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Ignore Fake Letters Purported to have been written by UPND-Katuka


Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka

United party for National Development Secretary General Steven Katuka has urged the public to ignore letters criculating on social media purported to have been written by UPND regarding MPs not participating in the presidential address.

In a message to the media, Mr Katuka called on the Zambia Police command to immediately institute investigations on the source of these fake letters which he said had been forged.

Below is the full statement


It has come to our attention that some enemies of the party are busy writing and circulating letters purported to have been written by ourselves regarding our MPs not participating in the address and now another one purporting that the party had a disciplinary hearing with a view to charge Chilanga MP Keith Mukata.

As a matter of fact, no such a letter has ever been written by the the UPND Secretariat under the signature of the Secretary General.

We are a civilised party with our own procedures in dealing with issues.

We call on the Police command to immediately institute investigations on the source of these fake letters which are forged.

Forgery is a serious crime in Zambia and we are ready to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in nabbing and bringing to book whoever is behind these fake letters.

Steven Katuka

UPND Secretary General


    • How do we know, this is not a FAKE statement too?

      The only enemies, are the ones you see in the mirror Sir?



    • Your fellow retard @nez confirmed and praised your tribal leader for for dictating to mps to stay away from parley.

    • Kiki ati ” we are a civilised party …”
      Katuka .. How possible is it that a tribal party can be civilised? @ terrible would put it like how can donkeys act in a civilised manner? The answer is it cant!

    • But the content of what you are calling fake letters is exactly as what HH is saying. Is HH fake as well? I think you are a retarded party and not civilized as you claim to be.

    • Everything about this tribal UPeND grouping is fake anyway! They all don’t know what they stand for! Too sad Great Mazoka died (MHSRIP)

  1. Yeah. How do we know this is not a fake statement either? We know fo sure that UPND has fake evidence of election rigging that is why there have failed to present any to the courts of law. How can a G4 form be evidence that elections were rigged?

    • You must smoking something stronger than Cannabis – please re-read the you have written and try to make sense of it!!!!!

  2. This UPND Petition is a hot potato. It is polaring Parliament and all Zambians. Lungu is spending enormous amounts of money and Time fighting this dreaded Petition. We have only seen Pictures from the SADC Summit in Swaziland last week. Do these Pictures confirm SADC’s recognition of Lungu as Legitimate President of Zambia in spite of the Disputed and Petitioned Election? How come there is a blackout on this issue from Amos Chanda and Kalaba? We were expecting a Headline saying “SADC recognises Edgar Lungu as the Legitimately elected President” or ” “SADC commends Lungu for holding free,fair and credible Elections in August 2016”. How come there is No SADC Resolution condemning HH for Petitioning the 2016 Presidential Election? Why no PF Celebrations?Ifintu nafikosa? Where is Amos…

  3. Mweene you are confused. The congratulations were give in August last year and since then SADC has held two presidential meetings. Why repeat what has already been said

  4. Mweene. SADC recognises LUNGU as president of Zambia thats why he attends the SADC meeting.
    The best UPND can do is orgarnise themselves for 2021 Elections. Time is going while the party is in Limbo. UPND have a lot to do before next elections.

    • @Scone13,
      Did you observe something from those SADC pictures
      1) Our President being welcomed at the airport by a minister of Labour and Social Security, just imagine
      2) Picture 22, you will notice that Tanzania is denoted as “United Republic of Tanzania”, while ECL is seated behind a tag with “Zambia” only. Just that, you can see how much Tanzania respected than Zambia. I would have preferred to see ECL behind a tag ” Republic of Zambia”.
      This should give you an indication as to what esteem ECL is held within SADC.

    • @ 10.1 The Tanzanian one is written like that because it is a combination of the island Zanzibar and the main land Tanzania. As for Zambia whether it is written Republic of Zambia or just Zambia still remains Zambia

    • 10.1 you are indeed dull.Very dull if anything. Even in Zambia ministers are sent to welcome heads of state at the airport. There is totally nothing wrong with that. It was a summit and the hosting president cant afford to welcome all visiting Presidents.

    UNSCRUPULOUS people have created over 17 Dora Siliya fake Facebook accounts to tarnish her image and are using her name to solicit for funds. KIKIKIKIKI. The fakes have started.

    She said in an interview with the Daily Nation that some unscrupulous people were bent on tarnishing and abusing her name to the extent of creating over 17 fake Facebook accounts.
    Ms Siliya said that those people had been disseminating false information about her and that some desperate media houses had been feeding on the lies without confirmation.

