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One person killed after police stops UPND Kanyama rally

Headlines One person killed after police stops UPND Kanyama rally

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo
Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo

One person is reported to have been murdered yesterday after an attempt by opposition UPND cadres to hold a rally in Lusaka’s Kanyama township was stopped by the Police.

The deceased, Stephen Kalipa, aged 20 years, is believed to have been stabbed with a knife by an unknown person suspected to have been among UPND cadres.

Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo who has confirmed the death of Kalipa says the murder happened about 12: 00 hours at Market called Mbasela.

Ms. Katongo has told QTV News in a statement the victim who was rushed to UTH was pronounced dead upon arrival and that the Police has since instituted investigations into the matter.

He says the police has also received another report in which Bertha Zuze aged 21 also of Kanyama compound was assaulted today by suspected UPND cadres using a plank.

And Ms. Katongo has dispelled reports circulating on social media that the Police today brutalized Kanyama residents and arrested 300 people over a UPND rally.

Ms. Katongo says contrary to these reports only two unruly cadres have been apprehended for taking part in an unlawful procession.

Ms. Katongo police officers were deployed in the township and that the situation is now calm.

She notes that this is with the exception of a group of about 100 suspected UPND cadres who wanted to dare the deployed police officers by conducting an unlawful procession in Kanyama.

Ms. Katongo narrates that when the group was approached, the cadres scampered about but that police officers managed to apprehend two who are yet to be charged.

She says one of the arrested has been identified as Innocent Kalimashi.

Ms. Katongo has warned all unruly cadres that police will not watch them harming innocent citizens but see to it that all those behind these crimes are brought to book.

She has since urged Kanyama resident to remain calm as police officers will continue patrolling the area to ensure that their security is provided.


  1. Another Zambian life lost through the brutality of PF government.
    Zambians know what transpired but typical of the guilty, Zambia Police report fake story over it.

    • I find it amazing that Kanyama is supposed to have voted for PF overwhelmingly in the last election. This shanty stops working every time there’s rain. They even had cholera in May last year in the middle of a dry spell. How much more suffering do people want before enough is enough? Are Zambians just immune to suffering and abject poverty? Are such seen to be the normal order of life?

    • People My Fellow Zambians please do not attend these rallies by politicians whether for HH or ECL. Politicians are birds of same feathers. Today those who insult HH or ECL tomorrow they will be eating together. See RB yesterday was called all names by PF politicians, today they are eating together. I can never be a part of audience at a political rally because of the nature of politics in Zambia/Africa in general. Therefore these politicians better they do their campaigns on platforms like radio, TV, or facebook or youtube. Even whatsAPP

    • How many people need to die before a leader rises. HH & GBM are too weak to lead revolutionaries at an hour like this. The majority are willing to pay a price to make this country a better place for our children but they need leaders. We can’t continue to threaten & then chicken out at crucial moments. They’ve lied about fixing the stolen vote. MPs are sacrificing but yet HH & GBM seem to be in slumber.

    • This crime has nothing to do with the UPND rally the police are trying to make connections which are not there and justify their actions. This is Pathetic! Even in her narration she cannot connect the stabbing to the rally. What was the Motive? was the victim a PF cadre or sympathizer ? Police have lost all form of logic and sensibility

    • Poor policing by PF police! You should take the blame. You alway aggravate situations unnecessarily. It is either the police has gone to the d.o.gs or the d.o.gs have joined the police. Be professional! Apply the law equally. You have no right to brutalize people anyhow even before you try to reason with them. God who watches over His people will surely judge you in the same manner you have mistreated those created in His image! Things were not like this during our time! Sad!

    • The first suspect should be the one who threatened UPND that if they go ahead with the rally in Lusaka , there will be bloodshed.

    • HH likes the law to work for him, to give him his ‘rights’ and help him achieve his agenda.

      So HH recognises the law and wants to follow it when it brings him benefit.

      But HH breaks the same law with impunity, and does not recognise it as law when it calls for his responsibility.

      HH knows that failure to recognise legally instituted government and a sitting president is a crime with regard to Zambian law, but he breaks that law.

      HH knows that disrespect for judges and belittling of the same is contemptuous, but he insults the ConCourt judges, and any judge who rules against his ‘sovereign’ desire.

      HH insults such judges, calling them all manner of names such as thugs, thieves, corrupt, Lungu puppets, criminals, etc.

    • Contd..

