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HH and His UPND Is Operating Like a Cult Nowadays–Nakacinda

Headlines HH and His UPND Is Operating Like a Cult Nowadays--Nakacinda

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda
The Mutati Faction MMD says if the allegations about a new party being formed are anything to go by then the people behind its formation will only waste their political careers like the people who formed FDD.

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda a political party formed to fight individuals cannot stand the test of time because their motive is not to serve the people but to fight individuals.

According to a statement released by the MMD Media Team, Mr. Nakacinda questioned what will become of the said political if the people they intend to fight are no longer in politics.

“We know that if that is true, it won’t be any different from what happened in MMD when people formed a splinter party out of MMD just to fight the Third Term Bid, that was the birth of FDD but soon as the Third Term Bid died out, what has remained of FDD, it just a shell of itself because their agenda was not for the people but to fight the first President of our great party, Fredrick Chiluba.

“A party anchored on fighting people never lasts, and if they think they have money, they must know that money alone can’t be the only thing to use to advance an agenda for the Zambian people. Forming a party just to fight the MMD and PF Alliance, won’t succeed at all, President Lungu and the MMD are here to stay and those scheming evil will be frustrated because their selfish interests will be exposed. We are growing even stronger,” he said.

And on the UPND cadres’ harassment of journalists Mr Nakacinda said all well-meaning Zambians must condemn the UPND who in their desperation have gone as far as instructing cadres to beat journalists who just tell the nation what is happening.

He said the opposition party is now operating like a cult where members are just doing everything their leader Hakainde Hichilema instructs them to do.

He said even my elder brother Nevers Mumba has found himself advancing an agenda he does not understand.

“It is unfortunate that the UPND is operating like a cult these days. Because the things HH and his UPND are doing these days continues to surprise Zambians. UPND is embroiled in an array of inconsistencies and we feel sorry for our elder brother Nevers Mumba who has become a puppet for HH and GBM and by the time they will be done with him he won’t be able to recognize himself because he is operating like he is under a spell, like they have been hypnotized,” he said.


  1. Very true! Just look at the insults and wishes of death these sa.tan.ic blood thirsty dunderhead animals vomit! Just read their comments below as clear proof!

    • Have you seen that video of that pfacist putting on pf tshirt who was piping is colleague in a ditch in the wrong address, that is the behavior of the holier than thou, Christians for ba lulu.

    • HH likes the law to work for him, to give him his ‘rights’ and help him achieve his agenda.

      So HH recognises the law and wants to follow it when it brings him benefit.

      But HH breaks the same law with impunity, and does not recognise it as law when it calls for his responsibility.

      HH knows that failure to recognise legally instituted government and a sitting president is a crime with regard to Zambian law, but he breaks that law.

      HH knows that disrespect for judges and belittling of the same is contemptuous, but he insults the ConCourt judges, and any judge who rules against his ‘sovereign’ desire.

      HH insults such judges, calling them all manner of names such as thugs, thieves, corrupt, Lungu puppets, criminals, etc.

    • Contd..

      HH calls on citizens to rise and fight government, telling them to shed blood for their ‘rights’, and the said ‘rights’ means HH becoming president.

      This is the person who aspires to lead this country, who believes law is law when it favours him and it is no law if it called for his responsibility oor favours other citizens.

      Other than prepare a country that would respect the rule of law, which he would want to see if he became president (if that ever happened) he is busy creating a culture of disobedience and anarchy.

      I have said time and again here that HH and the UPND do things in utter reverse.

      For example, the use of preliminaries as delay tactic, but against themselves – who can understand that? not even themselves.

    • Look, let us not pretend here.

      We all know the HH presidency is a failed project.

      Don’t think that losing six times gives him enough experience to win. No, no, no!

      Thinking like that would imply that wining six times would give someone enough experience to lose.

      Let us not always think in ‘Dununa Reverse’ manner.

      Either UPND is happy with continued losing or they can change leadership.

      Unless UPND wishes to hearing stories every five years, of saying ‘my win has been stolen in Lusaka. Maureen Mwanawasa found my 14,000 votes in a been’.

      Keeping HH at the helm may turn UPND into a party that may phase out and be remembered only as a party that came close, but now extinct.

    • defending HH being at the helm of UPND is the greatest display of performing art skills.

      Now, if his losses are making his supporters happy, I have no problem with that.

      Whatever makes them happy I am okay with it..

      It’s just that I want to think on behalf of his contenders, they must be feeling bored standing against the same loser.

      It is the same as a heavyweight boxing champion who has beaten his opponent twice or thrice in a row, he will get frustrated as he would like to fight a challenger, not an obvious loser.

      This I what I am saying, that if they get frustrated and complain that they need another person to fight with it is not because they fear but because they are bored of getting an obvious wins, due to a weak opponent.

    • Very interesting to read headlines such as:

      “HH says Zambia’s democracy is heavily under threat as Police block UPND News Conference”

      Meanwhile he goes to his Secretariat and his cadres begin to beat up journalists.

      So, who is killing democracy – the police whore are making efforts to ensure law and order, or HH whose cadres are beating up innocent citizens?

      I think this is why the international community ignores this man.

      HH fails to understand that he is insulting the very international community he wishes to get support from.

      When you tell the international community that you have won the election which they themselves monitored and saw that you lost, you are insulting their intellect.

      I have always observed reverse thinking when it comes to upnd.

    • @Visionless, read what your fellows wrote above me. So who is insulting and who is dunderhead? Only those who can agree with Nakachinda. How can you, for real.

    • Yours is a cult of theives.

      People who u turn almost every day.

