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1.2 million people live with HIV in Zambia


Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya(l) and United States of America Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schutz(r) chats after a Press Briefing at Ng'ombe Health Centre in Lusaka
Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya(l) and United States of
America Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schutz(r) chats after a Press
Briefing at Ng’ombe Health Centre in Lusaka

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has disclosed that about 1.2 million people are living with HIV in Zambia as at the end of 2016.

Dr Chilufya told Parliament in a ministerial statement yesterday that Lusaka and Western Provinces have the highest HIV prevalence rates of 16.1 percent and 16 percent respectively.

Dr Chitalu says Muchinga and North Western provinces had the least prevalence rates of 5. 9 and 6.9 percent as of 2016 statistics.

He says more than 3, 300, 000 people accessed HIV counseling and testing services against the annual target of 4,116, 679 by the end of the 2016.

Dr. Chilufya adds that HIV testing has improved since 2007 when only 19 percent of women and 12 percent of men had been tested and received their results within 12 months.

Dr. Chilufya has further disclosed that more than 200, 000 males were circumcised against the annual target of 72, 084 representing 22 percent.


  1. Must be more than half of the Zambian population.

    Circumcision does not reduce HIV/AIDS infection rates. What’s worse, because of the publicity surrounding the African studies, men in Africa are now starting to believe that if they are circumcised, they do not need to wear condoms, which will increase the spread of HIV

    • @GBM poverty is what is killing people in Zambia.kamwendo kadansa chagwa and his pf government ares busy stealing while we are watching…

  2. But if God wanted us men not to have fore-skins, he could have made us without it besides, the nombo ( as it is called in my language) was and is for a purpose. I still have mine and shall keep it that way.

    • wen u have it removed u wud wish u had done it earlier i used to think like u until i had mine removed i have not lost anything not the sensitivity u r afraid of i love the cleanliness that comes with it all boyi try it and you wont regret


  4. These figures are not correct! Majority of
    Zambian’s don’t know their HIV status because
    they fear going for testing

    I think we will be safe if we say those that know
    their status are that figure

  5. Good afternoon morning and evening to all Zambians around the world. I would like to confirm that we are relieved that we have not lost any lives from our upnd team in London following the terrorist attacks in Westminster today. We are also glad that no Zambian lives have been lost. It is sad that the pf government in conjunction with their cadre high commission in London have not issued a statement as we have many Zambian economic refugees in UK who have been forced there due to pf failures. Rip to the four that have lost their lives. Meanwhile here in Zambia we are losing lives to viruses that we should have contained by now and prevented deaths with advancement in medication. However only pf thugs are chewing arvs

    Chief strategist of the upnd

  6. Our able Minister shouldn’t issue such statistics as it is not mandatory for any Zambian to get tested, so saying such figures and percentages is a blue lie. Those figures are dependent on the number of Zambian people who have come in the open to have HIV test, take for instance if only 5 million Zambians have gone for HIV test that 1.2 million should be representative of that overall figure and not the entire Zambian population. We have all done statistics both in secondary and tertiary so don’t lie to us, the situation is terrible because the majority are still fearing to take the test. You will only find out that out of the 15 million people only a small fraction is tested for HIV …….

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