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IG Kanganja must prove why he should stay on the job when Police are killing people-HH


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja must show cause as to why he should continue in that position when Police officers are allegedly killing innocent citizens.

Mr Hichilema also says Zambians including those working in the civil service are being killed by PF thugs dressed in police uniforms.

He said for a long time now, he has been calling on the Zambia Police Service to uphold professionalism but that this has been overtaken by the PF cadres being recruited as officers.

Speaking in Lusaka on Thursday evening after visiting the house of mourning for the late ZAF Flight Sergeant Nchimunya Choongwa, the UPND President charged that there is no leadership in the country determined to protect citizens.

And Mr Hichilema has called on the Choongwa family to remain strong during this trying moment.

Meanwhile, Reverend Leonard Choongwa, bother to the deceased said the police officers who killed his brother, must be brought to book and be punished.

Reverend Choongwa said the family has reports that at the time police officers were killing his brother, they were heard shouting that the officer must be killed because he was Tonga.

On Wednesday, Zambia Air Force officer Nchimunya Choongwa was put to rest at Lusaka’s Leopards Hill Memorial Park.


  1. There is nothing that Kanganja a PF cadre can present to keep him job.
    It is beyond reasonable doubt that Kakoma Kanganja has failed the police & turned it into PFolice. Shame on him & his PFolice bandits for bringing lawlessness in the country.
    Well done & said Hero of Households~HH.
    The Skeleton Key

    • Why is it that HH want’s other people to prove themselves when he has failed to explain how he got his wealth? Is he coming out like this just because it’s a Tonga who was killed?

    • Absolutely pathetic for HH to continually use funeral houses and mourning places to subtly campaign and issues political statements.

      He is going to these avenues for his own politicaldi discourse.

      I see a pattern imaging here and this was a cheap shot at extending his own political cause.

      Stop it.



    • But why is HH still leader of UPND. His carders are on record to have killed political rivals. This is cheap talk from a man aspiring to lead Zambia. Let the IF do his work and bring culprits to book.

    • Correction Ms Mushota…it is supposed to be ‘I see a pattern EMERGING here’ and not IMAGING…:-)

    • When Nalumango and Mrs Mwanawasa were attacked in Shuwang’andu that was the begginning of violence in Zambia and at the pace it is moving Zambia will be on fire one day. Most people are ignoring these words by brushing them off that there cant be war in Zambia. The small small things that the government is ignoring will land them into chaos one of these days. Ask how war started in other countries and see to it that we are hearding the same route.

    • Well, let us avoid these insinuations that Choongwa was killed because he is Tonga and the killers must be from other provinces. I have on a few occasions dealt with Woodlands road traffic police may be because my fitness certificate or road tax has expired because I had other family commitments to address or because I was part of a road traffic accident. I have dealt with officers there, some of whom turned out to be Tonga and have even proved to be very helpful to me despite being Bemba. Let us please leave out this issue of tribe from this discussion as we will just go on pointing figures at each other on the basis of tribe endlessly.

    • …they were heard shouting that the officer must be killed because he was Tonga.

      Iyi ndiye boza manje! Don’t turn this thing into a Tonga that, Tonga this! And if I may ask, why do Tongas want to believe that they are enemies of other tribal groupings? Where has this notion come from kanshi?

      Naena HH OVAL HEAD should not turn funeral homes into Political Platforms atase! Ichimutwe ubukulu, naka sote kali chepa malabsishi!

      Naimwe fi Lusaka Times mulifipuba sana, why report in that inciting manner…ninshi mulelwisha bar fee color! Learn to choose what to write! Of late you reporting has been very inflammatory sana bama kaka! Do you want another Rwanda here styopet!

    • PF has failed to run this country. Its sad to see PF cadres wallowing in poverty but still cant use their brains. Lungu has responsibility to bear in this death because he appoints every head of public institutions. When these appointees fail to do their jobs who do we blame? Lungu!

      You can’t run away from this fact. Lungu and PF should sober up and put the country inorder. If the IG knew what his job was this murder would not have happened. The IG bears responsibility for his officers, and Lungu bears responsibility for the IG. In the end Lungu bears all the responsibility otherwise he must step down and allow someone who will be responsible.

