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ZRA takes drastic measures to deal with smugglers

Economy ZRA takes drastic measures to deal with smugglers

Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
The Zambia Revenue Authority has with immediate effect resolved that all cases of smuggling will be determined through complete seizure of goods and the vessel (truck, car, motor bike, etc). Both the goods and the vessel will be forfeited to the State without compensation after the statutory period.

ZRA Commissioner General Mr. Kingsley Chanda Said that “the clearing Agents’ involved in facilitating smuggling and manufacturing of forged documents will have their licenses revoked, while directors and shareholders of the Clearing Companies will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of the law”.

He further said that “clearing agencies that will be found wanting will have their directors and shareholders blacklisted from doing any customs clearing business in Zambia”.

The Authority will also ensure that all directors and shareholders of such clearing companies are screened before Customs approve or renew any clearing license.

The authority wishes to advise everybody in the entire business chain of importing and exporting goods to take full responsibility and ensure that their business partners are genuine and doing the right thing.

This measure is with effect from 31st March, 2017.


  1. The rich will always be above the law and the poor below the law.The rich are the ones who practices smuggling and evade tax.So such sentiments from Zacheaus(kings chanda) are fake.

    • I really don’t like this guy. This is Berlin Msiska’s job, a seasoned taxman put in by Savage. Where did he come from anyway? Is he a PF/MMD cadres anointed and strategically placed to serve a bafoon or what? He’s just a foo.l’s day joke. Why has he suddenly surfaced to start making outrageous statements just because there has been a vacuum created by the absence on the might CK? Kambwili will be back come 2021, no rigging no st.upidity. Until then no one will be accepted. Zambia has no President unti 2021, we are auto piloting. Lungu is just there and talking to himself.

    • Is that the only picture for Kinsley Chanda, this man alishupa, too strict is not good. Imbwa ya mukali taichenjela.

    • talking to himself in parliament. He is not accepted. Now he is bringing foreign leaders to come and accept him.

  2. we hope this man is paying tax for two grown men because it is unacceptable to have such a big nose. It is only fair that he pays for two grown men as he is consuming air that two men would. Mpuno shama pf cadres kuti wadabwa. kikiki a bit of saturday humour my friends. I am currently at a local tavern in mtendere where I am interacting with the local voters and supporters. What an atmosphere. I will later make my way to times and then see where the night takes us. It is important to enjoy life even under these tough conditions under pf.

    • Your comments abouts the physical appearance of Mr Chanda goes to show uneducated you are. It is not humour, you are shallow and appalling!

  3. Kingsley Chanda must slow down.him is eating while many of us a strungling.so let him not be excited for nothing.many Zambians work for years to buy a car or van.so why should one booked by a crook lose a vehicle?many in transport sector cant tell that a person hiring them has forged papers or not.so this Chanda thing must slow down or ECL will lose badly in 2021.many Zambians who will lose various goods through ZRA will raise up against PF in 2021!!!ba ECL mind how you are doing things before you annoy many PF lovers!!!2021 is not very far.

  4. That’s when you’re waking up ba Chanda sure? It’s like you’re now guarding the stables after the Horses have bolted, under 5s indeed…

  5. There is no eastern border to talk about. There is a free flow of goods, services and votes facilitated by state players.

    Anyway, good effort. Now. Bring the bill to Parliament. You can’t just arrest shareholders in a limited companu from without.

  6. This guy is exaggerating the situation.His ending might not be good. People are just exploiting the little opportunities available, and he is going for crucifixion

  7. @Analyzer, Kingsley is the best native CG ZRA ever had. While Msiska sjamboked us into collecting tax even from empty pockets, this man shows where the tax is lying then we go for it. The man gave govt a 27-point plan on how to bolster tax collection and has exceeded all monthly targets. Better still: He is paying the ZRA staff (of which I am one) very well unlike Msiska who ate alone. These are free facts for you.

    • @Chalo Nkhanza This guy appears to be draconian and he is too fat. You rate him highly for personal reasons only but I don’t think he is as good as yo portray him. He might just even be your friend. To me he seems erratic; he probably works up one day and shows the entire ZRA ‘where the tax is and you go and collect it, as you say. He has now just worken up in and he is talking about smugglers, which is not new and without setting any SMART targets of how to preceed with the proceess. You in particular has applauded him for that. About him being seasoned in the trade, you are talking pocky pies. There have been people like Criticles Mwansa MHSRIP who are talent in the business. This guy is too fat and Sata would have not liked him, Remember Sata did not like fat people. This is a…

    • this guy is a Chagwa plant and I do not accept him just like I do not accept Edward Chagwa Lungu who rigged the elections. Chagwa is draconian and he is President of only those leaders who are comming to Zambia and not Zambians. The guy is a rigger for life and whatever he does remains his own thing. ECL speaks to himself in parliament and no one wants him. You continue eating taxes with Kingsley while the majority of the Zambians are in limboo. The issue of tax collection is not only about you getting paid. it’s about the destribribution of it.

  8. morning, why don’t you do check ups when the trucks are still in the customs yard. Zra officers and clearing agents are involved in this syndicate, but you’re punishing the transporters. it’s un fair , how many trucks and goods will be ceased b4 you fire or arrest the culprits? Zra knows what is happening and want to use transporters as a scape goat. zra is involved in smuggling. come on guy’s

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