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Lungu got a bribe to facilitate the withdrew from ICC, claims Msoni

General News Lungu got a bribe to facilitate the withdrew from ICC, claims Msoni

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

All peoples congress party president Nason Msoni has accused Republican President Edgar Lungu of getting money from Sudan for Zambia to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

In a statement Mr Msoni said there is no justification for the country to withdraw from ICC apart from the fact the president Lungu is trying to protect his counterpart from Sudan who is wanted by the ICC.

He said the consultations which started on Monday was a costly which was unnecessary as Zambia did not have any issues at the ICC and that the money being spent on more pressing issues that the country is facing.

“Mr. Lungu’s desperation in trying to withdraw Zambia from the ICC is extremely worrying. This is giving credence to the assertion that money may have exchanged hands to facilitate the withdrawal. Resorting to using ghost Zambians to build consensus is criminal behavior and is tantamount to rigging the outcome,” he said.

Mr Msoni wondered why the president was in hurry to live the ICC when neighboring countries such as Botswana were still part of the international court.

He also accused the president of trying to hoodwink Zambians with the outcome of the consultations as he already has made up to live ICC.

“Our view is that the debate or consultation is fake and is merely meant to hoodwink gullible Zambians. All indications are that Mr. Lungu is for withdrawing the country by hook or crook. This is a sad state of affairs,” he said.

He further advised President Lungu to embrace politics of common sense if he is to be relevant to the country adding that “international posturing and chest thumping won’t win him public confidence.”

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    • We need consultation on whether we need to stop accepting donor aid and acquiring more loans from Europe, America and China.

      Not this useless consultations on withdrawing from ICC.

    • If Lungu got a bribe, why is he asking Zambians what they think? Wouldn’t he just have tried to impose a decision himself? Mr. Msoni grow up and start using your brains.

  1. Lungu voted for the AU Resolution for Member States leave ICC en masse. Lungu is doing this for his own protection as he moves to establish a ONE MAN PARTY DICTATORSHIP in Zambia.All those opposed to Lungu’s Dictatorship are enemies who will be punished one by one. The UPND is enemy No.1 for Petitioning and refusing to recognise the Illegitimate Lungu Regime. LAZ,ICC etc are stumbling blocks in Lungu’s move towards a Dictatorship. All Dictators quit ICC becoz they are opposed to ICC’s Ideals. Increasingly Lungu is assaulting Rule of Law ,Constitutionalism, Human Rights and Good Governance in Zambia. All eyes are on Zambia as the Petition remains unheard.

  2. IF President Lungu wants Zambia to withdraw from ICC then his doing the right thing..Which western leader has been taken to the ICC not even Goerge W Bush when he attacked Iraq not even Tony Blair and others so whats the point.. With this i agree 400% with his excellency.. I dont i agree with him Closing the POST its a fact its him but this one on ICC i agree his doing a great job if his withdrawing.. and i hope and pray we withdraw..If his not withdrawing then the one for the bribe can be true though i doubt he would be bribed for that..

  3. Please note: I dont agree with him Closing the POST its a fact its him who is behind closing the POST but this one on ICC i agree with his excellency

    • This country is full of sh*t, Ndanje. How can normal thinking people even waste their time believing this rubbish and go ahead and agree with this id.i.otic psychopathic failure musoni and even post on this blog?? musoni has no moral standing to even go on record to utter such cr*p!!-““Mr. Lungu’s desperation in trying to withdraw Zambia from the ICC is extremely worrying. This is giving credence to the assertion that money may have exchanged hands to facilitate the withdrawal. Resorting to using ghost Zambians to build consensus is criminal behavior and is tantamount to rigging the outcome,” he said. TRULY, WE HAVE NO OPPOSITION IN THIS COUNTRY, NO WONDER PF IS DOMINATING PARLIAMENT AND WILL CONTINUE GROWING!!

  4. If this guy was in Tanzania he would be dancing pelete at Vawa prison, maybe for a few days until the president orders his release.

  5. Msoni is right!!! Gullible Zambians!!! Did Bush abuse his own citizens, the answer is no. Did Blair abuse his own citizens the answer is no. So let’s not compare the two with these African leaders who abuse their own citizens. Instead of saying these Africans are innocent you’re saying because criminal Bush and Blair went scort free please allow the criminal Africans to also go scort free. GULLIBLE ZAMBIANS!!!!

  6. Let me tell you, this ICC money is theft. The government position is to leave the ICC and that will be the outcome. So let’s stop wasting each other’s time here

  7. any one who was there time of unip knows very well how strong supper keny was, but where is he today , he tested mukobeko maxmum prison as for these guys i feel pity for them because they will commit lots and lots of crimes for them to fail to answer. lets wait and see. god knows.

  8. Stupid Zambian’s(Christian nation) what have done wrong today to move out from ICC. Foolish KK,Miyanda,HH,GBM, Foolish Zambiañ etc

  9. Comment:msoni dnt b scared u hv our support as zambians ,we need u more than ever with ur people,,,we need u to save justice in zambia,,,,,

  10. PF wants Zambia to leave ICC because they feel Laurent gbagbo, Charles Taylor, biemba, Omar Bashir etc are wrongly accused.

    Are these mongrels innocent?


  12. I greet you all on this platform…
    First I recommend and support msoni for the good checks and balances he’s giving to our messed up government,I for one don’t support lungu’s idea because even before we pull out of icc,still we are passing through tough hell,what more when we pull out what ll be the results…..dictatorship

  13. He know what he has done and what he want to do in the coming years. he will start removing parts again from innocent Zambian just to win fake elections.

  14. Ba Msoni just make your views known to the Commission if you want Zambia to remain member of the ICC instead of waffling

  15. vote

    RB also stiffened his neck during his presidency. He used so many minions who are today rotting in jail, the likes of chanda chiimba and others. We all remember the ‘ Wako ni waka’ and ‘Boma ni boma’ slogans he popularly used. After a disasterous end of his presidency, today he is advising ECL who also has been blinded to reality but God in His own wisdom has a way of doing things no matter how one thinks there are smart. Power should be exercised with limits not to the extent of grabbing private properties from citizens, the POSTNEWS paper way. No amount of propaganda from the govt and indeed PF will erase that fact from the minds of reasonable Zambians

  16. We already know the outcome for the so called consultation. doing it for self interest wont help the nation. The image of zambia will be damaged completly. Let him protect his image like other african dictator. Dont forget that u are still an amature. Those small brains who advice u wont be there wen things turn hot for you. The problem with these kantankarous is that they think zambians are blind to see wat they are doing. Evry action has the results. Tomorow the same pipo saying we leave icc will be the one comiting crimes agaist humanity and wont have a place to take the u who ar supoting. Dont just do it becoz some countries ar leaving, the previous leader keept that for the procton of the country…ati consultation just do it coz u hav oredy done it just wasting our resouces.

  17. The pulling out of ICC was agreed on at the last AU meeting (non binding) and all Lungu has done is to throw it us to decide. When the AU meets in June Lungu will simply report what the Zambians want. This way the other countries will not accuse Lungu of anything. So just submit and don’t complain as you’re doing over the failed referendum.

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