      HH calls on citizens to rise and fight government, telling them to shed blood for their ‘rights’, and the said ‘rights’ means HH becoming president.

      This is the person who aspires to lead this country, who believes law is law when it favours him and it is no law if it called for his responsibility oor favours other citizens.

      Other than prepare a country that would respect the rule of law, which he would want to see if he became president (if that ever happened) he is busy creating a culture of disobedience and anarchy.

      I have said time and again here that HH and the UPND do things in utter reverse.

      For example, the use of preliminaries as delay tactic, but against themselves – who can understand that? not even themselves.

    • Look, let us not pretend here.

      We all know the HH presidency is a failed project.

      Don’t think that losing six times gives him enough experience to win. No, no, no!

      Thinking like that would imply that wining six times would give someone enough experience to lose.

      Let us not always think in ‘Dununa Reverse’ manner.

      Either UPND is happy with continued losing or they can change leadership.

      Unless UPND wishes to hearing stories every five years, of saying ‘my win has been stolen in Lusaka. Maureen Mwanawasa found my 14,000 votes in a been’.

      Keeping HH at the helm may turn UPND into a party that may phase out and be remembered only as a party that came close, but now extinct.

    • defending HH being at the helm of UPND is the greatest display of performing art skills.

      Now, if his losses are making his supporters happy, I have no problem with that.

      Whatever makes them happy I am okay with it..

      It’s just that I want to think on behalf of his contenders, they must be feeling bored standing against the same loser.

      It is the same as a heavyweight boxing champion who has beaten his opponent twice or thrice in a row, he will get frustrated as he would like to fight a challenger, not an obvious loser.

      This I what I am saying, that if they get frustrated and complain that they need another person to fight with it is not because they fear but because they are bored of getting an obvious wins, due to a weak opponent.

    • Very interesting to read headlines such as:

      “HH says Zambia’s democracy is heavily under threat as Police block UPND News Conference”

      Meanwhile he goes to his Secretariat and his cadres begin to beat up journalists.

      So, who is killing democracy – the police whore are making efforts to ensure law and order, or HH whose cadres are beating up innocent citizens?

      I think this is why the international community ignores this man.

      HH fails to understand that he is insulting the very international community he wishes to get support from.

      When you tell the international community that you have won the election which they themselves monitored and saw that you lost, you are insulting their intellect.

      I have always observed reverse thinking when it comes to upnd.

    • @Housefly I do agree with you. It defeats logic for one to be risking their life for an individual. I’ve never attended any rally myself and have never seen any of our presidents in person. Why should I leave my home to waste time on unproductive things?

    • #Leaders Now: What do you want HH and GBM to do? Start a militia war? Opposition Sata’s PF was allowed to hold rallies all over the country. Low lifes like youth chairmen, could NOT threaten police to grant permits. Direct you anger at Cadre Kanganja. There were NO PF cadres to threaten peace in Kanyama but on the PF Cadre Police! What is PF scared of?

    • @1.13 That’s the problem with you Union Pa New Devils (Upnd) . As long as someone is saying what you don’t want to hear you insult them. You don’t even bother about the sense in the message. In fact it’s cowards like you who incite other people to riot while you’re safe in your mansions in New Kasama.

    • This Zambian has died because HH has sacrified him in his attempt to become president. How unfortunate that people like MunaDekhane can,t see this.



    • @LeadersNow you are right! All countries need a good opposition, sadly we dont have any in Zambia! The only two leaders i have seen that can arise to this challenge are Peter Sinkamba and Brg Gen Miyanda!!! The rest are just disgraced former politicians and former crooks!

      Ba Peter Sinkamba and Brg General Miyanda please rise up to the occassion and join forces! Zambia deserves a better main opposition party than what we have today!

    • I have never seen a party as scared as PF in my life. The chaps can’t just stand seeing multitudes attend HH’s rally. They know people don’t like PF anymore. They are now as hated as MMD in 2011.

    • Message from failed Lusaka Mayor, Fisho Mwale

      ‘Running……am so impressed by the growing number of early morning joggers along GER and Addis Ababa. These guys are running from 4 am to 6am. My appeal is please get proper night jogging gear. Dark skin and dark clothes merge with tarmac. Put on some reflective vest or bands. We can’t rely on your eyes shining kwati nika pushi or your teeth. Am calling on Rtsa to mount a road block and charge these runners with dangerous jogging. Serious you gonna die running without reflectors’


    • Instead of protecting the people. the police are have become the vice for PF to kill people who want to exercise their freedom of assembly.

