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Chilufya Tayali backs the ICC Consultation

General News Chilufya Tayali backs the ICC Consultation

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
The opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) has endorsed the move by Government to consult Zambians before deciding on leaving the International Criminal Court or not.
The opposition political party says it has endorsed this move because it manifests democratic practice.

EEP President Chilufya Tayali says he has read and heard so many comments condemning the consultative process relating to whether Zambia should pull out of ICC or not and that almost all the comments are against the process and especially the huge expenditure of K2 Million.

Mr. Tayali says a number of alternatives have been suggested on how this can be done without spending so much money and that he appreciates most of them especially the one using Parliament.

He explains that there is no case on Zambia or by Zambia at the ICC, and that Zambia cannot be accused of running away from prosecution, therefore we can debate the issue comfortably.

He also says there is need to look at matters internally, if there are cases, which have a potential to end up at the ICC, so that, if the nation has to pull out, no one will cry foul.

Meanwhile, Governance Activist David Kapoma says during his National address to the nation in parliament, President Lungu stated that Zambia has no money for holding of the referendum on the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Kapoma wonders how has government has managed to find K2 million within two days to hold consultative meetings on whether Zambia should leave the ICC or stay.

And UPND Member Dante Saunders says the government should prioritize the holding of a referendum to adopt the Bill of Rights as opposed to spending more money on consultation on the ICC membership.

Mr. Saunders says government is on record saying there is no money for the referendum and yet the money for consultative meetings has been found.


  1. What is the urgency for withdrawing?
    One would think that lawyers would defend the motion against withdrawing but then you have a lawyer himself advocating for this in the form of a president.
    Little wonder there is a motion to disband LAZ in parliament !
    As for Tayali has he still got any credibility left in him?

  2. Looking for opportunities to make a name….he chooses subjects to oppose so that people can say things about him…you are not there yet….

  3. Yes: there is no case on Zambia or by Zambia at the ICC, and that Zambia cannot be accused of running away from prosecution, therefore we can debate the issue comfortably. It is anti-democratic to undermine, prevent or weaken public debate. Debating issues plays a critical role in arriving at inclusive decisions. To many Africans, the ICC has tarnished the image of Africans at world stage. That is the main reason why a total withdrawal is a viable alternative to internal negotiations. Public image will affect present and future generations. Consequently, it is necessary to challenge the sources of negative publicity by withdrawing from ICC. There is no need for non Africans to bring Africans to trial when in fact Africans can try each other in the context of universally accepted…

    • You do realise that most african nations do not have a judiciary with independent capacity to challenge the executive?
      Having said that even people with a lot of resources can influence elections.
      The danger is that those in power will do anything to stay in power even killing.
      The defenceless and poor Africans have nowhere to turn!
      That’s the more reason we need ICC.
      Who has tarnished the imagine of Africa is it not the Africans themselves unless you are saying that Charles Taylor, Beimba, and the butcher of Kosovo are very good people.
      Fortunately countries like South Africa have a judiciary thst is still intact!

  4. Am glad that this upnd thug Dante sondas is now addressed rightly not that title you gave him ati political activist.

  5. Ba Tayali nabo. You don’t know what he stands for. This is not a good idea at the moment. In the future maybe but not now.

  6. Tayali probably just wants to be offered some job in this exercise for the sake of being paid allowances. This dudes who earn their living as bootlickers just for the sake of their bellies disgust me.

  7. I am neither for or against the withdraw afterall the founders have never been arrested for the atrocities they have committed at home and abroad. My question is why did some commentators here condemn the South Africans who wanted to abandon the Sudanese al Bashir? It’s the same ICC so if you didn’t like it over the Al Bashir arrest why the change of goal posts?

  8. If ba LT have quoted this young man Chilufya Talayi correctly, then I should say I have misjudged him and given him more credit than he deserves.

    Is this job application into Govt or what?

    – The fact that Tayali has failed to give any credible reason whatsoever why this should be a priority over other more pressing national problems speaks volumes.

    – The fact that Tayali has clearly opted to pretend he does not understand the role of International Criminal Court -ICC- speaks volumes. ‘Unlike the International Court of Justice ICJ, which is also based in The Hague but settles legal disputes between states, the ICC ADDRESSES MASS ATROCITIES COMMITTED BY INDIVIDUALS. To avoid prosecution, these national leaders too often ruthlessly threaten, corrupt, or compromise judges and…

  9. Cont’d …. compromise judges and prosecutors at home. Tayali knows very well this is happening in Zambia. If anything, he should be doing the opposite, i.e. insisting that Zambia remains a member of ICC.

  10. i faill to understand tayali he behaves like a yo yo time and again he wants to be seen by pf that they are doing fine meanwhile he claims to be the one man party president. taking this matter to parliament will even be worse. but we are concerned. why the urgency of leaving icc and where has the money been found whilest retiress retrenchees and many others have got no money to be paid.

  11. Chilufya Tayali is an insane person besides an opportunist hence,he needs not be entertained following his foolish statements

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