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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Government orders all schools to sing the national anthem

General News Government orders all schools to sing the national anthem

Government has directed all public and private schools to sing the national anthem.Minister of Information and Broadcasting Service Kampamba Mulenga, further directed that all three stanzas of the national anthem should be sung.

Ms. Mulenga who is also Chief Government Spokesperson explained that the directive is aimed at fostering oneness and instilling into schools a spirit of patriotism to the country.She has also directed all public institutions including both private and public schools to display the portrait of the President and the national flag.

Ms Mulenga said the directives must be implemented immediately.

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    • Portrait of Edgar is not that important, BUT why schools stopped raising flags, maybe they use them for scarves?
      National anthem should be sung. Anyway, I also wondered why at PF rallies no anthem was heard, except Dununa.

    • @Sgud is snyce Whilst I agree, she has not given authentic reasons about this important matter!
      1. What will happen to those who refuse for Christian and perceived biblical reasons for not singing?
      2. Have they given a rendition of how it must be sung? Do we stand at attention or keep our hands in the pocket? Do you sit or stand?
      3. They must supply the words via some media eg Facebook, Whats app or even the Ministry’s website. Or even better, create an app for us to download (or am I expecting too must from a girl whose father was a copper thief and informer)?
      4. Will she sing herself before a meeting? Will she also pray before a meeting?
      5. Will she replace the tattered flag as well?
      6. Will ZNBC stop playing an old and outdated clip of the Army playing the Anthem?
      7. Which…

    • 7. Which language must the anthem be sung in?
      On the whole, lets go for it in a systematic way and not like the language issue.

    • Is is constitutional? What will happen to those who don’t sing or hang portraits?

    • Patriotism cannot be forced. it must be earned. The government continues to sow disunity and yet expects unity. Its a non starter. At the moment many of the regions would gladly breakaway from Zambia.

    • IN THE SPIRIT OF DIVERSITY- it might help to remember the origin of the lyrics was a competition.

      When Zambia decided to adopt the liberation song as its national anthem in 1964 there was a decision to have new, appropriate words put to the music. A competition was held to compose words for the new anthem. No one entry was considered acceptable in its entirety, but the sentiments and themes of several entries were used in the final composite version. The six authors whose entries were of particular value and who were awarded prizes were: Mr G Ellis of Lusaka, Mr E S Musonda of Kasama, Mr J M S Lichilana of Lusaka, Mrs I Lowe of Luanshya, Mr J Sajiwandani of Luanshya and Mrs R J Seal of Lusaka.

    • Time to rework those lyrics and be inclusive e.g. Instead of FREE MEN WE STAND how about FREELY WE STAND. It works better for the kids and both boys and girls. Those lines always made me feel disconnected as a kid.

    • It’s been long overdue, how on earth did they stop in the first place. This is one of the reasons we where slowly losing our country.


    • Its good that schools (primary and tertiary I believe) sing the National Anthem so that everyone is fully acquainted with the lyrics. However its the choice of wording by the reporter that makes this noble suggestion awkward. If indeed government has “ordered” then its not in good spirit for school authorities must as an obligation ensure that everyone understands the lyrics and is able to sing the National Anthem! Is Civics still taught in Zambian schools? The class could always start with singing the anthem! I have while in Zambia attended functions where the anthem is being sung and some participants just move their lips without actually singing and ignorance of the lyrics can be noted if one watches the lip movements! Parliament must follow suit than singing “Nga………. bonse…

    • contd…. abashala nibangwele!” and/or dancing to Dununa Reverse! By the way it seems erosion of respect for the National Anthem arises from the fact that each party has its own chosen “anthem” suppressing the national one whose role is more unifying!

  1. I agree and anyone who will refuse to sing the national anthem must leave the country and go where he takes his pride.

    • We can even divide it, between those who can dance and those who can’t dance.

    • These guys are amazing.All talk is what they are.They even have the audacity to talk of patriotism whilst they plunder the country and subject the citizens to dictatorial rule.The opposition can’t even hold rallies while their cadres can without warning demonstrate while carrying pangas.It would make sense for such a directive to be issued by a leader like Mwanawasa.
      Come to think of it can they themselves even sing one stanza?Can that dull chap Kamba sing.What a stupid joke.

    • Yup we sung it. Only problem was… I was a girl then, and a woman now. Then, and more so now, “Free men we stand” remains uncomfortable. Especially if you actually wanna mean what you’re saying and not just blurtin’ it out for the sake of it. Maybe “Free people we stand”?? Lets leave the gender bias for the 60’s shall we???