      Just now wanting to steal 2 million Kwacha and avoid the ICC

  2. here is another stupid useless *****..why do you even cover such barren men?kukonda kucinda is usless like his faction..viva HH and UPND

  3. Well put @ peace of Zambia couldn’t have said it better. I wonder too where the wisdom is what sort of the country does he want to come and lead (God forbid) when his teaching the nation to be rebellious.

    • Arse l1cking and d1ck sucking followers of “anointed”, “humble”, “visionary” and convicted embezzler are accusing others of “cult”worshiping? Who is organizing prayers with sectarian self-appointed “bishops”? Who is using church for political brain-washing and indoctrination? By the way, it will be interesting to know Mr. Nakachinda, do you self favor and shut-up. Definitely you will look smarter with trap shut.

  4. When lies start to sound like the truth. Satan has always a way with a mind of an evil person. Deep down in every sane person in Zambia know what happened during elections. We also know that HH GBM and Nervous are fighting a noble cause but noooooo! Our egos are more important than doing the right thing. To be rich one plans. To be poor is to possess a mind of the above PF Goons! They start believing their lies.

  5. This not about HH , GBM or Mumba this is about future free and fair elections and a country of laws we want our children to find.

    Not this thug zaizer zulu type of country were anybody with divergent views is beaten up and thrown in jail.

    If the people who want a free and prosperous democracy where citizens can trust the rule of law is a cult ……bring more of those cults.

  6. Nakachinda Nakachinda don’t talk about other opposition political parties talk about MMD which you want to dispose once given a job. We want to hear the way forward for the former ruling party with structures all over the country from the faction party President Mutati who has been poured with cold water by ECL.

  7. The hate posts from pf is fierce but almost always empty. It usually goes like HH is bitter, under 5, cult, going mud, tongas this and that, cattle farmer, he is jealous etc. Even nakacinda there says HH is leading his br Nervers astray without explains how that is. It’s always Empty urguments throughout from pf but these urguments are calculated to appease the unlearned majority who support pf. Even Mushota has now joined senseless bunches. Nerver will you hear something like HH’s policy on trade has this or that disadvantage for the economy or his plan on export has this or that disadvantage. The majority PF supporters definitely can’t argue intellectually, hence only can say HH is a zombie, is bitter, does not smile etc. like this Zambia will always be leader by dull leaders who win…

  8. This is sense from Nakachinda.whoever is planning to form a political party to fight PF/MMD alliance is bound to fail 100%.he must first ask Miles Sampa,Mulenga Sata how tough it is to destroy PF a party majority Zambians love.moreover,i fail to understand people who blame PF/MMD alliance because MMD was divided in two.all those MMD MPs and members from Southern,Western and N/Western joind UPND while those from 6.5 provinces joined PF.so if UPND won in 2016,Ex-MMD MPs could have been in HH’s cabinet.PF won and some former MMD MPs are in PF cabinet.PF has done nithing wrong here.politics is about numbers.PF will 100% win 2021 general elections!!!!

  9. Commenting on such brainless fellows is just a total waste of energy and time, what’s talking is their hungry bails and hopes of gaining someone from the criminals of those in power… enjoy while it lasts.. I mean cum’on when did HH say raise against the state? Please show us where and when!!! Fighting for human rights is not about taking arms and shooting anyone, HH and GBM are way to intelligent for such nonsense,,, maybe they mistaking these too to Kaizer Zulu and his boss..

  10. The two time waster political parties PF and UPND are a disgrace to Zambia. They are always quarreling with very uncouth and unmannered cadres, most of them on this blog. Though unfortunately Zambia has no alternatives, I still wish the two parties to go extinct, for clarity TO VANISH

  11. LOL – This Nakacinda guy is a good example of a lame duck vainly trying to divert citizen’s attention from PF Govt’s lamentable failure to explain why spending K2 million on ICC non issue is suddenly a priority over other urgent pressing national issues. It’s like they are competing to see who sounds dullest.

  12. The UPND is indeed a cult as evidenced by the fact that their leader is not elected by the members of the party in question.

  13. The reality Nakachinda is failing to accept is that his MMD is now under the spell of PF. Completely Hypnotized. Meaning, he will now never see anything wrong under PF. Spineless MMD that is why I left it!


  15. Who is this directionless guy that yaps even on things he does not understand? I do think Nakacinda is in a political widerness to fail to understand that there is nothing left of the once might MMD. This guy should arise from that political ‘coma’ otherwise he might continue making a fool of himself

  16. Mr Sikachinda,

    The FDD was formed by very principled men and women. Men and women who looked at the importance of not changing the constitution, for the sake of satisfying a greedy individual’s greedy. Without the FDD, Chiluba would have changed the constitution so as to go for a third term. Chiluba did manage to change the MMD constitution but failed to change the Republican Constitution because of the galant men and women in the FDD.

    The FDD of today can be compared to the MMD of 2001, where a woman who has completed her term of office, out of greed, wants to change the constitution of the party so that she can be allowed to go for a third term.

    It is is only MMD in 2001 – 2001 Chiluba a Must
    It is only UPND in 2006 – Only a TONGA can be President of UPND
    It is only FDD…

  17. Such is not news at all and should not be entertained by Rational Zambians. We know all those that are ‘eating’ will have some nonsensical to utter in order to get a pay check. You are not forward looking Nakachinda and your followers. You do not have Zambia’s Future at heart and all you care for is personal gain. Sorry but people like you need a brain scan to see the extent of the Damage.

  18. HH is riding on dull heads in the UPND who at one time I thought were a cream of brains. HH has continued to pursue presidential petition election results when he knows very well that nothing will change the status quo,but just to avoid a convention as some alert members have seen that his time is over and he is not willing to step aside.UPND WAKE UP and change leadership replace that SATANIST with a CHRISTIAN leader then one day UPND WILL rule

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