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HH accuse PF MPs of blocking motion to provide Bursaries to Vulnerable students


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

Thursday 23rd March 2017


The behavior of PF MPs in Parliament yesterday Wednesday 22nd March was deplorable beyond belief and left much to be desired. The conduct by the PF law makers lacked seriousness and purpose and shocked many Zambians who have been left wondering at the directionless leadership, the PF are subjecting the citizens to.

Our MPs presented what we considered was a non partisan and non contentious motion that sought to offer bursary or loan financial assistance to vulnerable university students who have been accepted and are already in class.

While we value their freedom of expression both inside and outside the house, for us in the UPND, that motion had nothing to do with whether we recognise the PF Government or not, as these are matters that are yet to be determined by the courts of laws. What we expected was a bipartisan resolve to the motion as it affects the most vulnerable of our community.

For us, the motion was genuinely intended to assist our people through the provision of affordable educational opportunities to our youths regardless of their political affiliations, especially in view of the harsh economic difficulties our people are going through.

Even when we may have political differences, there must be issues of common interest where we can come to some form of agreement, especially on issues of national interest such as the education of the youth who hold the future of this Nation.

Our MPs are so far on record of having supported progressive motions in the house which have been passed without any acrimony and we expected our PF colleagues to also rise above board and reciprocate by supporting our progressive motions that are meant to benefit our people, especially the vulnerable youth.

What was even more shameful and absolutely appalling on the part of the PF law makers, was to completely trivialise the whole debate and narrow it into personal attacks and partisanship as opposed to addressing real issues that affect our citizens, with the seriousness it deserves.

Even more sad was the demeaning of our citizens currently trading in the markets, bus stops and the streets who the PF leadership refered to as ‘mere hooligans’ where any student who is considered as ‘indisciplined’ will be sent to join fellow hooligans selling in the markets and streets. Such kind of deragotory remarks, arrogant language and assertions by the PF should leave no doubt in the minds of Zambians, that the PF are a retrogressive lot who have no interest of Zambians at heart.

For us in the UPND, we would never regard our mothers, youths and other citizens trading in these areas as hooligans, but as citizens who need government support through the provision of affordable loan facilities, which they can use to grow their businesses and send their children to schools, colleges and universities.

We have been vindicated when we say Edgar Lungu and his PF leadership have misplaced priorities when it comes to the development of our country.

These are leaders who would rather charter luxury private jets, globetrotting at a huge expense to the treasury, instead of allocating resources to such needy and critical areas such as education, health and agriculture, that benefit the majority of our people.

In our time, when such none partisan and none contentious motions meant to benefit our people will be brought to the house, our approach will be to sit down and find common ground that would be beneficial to the country, as opposed to looking at the face of who brought the motion on the floor.

We are so far impressed with the robust and passionate manner with which our MPs have debated on behalf of the suffering masses whose children have failed to access school, college and university education which have become unaffordable under the PF leadership.

We are now happy that the Zambian people will now be afforded an opportunity to judge for themselves, as to who has the integrity and credibility to stand on platforms and preach about morality in the country.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


  1. Foolish man, you are a hypocrite! So you speak of unit when its you calling shots? Thats not unit, thats bullying or dictatorship. Which common ground have you ever agreed with PF for you to fool yourself like that? You are worse than PF…..

    • What is heartless & deplorable was the wanton deception of UPND supporters by you sir to vote NO in the referendum for BoR because of nothing but pure hate & bitterness. BoR guaranteed education, health care, decent housing, protection of children & mothers etc. for all Zambians. Because you are not a nationalist & you think less of the very poor you think bursaries for handful of university students is most important thing. Your stance on BoR is biggest diservice & robbery by a politician in Zambia especially against the poor. You’ve no basis for accusing this GRZ of lack of patriotism because you’re guilty of the worst kind in the young but rich history of this country.

    • UPND and HHyena are a worrying clan of bab00ns. Here is why I say so
      1. They violently DE campaigned the REFURENDUM on Bill of Rights in which education was emphasized. (You will not be supported by Zambians for shooting down the referendum)
      2. The boycotted the Presidential address on two occasions claiming they don’t recognize ECL.
      Like the boy who cried wolf they want now to pretend to love Zambians by presenting a bill in parliament but the question is, WHO was going to sign that BILL into LAW? Is it the same person you don’t recognize. (VERY STUPID OF UPND NOT TO THINK ABOUT THIS) Where they going to recognize the law signed by the same person you don’t recognize.
      You did not sit with the PF to listen to ECL and they want them to support their nonsensical bill. VERY DULL…

    • Brubus its about the Bill of Rights which he shot down which was supposed to cover rights like education. Unfortunately he is too bitter a soul to support the right things. Numbers do not lie he has lesser MP’s that how he lost the election.


