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President Lungu knows that a successful referendum will expose the incompetence of his Government-Mulongoti

General News President Lungu knows that a successful referendum will expose the...

Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party (PP) President Mike Mulongoti has charged President Edgar Lungu is reluctant to hold another referendum on the bill of rights because he is afraid of exposing the incompetence of his Government once it meets the thresholds.

Speaking during the Pan African Radio Programme dubbed “Business in Parliament” anchored by Isaac Nsoneka recently, Mulongoti said the bill of rights which many Zambians are demanding compels Government to do various things for its citizens and once Government fails to meet the required standard by its citizens as enshrined in the bill of rights the people can easily sue the Government.

He stated that the excuse given by President Lungu during his second address to parliament concerning the referendum that it will delay due to Zambia’s financial constraints are baseless because the commonwealth stated already that they will fund the process.

During his second address to parliament on the 17th March, 2017, President Edgar Lungu encouraged dialogue with the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) leaders and Government to alternatively find cheaper ways and means of giving Zambians the Bill of rights as opposed to go for another referendum because Government has no money at the moment.

The Pan African Radio Journalist Jessie Zimba reports that Mulongoti stated if President Lungu really wanted the Bill of rights as he portrays to the community, he would have reduced on the traveling expenditures by cancelling some of his international trips and also reducing the number of people on his entourage whenever he travels to save money for a referendum.

Mulongoti wondered why it is always the Zambian visiting other countries, yet none of the visited countries come to Zambia in return to show companionship.

“He is afraid of exposing the ineffectiveness of his Government once it meets the thresholds” Mr. Mulongoti said


  1. One interesting thing is that those who opposed the holding of referendum during general elections are the ones who are now making all sorts of noise demanding for the same thing they campaigned against.

    • I go to sleep hoping that tomorrow Lungu will appoint me DC for Masaiti. Tomorrow comes and passes but no kapaso enters my yard to deliver my much anticipated appointment letter. And it goes on and on. It’s now six months since the elections. So today I came up with a strategy …start making noise so as to remind Lungu that I am still around. Yours faithfully M. Mulongoti.

  2. Mulongoti must have a very short and poor memory, if not then he is just trying to be relevant for nothing! President Edgar Lungu and the PF, during the run up to general elections, did everything within their powers to encourage the Zambian people to vote “Yes” in the Referendum! So why should Lungu be afraid of it today? Ba Mulongoti baleikalafye if he has nothing to talk about!!!

    • ni nsala. Maybe when he talks, he might be heard and get a job thrown at him. I have seen his BMW and Range Rover parked at some garage for over two years now-he can’t afford spares to fix them! Na ipaya insala!!

    • The PF leader should have stepped down after losing the referendum. That’s normal politics. You cant lead when you have lost an election. But in Zambia everything is abnormal. People were against holding the referendum together with the general election not the bill of rights.

  3. Mr Mulongoti lets deal with priorities first.The current Bill of Rights though limited is being violated by Lungu so lets first enforce current Rights b4 we think of an expanded Bill of Rights. The UPND Petitioners are being denied their Constitutional Rights to be heard in Court. The Right to be heard in a court of your choice is enshrined in the Current Bill of Rights which falls under the Jurisdiction of the High Court. When current Rights are being respected and enforced then we can start talking about an expanded Bill of Rights. With the Illegitimate Lungu Regime in power it is pointless to talk about an expanded Bill of Rights.#Let the Petition be heard first.

  4. where will it be heard,muleikala fye nga tamwakwata ifya kuchita. That matter is water under the bridge, period.

  5. Moyo can you please tell quote word for work what the constitution says on the right to be heard? Some of you chaps just regurgitate what HH tells you

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