Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Man battered to death and police arrests the alleged killers


Police  in Chipata have picked up two people in connection with beating
to death of a suspected criminal who staged criminal activities on
Eastern Province Police Commissioner Alex Chilufya said that
the two were picked up following the mob justice that descended on a
suspected criminal in Mchini Township.

Mr Chilufya said the suspected criminal who was found stealing was
Killed by the mob justice.

“We have picked two people in connection with the beating to death of
a man who had staged robbery activities in Mchini Township.Earlier police
had thought that the victim was involved in a road accident but
later on after the parents came (to identify the body) we establish
that the victim had actually died after staging a robbery in Mchini
Compound where mob justice meted out his fate,” he said.

He said the two who have been arrested were likely to be charged with
the offence of murder.

Mr Chilufya warned members of the public not to involve themselves in
mob justice.

He said people should always apprehend the suspect for possible charge
by the police.

“The people should always exercise their rights of citizen arrest and
bring that person to police unlike beating which is not the best
solution,” he said.


  1. …tho mob justice is not the way to go…that may only be respected by people who have not been victims of robbery or theft…had a friend who used to condemn mob justice until he had his all four wheels with brand new tyres stolen from his car….when one man was caught stealing a car radio..he was the first one to give the suspect some good slap…
    ..those who have gone thru the pain of losing valuables thru theft know how it feels…you get so confused that your insanity levels raise to the highest point just as spouse would feel and react when partner is caught ready handed having sex with another person…thinking capacity is disabled/challenged

  2. First start by arresting your fellow officers who meted out mob justice on an innocent ZAF officer ba mambala imwe….

  3. ZAF officers is said to have assaulted someone. May we know whom he assaulted? May we know the arresting officer for assault?
    Life is sacred and no one can arbitrarily take someone’ life or his own life.
    Imagine that the ZAF man was one of the cop’s father or President Lungu ‘s nephew.
    The whole battalion of police could have been involved in arresting the suspect. Look at what s happening to Fred or Opposition

  4. We also hear of a mob justice on a ZAF officer who died in a road traffic accident but was put in a police cell where he was killed for the second time by fellow in mates. What a country of stupid liars even when they pretend to be fit to be top office bearers! Zambia is a failed state, being led by failures, liars, deceivers with hearts of the witches.

  5. Can the people of Zambia apply mob justice on Kaizar Zulu. He is doing more damage than what those petty thieves you are killing. Viva mob justice on Kaizar!

  6. Woodland police has got so many questions to answer why did ZAF officer was taken to woodlands police station instead of the hospital things are straight forward

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