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Zambia Police seeks INTERPOL help to track Fred M’membe

Headlines Zambia Police seeks INTERPOL help to track Fred M’membe

Fred M’membe
Fred M’membe
THE International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) is pursuing former Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe who is on the run following the Lusaka Magistrates Court issuing a warrant for his arrest over several crimes, Zambia Police Service said yesterday.

This was confirmed by Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri.

Mr M’membe is on the run following the Lusaka Magistrates Court issuing a warrant for his arrest for alleged impersonation and disobeying lawful court orders.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Phiri assured that INTERPOL was already pursuing Mr M’membe who was reportedly hiding in a named foreign country.

He said that Mr M’membe would be tracked down from wherever he was hiding by specialized security officers.

Mr Phiri expressed confidence that with the involvement of INTERPOL, Mr M’membe would soon be brought to book.

“The way Mr M’membe is on the run and reportedly hiding in a named foreign country, INTERPOL is now pursuing him since it’s beyond our jurisdiction. He will be tracked down wherever he is hiding and will be brought to book,” he said.

Mr Phiri also reiterated that Mr M’membe would be arrested immediately he stepped foot on the Zambian soil.

Meanwhile, according to the warrant of arrest directed to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja, Mr M’membe is said to have concealed properties of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Mr M’membe is also said to have prevented the production of books or papers relating to the property or affairs of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation).

“You are commanded in the name of the President forthwith to apprehend the said Fred M’membe and produce him before the court at Lusaka Magistrates Complex,” the warrant of arrest read in part.

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  1. Now this is a scam by PF! What comes around goes around! Leave the poor guy alone. This is now what we voted in PF for- STOP IT!

    • Arrest the police personnel who killed the ZAF Officer. Arrest Kaizer Zulu for assaulting a police woman. Arrest the policeman who threatened Hon. Gary Nkombo. Why waste time pursuing Fred?

    • Dr Fred Mmembe 10 & PFolice bandits 0.
      Its visionless Lungu’s state machinery vs Mmembe an individual who employed over 2,000 Zambians to have food on their tables, but PF won’t manage.
      By the way, when is the incompetent PFolice leeching on RB’s runaway son~bandit Henry Banda in SA? Henry is a real bandit of ~$2billuon~ money laundering. Henry is the bandit that the PFolice need to bring to book,not doctor Mmembe.
      PFolice~leave Post & Mmembe alone. Media freedom niya nyoko iwe Phiri mambala?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Those of you who blindly follow these rich men who want to burn Zambia should learn from this. One day mukashala mweka. Ba GBM na ba HH they will take their money and live abroad while you will be languishing in a broken country. Mmembe is now enjoying his money in the Caribbeans with ‘boys’ while his ceremonial wife is in Zambia.

    • If Poor ZAF Soldier (MYHSRIP) got buttered by the Police, what will prevent them from butchering Mmembe, who is hated by many people.
      Unless the police become independent without dependence on instruction from higher authorities, Mmembe, stay away.
      The political situation in Lusaka “is not stable”, you will not have a fair trial, no one will stand up to support you as all demonstration will not be approved by the same police.
      Come back after 2021, then you will be locked up after a fair trial. Go to the Bahamas, no one will extract you.

    • Instead of watching under20 soccer, they are busy looking for some innocent person.
      Maybe interpol should help find Kaiser too.

    • S!lly, INTERPOL wouldn’t worst their time and energy on f00lish things like this… INTERPOL wouldn’t arrest victims of political persecution – as at the minute, Fred M’membe isn’t on the wanted list of INTERPOL. They really don’t understand their mandate. But just how ironic is this: they want to quit membership of the ICC, and yet they want the services of organisations such as INTERPOL.

      “To keep Interpol as politically neutral as possible, its charter forbids it, at least in theory, from undertaking interventions or activities of a political, military, religious, or racial nature or involving itself in disputes over such matters.Its work focuses primarily on public safety and battling terrorism, crimes against humanity, environmental crime, genocide, war crimes, organized…

    • (CNN) – Defiant Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has been jailed for 15 days over his role in a mass anti-corruption protest in Moscow.