      Lungu will rot in jail or hell for all these atrocities he is committing.

      We should keep on fighting for our rights.

      Viva UPND

  2. This has happened before again at the UPND rally. Is UPND sacrificing souls God will punish whoever he Judges to be the one who coursed this to happen as he is the perfect judge and he sees every thing.. May God punish the evil dour.

    • Zambians are prisoners within their own country. Zambia is becoming a police state in the same level as North Korea or Sudan. Citizens are shot and killed for fun of the party in power.

    • Kanyama was calm until Police went there to provide security, and a life was lost. Why? Kaunda was even a better dictator. Why are you denying people their right to assemble?This will go down as the worst and most totalitarian government ever in Zambia. PF thinks MMD was stupid for allowing them to hold rallies. No, they fought hard for democracy. Sata was never a democrat. He jumped to MMD a day before elections for his own political survival.Now look at what he has produced. A big shame.

  3. Police you just killed that person yourself to justify your action and denying UPND permit to go ahead with the rally.

    You just don’t opposition to hold any rally, shame on you.

    You have continued killing innocent people.

  4. A family member has been lost in these useless cat and mouse chase games. The story will go the Police have said… UPND has said… PF youth wing has said… too bad for the lost young soul.

  5. Zambians are watching and the international communities, don’t think people are dull to think that when you write that statement, then Zambians will blame the UPND over the people you killed as Zambia police to instill fear in people and eventually slapping a blame on the UPND after you have killed the youth for your own justification. Time will soon catch up with you.

  6. So HH has blood on his hands again ?

    Why did he not abide, by the Police instructions?

    Lowest of the ebb



  7. But Zambia police kuwayawayafye! You deploy all those police officers and only manage to arrest two cadres, and you kill one people to justify your selfish motives with Government. What a sheer waste of time and public resources.

  8. Before Police went to Kanyama there was peace even the so-called march was peaceful. Then the Police charged and created all the pandemonium killing one, arresting some and injuring a number of people including by-standers and people going about their normal business because Kanyama is densely populated. I don’t know what has gone wrong with our Police.

  9. So they are now lying that he was stabbed and trying to frame another death on innocent people like they did with that army officer they murdered within their own cells. So you telling me that supporters who are united against a pf brutal police would then just decide to stab a fellow freedom fighter out of blue. Please we are not babies and we will.ensure that this case is taken to court because there are enough witnesses to this murder. Pf have blood on their hands and I swear on my life pf top leadership will not last till next election. Lungu is a female dog

    • NEZ you will only believe that the UPND is a satanic party when they are reaping out your heart while chantting Janza Kumbele.

  10. UPND we warned you to obey the Police’s instruction not to go ahead with the rally. I mean if no one had showed up at the venue a life would not have been lost.

    • How does stopping freedom of association by Police bring about investor confidence and create the much-needed jobs for Zambia?

  11. Now its police to blame when u were told not to go ahead with the rally..! This is what happens when people take the law into their own hands and dare police..! Plz my fellow upnd supporters, lets avoid confrontations with the law. Hh and gbm family are safe abroad while we are being used to fight police and government..!

  12. What was this rally supposed to be about? HH please give us a break. See now a life has been lost! Are you happy?

  13. If the UPND had heeded police’s advice and not gone ahead with the rally, no life would have been lost. So why blame the police for the death of this young man? It’s difficult to understand the reasoning of UPND fanatics.

  14. Zambia is becoming a failed state. God will not allow this to continue very soon God will remove Lungu. He is the most useless president.

  15. UPND is a terrorist group and not a party which the Americans and the Western world must put on their watch list…The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND and his vice GBM are now Rebels and the Government must act quickly…what more evidence is the Government looking for…




  17. Exactly what we said. HH sacrifice was over due that’s why he called this rally even after being denied permit. This death has to be 100% blamed on hh and his clowns. We warned you right here that this rally will see one dead. There you are again mourning.

    • Kindly explain, – how does stopping freedom of association by Police bring about investor confidence and create the much-needed jobs your for Zambia?