  7. This is not fake news because it is on Lusaka times. Unless you are saying Lusaka Times and all bloggers are fake on this blog. Anyone who has just blogged is fake and should not read or edit their message because it is fake. These PF cahoots are fake and paranoid! That is what it means when you are caught with your pants down. PF STOLE THE ELECTIONS AND ARE AFRAID TO GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF A PETITION IN COURT. If PF are so sure of their victory, then a petition would have been a child’s play to them!

  8. Ati UPND is a party? This is just a club of clowns and tribesmen. Surely, the weather know Zambians, no one can go Scott free without being challenged when their leadership skills are questionable, losing five straight times and no one in the party can stand up to question it, silly indeed!
    And to show how confused these shepherds are on one hand they say they don’t recognise President Lungu and yet on another they rush to the police to help them. What they forget is that all security forces are under the Commander In Chief, who in this case is President Edgar Chagan Lungu. It’s really sad for you guys in UPND p because even school kids laugh at you!

  9. China, UPND lawyers were very much aware of the lack of evidence regarding the alleged”stolen” elections. If one has evidence, even a day is enough in the court to present facts. The lawyers will be having a field day big time, they will soon be laughing going to their banks.

    • Bushe balifola? Make more money by telling the moron that there is a possibility of winning the petition.Meanwhile, instruct the courts to have many adjournments, make more in this way

  10. Too late, why talk about the letters now? I means there true letters you wrote bwana and you are trying to deny them. that is the problem of writing or speaking something without clearly thinking it true. You know the Speaker will use it as evidence against your MPs. If the police find you cheating on this, you are in maningi trouble. I wish you luck on this one.

  11. Which police are these asking help from? The police who they insult right left and centre. The same police who their commander in chief they do not recognise. Ubushilu bweka bweka.

  12. Whether a letter or no letter the fact remains that UPND instructed its MPs to boycott parliament period. So the issue is not about fake or original letters the issue is UPND instructed it’s MPs to boycott parliament. Don’t try to change goals posts here. You have come to terms with your embarrassing attitude towards parliament. I ask this question again: if UPND petitions go on up to 11 August 2021, are they going to participate in the general elections? Please someone help!

  13. Policemen are not elected you i.d.i.o.ts. The police is an institution which has been destroyed by the villager of a president who has no clue how the world works. He thinks he is running a group of village messengers from Kacholola. This Chakolwa has no clue what he is doing and people are following blindly just for the hate of one man. Others are tribal cousins who have a good feel effect just because their tribal cousin is ruling or their tribes man is in power. That is why we are a thousand years behind the developed world. They experienced such things a thousand donkey years while us africans are bust disciminating each other without a difference. White dicriminate against us because we are black. What is the difference between a bemba and luvale? NOTHING! I.D.I.O.T.S

    • Just go to tumfweko Facebook page, they have a nice picture of the day of Michael katabo pf minister of livestock kneeling before his humble god, typical Christians for lungu style , people like katabo are the reason why Zambia is centuries behind in terms of development.

    • You are already discriminating! Would you for instance call yourself all those bad names you have called the President? Then who is an id!ot? YOU, China!

  14. Kikikkkkkkkkk upnd has spent more than 6 months crying about their lost 2016 elections!!i can imagine how bitter upnd members are in their homes!!we hear everyday about a failed petition,surely will this petition issue continue until 2021?amazing!!I FEEL SORRY FOR UPND BECAUSE NOBODY WILL REMOVE ECL FROM STATE HOUSE!!EC will rule Zambia until next elections in 2021!!

  15. 1. Katuka and his presidential candidate hh and fellow donkeys have been caught pants down. Finally there is evidence that their MPs broke the law by accepting instructions from some donkey outside parliament. Yes, the relevant provisions of the law was quoted today. This is where the urin.e bags of Katuka and hh have come loose, the prospect of losing all their members of parliament except one non-donkey, one intelligent Keith Mukata. But they have offended him too, so izankala bwanji? So ati ni fake, copying from Dora Siliya, sorry guys you made the song so dance to it.

  16. 2. UPNDonkeys now let me tell you why a presidential petition is 14 days in Zambia and a few other countries. In France it’s actually 7 days. Why? Because it is a matter of national security if you can’t have a President a few days after the elections. A presidential petition is for very serious matters of electoral fraud which can be proved easily. Usually you have the evidence the very first day of announcing the election results, the other 13 days is for lawyers to frame the case in their legal jargon acceptable to courts of law, serve summons on the respondent, and very short hearing of arguments for and agaunst by judges. It is usually a straight forward case for the judges not very complicated to last months arguing. A good example that comes to mind is where results are 55% to…