  2. I suspect the foul play why is it that only Tongas are being killed by the Police?
    Can the inmates who alleged killed the ZAF officer being named.
    Otherwise the innocent blood being spilled on the ground will follow all those involved and one day God will hear their cries.
    Have your time now and you will never last forever as nature compensates

  3. there he goes again shooting his mouth off…never misses an opportunity to project himself into the limelight even during sad situations..USELESS

    • @rizzo; can you honestly say this is political talk: as a Zambian does it not penetrate your brain as to the wrong being done; HH is right and in other countries Kanganja would have resigned on morale grounds; wait till it happens to someone close to you;

    • Spot on, Rizzo! @ kubweka: Did IG kanganja order those officers to perform that act or wasn’t it the irresponsibility and unprofessionalism of the particular officers?? Be objective, hh has no right whatsoever to question the integrity of the IG. Isn’t it hh WHO REFUSES TO GO TO A PARTY CONVENTION AFTER LOSING THE 2016 ELECTION AND CHOOSES TO CLING TO POWER EVEN AFTER LOSING 5 TIMES?? Who should resign on moral grounds????

  4. What is the implication of all this killing? One Soldier lost? One Tonga Lost? One UPND vote lost? One Zambian Lost? One family man lost?

    Let the Reverend not spread rumours of hatred. Hate Reverend please keep your big mouth shut!!!

    Tongas are just good fellows just like any person from the other tribes of Zambia. Why over emphasise the tribe?

    Iwe HH keep away from funerals. This is not 2016.

  5. He doesn’t need to prove anything because he kills under lungus orders. So long he is killing as directed by lungu he has nothing to worry about. This is life under pf dictatorship.

    • nez pleas, have some senses for once in your life dont be a more rone like HH no iwe grow up and stop sayng thing which are not true. were did you find kanganja and lungu planing to kill people of this nation? you are du with your stu,pid UPND party. lats be one for once in ore country. why do you want to apart this nation iwe ah.

  6. Just wen i was about to say “for once HH has spoken sense” he decides to politicize the whole thing. While i agree kanganja must go, i dont agree that you link His Excellency the President of Zambia to the nonsense that kanganja has been brewing. Kanabesa ba kateka, mutamfyeni kanganja.

  7. The words the reverend said during church service were straight forward. He said justice must be done. This new twist now is strange.

  8. Can this Kampyongo and Davis Mwila tell us why the police officers who handled the case of Mark Choongwa on that fateful night have not yet been suspended? All those chaps, including the cop whose vehicle was scratched, are murder suspects who should be treated as such. In fact by now they should have all been locked up in different places.

  9. Oooooooooooooooooh so this soldier was tonga, no wonder the tonga president can even visit the funeral house. When bembas and ngonis were killed and had their houses torched by tongas in Namwala, he was no where to be seen, but because a fellow tonga has been killed in police cells, he is all over the show trying to pretend he is a leader. You tribal leader keep your tribalism to your tribesmen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes Biemba, this tribalist is showing his true colours now. He wants to remain relevant to politics by talking about anything that pops up. He is insulting anyone now, RB, the speaker and anything!! He is realising that his relevance will be strongly questioned after that useless High Court case about the petition is thrown out soon(no wonder he is asking Judges to recuse themselves so he can waste more time and stay in the limelight). To make matters worse, he has put his Mps in a very compromised position which will leave an irrepairable dent on his already useless leadership!! What a useless leader, no wonder Zambians keep on REJECTING him.

    • shadrick keep the tribal crap out fact is a human being was killed and that is murder; stop all this tribal nonsense nomatter what tribe a person was murdered by the very people that should protect our lives period;

  10. Pathological killers are in power now headed by Lungu surrounded by other silent killers in cabinet. All these killers shall face retribution soon.

  11. Well said and good progressive statement from HH. Kanganja should justify why he must stay on when clearly the police have effectively become a militia- more people have died silently at the hands of these filthy cops.

  12. My fellow party members as we predicted Adolf ‘visited’ the home of our late comrade long after we the genuine members had been to the house ‘before’ the burial and as is now his fashion Adolf went to make political mileage not to mourn with the widow but to make newspaper and social media front page. A desperate man is a minus to society and nothing Adolf does will regain the giant AKM’s shoes. 2021 Zambia forward under new leadership.

