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ZAMTEL to reach two million customers by end of 2017

Economy ZAMTEL to reach two million customers by end of 2017

Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited (ZAMTEL), a government-owned telecommunication service provider in Zambia says it will attain a total of two million customers before the end of 2017.

ZAMTEL, which a is one of three mobile phone networks operating in the country alongside with Airtel and MTN claims it has exceeded 1.5 million customers.

ZAMTEL Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sydney Mupeta disclosed this in a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

“ZAMTEL has been repositioning itself to become a total telecommunication provider of choice by improving its network, make our products and services easily available on the market. We would to thank old and new customers for being part of this success story for using our Cell “Z” network on your mobile phones,” Mr. Mupeta said.

Mr. Mupeta said his company has in the last three years rolled out 543 three-global-sites.

Mr. Mupeta said ZAMTEL has embarked on investing in marketing campaigns in cognizant of the competitive nature of the telecommunications industry such as the ZAMSPELL IT and infrastructure installed in some parts of the country.

He said ZAMTEL remains committed to its clientele by providing quality and affordable tele-communications services in mobile, landline, internet and optic fibre as the firm re-positions itself in the telecommunication industry.

The Acting ZAMTEL CEO thanked old and new customers for being part of this success story and using Cell “Z” network on their mobile phones.

Mr. Mupeta adds that in its social corporate responsibility, ZAMTEL has embarked on the provision of safe and clean drinking water in communities as well as invested in education through the donation of computers to schools where it operates.

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  1. After the Pf mwanakatwe have robbed zamtel all what is remaining is wishful thinking. Ati 2million kikiki

  2. Kindly work on all the towers you have placed in chiefdoms. In mumbwa under Chief Kaindu the tower has remained a monument. The place has potential but completely neglected. Civil servants are suffering there

  3. Positive change is Key our Zambian economy, we need to change our mind set and begin to believe in our ourselves, Zambia has the best Human resources in Africa, if not in the all world. Therefore Lets learn to Embrace, Love and Lift each other, Iron sharpen Iron. This is a Zambian company which needs the support of every Zambian and if we give it the right support and it fails, then we have every right to complain. Be Zambian and Buy Zambian. With One Voice, Love and Togetherness Zambia will be never same….. Am a proud Zamtel customer

  4. This ZAMTEL was going to be on top of three mobile providers had it not been the late illiterate MCS decision to reposses it from LAPGREEN . He was just another populist pundit without economic clue that it has made the work of ECL difficult. Ecl’s work has further been exacerbated by having no political will to turn around the economy by appointing competent personnel in critical positions. We are really in for it.Ecl must calm down and concentrate on building the economy other than fighting HH.Let him stop this police brutality.

    • The Decision by His Excellency MSC (MHSRIP)to reverse the Dubious Sales our only indigenous telecom company was exceptional, all we need to do is support this Company to grow beyond the projected figure so that, it can have enough to invest in the expansion of the network for the betterment of every Zambian.

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