Top Star urged to employ local people in the project


Top Star Communications Limited has been urged to fulfil its promise of employing ninety percent of local people in its project.

The Parliamentary Committee on Information and Broadcasting Services has advised the company to ensure Zambians enjoyed the benefits since the project is an effort by the Zambian government.

And Top Star Communications Company Limited Chief Executive Officer Leo Liao said Zambia has lagged behind in terms of digital migration unlike its counterpart Tanzania which has been operational since 2012.

Mr. Liao said the company will ensure that people get the benefits of the digital migration by ensuring that the project is rolled out through the installation of transmission sites across the country by December 2017.

He further said his staff will transfer technology and knowledge to the local people for better performance.

He was speaking during the touring of Top Star Communications Company Limited by the Parliamentary Committee on Information and Broadcasting services in Lusaka today, led by Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa.



  1. A company employs people it thinks will help it make profit. Government cannot dictate. Why cant government itself employ them?


  2. Guess again, a company if investing in another nation, has to employ at least 60% locals. International organisations have to provide employment to locals while they also benefiting. Otherwise it is like a Chinese organisation coming to pick oranges from your farm and hiring Chinese do the work. After the deal is done, they don’t pay you a dime for your oranges and paying the Chinese who were hired to pick the oranges. Meaning you lose out and Zambian’s lose out while giving employment to foreign nationals.


  3. Chinese owns 65% majority shareholder, so they decide, zambia we don’t own ZNBC note the top star ceo says HIS people will transfer knowledge and technology to local people doesn’t say they will employ local people…. they will employ Chinese



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