      This is what dictators do. No wonder Mmembe, is in hiding, he is not far from it

    • This is tantamount to abusing interpol. Who can in thre right mind waste time looking for Meembe, a victim?

    • He who lives by the sword, shall surely die by one!! Mmembe cannot run forever. As Zambians, we need to appreciate the fact that if someone commits a crime, regardless of his standing, he needs to face the law. That should not be seen as victimising a person. we have had presidents and former leaders arrested and jailed elsewhere in the world. Why should Fred be different? Tax evasion ni mulandu waukulu!! and if he is innocent, why is he running all over the earth?

    • Double standards, You never issued such a request for Henry Banda (RB’s Son) the guy has a case, he entered Lusaka a weeks ago and left with Millions of Dollars. Zambia Police should get serious than embarrassing us.

  2. Get the SOB

    Throw the book at him for all we care.

    Only numpties and yes men are with him.



    • PF and especially Zambia Police Force must concentrate on solving real crimes and not this cherry picking. @Mushota you are a can’t! I was impressed by a previous comment you made earlier but looks like your verbal diarrhea was a short respite! The spewing you induce continues! Mmembe has done more for Zambia that what all your family has done since 1900. Living on minimum wage you have enough time to while away your time on LT!

    • MB

      From what I understand he hasn’t paid close to $2 million.

      Not paying tax is a criminal offence. If police and Givernmentnt should not be according energy to sort that, we are doomed.



    • Mushota you has officially become a PF carder. Please call yourself Mushota PF. Where are brains madam. Can you prove through an independent party like KPMG or another international firm the the said $2 million is true? What M’membe was asking for was simplying a fair hearing in which independent parties would determine the actual tax owed. As far as I know he has not refused to pay. How many of these PF ministers do not pay tax? Or businessmen that sponsored the rigging? I think MB is right. If you have nothing to say spend sometime with your yet to be husband. Lungu and his thugs are up to no good

    • @Mushota I absolutely agree with you that tax evasion and not tax avoidance is a crime and shouldn’t be tolerated! However, Mmembe (for whom I am not a spokesman) hasn’t been convicted. Extradition has treaties and its not simply going to Interpol and saying “Send us that mongrel” and Interpol sends! NO Mushota. You have to go through a process otherwise one ends up like Assange or Snowdon. Let PF concentrate on the things that really matter! Zambia’s tax base needs to widen so that even you Mushota pays tax!

    • True Zambian,

      Can I prove … No I cant.

      If you read carefully, I sis say, from what I Understood.It is a subtle way of saying I am overly sure. To not have paid tax for so long, doesn’t sit well with me. Partially because I worked for Starbucks 11 Years ago and the publicity and loss of business we went through at the time, made me realise the consequences of. I am not with Fred because he has destroyed loves of employees he employed including an Uncle of mine, who is reading this now.



    • True Zambian,
      Your only want a fair hearing if it concerns Mmembe or HH but not RB or ECL or any body you don’t like. Get real

    • MB

      You make a pertinent point but I feel aggrieved, by your insinuation that I pay Zambian tax – Why , and why exactly?

      My tax jurisdiction lies in the UK. I am a British citizen, with my fiancé being born British.

      Zambia has given me NOTHING , apart from a passport now which is now worth the print it is written on.

      My Point is, suggestion of people like me, paying Zambian tax is a nonstarter and should be an option.

      I hope that is the end of that one.

      Back to Mmembe, you will have to educate me which is a lesser of a crime between Tax evasion and Tax avoidance. To my mind, there is no lesser of the devils.

      Evasion of Tax may not be a crime but it should be, It is more like creative accounting.

      You would do well to explain to me which of these Fred hasn’t been…

    • For me he is NOT cooperating and is forcibly wanting to not pay all along.

      What of his employees who have sued him?

      Why do you stand with him anyway?



    • I am disappointed Mushota with the choice of your words for a Mushota. Is this the NEW Mushota? Have you changed your name to Mama ECL?