  2. Very hostile and confrontational when he doesn’t need pf mps, but again becomes bitter when pf mps also retaliate!! What kind of a leader is hh? Your stance especially with regard to parliamentary business will backfire big time because you don’t have the numbers in that house. Fili uko tuleya

    • @danielle,
      Young lady, could you kindly enlighten us what you find HOSTILE about someone supporting a motion to provide bursaries to vulnerable students?

  3. These progressive comments are rare in Zambia and will only be heard and seen if published as seen.
    These comments come only from a leader who has in depth knowledge about the suffering Zambian parents and guardians whose opportunity for their children is dashed as PF MPs send their children out side Zambia for education. We are in the wildness of governance. Redemption is yet to come by Zambians themselves.

    • You call that ranting progressive? The government already runs bursaries scheme to university students. However, if HH knows some specific vulnerable students who are not on the bursary scheme he is free to offer them bursaries. Sponsorship of students does not come from government alone. By the way, some students choose to be on self sponsorship.

    • Kabu

      Thousands of deserving students don’t go on to study because they can not afford the price of education while lungu goes creating ministries with out thought. By the time PF ministers and other officials loot the bursary pot for their relatives there is nothing left for thousands of students.

      Cut down on ministers perks and lungus travels and all students deserving can go to school.. ba kabwlala…

  4. And when the same motion you presented goes through in parliament, on whose desk is it finally going to land? Is it not Edgar Lungu the person you do not recognise as president? So what would you expect him to do to your bill, to sign it ”illegally”?

    • Danielle: Brilliant analysis. Who will sign that bill? An illegal president? Why are these guys wasting their time even debating in parliament because whatever will be approved has to be endorsed by the same “illegal” president they do not recognize. This kind of behaviour needs help from Chainama hospital. The Doctor there has already offered his services. HH you do not belong to that parliament, it is illegal as far as UPND is concerned. So stop this kindergarten analysis of yours. You are just exposing your bitterness.

    • @danielle,
      Young lady, could you kindly enlighten us what you find HOSTILE about someone supporting a motion to provide bursaries to vulnerable students?

  5. It was reported that HH had feted quite a number of students at him and promised them Bursaries. Has full filled that promise after losing the elections?

    • @ Ndanje, HH had feted graduates that had completed their university studies and did not give any wholesale promise of bursaries but said those that met his assistance criteria and were being assisted under his umbrella would continue to receive this assistance! His is a limited social responsibility versus governments. The graduates were being released to pursue their individual dreams now that the part HH had played for them to complete their university education had come to pass! The government bursaries scheme is not working the way it should in identifying and assisting the most vulnerable. It needs fine tuning however I am pleased that the opposition MP’s at least tried to have the bill in support of vulnerable students undergo consideration! I wish every student who gets results…

    • contd…. that meets entry into university would automatically be granted the government bursary than the flawed system being employed now which still favors mostly the haves!

  6. @daneille: Certain times even if you hate HH you first listen to what he says: If your Children are comfortable with education just keep quite. Some of these Children he is speaking on behalf are for PF supporters who are in cold, they need support. Not everything he talks is rubbish per yourself. There are also PF Members who talk rubbish. Look at the matter not the person. Sata was being told this and that by MMD what happened later (MHSRIP). Tamuli Ba Lesa kabili tamwakabe. If you are not careful, you may end up showering blessings on HH.

    • @mentor, hh’s hostility and refusal to recognise lungu as president will not go down well with pf mps who are the majority in parliament. They will equally become confrontational and this will hurt the same poor people he is trying to help. His numbers in parliament are not enough to pass any motion, pf can frustrate him with ease no matter how noble his intentions are. Let pf and upnd mps work together in parliament without undue influence and orders from someone who has never been in parliament before and has never held any public service elective position in his entire adult life

    • @danielle,
      Young lady, to prove that you are OBJECTIVE and not subjective on this important issue, could you kindly enlighten us what you find HOSTILE about someone supporting a motion to provide bursaries to vulnerable students?

  7. What right has HH got to speak about PF Mps? what does he want to prove when all that he has said is what PF Govt. doing that is why they did not want to respond, by the way UPND MPs. thinks that they will have easy after what they did, NO they should also learn to respect others.