  18. Zambians are just watching (ukulolesha fye) as the situation snowballs into a fully fledged dictatorship. Perhaps then they will wake up and start fighting like they did with KK. What it will take to convince them that Lubgu’s govt is already a brutal dictatorship nobody knows. Kaiser Zulu and his Boss are sh!tting all over the place, what do Zambians do, they clap their hands in applause. The citizens of this banana nation are their own worst enemies.

    • VERY WARPED PERCEPTION!It was the UPND who insisted on an illegal assembly despite being warned by the police that Kanyama is a very volatile political environment to peacefully hold a rally. Even if Police had agreed for the rally to go ahead, there would have been mayhem in Kanyama. There is need for political parties to hid the voice of reason by ZP for certain political gatherings.
      Avoid blood shade please!

    • @Mundetelele

      “….the voice of reason by ZP”

      No my friend I disagree with you. You are the one with a warped sense if you think the PF Police Force is the voice of reason. Or may be this is supposed a joke, is it?

  19. Poor policing by PF police! You should take the blame. You alway aggravate situations unnecessarily. It is either the police has gone to the d.o.gs or the d.o.gs have joined the police. Be professional! This death comes after we lost a ZAF officer, murdered in cold blood under the watch of PF police. During our time, police would have known the difference between an army officer and police. Everything has its own time.

  20. So the UPNDonkeys wanted to kill more had the rally proceeded? Well thwarted and thanks Zambia Police first job

    • Kindly explain, how does stopping freedom of association by Police bring about investor confidence and create the much-needed jobs your for Zambia?

  21. Well thwarted and thanks ZP for job well done and for good intelligence information. Am sure chief donkey is wondering what hit him.

  22. “HH and His UPND Is Operating Like a Cult Nowadays–Nakacinda”

    Looking at the deaths that have occurred whenever these UPND guys hold controversial rallies, it is tempting to believe tha Nakachinda was right what he made the above statement.

  23. How does stopping freedom of association by Police bring about investor confidence and create the much-needed jobs for Zambia?

  24. Thats why they want to pull out of ICC. So that they can start a clampdown/massacre the opposition without any retribution.

    The right to Assembly does NOT belong to the police, to Lungu or PF cadres. It’s enshrined in the constitution.

    HH & UPND have every constitutional right to assemble as long as they inform police in 2 weeks according to public order act. However police think this give them a right to cancel or give permission, claiming they do not have manpower to give adequate security.

    Hypocritically they have more than enough resources to STOP the rally.

    LUNGU has turned the country into a police state. If MMD had denied freedom of association to Sata, Father Bwalya etc, they wouldnt be in power today. Today its me, tomorrow it’ll be u in opposition.

    One life…

  25. Zambia Police should change the name to PF Police. The Police are there only to protect pf thugs, to call them Zambia Police is fake.

  26. while their two rich leaders were sitting comfortably and secure in their mansions on the other side of lusaka. not worth it

  27. The thinking capacity of UPNDONKEYS is amazing. They will cry over everything and anything, even things that they create for themselves, you can’t tell what exactly is their problem.

    • Kindly explain, how does stopping freedom of association by Police bring about investor confidence and create the much-needed jobs your for Zambia?

  28. Police, also check the criminals killing innocent young women in Lusaka. There seems to be no motive for hitting an innocent woman repeatedly with a steel bar. When that happens it’s usually political in order to get a community to rise against their government….polirical interests by you guess who.

  29. AAeee! Dununa reverse. The gentleman who composed this song (Dununa Reverse) is a genius. This HH refuses to accept the results of the elections long before the vote is cast. He loses elections and then goes to campaign in the town ships where he lost. That manner of thinking is reverse thinking. The UPND is a very good party made up of intelligent young Zambians. The problem is their torch bearer his character and thinking is not right. He reminds me of Tshangirai in Zim, he insulted (“Quote SADC is not worth the paper it is written on”) SADC and later wants SADC to help him. Exactly the shallow thinking of HH. He insults the courts when it suits him and wants them to hear his case when it suits him. He knows the law, no one hears one case for ever, they all have a life span. Innocent…

  30. Sometimes you wonder;A few years ago MCS refused to yield to the motorcade of the then Vice president he ‘forced’ the motorcades to crisscross. He later applied for PF to hold a rally at a market when this was denied he then happened to be ‘moving’ near the market and not holding a rally. FTJ is well remembered for his famous ‘sort them out’, RB stated ‘mwah viona visilu”. True leadership doesn’t invoke lawlessness as it comes back to bite you there are many ways to be effective and efficient as a party so that 2021 we don’t again start paying the likes of dip pack or vj in the name of strategy. We are losing momentum with each day that passes. 2021 zamfo under new leadership

  31. Those who have followed the character of satanists will tell you that they are blood thirst. They have no life of their own (Confessions are in the public domain). So after a spell of no blood being shed they become very restless and can almost anything to cause blood to be shed. There has been fewer road accidents in Zambia recently. You can almost predict with certainty that some mad man from somewhere will start agitating for the blood to be shed.