    • @Mushota lets cut the chase! Mmembe DID NOT PAY THE CORRECT amount of tax (from what I gather collected VAT and did not remit; collected Income Tax and did not remit, Corporation tax is a different ball game). We are not privy to how the amounts amassed to so much, but PF being a party which doesn’t follow laws, allowed Mmembe and the Post to operate carte blanche! However, the grind of government always catches up with you!. As for your employers (Starbucks). When they were caught:
      Starbucks is volunteering to pay £10m in taxes in each of the next two years as it attempts to win back customers following revelations that it has paid no corporation tax in the UK in the past three years.

      Kris Engskov, managing director of Starbucks UK, said he was surprised by the public outcry at the…

    • @Mushota suffice to say that you must pay tax if you want a say on how your country is run! I pay because I want others to benefit as I benefited from FREE EDUCATION, HEALTH (a term not known to those who have lived in only the Chiluba years- New Culture era!) My take is that if we all pay taxes we will make government accountable (never mind that others like Mmembe are not paying). Personally, I object that the tax I pay must be used to go and seek for Mmembe, Atan Shansonga, Henry Banda- the list is endless.
      As for you Mushota paying tax in Zambia, I doubt! Even your win for BB2014 you never paid any tax and yet the law says you must pay tax on unforeseen earnings!

    • Mushota is spot on.

      Tax evasion is a crime. You think Leonel Messi was about to face jail sentense because he failed to the tax arrears? No.

      Hevtotally agreed to pay the dues, but he was going to go in because of the crime of tax evasion.

      But after trial his father was taken in as he was the one in charge of the business.

      So, with tax evasion you will be forced to pay the tax owed and then be tried for the crime of evasion.

      A good number of people here think that if you evade tax and they catch you, when you agree to pay then you have no case. Not at all.

      There are two things involved –
      1) paying the dues and,
      2) facing criminal prosecution.

    • MB

      You got me. I have removed the base in the tone of my voice and I understand where you stand but don’t agree with your on all your points.

      You have called me, what you could but I hope you are not mistaking for me someone that cares on that.

      When you say your understanding …. on what mmembe may not have paid, if leaves me to the conclusion that, like you we have insufficient information to make a decisive judgment.

      My quest to see a change in Zambian affairs does include Fred and I refuse to agree with you that he is a saint as you are insinuating.

      You have lost me on why I would ever be an option to pay tax



  3. Arrest the police personnel who killed the ZAF Officer. Arrest Kaizer Zulu for assaulting a police woman. Arrest the policeman who threatened Hon. Gary Nkombo. Why waste time pursuing Fred?

  4. Now this is a scam by PF! What comes around goes around! Leave the poor guy alone. This is not what we voted in PF for- STOP IT!

  5. Please police don’t listen to what your master Lungu is telling you. What has M’membe done for you to trouble him? Useless!

  6. This is PF self undoing!! There are many other people that deserve to be in jail more than Mmembe including Convict Edgar Lungu for abrogating the election process; Thief Kaizer Zulu, Thief and Sugar Dady Rupiah Banda, Fake and failed Judge Essau Chulu, Lesbian Priscila Isaac Mulenga, Police Militia Chief Nelson Phiri, etc
    Leave Fred Mmembe alone….Mother fcking Ar.sewhores!!

  7. kikikikikikikiki how many criminals has interpol brought back to Zambia? Forget Imembe yalibutuka full stop.

  8. Is this is about tax?
    Mmembe will also regret for betraying us by going 2 bed wt pf. The baby he fed is finger-eating him slowly.

  9. You are commanded in the name of the president! When you read that order just know that yakosa. It has dawn for Fred. What went round has come around and this time tough. Fred has fixed lives of many innocent people and their blood was crying on his hands day in day out. Fisanga abaume Fred ushipe mune. Imilandu walepanga shonse balekwelela ala nomba uyu waleta balekulonga.

