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Ministry of Justice receives overwhelming response on the Constitution amendment submission

General News Ministry of Justice receives overwhelming response on the Constitution amendment submission

Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA
Justice Minister Given Lubinda says his ministry has received an overwhelming response from various stakeholders including the Law Association of Zambia and civil society organisations who have made submissions towards the amendment of the Constitution.

He says now that the submissions have been received, the ministry of justice will prepare an amendment bill for consideration by the public as well as members of parliament.

Mr Lubinda has since expressed confidence that the publication of the constitution of Zambia amendment bill 2017 will be ready by the end of August this year.

He has told parliament that a technical legal working group comprising staff in his ministry will soon be constituted to analyze the submissions from the various stakeholders.

Mr. Lubinda has however, stated that his ministry has indentified some inconsistencies from the submissions that have been received.

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  1. Illegal government. Nothing they do will legalise their tenure. Kuyabebele

    • This man should not be in Government at all. SATA did not like him. He is treacherous and Dora Siliya who is now in SATA’s thought at the time that Lubinda was treacherous. I wonder what she now thinks about ‘her colleague’. These guys are WRONG. Kambwili is sidelined and on the fence looking from the outside. How weird.

  2. @NEZ, you said the exact same thing before being beaten in the elections. Really hope your party wins elections one day

  3. Irresponsible,irrelevant, please focus on amending your flawed constitution and cleaning that hopeless Judiciary.

  4. Dear Hon. Lubinda,

    Did my friend HH make his submission?

    He is suggesting that the Concourt should not be limited to 14 days in which to dispose of the Presidential petition. He wants it to go forever and ever and include ICC appeal in the constitution of Zambia. What if Zambia pulls out of ICC, we will have another constitution amendment bill.

  5. They want to make the UPND Presidential Petition unconstitutional and force the Petitioners to recognize Lungu the Vote Thief. That will not work. The illegitimate Lungu govt believes that it can legislate Legitimacy. That wont happen. The only solution is to hear the Petition and for Lungu to prove in Court that he genuinely and fairly won the 2016 Election. Without that DNA Certificate of paternity Lungu will remain illegitimate and a fake father of the Zambian Nation. Period.

  6. As to what is on the ground. Majority has lost hope in pf . So people who are busy calling HH names you are wasting you time as that you cannot change the Moody. Remember how mmd treated sata mhsriep. 2021 hh or any other will lead this nation not ecl and pf

  7. RB also stiffened his neck during his presidency. He used so many minions who are today rotting in jail, the likes of chanda chiimba and others. We all remember the ‘ Wako ni waka’ and ‘Boma ni boma’ slogans he popularly used. After a disasterous end of his presidency, today he is advising ECL who also has been blinded to reality but God in His own wisdom has a way of doing things no matter how one thinks there are smart. Power should be exercised with limits not to the extent of grabbing private properties from citizens, the POSTNEWS paper way. No amount of propaganda from the govt and indeed PF will erase that fact from the minds of reasonable Zambians

  8. Good, please seal the loophole that almost cost our country’s peace and stability! He will be president of his farm! Hazaluza Hagain

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