  32. UPND survival depends on blood of individuals.
    When the police tell them not to go ahead with any event and they insist that they will go ahead, know that someone has, within their group, been paid to make sure that a life is lost.

    With very few people at their secretariat Journalists, who went to cover a press conference, were assaulted. What do you think would have happened if the police had given them a permit to hold a rally in Kanyama?

    The Police have been vindicated. YES! Hakainde is a Satanist and we don’t how many people he wants to kill before 2021.

    • Kindly explain, how does stopping freedom of association by Police bring about investor confidence and create the much-needed jobs your for Zambia?

  33. Lungu has failed us, Kanganja has failed us and they should step down, Kamba said there will be bloodshed. He had inside information. Those committing these crimes will one day be answerable

  34. What is the aim of UPND by wanting to antagonise police advice?

    It appears UPND plans to cause some calamity like death by using a confrontational approach, then try to blame it on the police.

    The behaviour is similar to jihadists who use humans as shield for the advancement of their agenda.

    HH also wants to use humans to create grounds for pushing his agenda and blame it on others.

    All the people that have become presidents in Zambia none of them have behaved like HH.

    This is why I doubt if he will ever become president of our great nation.

    • Kindly explain, how does stopping freedom of association by Police bring about investor confidence and create the much-needed jobs your for Zambia?

    • Why are these political deaths synonymous with the presence of police? Is police the new security threat?

    • The police did not stop freedom of association.

      If there is a wounded buffalo on the loose and the zawa tells the public that the road normally used by motorists to the next town is temporarily closed for safety reasons, will you say zawa has curtailed your freedom of movement?

      It is always important to make conclusion after sufficient thought.

    • @35.3 Peace for Zambia,
      I notice you have avoided my simple and clear question and gone off tangent into a hypothetical sidebar.

      Doesn’t surprise me at all because clearly you are in over your head and quite frankly oblivious when it comes to what really attracts genuine long-term investment into a Country. Blatant partisan Police-work does NOT bring about genuine investor confidence, it does the exact opposite. Hence NO genuine job-creation for millions of genuine job seekers with good qualifications in Zambia. Period.
      Only dodgy investors with no known competence and no track record will come in, like those MDH guys who are eyeing with glee the ill-thought-out Luangwa River Hydro-project.
      You want to lecture me about ‘sufficient thought’??

    • Zawa is now defunct, where does pf get it’s cadres from kanshi, peace for zambia is a wacko.

    • @ 35.4 BRABUS..

      It is a potty you are unable to see the clearly stated answer.

      I have crystal clearly stated that the police did not stop freedom of association.

      And honestly you could not see that?

      Imagine you come up from the blue and ask a question saying, who has killed Mussolini Mukula, and yet people know that Mussolini Mukula is still alive.

      Do you think anyone will answer you by telling you who killed a person who is not dead? All they will tell you is that no one killed the person you claim was killed, because the guy is not dead.

      And you go complaining that they have avoided talking the killer of a person who is still living?

      I told you the police never stopped anyone from freedom of association – you simply imagined that thought; it was hypothetical…

  35. Dying for stupid and imbecile of politicians.These politicians are not worth losing your life for.They are all the same.I cannot even attend their rallies and listening to their fake stories.I would rather vote and whoever wins its none of my business.My main civic duty is to vote not attending rallies.I last attended a rally in 1991 and have no time to worst listening to liars.Politicians are liars who are not worth dying for.They are all cut from the same cloth of deception.

  36. Can ZP explain what makes Lusaka unstable? in a democracy people are given freedom to assemble and speak. Surely, is Zambia now losing its freedoms. Those who have read the POA, does someone need a permit or it is just notification required? Zambia needs to learn from the Americans. Lost opportunities

    • Don’t just read about your constitutional rights because the same rights you claim to have are not different from what other people’s rights. Know when to apply your rights. If you go in public there are rights that protects others so your rights mwana have a limit unless practiced in your house.