  17. Contd… An example of good clear evidence that comes to mind is where results are 55% to 45% in favour of one candidate but the electoral commission twists that to announce the very opposite, as they would do in Congo DR or Zimbabwe, or Jammeh’s Gambia. Examples of bad “evidence” include chasing empty trucks for non-existent ballot papers, printing ballots in Dubai which were used equally by all parties, a missing form g24, or hijacking ECZ motor vehicles ferrying election materials. You see from this that election petitions are not for jokers. (In USA during disputed elections in Bush’s stronghold in Florida they had to determine the winner in a few days even though there was strong evidence that the democratic candidate had won althecstate and the Governor was Bush’s brother. But…

  18. Contd…. (In USA during disputed elections in Bush’s stronghold in Florida they had to determine the winner in a few days even though there was strong evidence that the democratic candidate had won the state and the Governor was Bush’s brother. But they moved on).
    Any other “evidence” is not allowed by the law because there is very limited time and a President must be declared and/or sworn in no later than 14 days in Zambia, 7 days in France.
    But of course donkeys do not reason like me and many other people do they? Otherwise why would they be called donkeys?

  19. Pf plan to pressure the speaker to ban the Upnd mps from parliament. They held a caucus meeting were they were the crook lubinda was tasked to lead this cause of having the Upnd mps banned.This illegal government of thugs does not know that this will cause problems for the country the IMF will withhold aid but being dunder heads this pf govt will blindly lead the country into sanctions.Which will actually play into HH ‘s hands because the cost of living will sky rocket

    • You sound scared. Always thinking about the negatives. If your UPND committed an offence so may it be. The laws of the land must be respected. Even IMF is for governance. I now understand that you guys a really under fives politically speaking. The action of boycotting parliament but participant in other PF government activities is childish, to say the least.

  20. Pf plan to pressure the speaker to ban the Upnd mps from parliament. They held a caucus meeting were they were the crook lubinda was tasked to lead this cause of having the Upnd mps banned.This illegal government of thugs does not know that this will cause problems for the country the IMF will withhold aid but being dunder heads this pf govt will blindly lead the country into sanctions.Which will actually play into HH ‘s hands because the cost of living will sky rocket

    • What sanctions, iwe?? always thinking of negative issues. Do you think the IMF has been talking to UPND about our country?? No, they have been talking to the government under the PF, who outnumber you in parliament and can well make a decision on our behalf. You are putting your own bantustan southern province under stress and soon you will be left out of the governance chain. Nothing will skyrocket because we have functional Finance Minister who is working closely with he President, that’s why the kwacha is stable. Even the Irish have accepted the elections and want to move on with developmental programmes!!!

    • They don’t know what they were voted for ,these UPND MPs must go to HHs farm apart from one mature chilanga MP.

    • Unfortunately, the people of Chilanga are hungry and need food and are like everyone else in Zambia are affected by high prices of literally everything. So which people are you talking about whoever you are? Indeed why should the President of Zambia be met by a Minister at such a very important gathering? Why would he want to address Parliament and fail to address the press where questions can be asked about the performance of our economy? why go and address people in the diaspora when you have never given an audience to your own press in Zambia to ask questions? let us be real? look at what is happening in the States where the Constitution speaks and everyone else follows that which is enshrined in it? I think someone somewhere is not enjoying his job.

    • @ Yaba, you think that your Supreme Leader HH of the UPND will be distributing free food to the people of Chilanga…Your Medulla is warped with bitterness and hatred of President Edgar Lungu…Work hard for your self and don’t think that the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND is the saviour…far from it…

    • Is it a question of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing? HH ‘s statement on Keith was in agreement with the “fake ” letter.

    • @Yaba,that is the problem with you guys in the UP and Down! I just can’t understand why you REALLY believe that your HH is a messiah. If he were president (God forbid!) he would still face the same challenges naye. Don’t think he is the sharpest person to have been born in Zambia awe! Indoctrination is worse than Cancer!

  21. Keith Mukata is not a pushover. After all he is better than Hichilema. Hichilema is cannot make a good President., he is petty and dull, he speaks like a broken record. His riches are not out intelligence but looting proceeds of Chiluba era, that is causing the suffering Zambians are going through now.HH tries but behave holy, but is a killer. If he ever became President, he can’t be the worst dictator. Ask his MPs in secret how they complain about him.

    • Why should they complain ku side? Nibantu bakulu baja capable of making informed and independent decisions! They are just all Cinderellas!

  22. That letter corresponded to HH’s televised response. Am now wondering how the same later can be forged. Any ba hechi hechi bena lisaka bad kind

  23. Now you confusing us. Fake news is the true picture of what’s going on ……… you’re the one whose fake since we saw it crystal clear.

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