  2. It’s about time. We have lost patriotism & sense of belonging we used to have. If we had maintained that unity supported by sensible long term national social economic plan we would be high in national rankings by now. We need to move together as a people anchored on both our Christian and Zambian values. A united people is a force to reckon with. With a shared & embraced value system we can achieve anything & we can become the greatest. God Bless Zambia!

  3. In Kaunda’s era, things worked except the democracy part of it. We were respected world over, and Zambians were in all top universities studying to become batter citizens. The problem was after graduating where young graduates were given jobs that were far below the bosses who had poorer education. Meritocracy was dumped and party loyalty became the route to promotions. BUT the old man gave each one of us a chance to get educated as long as you had a good brain. Sadly, other bad eggs fell through the cracks like Edgar Lungu whose education was free at UNZA, but he himself is denying our kids an education when it is his time to give back!! Shame on his greed and selfishness.

  4. How many people in Zambia’s current political era are really strong and free? Cant’ even allow the opposition parties to hold a rally. When you are heavily taxed, yoked to poverty and with a caged mind.

  5. Surely, patriotism is needed back in this country. Though those that lead us at the moment do not inspire, I feel it is also their task to induce patriotism among the young. Bravo for this.

  6. How about saying the National Prayer: Oh God the Father of the people of the Earth, look with favour upon us….?

  7. Mere singing cannot make someone patriotic, they need to believe and feel just like being a christian- going to church and singing gospels does not make you one. We need inspiring and uniting leaders who lead by example not rhetoric, full of vengeance and spite for other tribes. What are the penalties if one doesn’t sing?

  8. Patriotism is a virtue. By definition, virtues are optional. Making of singing the great National Anthem mandatory will not necessarily create in itself more patriotic citizens, as implied. Are you arguing that absence of National Anthems in schools automatically in cause-effect manner led to anti-patriotic outcomes in all societies for humanity? Criminals are not necessarily the product of lack of National Anthem and/or patriotism deficits. There is need for the Constitutional Court to decide on the way forward here. Small issues led to great conflicts. The National Anthem is more suitable for national gatherings. A national gatherings is characterized by various elements. These include the presence of the national leader/s; the meetings for elaboration of public programs by appointed…

    • During the KK era, children in schools and elders sang the national anthem in every public meeting. It is that spirit that shielded us from largely divisive tribal devices we are what we are today because someone stood up and designed a tool to bring us together. And if it was good and worked for us why not. Like marriage we have to work and work hard at creating and upholding our unity. Any means at our disposal should be used to foster this unity. Academic talk is important but it must be relevant to the community. It must bring out real issues. For example the issue of presence of “national leader” this cannot be the only time you promote your national identity and patriotism. This must be strengthened at local level with or without a”national leader” real leaders are among our…

  9. A sigh of a government that has run out of ideas for development. Singing, hanging portraits etc is not what develops a country or instills nationhood, it is the actions of the leaders that do. The current crop is clueless in terms of development and is corrupt to the core

  10. This was the case for those of us, growing out Independence in the 60’s 70’s. The younger breed have no identity to the motherland. Encourages Patriotism, and a belonging to Zambia. In USA, the morning starts with a pledge to the United States of America, even those of us going to American schools had to say it though foreign. Let’s get our immigrants to join us in this. We need to work together now. Especially with the advent of aggressive opposition politics.


  12. Pupils maybe shown the national anthem and taught how to sing it, but they shouldn’t individually be compelled to sing it. It should also only be sang at significant occasions and not before class in the morning, for example.

  13. You control the future by indoctrinating the children. See the pictures of the 3 day visit to Muchinga…….children!

  14. Zambia is a Christian Nation, do not force children to sing or do what their religion does not believe in

    • Forget religion , being proud of your country comes first, religion is a way of brain washing children and older people so they are scared and will not up rise against the gov’t.
      also national anthem is neutral does not pit people from one church to another over their church beliefs’. current song and words out of date need to modernize it.

  15. Dununa Reverse is the new anthem. Come what sort of freedom are talking about when we as a nation rely on foreign aid to function? The stats quo is the one that is free. Poverty is the norm apart from a few individuals who are enjoying massive freedom and want to break away from ICC to become extremely free!

  16. Dununa Reverse is the new anthem. Come on what sort of freedom are we talking about when we as a nation rely on foreign aid to function? The stats quo is the one that is free. Poverty is the norm apart from a few individuals who are enjoying massive freedom and want to break away from ICC to become extremely free!

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