  10. Chickens have come home roasting! Mmembe, hiding?! Lol
    Who would have thought this day ll arrive? Let him appear if he is innocent! Woipa ataba eka! They say

  11. Remember Xavier and Dr Katele. Government wasted a lot of tax payers money to try and bring them to the so called justice. When they were brought from hiding they were given government posts by the same people who were chasing them!

    Shocking pa Zambia!

    Or was it for purposes of settling personal scores with the then Powers that be in corridors of government?

    There is a striking semblance between Membe’s perpetrators and those who once perpetrated Xavier and Katele.

    I can smell another fruitless errand here.

  12. He is now alone, all those he was supporting are enjoying freedom. This is true for all who blindly follow crazy HH, soon all sorts of rock will fall on them too.

    • Without Fred PF would never have taken power,Fred single handedly dry cleaned chilubas famous KAPOLI.All honest PF followers will know this.At the rate you are going another 5yrs will finish with nothing to show for it.Meantime you found BUNGA at K35.00 its now costing beyond K100.00 due to your mismanagement.The citizens you have been lying to will wake-up and you wont enjoy their reaction.

  13. It is sad that the Post issue has reached this far. Do you know that the Vice President is the aunt of Fred Meembe. If truly her nephew is pursued by Edgar’s men like this , what is her role? If fred is killed will she attend his funeral?
    No paying tax is not a crime for a individual working for a company. Fred was an employee of the Post. Corporate veil…
    This is a civil matter under the ambit of company law. The liquidator hurriedly closed the Post without engaging the Directors as the directors were denied access to company records.
    The liquidator has failed in his duties and uses the courts to extract information from the directors..

  14. Why involve International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) to bring back Fred, when lungu is busy trying to come out of ICC. Let HIM use kanganja to look for Dr M’membe.

  15. Surely , lawyers discuss issues and never use bitterness to settle disputes. Lewis Mosho , the liquidator may not collect all dues from the former directors since he has antagonize directors.
    Take this way, lawyers in divorce proceeding for their client will not seek to criminalise the issue.
    Look at the case of Mutembo, what has happened to Newton Nguni, Makebi Zulu, Lucky Mulusa, Brian Changala, Lewis Mosho and others wishes ? They will never prosecute Mutembo. Mark my words…

  16. You are perusing fred membe while a thug like kiezer zulu assults a police constable in full view of lungu and still walks free ? Or you point out kambwilli heavily involved in theft and he gets fired but still free to travel and enjoy his ill gotten wealth on the backs of poor zambians ???

  17. Even Richard Sakala must sober up….He must fear GOD as he sings praises to the powers be. One day it will his turn to dance sijojo….
    May God forgive Zambia

    • Richard Sakala is living testimony of the evil schemes of Fred and the cartel. He served a prison sentence so he owes nobody nothing!! At least he was man enough and he never ran away. Fred is a poor excuse of a man, he runs away from the very monster he created leaving his wife and family to fend for themselves. What a shame!! You gloated as people’s lives were destroyed, Fred-TIME TO TASTE YOUR MEDICINE. Richard Sakala has gone one step further by enhancing our democracy by giving us The Daily Nation-an independent newspaper.

  18. Ma cadres!!! who in this world would hand over a company built over 25 years just like that? Besides, Interpol does not handle political cases. If South Africa can refuse to hand over Rupiahs son you think a civilised country will hand over Mmembe? Keep dreaming!!!!!

    • This is not a political case it’s fraud. If it were political HH and Co would also be on the run. As for SA try to understand the following : South Africa doesn’t extradite wanted persons to countries that have a “death penalty “. 3 South Africa police worked with Zambia to repatriate Post trucks back to Zambia, so they are very much aware that Mmembe is a fraudster not a political victim.

  19. @ASAFU; very true. We need RB’s son Henry in the country. Interpol should be involved. For MMembe you won’t get him. When he comes back Lungu will be gone and walking with a stick

  20. What a coward this mother tomba is who can run away from his mansion and leave his concubine being tombwad by security guards.

