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ZRA exceeds the revenue collection target for the first quarter

Economy ZRA exceeds the revenue collection target for the first quarter

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has exceeded the revenue collection target for the first quarter by One Hundred and Forty Million Kwacha.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda says his team has managed to collect Eight Billion Three Hundred and Seventy-three Million Kwacha surpassing the target of Eight Billion Two Hundred and Thirty-three Million Kwacha.

Mr. Chanda has attributed the increase in revenue collections to measures put in this year’s budget, such as the collection of Value Added Tax – VAT- at source.

And Minister of Finance Felix Mutati says this is a demonstration that ZRA is responding to the government’s call to enhance domestic revenue collection.

The Minister has however urged the Authority to further increase its revenue collections for capital development and also to deal with arrears that are in excess of Ten Million Kwacha.

The two was speaking to journalists in Livingstone today during a media breakfast.

Mr. Mutati said the reduction of the fiscal deficit remains the main focus of his ministry, which he says will be done through enhanced revenue collection and fiscal consolidation.

And Mr. Chanda said Livingstone and Nakonde are the two problematic borders in terms of smuggling, which he attributes to the porosity of the two facilities.

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  1. In one breath you are lamenting that over 30,000 vehicles were smuggled in to the country or undervalued and in another breath you claim to have exceeded your 1st quartet target….

    • With all the Blah! going on here I want to know when ZRA have failed to exceed target …..As far asa I can recall its been like this so I personally dont see anything special. I haven’t even been told if there targets were adjusted downward or upward … so no point in clapping or getting excited

  2. Mr Chanda seems to be doing a good job at ZRA. He talks progressive ideas and is now meeting collection targets. I just hope there are no hidden skeletons with him.

  3. Mr. Chanda has attributed the increase in revenue collections to measures put in this year’s budget, such as the collection of Value Added Tax – VAT- at source. What are those measures , PF -Fool? The increase is due to the depreciation of the Kwacha against the dollar, because the VAT collected now in Kwacha terms is higher than before.

  4. Most innovative and effective Tax Chief under the circumstances. The man understands Zambia’s tax landscape like the back of his hand. Better still – he’s taking good care of his staff. SADLY, tax collection is a futile exercise if unaccompanied by prudent govt spending.

    • Good job by ZRA. Wish we had the right team at the behest, Zambia was going to be a very attractive business destination. currently our economy is drowning at a fast rate due to non respect of the Constitution.

  5. its good we are having more money but this shouldn’t come at the expense reaping where ZRA did not sow. ZRA is stealing from us by charging us more than once on same income. e.g. housing put on payroll is already taxed, again you want us to remit 10% on rentals

    • Visit their website,and educate yourself JJ. That money is paid by the landlord earning rental income. I know you say this because you pay PAYE on your salary right?

  6. Kci you believe what African government say. You yourself know this is just some talk, nobody is benefiting from the high revenues except for the thieves in government. We have heard such talk for over 50 years and nothing good has come out if it.

  7. It is high time you paid officer who did third phase mobile NRC in 2015-2016 their allowances. Officers have been patient enough

  8. Hmmmml…….more money in the pockets of the Minister of Finance, more travels by his boss and fatter pockets for his colleagues.

  9. The increament will not evn benefit the tax payers bcoz they will not receive any benefit of their money

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