  8. PF disregarded the motion because they know all bursaries meant for deserving students goes to their relatives , like Given lubinda giving a bursary to Russia meant for a poor student to his daughter.

  9. HH you are madi. How can parliament opened by a president you do not recognize allow you to pass a law in its premises? Have you seen now, you have been laid naked and all Zambians are cinema-watching your folly. Please grow up HH. Bitterness is ruining you. No sane MP can support your proposals when you do not recognize their president. HH shame on you.

  10. Here goes the moron again.He contradicts himself in order to gain cheap sympathy from the people he usually doesn’t care for.

  11. What HH should do is to improve his numbers (representation) in parliament, other wise he has no right to force the PF MPs to succumb to his party’s proposals!

  12. Encouragement for HH and all UPND leadership who facing hate speech day in day out.
    Mt 5:11-12
    “Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

    [12] Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    • Don’t bring scriptures falsely in the folly of your supreme Leader HH. We have been telling you that you humble yourselves but you cant listen. Please you should know that PF MPs will not support your proposal as long as you remain disrespectful towards the President Lungu. So dont bring God in your insipid folly.

    • @Daniel,
      Good scripture. HH and his MPs should remain OBJECTIVE w.r.t. bursaries for vulnerable deserving students. Period. Theses MPs took an oath before God Almighty by holding the Bible and promising to serve the people who elected them “so help me God”.

  13. adolf banned his MPs from listening to a presidential debate now he wants to preach morality? I have never seen a man who fancies himself sooo much we have said lets go for a convention and you will tumble you are not on the ground continue being an ostrich

  14. Isn’t HH the same person whose party, UPND, vigorously decampaigned the referendum on Bill of Rights which guaranteed Zambians’ access to education as a basic right? This man is worst hypocrite with double standards I have ever come across!

    • Imagine the hypocrisy of the supreme Leader of UPND MR HH. He relentlessly campaigned against the education rights for every Zambian. Today he turns round and cries Zambians want education rights. What an hypocrite is HH. Shaaaame !!!!!

  15. You told your MPs to insult ECL by walking out, so what do you need from ECLs MPs.
    The motion will be brought back by PF MPs after fine tuning you can also ask your MPs to walk out but it will go through.

  16. voting YES in the refredum should have guaranteed our struggling university students over bursaries the right to sue government. Alas our opposition leader hh asked his supporters to vote NO which has put us in this limbo. Less support progressive ideas which he deliberately to oppose.

  17. HH is a mad person.can HH surely open his mouth over parliament issues when he openly say that him with his bantustan mps do not recognise ECL as Zambian president?PF Govnt has given loans to several students at our universities and what is this hyena saying?very soon HH will be a chainama patient!!PF HAS NUMBERS IN PARLIAMENT SO ANY PRO POOR BILL WILL GO THROUGH AND NOT THOSE FAKE MOTIONS FROM A KNOWN TONGA PARTY UPND!!

  18. upnd is really a bunch of fools, this same stupid hh was last week calling the house illegal(its was opened by Edgar who they dont recognize), and in the same illegal house they raise motions to debate on, awe sure hh nimwafye mweh

  19. Well spoken, HH. All MPs should remain OBJECTIVE w.r.t. bursaries for vulnerable deserving students. Period. These MPs took an oath before God Almighty by holding the Bible and promising to serve the people who elected them “so help me God”.

  20. What goes around comes around! How many government supported activities did Sata conjoin or approve while in opposition? How many arguments pro and against his actions were advanced from different sources just as much as we are now experiencing? Each leader in government will have her or his own share of the varied opinions in social media but life has to go on with each new cycle of leadership! Sometimes partisan politics must be set aside when bills that mean good for the country are brought to the house. MP’s should unite as they do when a motion to raise their perks is introduced by either the opposition or party in government. MP’s must unite for common good as they also do when hunger sets in during session and one raises a point that they break for a meal!

  21. Zambian politics always partisan, if Mandela did this when he came out if prison SA could today be deeply divided. Leadership is not about winner takes all we have the numbers. Both PF and UPND you are doing this nation a disservice, and the future will judge you as the waste political parties Zambia ever had. Its not about you two but the Zambian people what a shame.

  22. This is a grave mistake by the Illegitimate Lungu govt. It is irresponsible to deny these Students from poor backgrounds while spending K2m on a useless ICC consultation. Education is an investment to all countries including Zambia. Lungu needs to re-consider his decision for the sake of these poor students. Lungu should put National Interests ahead of Partisan interests.

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