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Repealing LAZ Act will turn Zambia into a Banana Republic-Nevers Mumba

Headlines Repealing LAZ Act will turn Zambia into a Banana Republic-Nevers Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference
Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference

The governing PF has been cautioned that it will turn Zambia into a banana republic if causes the repealing the current Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) Act.

MMD president Nevers Mumba is advising the governing PF to be wary that the only government that will turn against LAZ in Zambia’s history will be the one that chooses to be illegal.

Dr. Mumba states that this means that if the governing party wants to understand each other with LAZ it must stop being what he has termed as illegal and vindictive.

In an interview with QTV News Dr. Mumba notes that as things stand the PF government under the current leadership has allegedly manifested itself as a brutal regime.

Dr. Mumba says this is evidenced by how it seemingly has been fighting anyone that challenges it besides allegedly shutting down any media institution that is critical of it.

He states that as far as he has followed Zambia’s history the PF government is only proving to be the waste regime the Country has ever had.

Dr. Mumba believes that this is partly because it has not been accepted by other opposition political parties as being legitimate after the August 2016 general elections.

He however thinks that once this happens that other political parties accept it as being legitimate, the alleged brutality that is being observed in the Country may decrease.


  1. Zambians made a huge mistake voting for PF in 2011. How did we vote for Fascists to get into govt? These are the consequences.

    • They promised people miracles just like today’s prophets and prosperity ministries. We should learn to work hard, sacrifice and be patient. Economic problems take long and a lot of pain to sort out, not 90 days. Chiluba was honest when he asked people if they were ready to sacrifice pleasure for hard times. Freedom of speech, media, assembly are the pre requisites to peace and economic development.

  2. errm my brother and good friend this is already a banana republic and failed state. Already the pf instructed police have gunned down an innocent civilian.

  3. When it comes to rights it should apply to every one including lawyers so they should also choose which organization to belong to, hence the repeal so that many lazs can be formed.

  4. Somehow I am enjoying ALL my freedoms of speech, movement etc etc ALL of them. So if I became a donkey I would not see the freedoms?

  5. Coming from the twit who took over MMD with 56 seats in parliament. Inherited MMD as the largest opposition party. Went into 2015 presidential elections and only got 1% votes and reduced the MMD to 3 seats in parliament. This is the failure who tried to auction the MMD to hh so he can get an appointment if ever hh got into power. The MMD members rejected this move and EJECTED this failure from their ranks!! Then today he must speak of governance and say the PF which was chosen by majority Zambians to lead this country while REJECTING him is the worst government?? WHAT A LOSER, NGE NSALA YAIKATA and you have nothing more to offer this country politically, GO BACK TO THE PULPIT WHERE YOU CAME FROM, YOU FAILURE!!!!

    • @ Zambian citizen—,please don’t be blind to the facts.Dr Mumba took over as MMD President at a time when all your so-called MPs and corrupt RB could not talk for fear of Sata/prison.Almost all 55 Seats for RB’s MPs were petitioned due to RB’s corruption.Dr Mumba single hardedly raised the money to defend this RB corruption.Without Dr Mumba raising the over K300,000 to pay the Registrar of Societies, today there will be no MMD to even talk about.Where were you, RB, Mutati and the rest.They all resurrected after Sata’s death.To them Sata’s death was a blessing in disguise.Please lets appreciate what Nevers has done other than just being simplistic and immoral in the way you look at the current MMD issues.

  6. Has he shown us how LAZ statue change causes a banana republic and failed state??
    Nerves is failing to be relevant because the change in law is about numbers – good or bad!

  7. The literate Terrible with his knowledge of overwhelmed compared to oversubscribed (see his blog on mutati’s batoka gorge) is again the only one who can read between the lines. I wait for incoherent donkey rantings so i can laugh on a regular basis.maybe your freedom of movement could take you english expression classes.