  13. Sorry people, just picked up this comment about hh on yesterday’s topic”HH accuse PF MPs of blocking motion to provide Bursaries to Vulnerable students”-it was posted late probably when most of you had knocked off but it is such an excellent comment by The Chosen One it deserves to be highlighted as it exposed hh and his double standards. “What is heartless & deplorable was the wanton deception of UPND supporters by you sir to vote NO in the referendum for BoR because of nothing but pure hate & bitterness. BoR guaranteed education, health care, decent housing, protection of children & mothers etc. for all Zambians. Because you are not a nationalist & you think less of the very poor you think bursaries for handful of university students is most important thing. Your stance on BoR is…

  14. …biggest diservice & robbery by a politician in Zambia especially against the poor. You’ve no basis for accusing this GRZ of lack of patriotism because you’re guilty of the worst kind in the young but rich history of this country.” EXCELLENT COMMENT!!!

  15. So the IG must be at all police stations at the same time and all the time? What we require is an exhaustive investigation and all culprits brought to book.

    • @Mbanje khakis:
      Your ignorance and Stupi.dity is in your DNA….you inherited it from your mother’s and Grand mother’s unwashed smelly puss.eys! You don’t even know your!! Ar.sewhore!

  16. this ichilema man is very ignorant, egocentric and naive. whoever is not of his view then that person must quit their job, first it was chulu, the judge,ireen , matibini and now kanganja. there are so many pipo who have died in police cells & whats so special about this guy? is it bcoz is Tonga?

  17. HH is correct. The fish rots from the Head downwards. Lungu is the Commander-in- Chief of the Defence forces so he,Home Affairs Minister and the IG must be held accountable for the death of Mark Choongwa,Mapenzi Chibulo etc. The inflitration of poorly trained PF Cadres into ZPS are the cause of Police Brutality. Until these PF Militias are flushed out of ZPS and other govt Institutions we can forget about law and order in Zambia. The suspected Police Officers should have been arrested and help in Custody so that they don’t interfere with the investigations.

  18. HH uletekanya, kashi iwe apaliponse nika mpeni? chibipishe napamalilo ponse, tekuya waloshakofye ukwabula ifyaku bwetukabwetuka.

  19. Facts show that our police investigation wings can’t be compared to Cheaters on DSTV.They re only very good Ku misonko.useless indeed


  21. Ba Chuundu,Ok we put HH aside.Ve you ever bin robbed off anything u treasure most?U call the police only to b tod ati no fuel,but this guy calls the entire station for a simple mishap.its beyond tribal lines

  22. Please lets stop talking about tribes its one Zambia one Nation. Politicians when you go to the funeral just attend funeral you are the one bringing some problems to the youths. God bless you all.

    • Naba Reverend bene chipuba, why say such a thing kuli HH OVAL HEAD knowing how much he likes crying wolf whenever it’s a Tonga person in amishap! This HH guy is very tribal! Go to the convention chi color!

  23. The statement should have centered and ended on the IG and his police period!
    Yes this IG must show cause why he should not be fired. Discipline in the police has greatly deteriorated under him. Police brutality is at its worse under him. Not long, his officers tear gassed Heroes stadium with their boss inside and this unfortunate incident of the ZAF officer is just a culmination of the wrong things in police which is supposed to be a police service now fast turning into a police force. Apart from justice to be done in sorting out the officers involved in the ZAF officer’s death, we need new leadership in the police service to retain its credibility!

  24. Kaizer Zulu seems to be the archect of all this lawlessness going on in this once very peaceful country. To me he has acclaimed himself with the title of “a co-president” of our nation. He is simply untouchable when it comes to crimes

  25. England is for the English, German for Germans etc and they each speak their language.Now us here ati 73 tribes ifya bupuba nowonder this tribalism coz we all want to feel superior over others.I at times hate being Zambia or African

  26. Ba B.J dont compare an opposition political party to the ruling party administering over the affairs of the nation. The ruling party should be above petty party politics and unifying in that the job of the govt is to protect its citizens whether they support the govt or not

  27. IG takes responsibility of the behaviour of his juniors. normally when a parent`s behaviour is bad children will follow suit that is what HH is trying to say, in civilised societies IG would have been fired a long time ago specifically for the indiscipline in the police but am sure he pleases his leaders such as the minister and others because of his stance against the opposition

  28. HH is not fit to be a Leader because he attended that after burial funeral because of trying to show off …And that Reverend has been trapped by HH’s publicity..

