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Mobile phone users in Lusaka to pay for garbage collection

Economy Mobile phone users in Lusaka to pay for garbage collection

A HEAP of uncollected garbage behind a shopping mall in Choma
File:A heap of uncollected garbage behind a shopping mall

LUSAKA deputy mayor Chilando Chitangala says all mobile phone owners in Lusaka will be required to pay a fee towards garbage collection exercises through monthly deductions to improve health and sanitation.

Ms Chitangala said the monthly deduction fee will be conducted through partnership with Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA).

“The Lusaka City Council is currently in consultation with ZICTA to ensure that every person in the city who owns a mobile phone makes a payment towards the collection of garbage once in a month.
Through the partnership we will ensure that an effective structure is set up for conducive garbage collection,” she said.

Ms Chitangala said in an interview on Monday that poor waste disposal and management is hazardous to the environment and human life.

“Only an affordable amount will be deducted. This deduction is what we are calling ‘Tariff bundling’. As a council we have not yet come up with the fixed figure but once the amount is discussed, we will then implement the procedure of the monthly deductions,” she said.

Ms Chitangala said the monthly deduction fee will assist in the procurement of waste collection trucks.

“Currently the council has a challenge because we do not have enough trucks for waste management collection, but this exercise will assist us in purchasing more trucks to improve the poor and improper garbage collection,” she said.

Ms Chitangala said there is need for concerted efforts to improve the situation in the collection of garbage in Lusaka.

She urged the community to work together with the local authority to ensure that health and sanitation in the city is restored and maintained.

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  1. Another half-baked idea.
    Just few questions:
    1. What if I have already signed agreement with waste collection company?
    2. How will be treated “roaming” charges?
    3. What about households with more than one mobile phone?
    4. What about users of Company mobile telephone? …………………………
    Please go back to drawing table and do something better

  2. Who would even want to invest in this dirty city with such poor looking malls and heaps of garbage?
    No wonder multinational companies like to be based in either Kenya or South Africa.

  3. Thoughtless and unworkable. The net has too small holes it will even catch the pre-schooler. Try again, you were voted to think better than that.

  4. What about the money they collect through land rates? Lusaka is the fastest growing city in Zambia. What about the money the council collects through the sale of plots? You want the poor people to continue to pay for things that the council was set up to do. If the council can not collect garbage, what do they do? Everything, we have to pay for, water charges include garbage collection and sewerage charges. Zesco charges includes TV levy even if you watch dstv. Now you want airtime to include garbage collection? What a way of life, stealing from people while their eyes are open.

  5. What is the connection between mobile calling and garbage? Does mobile phone use contribute to garbage such that each mobile user is commanded to pay towards garbage collection?

  6. Tariffs are paid to service providers for services rendered. What services is the City Council giving to Cell Phone users? By the way is it Cell Phone users or owners? Is the tax on the Handset or Talk Time? Does City Council have legal powers to levy such a tax and collect it? What kind of Tax Planning is this from Ministry of Finance and ZRA? Taxes should be affordable given that disposable incomes are limited.There is confusion between Central govt and Local govt in tax matters. The proposed Cell Phone user Tax is ill thought out and unreasonable. This is destroying the Telecoms industry.

  7. What nonsense is this? Another way of eating our hard-earned cash? Oh please, give us a break!We already have other taxes that we pay!Do mobile phones generate any rubbish?

  8. We have failed to run councils in our country because we used to manage with whites everything is going down for example sports facilities. Today our children are spending more time on sex and beer how are we going to reduce AIDS/HIV in our country. Do we need whites abasungu to come back football is not the only sport. Our children need to participate in all sport this will help our mind not only to think about sex and beer. School sport is thing of the past. Do we want to be colonized again? Shame to Zambian leaders today Golf Clubs are well managed because of the whites.

  9. Zambia the mediocre country! This tag line speaks volumes as to how below-low we have gone. Even the educated-illiterate Mayor cannot run away from invasive mediocrity. All I will do just like @ECL is to add on some questions.

    Continued from ECL 1.0….

    5. How much is the cost of gabbage collection in Lusaka ( daily, monthly or yearly)?
    6. With an estimated (being conservative) 1 million subscribers and the proposed K1.00 but lets take K0.3 charge per day giving us K300,000.00 per day x 30days = K9million per month? Could this be the cost of keeping Lusaka clean per month or there is something more than what is being said?

  10. Let these educated-illiterates inquire from LCC, Lusaka water & Sewerage, ZEMA and Ministry of Local Government technocrat, there is a report on the recommendations by a committee set-up in 2010-2011 to come up with a financing strategy of waste disposal management. This committee included us from commerce and industry (private sector). But i doubt if they will even read the report even if they find it. Their brains are mediocritly, if there is such a word, wired to think small, very small and petty. Or it could be leaving a monkey in the maize field. Zambia the mediocre country!

  11. What kind of thinking is this. There is absolutely no connection between use of mobile phone and garbage. How on earth can people reason like this. In Lusaka city street vending significantly contributes to a lot of garbage. Also ensure that you encourage recycling of waste. Do people know that all the castle light beer bottles end up in our streets and dump sites and Zambian breweries is let scot free. Tones of plastics from our shorite, pick n pay and many more also end up in our streets. These are the companies you can impose tax not mobile phones

  12. No one has ever satisfactorily answered my question whenever such PF up hazard dreaming comes about. What do they really smoke in PF?