  37. Nothing good was coming out of a gathering to cause trouble. All affected are young, and NOT kin to HH, GBM, et al. We are not in election hustings, and these large gatherings in areas that voted for another party is just provocation. Why can’t we all just get along. Being President isn’t all there is to life.

  38. There is nothing that PF and UPND can do to sort out the economy and improve the well being of the people. Both lack capacity. But I also don’t understand why HH is being denied his democratic rights. HH has never attested formally that he does not recognise ECL, by law his words are hollow but he should still be given respect

  39. @35.3 Peace for Zambia,
    I notice you have avoided my simple and clear question and gone off tangent into a hypothetical sidebar.

    Doesn’t surprise me at all because clearly you are in over your head and quite frankly oblivious when it comes to what really attracts genuine long-term investment into a Country. Blatant partisan Police-work does NOT bring about genuine investor confidence, it does the exact opposite. Hence NO genuine job-creation for millions of genuine job seekers with good qualifications in Zambia. Period.

    Only dodgy investors with no known competence and no track record will come in, like those questionable MDH guys who are eyeing with glee the ill-thought-out Luangwa River Hydro-project.

    You want to lecture me about ‘sufficient thought’??

    • Ignore peace for Zambia and his colleagues they seem to be in serious occultism, these Christians for Eclipse, they are not different from the now arrested former president of south Korea who was consulting occults on how to run a country.

  40. Ignore peace for Zambia, he is PF. Why hasn’t the court heard the court cases raised by the opposition party. I don’t support UPND or PF, I am interested in equally. No one is above the law.

  41. I like House fly ‘s comment.This is true, it’s us Zambians who are ignorant about politicians.We’re dying them are living even longer.May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  42. You police a rally to provide security for all and a smooth process. You don’t go there to stop it in order to satisfy the blood thirsty whims of your political controllers. Many a time, violence has been caused by police unprofessional conduct, on instructions from their masters. So in Zambia the opposition should never be allowed to assemble and associate? Is there a State of Emergency? The law doesn’t say permission should be sought from the police. The police are informed in advance of the intention to hold a rally. They then need to make the necessary arrangements to provide security and guidance to the event. There would need to be very compelling national and not partisan interests to stop a rally. There haven’t been. Otherwise the PF shouldn’t have any as well.

  43. [email protected] A Zambian was killed by Zambia Police at instructions from Edgar Lungu president of Zambia through Kampyongo Home Affairs minister. The news here in UK and the rest of the world reads.
    HH and UPND is only mentioned as opposition party leader wanted to hold a rally in one of the shanty compounds in the midst of the capital city Lusaka.
    Sitimela the world is more enlightened than yourselves and have already concluded PF government of Zambia has killed one of its citizens.

  44. Cry my beloved country, we need different leadership the ones we have are a waste and useless. How does the whole lot of a police force listen to a cadre who bluntantly ignores our laws by saying he doesn’t care if UPND had a permit or not he was not going to allow them to hold a rally. Then early in the morning the police shows up armed with heavy artillery making the place look like Syria, kill a citizen and then go to bed and lie about it. No wonder the country is going in reverse gear. How can people like peace or Mushota think it is okay for the police to kill innocent unarmed citizens with guns paid to protect them.The police force is not there for PF to use and abuse.

  45. A day is coming when they will have to account for these actions. HH or GBM is not the one ordering the police to shoot and kill citizens. Power has gotten to the heads of these PF chaps, they have stopped reasoning, but one thing they don’t know is that the many lives they have claimed will haunt them. They want to succeed but are failing terribly because the many innocent lives you have taken have cursed you. Pretty soon everyone will have endure the 75% electricity hike including the ones who sing praise to Lungu because poverty doesn’t care what party you belong to .

  46. PF must free the Police so that they act impartially and professionally. PF is using the Police to brutallise innocent citizens from the opposition because they can never win an election legally unless without Form G 12 which authenticaes the results and with the help of Chavula the IT criminal from Uganda. The Police and Home Affairs commission executive must all resign for perpetuating selective justice.
    Why is it difficult for you PF to follow the law and the constitution and let all enjoy their rights like the right to assemble? What are you fearing if UPND is allowed to hold a rally? The POA does not deny any citizen the right to assemble at all. Cant you read? As long as PF perpetuates lawlessness and has leadership that embraces indiscipline and illegalities, peace will continue…

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