  21. PF is abusing INTERPOL, bring to book Henry Bwezani Banda from South Africa and Zambians are waiting the recoverely of tax payers money stolen by ministers who stayed in office illegally on ECL instructions?

  22. Lungu b careful what you do to others. You are not a saint but sinner, what goes around comes around. Don’t copy the Mugabe and Museveni cos you are not them, power can be sweet to victimise others but one day you will be out of power and you will be powerless. The PF Police cadres who are shooting innocent citizens and Kaizer have not beeen prosecutated. It is not fair we are all Zambians with equal rights.

  23. What about Henry Banda. Henry is more Zambian with special rights and freedom than Fred M’membe. Watch this space

  24. PF is now in power. What do they want from him. People in PF who have stolen and keeps stealing are roaming around and no arrests have been made. Stop it now. What kind of veagence is this? Mmembe is crippled already and why keep on humiliating him. Are we not Christian nation. Stop it.


  26. It is said, “What goes around , comes around.” Fred must know that he’s neither infallible nor so righteous that he can simply be daring a noble country like Zambia. His time to pay for his mischief has finally come for him. How the mighty have fallen. The so called untouchables have crumbled. His time also has come. He called his colleagues all soughts of names, judging to damnation before trial, disregarding even the fact that God forgives a ten time murderer as he would to a non murderer sinner. Do not judge a speckle in your brother’s eye whilst you’ve a log in yours. My humble advice to Fred is come back and face the law. In fact you’re on record as having boasted that the Zambian laws cannot and will never send you to jail, so what are you afraid of now. You cannot lead a life…

  27. READ THE POST OPINION OF THURSDAY OCTOBER 8, 2015 and you might just get to know who Meembe is. Very capable of insulting the entire Nation.

  28. How things change, M’membe is now a fugitive. This man boasted when he called late George Kunda, soon after PF won the 2011 elections, that it was their time.

  29. Why didn’t this same government use Interpol to track down Rupiah’s son, Henry? These are double standards. The consequences of double standards are always disastrous

  30. They are damn scared. They don’t know where Mmembe is and what he is doing. In the first place how did he leave the country a day just before his arrest? The day the police were going to arrest him he already knew and when they went to search his home. he was not there. This shows you how much he understands the Z government machinery. Do they think he is just hiding? May be that is why Lungu is so busy trying to convince people to withdraw from the ICC. May be Freddy is already doing or has done something with ICC and this could be sending shivers in PF. I do not think Freddy is just hiding knowing him.

  31. Fugitive accounts clerk, wanna be scribe and night school lawyer has runaway from self created problems. The owed in taxes alone would build hospitals and schools so that we can have more educated children. Our system may not be perfect but the world over does not condone tax criminals. What is he afraid of innocent people don’t run they face their aggressors. It is not the first time Freddie has evaded incarceration he did it before when he run into an embassy building. Yes he was tipped off by a corrupt officer who found out Freddie would be arrested. Birds of a feather flock together he paid off his informers and run like the coward that he is. Everything about him is false even his ‘marriage’

  32. Mulekeni Fred. Leave him alone. Mwacilamo ulukakala lwacilamo. Bushe ubu ebuntu bwakwa Lesa? Ba PF Lesa akamulimuna ne Inkonto yabukali bwakwe. Bamukukulu mwafula mu Pf. Ba Edgar mulekwate nsoni uumisunga ni Lesa, nalelo line kuti apoko bumi bwenu ngamwacilamo kucusha abantu.

    • What silly language is this? I cant read not even a single word. Can you please write something in English or Lozi. Disgusting language it is. Atlist Lozi sounds more of English. Could be Bemba or Nyanja. very Primitive languages. shush

    • @39.1… dont pretend, you have read..hummmm! trying to hit back at those who commented on lozi language. plagiarised response

  33. so this interpol is determined to arrest dr mmembe and bring him in the country , while the same interpol failled to arrest and bring back henry banda , shortwhile ago he came in and where was the police. henry banda stole some big cash whilest dr mmembe was an employer of more than 2000 workers now languishing. unfair country.

