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Lubinda claims govt has not taken stance on ICC

Headlines Lubinda claims govt has not taken stance on ICC

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda says Government has NOT taken a position on whether Zambia should leave or stay in the International Criminal Court -ICC.


Mr. Lubinda says government has decided to consult citizens on whether to leave the ICC because it wants to uphold the tenets of democracy.


He says the cost associated with the ongoing consultation process should not be debatable because it is negligible.


Mr. Lubinda says the consultation process on leaving or staying in the ICC which is taking place in 30 districts in the country will cost Government 2-Million Kwacha.


Speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday interview last night, Mr Lubinda said, it is not automatic that upon hearing citizens views the country will leave the ICC but like other African countries Zambia is required to submit the report to the African union.


The Minister explained that President Edgar Lungu is expected to present a report to the AU in June on what Zambians think about the ICC.


And the minister has advised citizens to take interest and submit their views and not to take the matter as political.


Mr. Lubinda said the consultation process is expected to end on Friday this week and a National Symposium is scheduled for April11th and 12.

Last week PF Deputy Secretary General said Mumbi Phiri President Edgar Lungu told  the party that he does not want Zambia to pull away from the ICC.


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  1. There is always someone trying very hard to be relevant. It’s Lubinda’s time. Understandably he was sidelined by MCS.

    • The citizens stance is to stay, and NOT interested to discuss ICC.
      Why is PF government so much interested?

    • Lubinda has just sensed that this is grave political mistake by PF. He has realised that Zambians will win on this one and will not allow any thieving leader to move the country from ICC. Their initial plan is backfiring. Let’s wait and see.

    • I suggest that ZNBC starts hiring journalists such as Costa Mwansa from private stations whenever ministers are being interviewed. Grevazio has become timid and fails to take them on. Infact, they end up interviewing him! Quite a boring state of affairs.

  2. Christians for Eclipse!! South Korean now former president was consulting occults on how to run a country. Watch how terrible and peace for Zambia defend their occultism practices.

  3. Its all very confusing now. This guy is struggling to justify the expenditure of the unbudgeted for activity. So what does he mean when he says the cost is negligible? Doesn’t he know that in a country where there is poverty every coin makes a difference? We are not liquid enough to start declaring some of the expenses as negligible. The Zambians have not politicized this exercise; instead it is them the people in government who wanted to politicise everything. To their disappointment, people have been very aware of their tricks and managed to catch them with their pants down. Now they have engaged in a fake publicity campaign to lie to us that they meant well when in actual sense not. We all know what they expected people to say. To their surprise everyone has seen their scheme and…

  4. ……To their surprise everyone has seen their scheme and said NO. They wanted to leave the ICC and they thought we were all going to be emotional and justify their evil intentions.

  5. South Korean president was impeached and was arrested last week for corruption in Seol. Lungu must understand that we will arrest his top 10 ministers of his present cabinet for trampling the civil rights of Zambians, corruption and general national malaise..purposeless of being a Zambian!!

  6. All this nonsense could have been put to bed without spending 1 ngwee by one man who started it…BUT am afraid the man entrusted with the instruments of power lacks basic leadership skills. He only shows leadership when Foreign Affairs is planning his next “working” holiday trips!!

  7. Comment:if government hasn’t taken stance who has released the K2m meant for the same?Is it the private sector?

  8. “..Mr. Lubinda says government has decided to consult citizens on whether to leave the ICC because it wants to uphold the tenets of democracy…”

    What democracy ??? This is just window dressing to dupe the international community…..what about citizens right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly ???? No media independent voices allowed by lungu.

  9. We all know what Edger and the PF thugs want. They want to leave ICC so that they can continue to abuse people and steal more from the country. I hope Zambians turn in numbers before Edger turns Zambia into Museveni’s Uganda or Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Lungu is a fake lawyer who has no respect for the law and the people of Zambia.

  10. These people never cease to amaze,the stance they take on the ICC issue,is similar to the one they took on the Bill of wrights last year,WRONG TIMING!!! How many Zambians are aware about the ICC and the importance of whether or not of being a member,just like it was on how many Zambians understood the Bill of writes and its intricacies?The question on peoples mind is why push for an agenda which is seemingly not a priority and alien in peoples needs??

  11. What stance can an illegal govt look for other than illegal or bad stance for the country for them to take?

  12. Which citizens are being consulted? I am surprised that this has already been going on and the ‘consultation’ ends on Friday. Have people in Shangombo, chilubi islands, etc. been asked? How many people know about the ICC for there to be a meaningful outcome? Firstly, the government should have consulted as to whether there should be a consultation as regards the ICC. Then a lot of people would have responded by stating that they don’t know what the ICC is all about in the first place. In short, the exercise should never have been started. It’s not a priority at the moment. Then there will be a symposium. Of whom, the elite?

  13. All the past president have not decided to get out ICC who are you just because what you’ve done with human parts juju to bland fold Zambians your juju has stopped working. now Zambians have realized

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