tins with content versus empty ones produce different effects to the ear!

  69. Sinono from your submission it is clear that you are preaching hate and tribalism its bad for you and for us all Zambians. Zambians have gone beyond your thinking.

  70. HH paying for your stupidity…The people you deprived of what rightly belongs to them during privatisation, some are dead and their blood will always speak against you
    You will not successes, remember the people you robbed!

  71. At The Helm Forever!
    Clinging onto power for the sake of petition……!!!!……..

    Jack Mwimbu, Mwiitwa and Garry Nkombo always watching from terraces not realising that they need a new coach.

    Dictatorial tendencies!…….


  72. Can’t we Zambians channel our energy into productive issues other than politics? We have a lot intellectuals who would contribute positively to our peaceful nation. My cent worth suggestion.

  73. I wonder how he knew the speech was ’empty’ before he heard it!

    I am just curious, are members of Parliament expected to debate the President’s speech? If this is the case, are the UPND members supposed to contribute to the debate? Or are they supposed to boycott the entire session that will be dedicated to debating the speech? Or are they going to be allowed to apologise again like they did last time? For me, I take it that once the President has addressed Parliament, there is a period when MPs dedicate their time to debating the speech. But are these UPND MPs going to debate the speech which is ’empty’, according to their leader?

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