  8. The only Banana is the MMD it doesn’t know whether its coming or going t has two factions just like LAZ. The man speaking who is a form five failure whose only qualification is 20 months at national service beat up his friend a retired major because he raised some comments over his conduct and misuse of party funds. Now his past time is to follow hiyi votela heka and jumbo

    • Please ba Noel just keep quite.The man is not a failure.Mind you,he was at Hicrest one of the few cream Zambian Secondary Schools.He graduated in Firm 5 and worked at then CPC(Copperbelt Power Co.).before he became a Pastor.Your hatred for Dr Mumba will kill you.

  9. Dr. Nevers Mumba is a time waster politician just pay credits you accumulated with Lawyers stop making empty noise otherwise Bailiffs are coming back to your house again next, this time around they will not listen anything from you, you double faced pastor. which MMD do you lead? where is your Secretariat? stop fooling people

  10. WHY is NEVERS MUMBA not paying those Legal fees when he raised a lot of money from donors in the name of MMD towards the 2016 general elections, he even opened a dollar account at Stanbic Bank Mulungushi Branch in the name of BERESMITH ENTERPRISES, where did he take all that money is it the one he used to build a multi million house/mansion in Ibex Hill near US Embassy?

  11. Contradiction Nevas, only Upnd minus Keith Mukata has refused to accept PF as government. However I don’t support the repealing of this act. Instead of howling just lobby MPS to block the repealing. The USA stopped the repealing of Obamacare ….both the ruling and opposition stood together on this inspite of threats by Trump.

  12. PF cadres and leadership should take stock in some of the critism coming from the opposition and indeed civil organizations as this country is not just about being a PF cadre. We saw this pomposity during the MMD of RB, worshippers and praise singers of RB used to say “Boma ni boma, wako ni wako”, among many unpalatable stuff. You guys need to do an introspection of your political and governance values

  13. He has managed to create 7 bananas, 1 the MMD, 2 Zambian Embassy in Canada, 3 Reform Party, 4 Victory Ministries, 5 National Christian Coalition, 6 National Citizens’ Coalition, 7 ako kanono ba Nevers. Lesa alekumona

  14. Nevers, there are so many parties that you can join rather than appear to be a sucker on UPND. A banana republic was almost created in the last election as people like you were going to be given positions by the imposed leader of UPND had he won. Thank God it never(s) went that way. You were tried as vice President but now want to be minister in the UPND.

  15. @ 14 – David that is what they do it is not every thing which is rubbish, just keep on talking that is how it works but first you should respect / recognize His Excellence the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Edgar Changwa Lungu. For who are you talking to if there is no president who can hear you.

  16. Not a bad transformation. Then there will be plenty bananas for monkeys like you guys in UPND! Bananas good, LAZ bad!

  17. The current leadership of LAZ are in business to make tons of money. The Lawyers’ fertile source of money are the rich persons who can afford to pay high legal fees. As long as HH, GBM, Mahtani, Mmembe, the Nchito Brothers. Musa Mwenye, Linda Kasonde etc continue to play hide and seek games with the PF Government, this clique of Lawyers is harvesting tons of money from headless less politicians like HH and GBM.

    Why should the enactment of new Legal Associations bother Dr? Nevers Mumba? Does Mumba understand that the Linda Kasonde LAZ has raised fees just to rake more money before LAZ is turned into a skeleton? Mumba must just take refresher courses in THEOLOGY and stop barking to the passing wind.

  18. Honestly Mr Mumba, are you trying to make a point or cracking a joke? Organise your ideas before saying them otherwise you sound like you are trying to relevant when you are not. The moment you started registering 1% in general election that was the time you became irrelevant. By the way, are you UPND or MMD? I really don’t understand you well. You need to be under supervision of experienced polician like general Miyanda. All of you people who are wasting time condemning PF and Lungu, my advise to you is to come together and form a big and organized political party to challenge PF. Put aside your ego and ambitions and unite to then choose a capable leader not these bitter people pretending to be the saviour but never test a win even at local government level.

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