  13. From one salary
    1. Garbage
    • Pay the local authority who collects bins from our home K80.00 per month (K20 per collection)
    • Pay monthly through the phone.
    • Personal levy
    2. On ROAD
    • Road tax
    • Fitness
    • Fuel levy
    • Toll fees
    3. Water
    • Pay for extracting water from your bore hole or
    4. PAYE
    5. TV levy
    6. VAT
    7. Carbon tax

    • Don’t forget
      Car parking fees
      corrupt traffic officers
      Ground rent
      Council Property rates
      NAPSA deductions
      Trade Union deductions

  14. I think the best way the council can make headway is by ensuring that title deeds for each household in Lusaka in including done then the lump a reasonable levy to the rates for Garbage collection services.
    Or engage a private company in Garbage collection service’s because even getting a Licence is red tape from the council.This process needs consultantions.

  15. You were busy dancing to clueless lungu now can you dance some more plead….

    Music….dununna revesee yeeee..

  16. This is what happens when the so called leaders have no vision and misused resources . No need to tax mobile users for garbage collection. Just take street vendors to markets and collect taxes from them. they are the ones who are messing up the city.

  17. First explain how you’re spending funds that you’re already collecting. It now costs K5 to park a corolla within 1 hour, you collect so much money from markets and bus stations, you collect business levies from all business houses, including street vendors but all these areas are very dirty because you don’t collect the garbage. Why do you want people to pay several fees for the same purpose. Nawakwi introduced the fuel levy to repair roads, it’s charged on every litre. Now we have toll fees for the same purpose, where does the fuel levy go? NRFA has now stopped declaring how much in tolls is collected every month, just like happened to fuel levy. Before you start anything, first check what’s already in place, else switch on your aircon and fart some more

  18. The council already collects alot of money but never delivers! Improve on service delivery and accountability of what you are already collecting! Seriously cell phone and garbage, really laughable! I hope this crazy idea never sees the light of day. What is wrong with this council from the mayor now his deputy? Take a leaf from the young mayor in Kitwe bringing out WORKABLE ideas for Kitwe in an inclusive manner!

  19. I would like to differ with all of you opposed to this initiative Lusaka is dirty and something drastic needs to be done. If the levy collected through the phone subscriptions can help with the necessary funds to collect garbage and keep Lusaka, the idea should be supported and implemented. I am not sure how many phone subscribers Lusaka has but with population of about more 2 million and if we assume that half have mobile phones and everyone of these is levied K2.00/month, that is already at least K2 million towards this exercise. What I would demand from the council is to know how much the deficit is for garbage collection so that only the appropriate levy is collected and that once the fee is collected, we should see that the money is utilized accordingly and Lusaka becomes a cleaner…

  20. We should insist on the results once money is collected that Lusaka becomes a very clean city. For those who are concerned about route of collection, it does not matter how this money is collected as long as it is a legal route and we know about it. For example in some countries you pay tourism tax when you check into a hotel whether you are a tourist or not. Some of you have paid this type of tax in these countries and have never protested but we want to protest against a levy that will help us directly. We are the ones who make Lusaka dirty, therefore let us pay to keep it up.

    • kindly name two countries where people pay tourism tax upon checking into a hotel. By “legal”, you mean a not-well-thought-out suggestion that receives a yes from a group of questionable individuals possessing the “legal” stamp?

  21. PF government please wake up some of these proposals from individuals are making you unpopular. By law a person who is supposed to take care of his solid waste is that who owns a registered plot with the council. Not who owns a mobile phone. By using mobile phones you will be antagonising the mobile phone business. I therefore propose that the said charges be apportioned to land rates. Land ownership is directly related to solid waste generation. Think about it. Solid waste generated in the markets let it be levied on the marketeers because they are the ones who generate it.
    The only problem councils may face is that their database of plot ownership may not be there or not up to date. Simply not knowing who owns which plot.

  22. @1. ECL
    1. The waste management collects cabbage from your home not in town or elsewhere where cabbage is thrown anyhow.
    2. Service provider will collect on their behalf.
    3. The charge is per phone so if you have more than one all will pay
    4. Company phone it is the company which buys air time so the company will pay.
    In short it is not only for the house hold collecting but all over e.g. town Centre, roads, stations and other places which belongs to no one but the Council. More over most young ones who owns phones does not have their own houses but I am sure they do contribute when it comes to liter throwing.

  23. @16 Steve – despite complaining bitterly you expect a good service delivery from the Govt. hee? Who do you think will clean your city, town ship for nothing?

  24. @napapa sana, Lusakans for voted those individuals to make decisions/by-laws for them and to manage the city affairs for them. It’s Ok to question or take these individuals to task or even offer better suggestions to make our city clean but we need action now as we have criticized enough. Therefore I support this idea as it sounds workable to me. As for countries that charge tourism levy: I have paid this levy many times in South Africa. Also there used to be an airport tax in European countries for ARVs that benefited millions in Africa. This tax was collected from travellers many of whom were not directly affected by the HIV. For the issue at hand, as long as we live in Lusaka, we all contribute to making Lusaka dirty. We should therefore be willing to do our part to make it clean. I…

  25. Haha I knew it can’t work she lost for ideas and pipo shld remind her that council has sold out all the land they had even Lusaka stadium , parks where did the money go ? Pipo need to write and talk about this!!!

  26. Whoever came up with this idea should get themselves checked into a mental hospital. Alternatively, DEC should investigate what illicit substances they were drinking or smoking when holding meetings resulting in such resolutions.

  27. No we already pay rates to the council and in addition we pay directly to the private garbage collectors. Zambians we are too docile no wonder they abuse us.

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