  34. @ Mushota, tantwe and others. Tax is a law on its on own and the tricky part of it is as follows:
    (1) Tax evasion: This is unethical and can result in criminal proceedings instituted against the culprit, albeit only under the following circumstances;
    # that it is established with reasonable grounds that the tax payer made an under estimation or non disclosure
    # that the non disclosure represents in all certainty, income that should form part of the taxable income
    # that the chartered accountants have failed to provide material reasons to convince the tax authority to accept the taxable income as authentic.
    # that there is evidence of capital outflow into offshore investments outside the tax payer’s tax regime. This is equivalent to money laundering
    # deliberately declaring tax…

  35. @Mushota, tantwe and others
    # deliberately declaring tax losses over a consecutive periods and creating superficial loans.
    The question to ask is this:
    Did mmembe make any irregular disclosures of his incomes?? If so. How is government sure that his disclosures are irregular? Is the revenue office having a correct tax assessment? If so, how did they arrive at the correct tax that he should have paid? The truth is that there is no authority that can determine 100% correct the tax that corporation have to pay. All tax liabilities are done first through estimations and chartered accountants have to authenticate the tax liabilities. Tax authorities depend on a system, while chartered tax accountants depend the knowledge and the reality of the business, applicable laws, tax incentives etc.

  36. @Mushota, tantwe and others
    To jump the whole process of having to engage a tax litigation attorneys, tax planners to a conclusive measure of placing the company under provisional liquidation creates a smell of suspicion with the intention of government on this matter. He must pay tax, that is correct, but the manner in which he is being pursued is dangerously attracting discontent and international sympathy that could immune him to a hero. Mark my words.
    His property has been attached, the company placed under receivership. what more is he required by the police for? Was attaching his company assets not meant to recover what is due to the state?? The is more to this than meets the eye.

  37. Mushota is spot on.

    Tax evasion is a crime. You think Leonel Messi was about to face jail sentense because he failed to the tax arrears? No.

    Hevtotally agreed to pay the dues, but he was going to go in because of the crime of tax evasion.

    But after trial his father was taken in as he was the one in charge of the business.

    So, with tax evasion you will be forced to pay the tax owed and then be tried for the crime of evasion.

    A good number of people here think that if you evade tax and they catch you, when you agree to pay then you have no case. Not at all.

    There are two things involved –
    1) paying the dues and,
    2) facing criminal prosecution.

  38. Mushota is neither PF or Upnd. She speaks as she sees things …with a clear mind …not like most of us who “don’t want ” to accept wrongs in our leaders.

  39. It seems that Zambia has been reduced to a country of praise and worship singers of PF and ECL. Worse than colonialism itself as patriotism has been sacrificed at the alter of political expendience. What has become of the once democratic country sure? I fear for 2021 general elections as they are likely to be the bloodiest as thugs in the name of special political advisers to the president are the pepetrators of all sorts of criminal activities

  40. Everyone is equal before the law. However those with cash or belong to cartels think that they can hoodwink everyone including the state. It has been Mmembe’s character for a long time, he genuinely points out corruption but use it for his personal gain like a hyena. It is difficult for him to come back from wherever he ran to because he understands the gravity of what he has done. He also understands what the sanctions may be. He has done law we hear, so he is more scared of coming back than some of us. It will not be long before he comes home. There is no jealous or anything for Mmembe, we all have a destiny, some people have destinies that end or are characterised in that fashion being experienced by Fred. What goes up will surely come down some day. The difference is only the manner…

  41. … of coming down that is what differs from one person to the other. If you are in SA, Bwana Mmembe they will take you back home to answer some questions. Corruption is there yes, but when you start taking advantage of it for personal gain you will be trapped as well. Mr Membe you are not more Zambian than the rest of us. Direct your ingenuity in something more noble than what you have been doing- cartels after cartels. Journalism is a noble career that demands honest and high moral grounds. However you cannot act or play God and still satisfy your inner devil.

  42. In a named foreign country? Just tell us the country you chicken reporters. What are you scared of? Nefishili fyakufisa?

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