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Co-operatives should apply for solar hammer mills-Dora Siliya

Economy Co-operatives should apply for solar hammer mills-Dora Siliya

Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya briefing Journalists shortly after presentation of of the 2016 Quarterly Report at State House
Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya briefing Journalists shortly after presentation of of the 2016 Quarterly Report at State House
CO-OPERATIVES across the country should apply for the delivery and installation of solar hammer mills in their respective areas to result in reduced prices of mealie-meal, Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya has said.

Ms Siliya said in an interview Government had bought over 2,000 solar powered hammer mills under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.

“About 300 have been delivered. It seems the process is demand-driven, so co-operatives should apply. Solar powered hammer mills are effective in off-grid areas [limited supply of power] and will result in reduced mealie-meal prices and other crops that require processing or polishing.

“As Government, we want to see farmers graduate to mechanisation. This is why we are undertaking various measures aimed at improving agriculture,” she said.

Ms Siliya said the recently launched tractor assembly plant in the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone is part of moving towards agriculture mechanisation.

“We are also discussing with the Indian government with a view to establishing an agriculture equipment plant. We also have a programme with National Savings and Credit Bank and traditional leaders that is promoting agriculture mechanisation,” she said.


  1. Dora you are useless. Only think you are good at is been hammered by that foreign hammer mill. One can see that Dora lacks the skills and knowledge to manage a sensitive ministry such as agriculture. It is saddening to say the least because agriculture is the pinnacle of Zambia

    • I don’t think they will result in reduction of Mealie meal prices – that is mocking the public. She should end on explaining the efficiency and cutting manufacturing costs.

      Nonsensical to think the costs will be reflected on prices if mealie meal. Won’t happen

      She is done well to procure them. Well done Dora.



    • Mushota

      “..She is done well to procure them. Well done Dora…”

      They were not for free.
      $250 million of borrowed money was used. Zambians will have to pay back.

      Even a chinama patient can use borrowed money to buy anything…..

    • Bandit Siliti as usual will swindle these solar hammer mills.
      This Siliti was corruptly involved in airport radar tender, motorbikes, malavi maize saga, failed to deliver farming inputs on time but only army worms & locusts. Dora Siliti without thinking about international trade treaties, banned the importation of vegetables~yet illegal Mwanakatwe dununa reversed the ban. PF policy incompetence & inconsistencies.
      Iwe Dora, how much is mealie meal?
      The Skeleton Key

  2. ” seems the process is demand driven” you are the MINISTER you should KNOW.
    2000 bought but “about 300 delivered” ABOUT you are the MINISTER you shoul KNOW the EXACT amount.
    Apri5 2016 Hon Mutati in thr LT said the the solar hammer mills are just ORNAMENTS scattered thru the Country
    1700 still ornaments @how much each FINANCE MINISTER

  3. Mushota they were procured over 12 months ago read april 5 2016 LT surely in your office you have access to many press releases

  4. Lionel Richie Nishimwe Regular Writer For #The Zambian Observer Newspaper Goes Missing In Rwanda

  5. Mechanise agriculture and where do people get finance to buy tractors etc, and then you dont need labour to hoe or plant.

  6. Dora Siliya is obviously ‘talk-oriented’ as opposed to being ‘Action-driven’ due to her journalism background. She is so good at public relations such that you would think that there is something really serious going on at the ministry of agriculture yet there is total foolishness taking place there. Look at the abuses of authority when she served as minister of communications and transport under RB, procurement of raders was merred with corruption. Where she is now, even exporting maize to Malawi was full of tremendous corruption and abuses of authority. I did not know that women could be this deep rooted in corruption and crookedness……………………………

  7. Ma Guys iyi culture ya Condemn Condemn no solution muleke.All i see ni ma counter reaction and no solution.Inge ni webo wat would do different to wat the minister is doing,this is how we should react to this article noti ifyama condemn takuli na solution.

  8. Am getting dizzy each time I read comments from this particular minister. First she spoke about banning farm produce from South Africa to ‘protect’ Zambia Industry, next she ‘toured’ a plant, now she is talking about machinery brought in through Ministry of Commerce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you please stick to your portfolio or ask RB to request ECL to move you back to Commerce?

  9. Zemwila are we the government, they were elected to promote the interests of zambia and its people.
    Questions are why wait over 12 months to now place hammermills, bpught and paid for 2000 thousand maybe 300 operational. Get them into operation quickly. cooperatives apply, then committees debate, refer back to coops give more info, back to committee and in then nothing. . There you are zemwila i have said what to do. Get them producing

  10. Give credit where it is due. Stop yapping at the expense of brilliant ideas. Keep quiet when you don’t have anything to share. LT can you regulate bloggers who just talk just for the sake of talking. We need brilliant ideas and stop politicising anything you come across.

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