  29. Has anyone read the last paragraph? Brother of the deceased says police were heard shouting “kill him because he’s tonga “. Really? Who are these people? If they heard these that makes them witnesses and Reverend must give names to authorities. I hope this is a false report.

  30. ‘He must be killed because he is Tonga’. Reverend I regret the death of your brother-our gallant Soldier. He did not deserve to die. But the words attributed to his killers, do not sound true. Where the killers members of one tribe? when they were beating him, was their intention to kill or to beat the hell out of him. soldiers and policemen do belittle each other. I suspect it was a question of lets pump sense into his head.No one in Zambia can be killed because he belong to such and such a tribe. we have passed that stage!

  31. zaf officer had his spine broken. a heavy equipment might have used or many people might have been stepping on his back. the question maybe where did this take place? in police cell or before?
    Surely, a life has been lost and no justification can be made.A family has been deprived of a bread winner. Imagine the wife, the children and parents.
    It is easier for us to make all sort of comments but we shall never bring back the life of ZAF officers.
    Next time it maybe me or anyone, what shall be said thereafter.
    Hate speech does not help whether you are PF,UPND,FDD,MMD or ZADECO….
    Remember, GOD loves us and let us desire to pure and merciful to one another……

  32. I am afraid if the report on Rev Choongwa is true it’ll mean that even the little respect some of us had for HH will disappear. If he’s a true leader he must come out to either condemn or refute this report. If he keeps quiet then he’s got no right to call for Kanganja to quit. By allowing such sentiments he’s no better than Kanganja. In fact he’s more dangerous to the same nations he wants to rule.

  33. The one million dollar question is why HH is scared of elections within “his” party. Why should he remain in his position when He allowed villagers to be vacated unceremoniously From the traditional land?

  34. All Upnd commentators are avoiding Rev Choongwa ‘s last statement. By the way who bought this funny hat on HH?

  35. HH is very irresponsible and lacks quality political leadership. It is also irresponsible of Rev. Choongwa to utter such a tribal statement on the basis of hearsay.

  36. Why do some people rush to state that someone is ‘politicising’ issues when they make a comment? What is not political about respecting life, due process and justice in general? Extra-judicial killing is one of the most serious matters that underlies whether a country has institutions and men/women that can protect the citizenry. Failing to act appropriately or to ensure professional conduct in a wing of government that you run, is as good as being liable for despicable actions such as the ones that took Nchimunya’s life. It is not the first of such incidents in recent times. Instead of condemning this, some bloggers unashamedly and myopically strive to be apologists or bury their unthinking heads in the sand. Everyone should be robust in taking a stand against police thuggery that has…

  37. … got worse. Who will protect YOU when your turn comes? We need to act in ways that ensure EVERYONE is protected and able to seek recourse from institutions and agencies bestowed with such responsibilities. Many a nation has slid into anarchy because institutions have lost their purpose, politicians have done nothing to stem ‘tribal’ talk or divisions or have actually turned a blind eye because it has benefited them in one way or the other. We need to move away from selfish divisive objectives regardless of party affiliation or allegiance.

    • U faggot you need help. Be careful because enforcement agencies can find out who you are and being gay is illegal in Zambia.

    • When you load a small brain with a lot of info., it heats up. When it heats up the only thing that comes out are insults because it can’t compute the truth. If your rubbish can convince your kindred in the bantustans, it seems not to be working for the rest of the country. Live with it, don’t resort to insults.

    • Zambian citizen you are an ignorant chap. Please learn to ask before spewing your crap all over and looking silly. This f00l ndanje has been posting pro gay comments and actually claims that pf supporters like you want recognition of gay rights. Being gay is illegal in Zambia. So if you see nothing wrong with that then you are a mad monkey

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